13 Best Electric Race Car Tracks To Buy In 2021

13 Best Electric Race Car Tracks To Buy In 2021

If you are a racing enthusiast, electric race car tracks could be ideal as they are challenging and fun to play. The track features variable designs and is customizable as per your choice. These racing car tracks help to build the child’s creative and imaginative abilities. There are many options available in the market that you can choose according to your child’s age.

Featuring remote control, slot car track, crossover tracks, and more, our list below brings to you some of the best electric race car tracks for all racing enthusiasts.

Types Of Electric Race Tracks

Different race tracks are available based on their material and technology.

  1. Plastic tracks: These are inexpensive molded plastic tracks made in sections. They do not promise a smooth run, and the electric circuits may wear out easily
  2. Routed tracks: These are designed with sheet board and other polymer materials. They have a smoother surface as the grooves are cut directly into the track.
  3. Analog tracks: They are designed to prevent crashes as each car follows its dedicated lane.
  4. Digital tracks: The complex tracks that allow the car to switch lanes or overtake them. You can use each track for racing more than one car when controlled with a remote.

13 Best Electric Race Car Tracks

1. Vatos Garage Track Set Toy for Kids

The parking garage track set from Vatos works in electric and manual mode. Background music and track lights attract the attention of children. These electric race track cars are also educational as they feature six road signs. The electric race track set features three parking slots for fun, and the set includes a helicopter, cars stickers, burger shop, pharmacies, book store, supermarket, and toilets.

2. Best Choice Products Electric Slot Car Race Track Set

The dual race car track set can be played with family and friends for a competitive challenge. It is battery-operated and provides ease of playing with no wire interference. Made with high-quality standards, it features round loops for fun performance, guard rails, signals, and more.

3. FiGoal Large Race Track Set

A 27-piece large race track set includes track components, LED light-up cars, and four slope frames. The unique kids’ electric race track from FiGoal comes with loops to perform car stunts for added fun. The colorful set is easy to assemble, and its construction involves high-quality, durable, non-toxic material. The glow-in-the-dark track brings endless fun when the LED lit cars run on them.

4. Carrera Evolution 20025236 Car Racing Track Set

Equipped with two 1:2 scaled versions of the car and dual-speed controllers, the analog electric version from Carrera is good for beginners and hobbyists. It can be upgraded to a digital version as you advance your electric slot car race track hobby. The speed controllers give you full control of your car during the race. The toy electric race tracks feature curves, crossovers, and straightaways for full-on excitement.

5. Aotipol Electric Racing Tracks

Designed with innovative features, this is a unique electric race track set that includes slot cars with built-in LEDs that glow thigh speed, two-speed controllers, and a layout of tracks. With no wire obstruction, the little ones can play freely with their friends. The construction of the track is sturdy and locks itself firmly at a place. This two-player racing car set from Aotipol is a great gift for kids.

6. Droneeye Electric Racing Track Set

An electric-powered crossover track set from Droneeye includes two colored cars that allow beginners to learn low-speed racing skills. The sturdy tracks are easy to put together, and they sit firmly on the floor to prevent cars from flying off the track. The two popular race cars come at a scaled version of 1:43. The 12-foot long track features start ways, junctions, curves, and more.

7. Tumama Construction Race Track Vehicle Toys

A fun track toy set that allows your children to be imaginative while playing as they are free to build the tracks in different styles. The construction race track cars include excavator, road roller, cement truck, racing jeep, and more. This unique set from Tumama comes with flexible race track pieces which are easy to snap together and promotes motor building activity in your child. The material used meets all safety standards for children.

8. Color Tree Race Track Set

The dual racing car track set allows competition between two high-end cars, Mercedes and Audi. It features two electric-powered controllers that use triggers to adjust speed and two hand controllers that are perfect for beginners. The 28-feet long track will make the racing experience fun and exciting. This race track set from Color Tree is an ideal gift for family and friends.

9. Qtezoo Dinosaur Race Track Toys

Featuring dinosaur-shaped tunnels, this kids’ electric race track from Qtezoo takes you to the exciting world of Jurassic. The dinosaur-shaped tunnel is equipped with three flashing lights that flash blue and red when the car travels through it. The flexible set features a Y-shaped track, curved bridge, and different color assembly helps the child to explore and be creative.

10. GB Electric Slot Car Race Track Sets

An electric-powered digital slot race track from GB has magnatraction features to allow a smooth racing experience. The track features curves, bends, slopes, and two 360-degree loops for performing stunts. The child experiences an exciting race thrill between two colorful cars.

11. Leapom Construction Race Track Toy

Made with non-toxic materials and approved with US standards, this race track set from Leapom is safe for your kids. The flexible set includes 245 pieces with two race cars, three construction trucks, 14 roadblocks, traffic signals, trees, gate, and arc track. The set will help in enhancing the imaginative skills of the child while they snap the pieces together. The battery-operated car is suitable for children three and above.

12. Maoxian Kids Race Track Set

The Maoxian electric car track toy is perfect for beginners as it teaches them to learn racing skills at lower speeds. The track is supported on cylindrical brackets for firm support. It features a dual operational mode that includes both electric and manual. The speed restrictors allow you to maintain perfect speed and booster buttons for more fun with speed. Featuring loops, curves, and bends, this can be a perfect gift for kids.

13. MISC Electric Power Big Racer Road Racing Set

The big racer road set gives the child an uninterrupted thrill with racing experience. The racing road set from MISC features dual loops, zig-zag bends, divided roads, and sidewalls on curves to prevent cars from falling. Assembling tracks requires brainstorming that helps the child to be creative.

How To Choose The Right Electric Race Car Tracks?

Consider the following suggestions before you choose the right electric race track cars.

  1. Assembly: These sets are not preassembled; hence ensure that the products you purchase are easy to assemble with proper instructions.
  2. Material: Ensure that all parts of the track, remote control, and cars are made of non-toxic, durable material for the child’s safety.
  3. Versatility: Straight tracks would not be much fun to play with. Buy sets that feature different styles of tracks, including curves, bends, and arches to induce excitement while racing your car.
  4. Storage: Once assembled, these racing tracks take a lot of space for storage. Before purchasing a set, look for this feature to designate an appropriate place for the racing track.

Racing games promote family bonding. The slot race set could be a perfect addition to your gaming collection for those in love with this game. If you are looking for high-quality racing tracks with high-performance cars, browse our above section of the best electric race track and hit upon the best choice for a thrilling experience!

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