9 Best Enfamil Products To Boost Immunity In Babies In 2023

Choosing the right baby products to keep your little one nourished and healthy is crucial, especially in this age where many products contain questionable ingredients. The best Enfamil products with safe and healthy ingredients can ensure that your baby gets vital nutrients for healthy growth and development. Enfamil products include baby formulas and vitamins and supplements that are beneficial for a child’s immune and digestive systems and their overall health.

Read on as we have compiled a list of the best Enfamil products to help you keep your baby healthy. Go through the list and pick the right one for your child.

About Enfamil

Enfamil is an American infant formula brand of Mead Johnson, a subsidiary of Reckitt. Enfamil manufactures a wide range of baby formulas, vitamins, and supplements to meet the needs of various babies. Its baby formulas serve as good alternatives to breast milk and are especially helpful to mothers who are unable to exclusively breastfeed their babies. The brand caters to infants, toddlers, and premature babies.

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9 Best Enfamil Products

1. Best All-In-One:Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease Baby Formula

Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease Baby Formula Image: Enfamil

Formulated with easy-to-digest proteins and a HuMO6 immune blend, the Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease supports gut health and boosts your child’s immune system. Recommended by pediatricians, this baby formula helps reduce fussiness, crying, gas, and spit-up and is specially intended for babies aged below one year. It contains naturally occurring milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) and just the right amount of DHA to aid brain development. Watch this review video to learn more about the benefits of this baby formula.


  • Lactose-sensitive formula
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-GMO formula
  • Gluten-free


  • Might not be easy to open the foil top
Price at the time of publication: $216.99
protip_icon Remember
Once prepared, use the baby formula immediately or store it in the refrigerator at 35-40 °F and for not more than 24 hours.

2. Best For Strong Bones And Teeth:Enfamil Baby Vitamin D-Vi-Sol Liquid Supplement Drops

Strengthen your baby’s teeth and bones with this Enfamil D-Vi-Sol vitamin D supplement. The tried-and-tested, gluten-free liquid vitamin D supplement is ideal for breastfed babies and provides the required daily dose of vitamin D, which helps absorb calcium and develop strong and healthy bones and teeth. Shake the bottle well and dispense one milliliter of the supplement directly into your child’s mouth using the dropper, or mix it with breast milk, baby formula, or juice. Check out this review video to learn more about the product from a tester’s experience.


  • Natural fruit flavored
  • Dairy-free formula
  • Easy-to-dispense dropper
  • Free of artificial sweeteners and flavors
  • No added sucrose


  • Might not be easy to open the bottle initially
  • Bottle might be smaller than expected
Why It's Worth Buying: The whopping 10,164 positive reviews on Amazon reflect the superior quality of this product.
Price at the time of publication: $10.49

3. Best Hypoallergenic:Enfamil Nutramigen Infant Formula

If your baby is allergic to or has difficulty digesting cow’s milk, this Enfamil baby formula containing hydrolyzed protein could be ideal for them. Formulated with Enflora LGG probiotics, omega-3 DHA, ARA, and choline, this gentle formula is suitable for babies from birth to one year. This pediatrician-recommended infant formula helps in brain development, strengthens your child’s immune system, improves gut health, and relieves colic. Here’s a review video for you to learn more about the product.


  • Lactose-free formula
  • Easy-to-digest proteins
  • Promotes skin health
  • No added sucrose


  • Some might find the smell unpleasant
Price at the time of publication: $43.98

4. Best With Lactoferrin:Enfamil Enspire Infant Formula

Enfamil Enspire Infant Formula Image: Enfamil

The Enfamil Enspire infant formula is an ideal alternative to breast milk as it contains lactoferrin, a key protein that supports immune health. Suitable for babies below one-year-old, this nutritious formula also contains DHA and naturally occurring MFGM compounds for brain development. In addition, it is formulated with a HuMO6 immune blend containing zinc, selenium, vitamin E, vitamin C, LNnT HMO, and 2’-FL HMO to further boost your child’s immune system.


  • Promotes digestive health
  • Non-GMO formula
  • Clinically tested ingredients
  • Free of artificial ingredients and flavors


  • Container might not have a strong seal
Price at the time of publication: $187.16
protip_icon Remember
Check the formula’s temperature before feeding it to your baby. Put a few drops on your wrist and ensure it is warm and not hot.

5. Best Pediatrician-Recommended:Enfamil Reguline Baby Formula

Enfamil Reguline Baby Formula Image: Enfamil

Switch to this milk-based Enfamil Reguline baby formula to relieve your baby from constipation and improve their digestive health. The gentle baby formula powder is formulated with easy-to-digest proteins and a prebiotic blend containing PDX and GOS that is beneficial for gut health. With several positive reviews, this gentle Enfamil powder provides omega-3 DHA, choline, vitamins, and up to 30 nutritional components to nourish your baby.


  • Fortified with iron
  • Supports immune health
  • Ideal for brain development
  • Free of artificial growth hormones
  • Pleasant taste


  • Container might be smaller than expected
Price at the time of publication: $155.96

6. Best For Complete Nutrition:Enfamil Infant Formula

Enfamil Infant Formula Image: Enfamil

Ideal for children aged zero to 12 months, the Enfamil Infant formula contains the right amount of omega-3 DHA and choline to promote brain development. This tried-and-tested, milk-based infant formula is also formulated with a blend of two prebiotics, iron, and other nutritious ingredients for your child’s optimal growth and development. Furthermore, the baby formula is free of sucrose, corn, artificial growth hormones, and antibiotics.


  • Easy-to-digest proteins
  • Non-GMO formula
  • Made of non-fat milk
  • Pediatrician-recommended


  • Some may not like the smell
  • Container might not seal tight after each use
Price at the time of publication: $119.44

7. Best Plant-Based:Enfamil ProSobee Baby Formula

Enfamil ProSobee Baby Formula Image: Enfamil

For parents looking for a plant-based and non-dairy baby formula, the Enfamil ProSobee baby formula is a good choice. It comes in a ready-to-use bottle, making it ideal for traveling and late-night feedings. This pediatrician-trusted, plant-based baby formula is suitable for children who have difficulties digesting milk protein. With regular use, it helps ease fuzziness and gastric colic and reduces spit-up. The nutritious mix of baby formula also contains DHA to support brain development and contains 0.32% total fatty acids, which is within the WHO’s recommended range.


  • Contains soy protein
  • Ideal for sensitive tummies
  • Contains vitamins A, C, and E and selenium
  • Formulated with USDA-certified organic milk


  • Some children might not like the smell
Price at the time of publication: $47.28

8. Best Easy-To-Digest:Enfamil Enfagrow Premium Gentlease Toddler Nutritional Drink

Enfamil Enfagrow Premium Gentlease Toddler Nutritional Drink Image: Enfamil

Switch to the Enfamil Enfagrow Premium Gentlease Toddler Nutritional Drink if your baby often experiences excessive gas formation from regular baby formulas. This quality-tested nutritional toddler drink for sensitive tummies contains partially hydrolyzed proteins that are easy to digest, thus helping reduce fussiness, gas, and colic. Furthermore, it contains an adequate amount of iron, omega-3 DHA, probiotics, vitamins, and other key nutrients for growth and brain development.


  • Provides 180 calories per serving
  • Non-GMO formula
  • Free of artificial sweeteners and colors
  • Ideal for babies aged one year and above


  • Container might not be durable enough
  • Some children might not like the taste

9. Best Breast Milk-Alternative:Enfamil NeuroPro Baby Formula

Enfamil NeuroPro Baby Formula Image: Enfamil

Recommended by pediatricians, the Enfamil NeuroPro baby formula is ideal for supporting your child’s immune system as it contains a triple prebiotic HuMO6 immune blend including 2’-FL HMO, PDX, and GOS. It also contains zinc, selenium, and vitamins E, C, D, and K, making it more nutritious. In addition, this milk-based baby formula also contains MFGM compounds that help in cognitive development.


  • Contains iron and DHA
  • Non-GMO formula
  • Ideal for children aged one year and above
  • Free of artificial growth hormones


  • Not ideal for lactose-sensitive children
Price at the time of publication: $171.98

How To Choose The Right Enfamil Products?

Consider the following factors when choosing the right Enfamil product for your child.

  1. Recommended age: Always check the recommended age before buying the product. For instance, some Enfamil baby formulas are recommended for babies below one year, while others are recommended for babies aged one year and up.
  2. Ingredients: Read the product’s ingredient list to ensure it doesn’t contain any ingredients your child might be allergic to.
  3. Specific needs:Consider your child’s needs and dietary restrictions before buying the product. For instance, choose a vitamin D supplement if you think your child is not getting enough vitamin D from their regular diet.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Vibha Navarathna, our in-house writer and reviewer of baby products, has compiled this list of the best Enfamil products made of safe and quality ingredients. These products were chosen after considering their ingredients, benefits, and reviewers’ experiences. She has gone through countless reviews by mothers on various platforms to learn about their thoughts and experiences with the products. In this article, Vibha has listed the products, complete with their descriptions and pros and cons, to assist you in making an informed decision. In addition, she has included a buying guide to help you further in choosing the right product for your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are the different types of Enfamil formulas?

You will find many types of Enfamil formulas, such as milk-based, partially hydrolyzed, organic, and plant-based, available on the market. Consult your pediatrician and consider your child’s dietary or allergy restrictions before buying baby formula.

2.Can Enfamil baby formula be used as a substitute for breast milk?

Yes, some Enfamil baby formulas, such as Enfamil Enspire Infant Formula, can be used as a substitute for breast milk for babies who can’t be exclusively breastfed. These baby formulas contain lactoferrin, DHA, and other beneficial compounds found in breast milk.

3.How should I prepare my Enfamil formula?

First, sanitize your hands and feeding bottle, then follow the instructions on the packaging to determine the right proportion of baby formula and warm water to prepare your Enfamil baby formula. Some Enfamil formulas, such as the Enfamil ProSobee formula, however, come in a ready-to-use bottle for your convenience.

4.Are there any precautions or potential side effects to using Enfamil formulas?

While Enfamil baby products are made of quality ingredients, always read the formula’s ingredient list to ensure that it does not contain any ingredients your child might be allergic to. Furthermore, always consult your pediatrician before buying baby formula.

5.Can Enfamil formulas be used for premature babies?

The digestive systems of premature babies may not be able to digest cow’s milk proteins. Thus, plant-based Enfamil baby formulas such as the Enfamil ProSobee baby formula could be ideal for them.

The best Enfamil products help promote brain development and support babies’ immune system and gut health. These formulas are formulated with beneficial ingredients such as DHA, lactoferrin, selenium, HMOS, PDX, GOS, MFGM compounds, biotin, iron, choline, and vitamins. These baby products are ideal for relieving fussiness, gas, constipation, spit-up, and colic. Enfamil also manufactures formulas in different forms–some baby formulas are available in powder form, while others are packaged in ready-to-use bottles for your convenience. While choosing Enfamil products, always consider your child’s allergies and dietary limitations. Furthermore, consult your pediatrician before choosing the right Enfamil product for your child.

Infographic: What Are The Different Categories Of Enfamil Products?

Enfamil is a trusted brand that has been providing high-quality baby nutrition products. Focusing on scientific research and innovation, Enfamil offers a range of products designed to meet the nutritional needs of infants and young children. Explore the infographic to learn more about the Enfamil products available for your little one.

The Different Product Categories Of Enfamil (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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