6 Best Essential Oils For Babies' Safe Use In 2022


The best essential oils for babies can calm and soothe your baby. They can also promote better sleep and help fight some ill-health symptoms. In addition, the oils play an essential role in balancing the baby’s body and mind, making the baby calm and healthy. If you are confused about which essential oils will be useful for your little one, go through our list of beneficial and safe plant oils.

Are Essential Oils Safe To Use?

Most essential oils are safe for children though there are some dos and don’ts. They are as follows:


  • Storage: Store essential oils in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.
  • Patch test: Children have sensitive skin and may be allergic to some oils. It is recommended to do a patch test before application.
  • Diffusers or aromatherapy: Spray the oil around the room for a mild, continuous fragrance. Dilute the oil so that it is not too strong.


  • Undiluted oils: Avoid undiluted essential oils on baby skin or in bathwater. Essential oils are concentrated and require a carrier oil.
  • Heat: Keep the oils away from heat as they could be inflammable.
  • Swallow: Do not swallow these oils as they could be hazardous or poisonous.

7 Best Essential Oils For Babies

1. Best Healing Properties: ArtNaturals Baby & Mama Pure Kids Essential Oils Set

ArtNaturals brings you a set of eight natural, therapeutic essential oil blends, safe for babies and moms. These diffuser oils are gentle, calming, and sleep-inducing. The oils can be used with a carrier oil for massages and are safe for sensitive baby skin. Their healing properties help boost the health of nails, hair, and skin. The set includes sweet orange oil, lavender oil, mandarin oil, tangerine oil, bergamot oil, vanilla oil, and blue chamomile oil.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Brightening scent
  • Brings relaxation
  • GC/MS tested


  • Some oils may give a peculiar smell


2. Best Longlasting: Aromar Fragrance Oil

If you love the baby smell, this aromatherapy essential oil from Aromar might be for you. The baby powder-scented oil is subtle and long-lasting. It helps ease stress, relax the mind and body, and provide better sleep. You can use the oil in a diffuser, burner lamps, potpourri, etc.


  • Multifaceted scent
  • Highly concentrated
  • Helps get rid of foulodors
  • Available in seven other fragrances


  • Scent may not be long-lasting


3. Best Paraben-Free: Oilogic Stuffy Nose and Cough Essential Oil Roll-On

The Oilogic roll-on has a naturally soothing effect on babies and toddlers with stuffy noses and coughs. It is a blend of pure essential oils, including orange, lavandin, fir needle, cypress, and eucalyptus, appropriately diluted with grapeseed and jojoba oils. This roll-on is safe for babies aged over six months and can be applied on the chest, back of the neck, and bottom of the feet.


  • Petroleum-and paraben-free
  • Sulfate-and phthalate-free
  • Gluten-and mineral oil-free
  • No dyes, artificial colors, GMOs, or synthetic perfumes
  • Cruelty-free
  • Pediatrician-and dermatologist-tested


  • Smell may be strong


4. Best SLS-Free: Marie’s Original Baby Respiratory Rub

Marie’s original baby chest rub helps the child breathe easier. The blend of essential oils provides relief from congestion and a blocked nose. It helps clear the sinus and induces a comfortable sleep. This respiratory rub contains eucalyptus, peppermint, clove, olive, and cajeput oils that are safe for children. The natural rub restores calmness and helps soothe an irritated, uncomfortable child.


  • SLS-free
  • Petroleum-free
  • Paraben-and phthalate-free
  • GMO-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Free of artificial dyes and scents
  • No animal testing
  • Easy-to-use bottle


  • May cause burning sensation


5. Best Chemical-Free: Bargz Baby Powder Essential Oil

The baby powder essential oil has a relaxing perfume and comes in an amber glass bottle. It is an organic therapeutic formula that you can use in a diffuser, candle, or massage with a carrier oil. It helps relieve stress, headaches and improve sleep. The peppermint-based blend is proven to be beneficial for skin, hair, and nervous system health. It also offers pain relief and leaves the house smelling fresh, clean, and pest-free.


  • Toxin-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Alcohol-free
  • No additives or bases
  • Chemical-free


  • May have a light smell


6. Best Therapeutic: Rocky Mountain Oils- Baby Skin

Rocky Mountain brings you a natural essential oil blend with a  sweet floral fragrance and woody undertones. It comprises rosewood, patchouli, cucumber seed, palmarosa, ylang-ylang, frankincense, geranium, and rose oils mixed in a 40% fractionated coconut oil base. You can apply it topically and daily for an even and bright complexion.


  • Suitable for oily and mature skin
  • 100% pure
  • GC/MS verified
  • Therapeutic


  • Requires a carrier oil for topical application


How To Choose The Right Essential Oils For Babies?

Consider the following points before buying essential oils for babies.

  1. Reliable source: Pick oils from good companies and reliable organic sources, as children could be inversely affected if the oils are compromised.
  2. Ingredients: Avoid using oils such as basil, sage, clary sage, wintergreen, peppermint, eucalyptus, hyssop, Idaho tansy, and juniper as these are not safe for children below 30 months.
  3. Usage: Check if you can use the oil on the skin or in a diffuser. Essential oils usually require a base or carrier oil. A roll-on can be a good option in case of medical issues, such as cold and congestion.
  4. Allergies: Check for allergies in your child before picking an oil. Whether it is skin irritation due to application or the smell, these aromatherapy oils can make your child uncomfortable if they are allergic.

 Essential oils are herbal and natural and can help soothe your child while enhancing their mental and physical health. They can provide good sleep, calm the nerves, and keep the room and baby smelling fresh and rejuvenated. So, pick from our list of the best essential oils for babies.

Essential oils for babies come with many health benefits. It soothes your baby’s body and mind, promotes better sleep, and makes the baby calm and healthy. Before making the purchase, look for essential oils that do not contain any artificial coloring or ingredients like paraben, GMO, and gluten. Besides, purchase the essential oil from reliable brands and avoid using oils like basil, sage, and peppermint as these are not safe for children below 30 months. Also, check if your baby has any allergies before picking an oil.

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