11 Best Euro Board Games In 2021


Take your game nights to the next level with some of the best euro board games available in the market. These German-style board games are played on a tabletop and involve intense strategic planning and indirect player interactions. It is similar to American board games, usually based on drama and chance. Instead of direct competition, these board games require planning and personal achievements. We have created a list of euro board games that everyone can enjoy. All the games mentioned are suitable for both beginners and seasoned players.

11 Best Euro Board Games

1. Cephalofair Games Gloomhaven Strategy Boxed Board Game

In the Gloomhaven board game, players will assume the character of a mercenary with their unique combination of skills and motives. All the players need to work together to tackle dangerous dungeons and ancient crypts in this fictional game. This game offers around one to two hours of playtime and is suitable for one to four players.

2. Stonemaier Games Scythe Board Game

Set in the 1920s Europa, the board game portrays a parallel history where a capitalistic city-state called ‘The Factory’ had started a war with heavily armed mechs and has now shut down. Each player in Scythe portrays a fallen leader striving to reclaim their dignity and lead their group to dominance in Eastern Europa. Players need to capture territories and villages, recruit new troops, gather resources, and construct structures while defending their land from other factions’ mechs. You require one to five players and can play this game for around 120 minutes.

3. Wizards Of The Coast Lords Of Waterdeep: A Dungeons & Dragons Board Game

The dungeons and dragons board game by ​​Wizards of the Coast requires players to be powerful lords competing for control of a massive metropolis. You need to hire adventurers to embark on missions, collect rewards, and gain power in the city through spies. This two to five-player strategy board game provides a one-hour playtime.

4. Grey Fox Games Champions Of Midgard Strategy Board Game

Suitable for two to four players aged ten and above, the players act as chiefs of Viking clans who have traveled to a harbor town to protect it from drag, trolls, and other fabled Norse monsters. Players acquire honor and divine favor by defeating the legendary beasts. In the end, the player with the most glory receives the title of “jarl”.

5. Starling Games Everdell Collector’s Edition 2nd Edition

Everdell collector’s edition game has beautiful artwork and wooden animal meeples. This worker-allocation construction board game lets you grow your colony in an enchanting world of colorful woodland critters. This is a strategy game that the whole family can enjoy and is suitable for children aged 12 and above.

6. Tasty Minstrel Orléans Board Game

Suitable for two to four players, you need to expand your commercial reach and get followers to succeed. With up to 120 minutes of game time, you can create trade centers and collect commodities and money. With the help of farmers, merchants, scholars, and more, you need to make advancements and create wealth in this medieval-themed game.

7. Days Of Wonder Ticket To Ride Europe Board Game

The fast-paced strategic board game is easy to learn and allows a playtime of 30 to 60 minutes. Suitable for two to five players, you need to connect important European cities through train routes to win points. The board game comes in beautiful tin boxes with precisely detailed plastic trains and stops. It includes new artwork, an oversized board, and tickets printed true to date. You can play this game with the entire family.

8. Stronghold Games Great Western Trail Board Game

Set in 19th century America, this game requires players to play as rival cattle ranchers grazing cattle in a circular trail from Texas to Kansas City. If you can handle your herd appropriately and reach the destination, you can earn cash and victory scores. Players can hire capable employees, such as cowboys, carpenters, and railway engineers, to finish the tasks on time.

9. Roxley Games Brass: Lancashire Board Games

Brass: Lancashire is an economic strategy game set during the Industrial Revolution portraying the narrative of rival cotton businessmen in Lancashire. To profit on demand for iron, coal, and cotton, you need to grow, create and establish your connections and industry. This game is divided into two sections: a rail and a canal phase. Score the most victory points calculated after each half of the game to win.

10. Burnt Island Games Endeavor Age Sail

In this game by Burnt Island, players need to explore shipping routes and occupy towns worldwide as they sail out of Europe and the Mediterranean. You can select a new structure to add to your coastline in each round. New territories become available for conquest once shipping tracks are created. To get significant boosts and end-game points, collect asset cards from all over the world.

11. Eagle Games Vinhos Deluxe Board Game

Based on wine-making, this trading and commercial game requires you to cultivate your vineyards, choose quality varieties, recruit the most qualified oenologists, and attend trade fairs. You need to prove to your opponents that you are the best winemaker in the game during six harvests. The game’s goal is to make high-quality wines to trade for cash or victory points.

How To Choose The Right Euro Board Games?

Here are a few things to consider while choosing the right Euro board games.

  1. Number of players: While a few German-style games are designed for exactly two players, most games may accommodate two to six players.
  2. Duration: Most games offer from 30 minutes to a few hours of playtime. Choose the game depending on your preferences.
  3. Theme: Consider the fantasy storyline and the rules before choosing a game. It is important to feel drawn to the theme and the characters to enjoy the game.

Eurogame’s are characterized by a strong focus on strategy and skill over luck, the absence of player elimination, and the use of economic themes. We hope our list of the best Euro board games can help you choose the right one to play with your family and friends at your next game night.

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