11 Best Exercise Ball Chairs in 2021


The best exercise ball chair makes your exercise routine fun, effective and could be a healthy platform to sit on. If you have a desk job and sit for more than six to eight hours a day, investing in an exercise ball is a good idea. Whether working from home or office, sitting on a sofa or chair is not the best idea.

Exercise balls make a great addition to your home office or workplace, improving your health and posture too. So, here is a list of some exercise balls that will change your life for the better.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Exercise Ball Chair?

The following are some of the advantages of using an exercise ball chair.

  • The distinctive design of a ball chair discourages slouching, which improves body posture.
  • An improved posture results in reduced back pain due to low spinal pressure.
  • It promotes an improved overall body balance.
  • Ball chairs use soft material that is easy on the muscles.
  • It strengthens core muscles over time and increases blood circulation.
  • Regular workouts using a ball chair help body muscles and loosen up joints, allowing for more flexibility and easier body movement.

11 Best Exercise Ball Chairs

1. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

With the specially-built balance ball chair for micro-movement and body-mind interaction from Gaiam, you can improve your concentration and boost your energy. Working while seated in the balance chair increases productivity and energy levels. The exercise ball chair is ideal for an individual within the height range of 5ft to 5ft 11 inches.

Gaiam leg extenders, sold separately, can add two inches to the chair for taller people. Its 300-pound weight capability makes it a popular training accessory for people of all sizes. The chair comes with a 52cm removable exercise ball, a metal ball holder, a chair base, and four easy-glide caster wheels. A desktop exercise and air pump guide helps you assemble the balance ball chair.

2. Mantra Sports Exercise Ball Chair

Mantra’s workout ball chair for office and home settings is available in three sizes: 55cm, 65cm, and 75cm. If you’re putting together a home gym, the pilates ball and stability base are ideal. Occupational therapists recommend this product for people who have undergone hip or knee replacement surgery because the product offers recuperation support.

The multi-purpose balance ball can help you save money on gym memberships by assisting you with fitness goal workouts such as yoga, pilates, or full-body workouts. You can use this ball chair and its attachable resistance belts for fat burning and toning workouts. It also helps improve your spine health and core strength. It has a 750-pound load capacity and is anti-slip and anti-burst, thanks to a 2000-micrometer extra-thick PVC casting.

3. RGGD & RGGL Yoga And Exercise Ball Chair

The RGGD & RGGL exercise and yoga ball chair is leak-proof and has a pressure resistance capacity of 2100lb. It provides improved stability and stiffness to users, allowing for simple control of complex motions when working out.

Even if punctured, the ball progressively deflates, eliminating injury concerns. It includes two adjustable resistance bands to help with posture improvement and backbend and core strength development. The ball chair suits all user groups, from advanced users to intermediates and novices.

4. Mind Body Future Exercise Ball Chair

Mind Body Future’s yoga and stability ball chair is available in three sizes: 55cm, 65cm, and 75cm, allowing you to find the right match for your height and weight. The benefits of this home and office exercise ball chair include aiding in breastfeeding to enhancing body balance and enabling workouts such as pilates.

This yoga ball allows you to take control when performing numerous yoga postures or any other physiotherapy exercises, thanks to its well-designed base. With the heavy-duty, durable balance ball that withstands up to 2,000 pounds of static weight with safe deflation, you can finish your workout program without stress. The Swiss ball is made of anti-burst, hypoallergenic PVC and features an inflating base, a little foot pump, and a plug removal tool. It comes with a 12-month replacement warranty.


5. Vivora Luno Sitting Ball Chair

The Vivora Luno lightweight sitting ball chair weighs only three pounds and has a 400-pound weight capacity. It offers maximum performance and safety and has a distinctive style. The ball chair is made of anti-burst PVC and has a precise design and fitting that keeps the ball pressure in check.

It has a soft, machine-washable surface that allows for simple muscle strengthening and toning exercises. You can use it in a home or office environment, and it comes in various color options.

6. PharMeDoc Ball Chair With Back Support

PharMeDoc’s balance ball chair has removable back support and lockable wheels. The exercise ball chair is ideal for home and office use and helps relieve back pain and improve body posture over time. It’s also a multifunctional chair that folds up into a small space for easy storage. The 52cm exercise ball comes with a hand pump to help increase the bounce ability.

The chair’s wheels are also lockable, ensuring that it stays in place and is safe to use. The product comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

7. Exercise Ball Chair From Timberbrother

If you want to convert your home space into a gym, choose Timberbrother’s ball chair with base. The durable ball chair is made of high-grade PVC. The resistance band is made of non-slip and non-toxic thick PVC material that can withstand loads of up to 2000 pounds.

It has been anti-burst tested and designed to withstand strenuous workouts. You can replace your conventional office chair with the ball chair for comfort and convenience. It is also resistant to rolling when in operation, thanks to its stable base.

8. ProBody Pilates Exercise Ball Chair

ProBody Pilates stability ball chair is available in vibrant colors and offers style, comfort, and durability. The ball chair comes with a balance ball, an inflation pump, an inflatable stability ring, and two resistance bands. The chair, recommended by occupational and trainers, aids in overall body balance and allows for exercises that target body stability and abdominal strength.

It is ideal for office and home setups. You can do various aerobic exercises and workouts for the thighs and pelvic floor using the ball chair and the accessories that come along with the set.

9. Starfish Balance Ball Chair From SportShiny

SportShiny’s starfish-shaped balance ball chair allows you to perform exercise and yoga from the comfort of your home or office. The ergonomic chair is designed to improve body balance, posture, and core strength while alleviating body aches.

The almond-colored ball chair comes in three soft shades to complement your home decor. It has a seat height of 24-26in and supports a body weight of up to 600 pounds. The anti-burst exercise ball is ideal for teenagers and adults and comes with a lifetime warranty.


10. Sporus Exercise Ball Chair

The Sporus exercise, stability, and yoga ball chair is a perfect companion to help you achieve your home or office-based fitness goals. It includes an inflatable stability ball base and four resistance belts, giving it the feel of a mini-gym while ensuring perfect safety. The black ball chair, made of PVC, measures 65cm.

It comes with adjustable pull value resistance bands with padded foam handles for easy grasping. It can also be used as a kids’ exercise ball chair. Each 30-pound resistance belt is adaptable for individualized training. The ball chair has a 1,300-pound weight capacity and provides multifunctional stability for various fitness workouts.

11. Neumee Exercise Ball Chair

The Neumee’s 65cm stability workout ball chair comes with a yoga and pilate ball, an inflatable base, two resistance bands, an air plug, and a plug remover. The exercise ball chair is ideal for beginners and professional fitness enthusiasts, making it a wonderful gift for your friends or family. Its anti-slip design and anti-burst technology make it suitable for various workout regimes. And if a puncture occurs, the inflated yoga ball gradually releases air without causing a sudden snap.

It is also quality-tested for a weight capacity of 750 pounds, ensuring total safety and long-term durability. It measures 65cm in diameter and is suitable for multiple uses, such as exercise ball, birthing ball yoga chair, or balance ball chair. You can replace your conventional work setup with this best exercise ball chair for fitness workouts.

Things To Consider When Choosing An Exercise Ball Chair

Consider the following factors when selecting an exercise ball chair.

  1. Size: Exercise ball chairs come in various sizes to suit adults, teenagers, and children. Determine your home needs and find the right size for daily exercise.
  2. Stability: A ball chair should be stable, and thus, should include anti-slide and anti-burst features.
  3. Comfort: The material used should offer comfort.
  4. Desk size suitability: Check the height based on your desk size to ensure maximum comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long can I sit on a ball chair?

You can sit in a ball chair for an extended period if you take breaks in between and alternate between a well-designed office chair.

2. Can ball chairs be used to replace an office desk chair?

Yes, you can replace desk chairs with exercise ball chairs if you wish to improve your posture and balance and reduce lower back pain.

3. Can a balance ball chair help with lower back pain?

A balance ball chair can help relieve lower back pain by reducing spinal pressure.

Balance ball chairs have revolutionized the desk chair design, bringing ergonomic features and flexibility to home and office environments. Bring a good ball chair home and enjoy the benefits it offers.

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