21 Best Exfoliators For Dry Skin In 2022


Winter care includes taking care of your dry skin. It also involves using the best exfoliator for dry skin to get rid of your skin troubles. Flaky skin during winter leads to irritation, rashes, blemishes, and blackheads. To protect your skin from dust, pollution, and other irritants, you should get a high-quality exfoliating agent. Therefore, it’s essential to add an exfoliator to your skincare routine to keep your skin healthy. The exfoliator can help remove dead skin and leave you with soft, supple, and glowing skin that radiates freshness. Here is our carefully-curated list to help you pick the right one that suits your requirements.

Scroll through our list of the best exfoliators for dry skin and choose the one that meets your needs.

Benefits Of Exfoliating Dry Skin

There are many benefits of exfoliating dry skin. The following are some of them.

1. Unclogs pores: Exfoliation helps remove dead, dry skin, dirt and grime, impurities, and excess oil from the skin’s layers. This helps unclog pores and prevents blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes, and acne.

2. Better penetration: Unclogged pores and clean skin can open the pores and allow skincare products to penetrate the pores and nourish them.

3. Even skin tone: Frequent exfoliation helps reduce dark spots, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and rough skin texture. Exfoliators contain skin brightening and lightening ingredients that make the skin tone brighter.

4. Boosts circulation: Exfoliating the skin improves blood circulation. It facilitates lymphatic drainage, which aids in internal cleansing and provides oxygen-rich blood to the skin, thereby helping you achieve glowing skin.

5. Eliminates dead cells: Exfoliation eliminates dead cells and unclogs pores, boosting cell regeneration, giving you a more youthful appearance.

6. Stimulates collagen production: Collagen helps maintain the skin’s consistency and texture, making it appear younger and tighter. It improves skin elasticity and thereby reduces aging signs.

21 Best Exfoliators For Dry Skin

1. Best Gentle Formula: Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting Facial Exfoliant

Paula’s Choice brings you its Skin Perfecting skin exfoliant, made of 2% BHA liquid salicylic acid. The gentle formula is non-abrasive and can remove blackheads, control enlarged pores, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, remove dead skin cells, even out the skin tone, and reduce stress and aging signs. This facial exfoliant is a hydrating blend that cleanses the skin, evens the skin tone, and activates cells, thereby improving blood circulation. It does not contain parabens or harmful chemicals. Take a look at this video link to get more information on the exfoliant.


2. Best Microdermabrasion Sugar Scrub: Era Organics Revive Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub

Revive+ from Era Organics is a facial exfoliating mask with walnuts, manuka honey, aloe vera, and vitamin C. It helps remove blackheads, dry and dead skin cells, and impurities. This scrub is best for dry skin. It minimizes pores and moisturizes the skin base. This microdermabrasion sugar scrub gently smoothens the skin, removes grime, provides nutrition, and reveals healthy and bright skin from the inside. It leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished. This video offers a more detailed explanation of this product.

3. Best Water-Based Formula: Toyo-Cure Natural Aqua Gel

Toyo Cure natural aqua gel water-based formula does not contain harsh chemicals and helps remove dead cells and grime. It captures dead skin cells on the skin’s surface and uses a unique active hydrogen water formula to remove them. The formula is suitable for all skin types, making your skin smooth, soft, and flawless. This skin peel gel does not contain colors, fragrances, and preservatives.

4. Best Natural: NeedCrystals Microdermabrasion Crystals

NeedCrystals natural facial exfoliant is crafted with microdermabrasion crystals, which help remove dullness, dead skin cells, and blackheads, heal acne scars, reduce enlarged pores and wrinkles, and clear skin blemishes. The aluminum oxide in the formula provides a spa-like facial cleansing effect. This exfoliator stimulates blood circulation, nourishes the skin, and makes the skin youthful and vibrant. Check out our product review video to learn more.

5. Best Chemical-Free: Vivo Per Lei Facial Peeling Gel

Vivo Per Lei offers a gentle exfoliator and facial peel made from Dead Sea minerals and nutshell powder. The exfoliating scrub helps remove blackheads and gently peels off dead skin cells to reveal the youthful layer. The cleanser removes grime and sebum, unclogs the pores, and allows the skin to breathe. It also reduces discoloration, brightens skin tone, and minimizes aging signs such as wrinkles. The gentle formula does not contain harsh chemicals, making it ideal for all skin types.

6. Best Hypoallergenic: Cetaphil Extra Gentle Daily Scrub

Cetaphil’s extra gentle daily scrub is ideal for all skin types, especially dry skin. It is made of fine micro granules that can gently exfoliate the skin of sebum, grime, and dead skin. This daily scrub is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and non-comedogenic. It makes the pores clean without clogging and leaves the skin healthy, smooth, and baby soft. This formula promotes natural cell production and improves skin texture.

7. Best Collagen-Based: M3 Naturals Brown Sugar Scrub

M3 Naturals Brown Sugar Scrub is infused with stem cells and collagen, making it an ideal formula for treating acne scars, stretch marks, and cellulite. You can use it as a scrub for the face, body, and feet. The formula is rich in antioxidants, essential oils, and glycolic acid to keep the skin healthy, youthful, and radiant and give it a silky smooth texture. The sugar granules help promote the production of natural collagen and prolong cell life. It removes harmful toxins, provides anti-aging properties, brightens the skin, and balances the pH level.

8. Best For Glowing Skin: Proactiv+ Skin Smoothing Exfoliator

If your skin is dry and sensitive, you need Proactiv+ Skin Smoothing Exfoliator. It is a benzoyl peroxide exfoliating facial cleanser that you can use on the back and other body parts. The creamy and moisturizing formula helps treat acne in 90 days. It minimizes pores, prevents the increase of flare-ups, and promotes bright, healthy, and glowing skin. The exfoliating solution removes excess oil, impurities, and grime while giving a smooth texture to the skin.

9. Best Non-Abrasive: Bliss Jelly Glow Peel

Bliss Jelly’s gentle foot exfoliator is a non-abrasive formula infused with natural fruit enzymes. Papaya and pineapple enzymes serve as exfoliants in this cruelty-free recipe, removing dead, dry skin cells. The peel-off foot mask locks in moisture and revitalizes cells while maintaining the skin’s natural barrier.

The scrub contains cellulose plant fibers, coconut oil, vitamin B5, niacinamide, and sodium hyaluronate that help eliminate dead skin. It is free of parabens, sulfates, and other chemicals. The deep-cleanser softens and revitalizes the feet.

10. Best Skin-Friendly: Pinpoxe Foot Exfoliating Scrub

Pinpoxe’s foot exfoliating scrub helps prevent corns and calluses. This natural and gentle formula softens thick, cracked heels and softens dry, hard dead skin cells. The foot scrub is infused with the goodness of skin-friendly natural vegetable extracts that keep the skin moisturized and smooth while nurtures it back to health.

11. Majestic Pure Coconut Milk Body Scrub

The Majestic Pure coconut milk body scrub is formulated to promote healthy skin. The exfoliator contains anti-cellulite properties that help reduce stretch marks, eczema, acne, and varicose veins. This natural beauty recipe is a well-balanced combination of nutrients, fats, and minerals with high protein content.

It helps reduce dryness and flaking, rejuvenates damaged skin, and minimizes wrinkles and aging signs while softening and nourishing the skin. The body scrub is free of animal testing and has a pleasant fragrance.

12. Tatcha The Rice Polish, Classic

The Tatcha Rice Polish daily skin exfoliator is ideal for normal to dry skin. The non-abrasive formula is a water-activated exfoliant made of famous Japanese rice bran. It produces a creamy foam that gives the skin a polished and smooth texture and a healthy glow. Papaya enzymes and silk proteins promote natural cell regeneration while nourishing and conditioning the skin for a fresh and silky finish.

The amino acid base is pH neutral and effectively cleanses the face without removing the skin’s natural moisture. Hadasei-3 is an anti-aging Japanese superfood combination blend of green tea, rice, and algae that restores youthful radiance.

13. DERMAdoctor KP Duty Dermatologist Formulated Body Scrub

DERMAdoctor KP Duty, a scrub developed by dermatologists, is an essential exfoliant for people with keratosis pilaris and rough, dry skin. It contains 10% AHAs, PHAs, BHAs, and beneficial botanical extracts that soothe the skin and give it a smooth, soft texture.

With its dual-action exfoliation, the advanced formula helps enhance bumpy, rough, and dull skin. The scrub, a balanced mixture of a chemical peel and microdermabrasion, cleanses and improves the skin’s texture, preparing it for self-tanning and post-bathing treatments.

14. Besito Microdermabrasion Exfoliation Face Scrub

Besito offers a microdermabrasion exfoliation scrub that gently removes blackheads, reduces pore size, minimizes acne scars, and improves skin texture. It contains fine exfoliating particles that can remove dry, dead cells while leaving the skin looking younger. The oil- and alcohol-free scrub is non-comedogenic and appropriate for all skin types. The cruelty-free formula does not contain parabens, sulfates, gluten, and GMOs.

15. Mother Made Exfoliating Aqua Peeling Gel

Mother Made Aqua peeling gel is rich in green tea, hyaluronic acid, Baobab seed extract, and vitamin C. The Korean facial exfoliating scrub is extremely gentle and provides all-natural skincare. The gel peel removes dead skin cells and impurities from the face.

It leaves the skin feeling baby soft and radiant with a smooth and even tone. The apple extract and allantoin help brighten the complexion and reduce dark spots and rough skin texture. It hydrates and conditions the skin while soothing it. The vegan formula is cruelty-free and hypoallergenic. You can use this gel on other areas of the body.

16. Pharmagel Enzyme Ex-Cell

The Pharmagel exfoliator is a papaya face scrub ideal for all skin types. It gently exfoliates dry, dead skin cells from the neck and face with papaya enzymes and walnut grains. The Enzyme Ex-Cell cleanses and brightens the complexion while maintaining the skin’s natural oils. The sunflower oil and allantoin formula penetrates the pores and soothes the skin. You can use the scrub before shaving for a smoother surface and exposed undergrowths. You can also use it anywhere on the body for a mild refreshing feeling.

17. InstaNatural Brightening Vitamin C Face Scrub

The key ingredient in the InstaNatural face scrub is vitamin C. It’s a non-abrasive and gentle natural exfoliator rich in coconut water, green tea, quartz crystals, strawberry seeds, sugarcane extract, and jojoba beads. This scrub brightens the face while gently removing dull, dead skin cells. It also promotes healthy cell renewal, improves skin texture and complexion.

The vegan cleanser contains aloe vera and plant ingredients that protect the skin from external aggressors and has moisturizing effects. It removes dullness and tones the skin to give a fresh and refreshing appearance.

18. Healthy Priority Natural Products Vitamin E Exfoliating Scrub

If you are looking for a 100% natural and organic face cleanser, the Healthy Priority exfoliating scrub is an ideal choice. It has a rich and creamy formula infused with jojoba pearls to deep-cleanse the face. The botanical ingredients contain anti-aging properties, while vitamin E nourishes and protects the skin, leaving it healthy and glowing. The cruelty-free and gentle formula is suitable for all skin types and does not contain parabens, GMOs, and other chemicals.


19. Ongaro Beauty Organic Skin Care

Ongaro Beauty’s organic face scrub rich in papaya, pineapple, grapefruit, and pumpkin enzymes gently exfoliates the skin. It is an anti-aging formula that removes dead cells from the skin’s top layer, revealing a smooth and radiant complexion. It also keeps the skin hydrated and does not cause drying. The non-abrasive, cruelty-free scrub is soft on the skin and does not contain harsh chemicals.

20. Dermalogica Thermafoliant Body Scrub

Dermalogica Thermafoliant body scrub is a dual-action exfoliator that cleanses and hydrates the skin. It contains tea tree and castor oils that energize the skin and promote cell renewal. Antioxidants penetrate the skin and purify it. This cleanser relieves dryness and conditions the skin, giving it a healthy glow. The naturally derived botanical ingredients such as licorice, chamomile, white tea, oils, and grapefruit peel with replenishing bio-lipids strengthen the skin’s barrier and revitalize it.

21. RD Alchemy Natural Products Renewing Polisher Scrub

The skin polishing scrub from RD Alchemy Natural Products renews cell regeneration. The 100% natural, organic face scrub is ideal for all skin types. It contains jojoba beads, rice bran, aloe vera, herbal extracts, and natural oils. The hydrating formula nourishes the skin and brightens the complexion. Natural glycolic, lactic and citric acid, and alpha-hydroxy acids exfoliate the skin’s top layers and reveal smooth, renewed skin.


How To Choose The Right Exfoliator For Dry Skin?

When selecting an exfoliator for dry skin, consider the following factors.

1. Hydrating formula: Choose an exfoliator with hydrating ingredients, including natural oils, aloe vera, soft sugar granules, jojoba wax beads, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid for dry skin.

2. Non-comedogenic: Choose an exfoliator that can unclog pores by removing excess sebum and reducing pigmentation. It should not cause pores clogging and should be easy to wash.

3. Gentle formula: Exfoliation or mild extra scrubbing may cause dry skin to tear or rip. Thus, select a formula that is mild and gentle on the skin.

Dry skin is sensitive and needs special attention. Adding an exfoliator to your skincare regime keeps the skin nourished and clean and helps regenerate healthy skin cells. So, if you want your skin to be smooth, youthful, and glowing, choose from our list of the 21 best exfoliators for dry skin and give it the TLC it deserves.

And here’s a tip just for you – After you have chosen an exfoliator, keep in mind that over-exfoliation, particularly if you have dry skin, can cause harm. Exfoliate dry skin once or twice a week.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Poulami Nag, our beauty and skincare product expert, recommends using skincare products that have the right ingredients for your skin type. Here, she has explored and researched the best exfoliators for dry skin. Dry skin requires extra nourishment, but regular exfoliators can rip off the natural oils and cause skin damage. Thus, to prevent that from happening, choose an exfoliator that gently unclogs pores without causing breakouts. The ones on this list might just be what you need.

Not only is dry, flaky skin annoying to deal with, but it also makes you more prone to rashes. Invest in an exfoliator that protects your skin against dust and pollution while continuously ridding your skin of dead cells. Adding an exfoliator to your daily routine can help you get smooth, silky, and radiant skin that doesn’t require heavy maintenance. The options listed here are infused with many beneficial and effective ingredients, so pick one that suits your skin, budget, and lifestyle.

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