11 Best Extension Boards In India - 2024

With the advent of a variety of electronic devices, extension boards are ubiquitous at home and at the workplace. It is a great utility product that allows us to use electrical appliances that are not easy to reach from the main power source. Some electrical appliances have unique plug pins which cannot be plugged to our regular sockets. An extension board provides us with the convenience of plugging in different appliances in one place simultaneously, thus avoiding clutter.

Extension boards are made with fire-resistant materials and are completely safe for children. Most of the extension boards are ergonomically designed, are lightweight, and easy to carry. Below is our review of the 11 best extension boards in India which would help you in selecting the one for your needs.

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11 Best Extension Boards In India

1. Havells Four-Way Extension Board

If you are tired of dealing with long-tangled wires of extension boards, Havells Four-Way Extension Board is the perfect alibi. With an advantageous 1.5 m wire which can be used across your bedroom or near your work area, it has 4 secure universal ports that are adequately spaced which allow for snug fitting of 4 different types of plugs at one time. It comes with a thoughtful extra fuse. This durable board has inbuilt surge protection with a fuse for overload protection. It has both wall and table mounting options available. Ergonomically built, it has an LED indication for power status. It is lightweight and will easily fit into your bag during travel.

2. ADDMAX Extension Cord

Your search for a reliable surge protector extension board ends with ADDMAX Extension Cord with USB. Made with ABS material, this extension cord is fire resistant. Built to conveniently fit 6 plugs and 2 USB ports, it is quite roomy ensuring that the plugs do not block each other. This innovatively designed extension cord is compatible with all kinds of USB charging cords and USB port devices.

It harmoniously syncs with smartphones of all variants, play stations, power banks, etc. Its advanced one-piece copper conductor provides good heat dissipation and ensures all-around protection from overheating and short circuits. The power to the plugs can be controlled by an advantageously built on/off switch. It is lightweight and compact and is available in bright colors of red, grey, and blue.

3. Axmon Extension Cord

Axmon Extension Cord with built-in USB is a portable extension that has a 1.8 m long cord and can be easily used for your multiple needs in the office, library, study room, etc. It is built to be sturdy with fire-resistant materials and has a high-quality thick wire with high temperature bearing resistance. It has adequate space for 6 sockets and 2 USB ports. This product is lightning protected and provides overall protection to your devices against sudden electrical surges. It has one main switch to control the flow of power which eliminates the requirement to switch off the main source. It can be conveniently used with printers, cameras, laptops, television, projectors, etc. This nifty product has a 2-year warranty. It is also lightweight and travel-friendly.

4. Gongniu Extension Board

Touted as one of the safest of its kind, the Gongniu Extension Board is made with an integrated pure brass circuit that reduces short circuits to the minimum. Built with high PP which is high temperature-resistant up to 750℃, it prevents any fire risk. It has universal sockets that fit myriad plugs with ease. High-performance polycarbonate material and rubber-coated copper wires ensure a shockproof experience. It has a 3m wire length that can be snuggly used for your unique needs at the workplace or at home. It has a standard 6A socket plug and can be easily used with normal home appliances. It has unique individual push buttons for each socket which provides the ease to stop the power to the appliance of your choice whilst using the others uninterruptedly. It is available in a blend of blue and white color.

5. APPUCOCO Extension Board

The APPUCOCO Extension Board has a long 3m cord made of high-grade pure copper and wrapped in high-quality plastic which is 100% shockproof, providing protection in daily use. The sockets are spaced such that they ensure that the plugs do not block each other, while holding them securely. It has a universal 3-pin plug which can be suitably plugged in at home or at the office. Owing to its ergonomically built design, it is quite convenient to be carried along during your travel. It is lightweight and occupies very little space. It has a durable silver contact switch that controls the power to the sockets. A low-intensity red LED light indicates the availability of a power supply. It is compatible with printers, scanners, computers, set-top boxes, or emergency lights.

6. UBON Universal Extension Board

The UBON Universal Extension Board has a unique rounded-edged cordless design that provides a secure grip and makes it super easy to be carried around the house. This 3-port extension socket with switch bombs has a universal 3 pin plug that can fit securely on any socket. It is built to provide overload protection, surge protection, overheating protection, and over-current protection, and ensures 100% safety. It consumes low energy while being highly efficient, and has an easy switch button for controlling the flow of power. Compact and lightweight, it is travel-friendly. It can be favorably used with a set-top box, tablet, CCTV camera, led strips, television, ADSL modem, laptop, etc.

7. Wipro Extension Board

Manufactured by one of the most reputed brands in the industry, this versatile extension board is completely safe for use. The most unique feature of the Wipro Extension Board is its remarkable child safety shutter which makes it 100% hazard-free for your child. It has a resettable switch to control any eventual spike or over voltage situations. The board has a 2m length wire with a 4-port extension socket that provides a tight grip and is evenly spaced. It is built with highly durable fire-resistant materials. A thermal trip regulates the flow of current in the device. Ergonomically designed, it is an excellent choice to be used at home and in workspaces. It is lightweight, portable, and has a 1-year replaceable warranty. It can be easily used with daily-use household appliances.

8. Hoteon Extension Board

The Hoteon Extension Board provides the luxury of charging 4 devices simultaneously along with 4 fast-charging USB ports for intelligent current distribution. Made with flame-retardant materials, it can withstand 850℃ of heat and is effective in preventing fire. It has a thick conductivity copper cable of 2 m with an Indian fused plug which fits in easily in any socket. This device is child-friendly and has child safety doors on its sockets to avoid shock accidents. The safety button provides overload protection while the voltage sensing apparatus takes care of any fluctuation in power. It has power filtration which provides stable power to your appliances ensuring their longevity. The flame retardant casing has an anti-slid grip on the bottom that prevents unseen accidents. It provides quick charging and can be effectively used at the home, office, or any public space.

9. ESN 999 Extension Board

The ESN 999 Extension Board is a multipurpose extension board that is robustly made with ABS plastic material and is shock-resistant. The cord is long enough to be connected to the main switchboard, and it has a spare fuse. There are 4 sockets with separate switches for each socket, and one can conveniently switch on/off the individual sockets as per the need. With adequate space between the sockets, one can insert plugs of varied sizes with ease. Built for easy compatibility with daily household appliances like television, mobile phones, tablet, laptop, etc., this efficient surge protector takes gentle care of your appliances. It can be efficiently used at the workplace or home. To add more to its features, it is lightweight and travel-friendly.

10. iBELL Extension Board

If your source of power is far from your appliances, this stellar iBELL Extension Board with a robust 5 m cord length is ideal for you. Its high-quality copper parts provide overload protection and high conductivity. Its brightly colored durable switches and the casing are made with fire-resistant material. It has universal plug points which can adjust all types of plugs, fitting them in perfectly. Every switch has an individual LED indicator to indicate the flow of power. It can provide electricity to 5 plugs simultaneously, and each socket has convenient individual switches. The sockets are well placed and provide enough room for every plug. It can take care of providing power to your basic appliances during travel and is very much portable. It is compatible with all normal household appliances.

11. ELEGANT CASA Extension Board

The sleek Elegant Casa Extension Board is a premium product that is designed to provide optimum protection with convenience. It has 6 individual sockets and on/off individual switches that regulate the flow of current to each socket. It has a long 11ft heavy copper wire with a fire-resistant and waterproofing plastic cover. It has an inbuilt fuse to prevent any damage due to power tripping. It can be used to connect television, laptops, mobile phones, chargers, desktops, etc. Meant for both commercial and household use, its universal sockets fit in every plug easily. It is lightweight and compact and can be carried along during travel.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

We are confident that with our extensive and detailed review of the 11 best extension boards in India, you will be able to choose the best extension board from the available myriad choices. However, if you are seeking more guidance, you may want to browse through a guide on how to choose the best extension board.

How To Choose The Best Extension Board In India?

  • Safety

The basic prerequisite in choosing an extension board is safety. An electric shock can leave a long-lasting effect on the body. It is always advisable to check the safety features of an extension board.

  • Child friendly

Almost every household has little children playing around. Extension boards with switches having child shutters and fire-retardant ones are the safest ones. The board should not be bulky so that children do not trip over it and get hurt.

  • Material used

The casing and the body of the board should be made with fire-resistant ABS material which is durable. It should be shock-resistant in order to prevent any mishap in case of a faulty power supply. A high-temperature-resistant extension board ensures safety from fire.

  • Wire length

The length of the wire is very important. If the source of the power is far from the appliances, a long cable would be convenient. A short wire can be conveniently used in household and office work.

  • Secure grip

Nothing is more irksome than having to plug an appliance every now and then. The sockets of the board should provide a secure and firm fit. It should not be too tight and should provide easy plugging and unplugging.

With extension boards, you no longer have to worry about adjusting your furniture according to the plug points in the house. Extension boards become especially important in the office or your workspace at home, where different devices need to be connected to a power supply. Further, most of the listed extension boards have a child safety feature, are portable and compact, and come in different designs for you to choose from according to your room’s design. So pick from the above list of the best extension boards in India after going through the safety features and additional benefits of each.

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