11 Best Eye Brightening Pencils To Buy In 2021

11 Best Eye Brightening Pencils Of 2021

The skin around the eyes is particularly delicate and prone to wear and tear. Eye brightening pencils are excellent makeup products that can significantly change your appearance. Whether you want to sport smoky eyes or classic cat-eye flicks, using these pencils can be rewarding because they make you look youthful.

An eye-brightening pencil allows you to shape and highlight the brow bones to enhance the shape of the eyebrows. When used to define the waterline, your eyes look more conspicuous and beautiful.

Many shades of eye-brightening pencils provide a shimmer and matte effect. We have listed the 11 best eye brightening pencils on the market to brighten your eyes with a single swipe.

11 Best Eye Brightening Pencils

1. Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Light Eyeliner

Maybelline’s shiny bronze automatic eye brightening pencil is an extremely long-lasting pencil that gives a shimmery metallic effect and is non-smudgy and waterproof. It is a smooth formula with a self-sharpening tip, making it easy to use. It comes in different shades to suit different skin tones. The net content of the product is 0.01 ounces.


2. Artisan L’uxe Beauty Velvet Jumbo Eyeliner Pencil

Artisan L’uxe’s brightening pencil contains age-defying essential oils to enhance your eye look each time and make your skin firm. It is water-resistant, smudge-proof, and long-lasting. It has a smudge tip on one end to allow you to blend the shimmering bronze shade smoothly over your eyelid. This pencil can give you smoky eyes within minutes, and its organic ingredients such as sunflower seed oil and chamomile extract can moisturize your skin. The net content of the product is 0.81ounces.


3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Duo Pencil

This dual-sided pencil can accentuate your eyes with a subtle shimmer or a matte effect. For best results, apply the shimmer end and follow it up with the matte end. It smoothly slides across your eyelids, giving your eyes a defining natural finish. The net content of the product is 0.64 ounces.


4. Lorac Front Of The Line Pro Eye Pencil

The line pro liquid eyeliner by Lorac is long-lasting, waterproof, and highly pigmented. It gives a uniform matte finish and is available in several metallic shades. This pencil is ophthalmologist tested and comes with a sharpener. The net quantity of the product is 0.32oz.


5. Pure Ziva Bright Vivid Eyeliner Pencil

This dermatologically-tested and cruelty-free product gives a defining look to your eyes and eyebrows with a smooth effect and smoothly glides through the skin. The matte ivory wood eye brightener is long-lasting and smudge-proof. The net quantity of the product is 0.32 ounces.


6. NYX Professional Makeup Faux Whites Eye Brightener

NYX eyeliner pencil comes in various shades, such as linen, lavender, blush, and mint and gives a velvety-soft matte effect. This pencil glides effortlessly across your eyelids, and you can apply the creamy brightener in a single swipe. The net content of the cruelty-free product is 0.04 ounces.


7. Trish McEvoy Eye Brightener Pencil Shell

Trish McEvoy brightening pencil highlights the brow bones effectively, giving you a natural, fresh appearance. It smoothly glides across the eyelids, giving you a defining eye look and a natural, fresh appearance. You can blend the pencil with a laydown brush to obtain a subtle uniform brightening effect. The net quantity of the product is 0.08 ounces.


8. Youngblood Eye-illuminating Duo Pencil

This dual-ended pencil gives a shimmery and matte effect. The shimmer side helps brighten your eyelids, while the matte side helps define your brow bones to give you an attractive, well-defined natural eye look. It is formulated with skin-friendly ingredients and ideal for most skin types. The net weight of the pencil is 0.11 ounces.


9. Jolie Waterline Liner Eye Brightening Pencil

This pencil is a waterproof, smudge-proof brightening liner that gives your eyes a natural luster and refreshing appearance. Its nude shade blends perfectly with your skin. When applied directly to the lower inner rim of your eyes, it makes the eyes look wider and prominent. It is formulated with jojoba oil extracts and does not contain parabens, making your skin soft and smooth. The net quantity of the product is 0.64 ounces.


10. Sorme’ Treatment Cosmetics BrowLift Highlighting Pencil

This pencil forms a creamy natural layer around your eyes to give them a youthful, dewy appearance. It is ideal for all skin types and can also be used to define your brow bone and highlight your inner eye corners. It is fragrance-free and easy to apply using a brush or your fingers. The net quantity of the product is 0.08 ounces.


11. Erinde White Eyeliner Pencil

The skin-friendly white eyeliner is waterproof, fade-resistant, and smudge-proof and forms a natural matte layer on your eyelid to define your eyes and brows sharply. Its long-lasting formula allows you to precisely highlight your eyes with ease by gliding the tip smoothly on your eyes. This set of 12 pieces is suitable for all skin types and is lightweight and portable. The net quantity of the package is 2.05oz.


How To Choose The Right Eye Brightening Pencil?

Before buying an eye-brightening pencil, consider the following factors.

1. Shade: Highlighter pencils come in various shades. You can choose the shade depending on your skin tone.

2. Finish: Some pencils give a matte effect, while others have a shimmery effect. Some pencils have both. Choose a pencil that is versatile and fits your makeup routine.

Eye brightening pencils are a must-have product in your cosmetic kit to obtain flawless eye makeup. They enhance your eye shape and eyebrows by highlight your brow bones and waterline.

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