13 Best Eyebrow Growth Serums Of 2022


If fuller eyebrows and lashes are your dream goals, you have landed on the right page. In this post, we tell you about the best eyebrow growth serums that you can purchase online.

If you often struggle using lashes and brow pencils to achieve dramatic eyes, these eyebrow growth serums are your answer. The nourishing formulas of these serums stimulate hair growth by providing nutrients such as amino acids. These serums are safe to use and quite effective as well. So, keep scrolling and pick the right eyebrow growth serum for yourself.

13 Best Eyebrow Growth Serums

1. Best Nourishing: VieBeauti Premium Eyelash Growth Serum And Eyebrow Enhancer

VieBeauti’s eyebrow growth serum comes in a small 3ml package and works wonders in lengthening and enhancing eyebrows and eyelashes. With this nourishing eyelash gel that promotes growth in just two weeks, you can have naturally attractive eyes. The growth serum, which is made of advanced formulation, contains powerful amino acids that promote eyebrow and eyelash growth for more dramatic-looking eyes.

Amino acids increase blood circulation, stimulates hair follicle development, while other rich nutrients help in boosting hair growth and provide adequate hydration for stronger hair roots. Use the eyebrow serum daily to quickly fill in patchy eyebrows and say goodbye to fake lashes for good. It has a gentle formulation that is safe to use on delicate tissues around the eyes and an easy-to-apply fine tip wand that allows for a single stroke application. Here’s a video that demonstrates exactly how easy it is to use this product every day.


2. Best Lengthening: EssyNaturals Eyelash And Brow Growth Serum

EssyNaturals offers one of the best eyebrow growth serums on the market to nourish your eyelashes. The serum nourishes fragile brows for fast and healthy development, and its gentle, non-irritating formula makes it ideal for all skin types. Its advanced formula is designed to help you achieve bigger-looking eyes by strengthening, magnifying, lengthening, and priming your natural brows and lashes.

Three weeks of consistent usage will achieve noticeable results in the brow and lash thickness and length. This eyebrow serum has also been shown to increase natural lashes by up to 55 percent after six weeks of use. You can easily apply it like eyeliners with an applicator tip.


3. Best Magnifying: Luxros Eyelash & Eyebrow Serum

Luxros’ eyelash and eyebrow serum is designed to promote thicker brow hair growth from the roots. If you have been experiencing natural thinning of eyebrows and lashes, this eyelash redefining solution will put an end to your quest for a suitable serum to re-thicken them.

The eyebrow growth and thickening serum contain a formula that helps achieve dramatic looks and strengthen hair follicles, minimizing the chances of potential brow thinning. Natural botanicals in the formulation make it safe to use while providing adequate moisturization and flexibility. You can apply thin layers every day to grow brows and lashes. Here’s a video to help you understand the product better and make an informed choice.


4. Best Natural: Northern Crown Cosmetics Natural Lash Growth Serum

Northern Crown Cosmetics’ Natural Lash Growth Serum has a well-balanced combination of nutrition and strength. You can regain your gorgeous through naturally longer and healthier brows and eyelashes using this serum regularly. It not only thickens hair but also adds volume and eliminates thin spots.

The eyebrow growth stimulator will help you develop fuller brows and lengthen your lashes within 60 days of daily use. Apply it carefully through the lash lining and eyebrows for beautifully defined eyes.


5. Best Darkening: FEG Eyebrow Growth Enhancer Serum

FEG’s Eyebrow Growth Enhancer Serum enhances and develops eyebrows and lashes and darkens them. One of the best eyebrow growth serums, the hair growth-stimulating serum nourishes the hair follicles with essential proteins that help in healthy development with reinforced thickness and distinct appearance. It does not contain parabens, sulfates, and preservatives.

This eyebrow growth enhancer serum uses breakthrough technology and has certifications from ISO, CE, GMP, and SGS. The 100% authentic product promotes healthy brow and lash growth within four to six weeks of consistent use. Check out this simple video to understand the product and how it works.


6. Best Dramatic: Terez & Honor Natural Eyelash Growth Serum And Brow Enhancer

Tezz & Honor brow enhancing serum, made from high-quality ingredients, works wonders for eyelash growth, giving your eyes a fuller, more dramatic appearance. It provides extra volume to the brows and lashes through regular nutritional absorption. The scientifically proven growth serum produces exceptional hair growth and thickening in less than 60 days of consistent use.

It is a hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and clinically tested formulation, and it’s easy to apply with a thin applicator to the lining of your eyelids and brows.


7. Best Hypoallergenic: LeVaye Show Lash Eyebrow Enhancer Serum

Show Lash, a luxury eyelash and eyebrow enhancing serum from LeVaye, has been shown to increase lash development by up to 97 percent, resulting in longer, fuller lashes. Its hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and cruelty-free formulation is free from harmful chemicals. The product, manufactured in the United States, provides essential follicle-building nutrients to your brow and lash roots, promoting faster and healthier hair growth around the eyes.

It comes in a 3ml bottle that can last up to three to four months while effectively showing results after four to eight weeks of consistent use.


8. Best Volumising: Rapidbrow Eyebrow Serum

If you struggle with weak, thin, and patchy eyebrows or lashes, Rapidbrow’s serum is nothing short of a revolutionary formulation. It contains an exclusive complex that promotes follicle development for naturally voluminous and better-appearing eyebrows and lashes.

It helps in healthier and darker hair follicles around the eyes in both men and women suffering from brittle lashes and eyebrows. The easy-to-use applicator needs single to double strokes on your lids and brows, and the formula is free of harmful chemicals, fragrances, and animal abuse. You can see noticeable effects, including thicker and fuller brows and longer lashes, after using the eyebrow hair growth serum for up to eight weeks.


9. Best Thickening: Pronexa Hairgenics Lavish Brows Growth Enhancer Serum

Pronexa’s eyebrow-thickening serum is formulated with botanical extracts to give you thick, lustrous, and voluminous eyebrows. Daily use of this growth serum, which comes in a clinically validated formulation, can also provide you with fuller, longer, and more natural eyelashes.

With just 60 days of daily application of the lash and brow growth serum, you will obtain a significant increase in eyebrow and lash volumes, as well as hair thickness and healthy follicle production.


10. Best Cruelty-Free: AngelicMisto Brow Growth Serum

Trust this brow growth serum to boost the thickness and length of brows while offering a fuller, more natural look. Enriched with antioxidant-packed botanicals, this advanced formula nourishes your brow strands with regular use and reduces breakage and brittleness while improving shine and moisture. Besides, the gentle, non-toxic formula contains no parabens and is cruelty-free, making it safe for all skin types.

For effective results, apply this product onto the natural shape of your brow while concentrating on the thinning part once a day and let the serum dry for up to two minutes.


11. Best Strengthening: Sleecom Premium Eyelash Growth Serum

Sleecom’s eyelash and eyebrow thickening serum is a tried and tested formula that delivers impressive results in three weeks. The product showed a 93 percent increase in lash growth, 92 percent increase in fuller lashes, and 94 percent increase in lash thickness among test participants. The formulation, specially created for strengthening, magnifying, and lengthening natural eyelashes, is GMO-, paraben-, and cruelty-free.


12. Best Fast-Absorbing: NuOrganic Eyebrow Serum Growth Enhancer Gel

NuOrganic’s fast-absorbing, cruelty-free, full brow serum comes in a 6ml package that can last for three to six months, depending on how much you use. It’s a plant-based stem cell serum that combines the nurturing effects of growth peptides and biotin for follicle growth and hair thickening and comes in the form of a gel.

The eyebrow growth gel provides effective darkening results for greying or light-shaded brows and lashes. NuOrganic’s growth serum shows results in as little as three weeks of use. The 100 percent safe formula is easy to apply and lightweight, ensuring gentle absorption to brow and lash roots.


13. Best Chemical-Free: Liaison Brow Bond Eyebrow Growth Serum – Vol 1

The Brow Bond Eyebrow Growth Serum – Vol 1 from Liaison is made from a vegan, alcohol-free, and harmful chemical-free formulation. The product contains peptides that promote brow thickening and lengthening, while rich minerals help the brow and lashes regain their natural strength and luster.

The product is rich in hair follicle-growing nutrients extracted from plants, showing results in 12 weeks of use. You can repair damaged brow hair with disulfide bond formation, which also protects hair follicles from further damage. Use it daily with a single swipe on the brow and lash roots for best effects.


How To Choose The Right Eyebrow Growth Serum?

Here are some factors to consider when purchasing an eyebrow growth serum.

1. Ingredients: Since eyebrow serum is applied to the sensitive skin around the eyes, you should use a safe, non-irritant product. Ingredients such as keratin, growth peptides, and biotin help to thicken the hair safely.

2. Time taken for results: Different serums require different amounts of time to show results. The average time can be anywhere from three to eight weeks.

3. Applicator shape and size: The shape and size of the applicator determine the ease of application. While some serums come with mascara-like applicators, thin wands are better for optimal absorption since they let you apply the serum to the hair roots.

4. Moisturizing and conditioning effects: The best eyebrow growth serums moisturize and condition the brows while allowing for gentle absorption.

5. Suitability for brow and lashes: Several serums and gels can be used as both brow and lashes growth enhancers.

6. Type of result: The growth results can include thickening, lengthening, and healthy growth of brow hair follicles. Some of the best serums even make the brows look shinier and bolder than before.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Poulami Nag, our fashion and skincare enthusiast, understands that full and dense eyebrows are many women’s dreams. So, she has listed some of the best eyebrow growth serums available in the market. These eyebrow growth serums are selected based on the contents, ease of application, and duration required to achieve the results. You can pick the one that suits your skin type and needs.

Brow growth serums are ideal for those who have thinning eyebrows and lashes. These serums aid in the growth and strengthening of your hair follicles. While choosing the best eyebrow growth serum, ensure it has safe ingredients, provides moisturizing effects, and gives you the desired result in a short time. So go through the list, check the details of each product, compare the feedback, and buy the best one for yourself. You may be able to flaunt your noticeably shinier and bolder eyebrows in just a few weeks.

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