13 Best Feather Pillows To Buy In 2021


Feather pillows are soft and will keep you cool when you sleep. They suit most sleepers and provide the required firmness for good posture. These pillows are filled with down or the outer feathers to achieve the desired softness. With various options available, it can be difficult to choose the right pillow. We have compiled a list of the best feather pillows to help you decide.

13 Best Feather Pillows

1. Downluxe Goose Feather Down Pillow

The two-pack queen-sized pillows have 100% jacquard-quality cotton covers. Suitable for back- and side-sleepers, the feather pillows feature reinforced seams and durable stitching. They have a fancy piped edge and a double-layered fabric design to prevent the feathers from poking you. They are machine-washable, and you can tumble-dry or sun-dry them when required.

2. JA Comforts Duck Feather And Down Bed Pillows

With 95% grey duck feather and 5% grey duck down filling, this pillow is double-lined to prevent the feathers from poking and running out. It is soft, down-proof, and suitable for all seasons. The pillow has four layers, two each of cotton and polyester, for a smooth and plush feeling. It is machine-washable, breathable, and can improve your sleep and posture.

3. Wenersi Premium Goose Down Pillows

Available in a pack of two, these luxury feather pillows do not contain any crunchy feathers. With 85% geese feathers and 15% geese down-blended, they have a medium-density shell with silver piped edge. These pillows are handmade for your well-being and are suitable for supine-, back-, and side-sleepers. Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, the pillows are soft, breathable, and adhere to the skin tightly without irritating it.

4. Homelike Moment Down Feather Pillows

Filled with 5% down and 95% feather for extra support and softness, the pillows’ shells are made from 100% cotton. The down-like microfibers prevent the feathers from poking you while sleeping. These pillows are double-layered, machine-washable, and easy to dry. Each standard pillow measures 26×20 inches and is suitable for back- and side-sleepers.

5. Pure down Feather And Down Pillow

The two-pack feather pillows have 5% Siberia down and 95% Siberia feather. Their shells are made of 100% Egyptian cotton. The cover is soft, breathable, and made from durable, skin-friendly material. Suitable for multiple sleeping positions, the pillows are Oeko-Tex-certified and machine-washable.

6. Three Geese Adjustable Layer Goose Feather Pillow

Three Geese’s pillow can be assembled and adjusted with zipper closure. It offers optimal relaxation and support when required. With a thread count of 1000, the three inner pillow layers are soft and stackable to improve your sleeping position. Skin-friendly and comfortable, the cover is made from 100% cotton, and you can add and remove the inner pillows according to your need and convenience.

7. What’s Bedding Premium Goose Down Feather Pillows

With skin-friendly cotton covers, these two-set queen-sized pillows are hypoallergenic and prevent the feathers from spilling out and poking you while sleeping. The optimal balance between firmness and fluffiness will give your neck and head the desired support. Suitable for side-, back-, and stomach-sleepers, the pillows measure 20×30 inches each and are machine-washable.

8. Aikoful Luxury Siberian Goose Down Feather Pillows

The goose feather and the down balance the firmness with the softness to suit most sleepers. With 85% goose feather and 15% down, this ergonomically designed pillow gently wraps the neck and the head and move with you. The elegant self-piping on the sides makes it look luxurious, and the double-needle stitching will make it firm and long-lasting.

9. Basic Beyond Down Pillow

Basic Beyond’s classic white luxury feather pillows are made from 100% cotton. Its four pieces are durable and easy to clean. The adequate filling will give you extra support and firmness. These pillows come with a warranty, allowing you to return them. They have a soft shell, a high-quality zipper and are suitable for various sleeping positions.

10. Pacific Coast Feather Pillow

Available in three sizes, the Pacific Coast Feather pillow will give you a customized performance with double the amount of down. Free of allergens, the pillow is ideal for back and side sleepers and is machine-washable. It has a thread count of 300 and down-proof fabric to prevent the down from leaking out of the pillow.

11. Alanzimo Siberian Goose Down Feather Pillows

Alanzimo’s queen-sized pillow has 15% grey goose down and 85% grey goose feather. The down undergoes a 15-stage cleaning process to provide optimal softness. This pillow’s shell is made from 100% Egyptian cotton that is smooth on the skin. Its twill weave ensures the feathers do not poke you while you sleep. The pillow has double-stitching and can adjust to your sleeping positions.

12. Snug & Cozy Grey Goose Feather Down Pillows

Made from 100% polyester and cotton fabric, these two-pack pillows are machine-washable. They are filled with 90% grey duck feathers and 10% grey duck down and are breathable, plush, down-proof, and can absorb moisture. These pillows are designed to protect your cervical vertebra, improving your sleep quality. They are ideal for all four seasons, and the cover is made from sustainable sources. You can tumble-dry or sun-dry them after washing.

13. Warm Kiss Down Pillow

Measuring 20×36 inches, these pillows will support your cervical spine and help maintain proper physiological curvature. They contain 70% feather and down and 30% fiber, resistant to flattening and clumping. The pillows have cotton shells that are soft and cozy. Their four-layer design helps reduce noise and prevents the feathers from poking you. The pillows are machine-washable, and the down has undergone several tests to provide you with a natural, high-quality product.

How To Choose The Right Feather Pillows?

Consider the following factors before buying a feather pillow.

  1. Thread count: Check the pillow’s thread count to ensure it is high quality and long-lasting.
  2. Firmness: The more the amount of down in the pillow, the firmer it tends to be. Choose the pillow’s firmness according to your sleeping position and requirement.
  3. Fill: Some pillows are filled with feathers from ducks, geese, etc., while others are a blend of down and feathers. A combination of down and feathers provides optimal support and softness.
  4. Loft: Choose the pillow’s height according to your preferences. Consider your preferred sleeping position when choosing the pillow’s height.
  5. Size: You can choose from the standard, king, and queen sizes according to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I wash feather pillows?

Yes, you can wash your feather pillows but read the instructions carefully to determine the suitable cleaning method. Most pillows are machine-washable and can be sun-dried or tumble-dried.

2. How often should I replace feather pillows?

Consider replacing your pillows every two to three years. You can use a cover to extend the pillow’s lifespan. If your pillow has a large stain, you must change it to prevent damage to the fill due to moisture.

3. Are feather pillows adjustable?

Feather pillows are not adjustable as they may lead to the addition or removal of the fill inside the pillow. However, you can scrunch it when required and bring it to the desired shape as they are soft and easily bendable.

Feather pillows can give you the feeling of sleeping on a cloud without hurting your neck and back. They offer an adequate balance between softness and firm support, providing you with a good night’s rest. Read through the customer reviews and learn about the maintenance process before you decide on a pillow. We hope our list of the best feather pillows can help you choose the right one.

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