7 Best Interactive Ferret Toys In 2021

7 Best Interactive Ferret Toys In 2021

Ferrets can be extremely entertaining pets with their various antics and cute expressions. Giving them a variety of toys that are safe and stimulating will ensure that your pet stays happy and entertained. Though ferrets are not very fussy about what they play with, you need to ensure that they are sturdy and durable so that they do not pose a safety hazard.

Ferrets are very playful by nature, and watching them play with toys can be as amusing and entertaining for you as it is for them. The right toys will help keep your ferret physically and mentally stimulated, cater to their hiding and tunneling instincts, and keep them very happy as well. There are a whole range of toys available for your precious pet, and we hope our review of the 7 best ferret toys will help you find the toys that prove to be entertaining and beneficial to your pet.

7 Best Ferret Toys

1. Niteangel Fun Tunnel – Purple

There’s no better way to satisfy your pet ferret’s natural tunneling instinct than this fun tunnel that can be extended up to 40.9 inches and compressed to 9.7 inches for easy storage. Made of durable and stain resistant plastic, it encourages your pet to play and exercise. Crafted with durable plastic, this ferret toy has a smooth and even texture, and is extremely spacious inside so you can always access your pet, and clean it easily. Its unique accordion design is suitable for ferrets, hamsters, gerbils, and rats, it’s flexible so you can turn and twist it to make it more fun for your pet, and it will fit in any cage. It allows your pet to run and hide, giving them a good dose of fun activity and relieving boredom.

2. Marshall Bungee Ferret Toy

This plush pink platypus is loved by playful ferrets who try to catch it as it springs back because of the elastic strip attached to it. This ferret soft toy bounces wildly and gives your ferret the stimulation it requires in the cage. It attaches easily to wire cages with a simple hook, and games can be made more challenging with the adjustable strap. It gives your pet a lot of enjoyment and enticement as the toy bounces and they jump to catch it. Made of 100% polyester, it’s filled with polyester fibers and includes a plastic rattle, along with a metal clip.

3. Friendsheep Eco Wool Pet Toy Balls – Purple Rain

Show your love to your pets with this set of 6 eco-friendly and cruelty-free balls that they will simply adore. Handmade by Nepalese women artisans for fair wages, these ferret toys are crafted with New Zealand wool and colored in vibrant colors with azo-free dyes. They contain absolutely no fragrances or toxic dyes, and are hand-felted with just vegetable soap and warm water, after which they are sun dried. These light and sturdy balls are 1.5 inches in diameter, and the perfect size for ferrets or cats to bat, carry in their mouths, or chase around. Comprising 2 purple, 2 lilac, and 2 fuchsia balls, they come packed in a beautiful, signature organic cotton bag.

4. Boao Pet Cage Hanging Hammock – Large

Crafted with arctic and coral fleece, this set of 2 hammocks is extremely cozy and soft, and is sure to give your pet ferret, hamster, squirrel, or guinea pig a sense of warmth while playing or sleeping. This ferret toy can be hung with the help of the 4 metal hooks and straps that are there on each corner, and is both hand and machine washable. Measuring about 13.39 x 13.39 inches, it makes an enjoyable accessory for your pet’s cage in which they can swing, play, and sleep. The twin hammocks can be used as a bunk bed design where they sleep in the top layer and hide or play in the bottom layer. These hammocks provide a safe, comfortable, and relaxed space for your pets.

5. Woledoe Ferret Tunnel Hanging Hammock Bed

Designed with high-quality plush material, this tunnel-shaped hammock is soft and warm, making it suitable for small animals like ferrets, rats, and squirrels to play and sleep inside. Shaped like a long tunnel, it features 3 circular outlets and satisfies their instinct of running up and down in the tunnel. This ferret toy comes with 4 metal hooks and webbing, which makes it easy and convenient to attach to the interior of the cage. It measures 14.3 x 4 inches, can be either hand washed or machine washed, and is easy to pack and store.

6. Marshall Pull-N-Go Ferret Toy

This plush red pull-n-go toy is shaped like a ladybird, with black dots and legs. It has a vibrating mechanism inside which starts vibrating as soon as you pull the string. This is sure to entice your ferret and it will go crazy as it moves in a vibrating circle. As the ladybird vibrates, a little bell jingles inside, which immediately attracts small animals. Your ferret is sure to have a blast as it runs after this toy, plays with it, and sleeps with it. This ferret soft toy is also available in the shape of a frog and a bee.

7. LeonBach Crinkle Balls

Crafted with polyethylene terephthalate, this pack of 32 crinkle balls features 8 colors and there are 4 balls of each color. These soft and vibrantly colored balls are completely safe for your pet, and will immediately catch their attention when they hear the sound of the ball. The size of each crinkle ball is 2.3 inches in diameter, and they are suitable for small pets such as ferrets, guinea pigs, cats, kittens, hamsters, and puppies. These fun and interactive ferret toys will keep your pets active and healthy.

Now that you have been through our review of the 7 best ferret toys, here are a few guidelines that you should follow while choosing a toy for you small little pet.

How To Choose The Right Ferret Toys

  • Puzzle toys

Such toys are excellent mental stimulants for your pet and they also slow down eating habits. These toys often feature different difficulty levels— The lowest level will require completing just one step to get the reward, while the higher levels are more complex and may require completing several steps to get the reward.

  • Tunneling toys

Ferrets are burrowing animals and love to tunnel. You can either get the kind that resembles a venting hose or a hollow stuffed animal. The downside of the former is that they tend to contract and don’t stay put, and also ferrets can gnaw through it. The latter type looks like a pillow or animal, and features a hollow pouch that is perfect for your pet to hide in and explore. The downside may be that your pet can chew a hole and get stuck in the liner.

  • Noisy toys

Small toys or plastic balls that have a small bell in them attract and hold the attention of pet ferrets. They tend to play with toys that make some sound for a lot longer than toys that don’t make any sound.

  • Variety of balls

Ferrets just love to chase after small balls like tennis or ping pong balls, preferably if they light up or make a tinkling sound. You could also fill a box with these small plastic balls as your pet ferret will happily dive into it and burrow. Soft fleece balls are also fun for your pet ferret to carry around, as are large ferret balls which have holes in them so that your ferret can climb in and out of them.

  • Small cat or dog toys

Small felt or fabric toys that don’t have loose parts or paint, or a knotted rope are something that your ferret will love to chew on and bat around. Rubber toys are best avoided as your ferret can ingest chewed pieces which can lead to stomach problems.

  • Climbing toys

Ferrets love to explore, so get them toys that they can climb or lounge on. Ferret climbing toys like hammocks, slings, or shelves provide them an opportunity to scout their surroundings and then give them a place to nap in. Hanging toys are usually interesting and fun for ferrets, but should be used under supervision, due to risk of strangulation.

  • Safety

Ferret toys should be safe to chew on. Toys made of fabric, hard plastic, cotton rope, or any other natural fiber are usually best for them. They should be sturdy and durable so that they can’t destroy them easily and ingest the material. Avoid toys with parts that can come off easily or can be chewed off, that have small rubber parts, or that have metal in them. Toys made of thin plastic, foil, or rubber are not advisable as they can cause intestinal blockages in case your pet swallows them.

  • Toys to avoid

Avoid toys made of latex or soft rubber since ferrets can chew and swallow them. Also, avoid toys with small parts that can break off easily as they may be a choking hazard. Ferret toys with loose threads or signs of breakage should be immediately discarded. Look for toys made of hard, sturdy plastic, and which stimulate your pet ferret’s natural behavior, like jumping, pouncing, burrowing, and climbing.

Every ferret is different, and each has their own distinct personality, so you need to put in a bit of thought when it comes to choosing a suitable toy for them— if your ferret loves chewing, it would be best to avoid toys with stuffing or with loose pieces. Ferret toys should be entertaining, durable, stimulate them mentally and physically, and also cater to their burrowing and tunneling instincts. With the right toys, your ferret can be entertained and amused for hours while getting the required exercise and stimulation. With the wide range of toys available, we hope our review of the 7 best ferret toys will help you find toys that suit your ferret’s unique and distinct personality.

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