15 Best Fidget Cubes For Kids And Adults In 2022


Anxiety and stress have become common in today’s world, and fidget cubes are strangely effective in soothing them. However, we must be mindful of picking the best fidget cubes since they are not just for fun but also provide sensory stimulation to relieve our pent-up stress and calm our nerves. While anxiety and stress manifest themselves in different ways in kids and adults, these cubes are equally effective for both. They have also been proven to control symptoms in people suffering from autism, OCD, ADHD, and ADD, showing positive results. The uniqueness of fidget cubes lies in the fact that you can use them while doing something else. Since the market overflows with a plethora of fidget cubes, it may be tricky to pick one. That’s why we have reviewed 15 of the best ones to help you decide which one suits you best.

15 Best Fidget Cubes

1. Best High-Quality ABS Plastic:DoDoMagxanadu Fidget Dodecagon

We have all experienced stress and anxiety at various points of our life, when we find it difficult to focus and concentrate and our minds wander. Fidget Dodecagon is one of the coolest fidget toys and features 12 sides to keep your fingers and minds occupied. Crafted with high-quality ABS plastic, it has an extremely smooth surface, and whether it’s clicking, flicking, or rolling that you need to do to keep yourself from fidgeting, this fidget cube has it all. The 12 sides include buttons, gears, a joystick, switches, silicone balls, stress balls, and disks. It’s durable, lightweight, compact, discrete, and portable, and comes packed in a protective case. Suitable for both kids and adults, it has shown great results with fidgeters, ADD, ADHD, autism, OCD, and anxiety. Check out this video on YouTube for a detailed understanding of the product.

2. Best High-Quality Injection-Mold:Shashibo Shape Shifting Box

Extremely innovative in design, this large fidget cube comprises 36 rare earth magnets, and can take on 70 different shapes. It can be held comfortably in the hand and used to stimulate the senses, apart from being loads of fun and encouraging your creativity. Crafted with high quality injection-mold plastic with rounded corners, each puzzle has 4 awesome patterns of artwork. The strong internal magnet can connect to numerous other magnetic cubes so that you can build larger sculptures and structures. With every click, you can feel the therapeutic, calming effect of this fidget cube as it relieves stress and anxiety. If you want to know more about this product, check out this video on YouTube.

3. Best Lightweight:Appash Fidget Cube

This 1.65 x 1.65 x 1.65 inches fidget cube can never get monotonous as all 6 sides have different features— click, flip, glide, spin, roll, and breathe. All these act as great stress busters and reduce anxiety and restlessness, and are especially great for those who cannot keep their fingers still. This lightweight cube can be carried easily wherever you want, and is ideal for all age groups. Made of premium quality ABS plastic and textured soft rubber, it has simple rotation features, a smooth finish, and pleasant sounds which is very relaxing when playing with it.

4. Best For Extra Sensory Points:Pilpoc TheFube Fidget Cube

This high-quality fidget cube made of ABS plastic has a smooth rubbery surface, soft silicone buttons, smooth rotation, a crisp and clear clicking sound, and an upgraded joystick. Perfect for those with ADHD, it relieves stress and anxiety, and helps in improving manual dexterity, concentration, and focus. This sturdy and durable cube also helps those who want to quit smoking and biting their nails. The new design features extra sensory points, rounded corners, better grip, and a bigger size. It has 2 audible and 4 silent sides so that you can use it in all situations without disturbing anyone. It comes packed in a beautifully designed and premium quality protective case so that you can carry it wherever you go without fear of damaging it. Go ahead and check out this YouTuber’s video for more details about the product.

5. Best Eco-Friendly:Vcostore 12 Sided Fidget Cube

An ideal way to decompress, this fidget cube is designed to reduce anxiety and stress, enhances concentration and focus, and has shown remarkable effect in expending extra energy in people with ADHD, ADD, OCD, and autism. It also helps in giving up habits like leg shaking, fidgeting, skin pulling, pen biting, and nail biting. Its dodecagon structure has 12 sides so that you can spin, click, rotate, roll, flick, with the rotating disk, worry groove, joystick, soft clicker, switch, gears, silica rope, squishy buds, sliding blocks, triangular button, stress ball, and finger massage. Made of premium eco-friendly silicone and ABS plastic, it has a smooth and sturdy surface and is extremely durable and safe. It measures 6 x 6 x 8 cms and fits comfortably in your pocket. It also features silent sides so that you can use it discreetly wherever you may be.

6. Best ABS Plastic:Chuchik Fidget Cube

Designed with premium quality ABS plastic and silicone, this sturdy, soft, and soothing fidget cube has a rubbery feel. With 6 different features— click, flip, glide, roll, breathe, and spin to keep your mind focused and attentive, it’s ideal for those with ADHD, ADD, or OCD. As it has silent features, it can be used in classrooms or the workplace, and prevents you from nail biting, compulsive pen clicking, or hair twisting. This fidget cube can be used by all age groups to alleviate anxiety, stress, and pent up energy. Packed in an exclusive protective case, it can be carried safely wherever you go, and is great for improving concentration and reducing stress.

7. Best Hard Plastic Texture:Honmofun Fidget Cube

This fidget cube with 6 sides is ideal for reducing anxiety, stress, and problems with focusing and concentrating. Each side has a different function— click with clicker buttons, breathe with traditional worry stones, spin with circular motion, flip by moving the switch back and forth, a joystick for a gliding motion, and circular movement with a dial, gears and balls for rolling. It features a hard plastic texture and has both silent and sound features. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, so you can carry it to work or school.

8. Best Waterproof:Euclidean Fidget Cube

This premium-quality 3D infinity star cube is one of the coolest fidget cubes and is constructed with durable ABS, is waterproof, and can withstand high temperatures. It rotates smoothly in all directions, making it easier to focus on it. It comes in a pack of 2 fidget cubes and is far more effective than the traditional puzzle cubes. It can be transformed into different shapes like a rectangle or star, can be split into 2, and the colors can be changed. This geometric cube is great for both kids and adults, enhances memory and space perception, improves focus and concentration, and helps you to handle stress better. Neither too big nor too small, the size of the cube makes it easy to grasp and use, and it fits comfortably in your pocket so that you can carry it wherever you want.

9. Best Structure:D-FantiX Fidget Spinner Cube

This 2-in-1 ABS plastic cube is a perfect combination of a fidget spinner and a puzzle spinner. Measuring 1 x 3 x 3 inches, its compactness, safety, and portability relieves anxiety and stress wherever you may be. The puzzle spinner can be used as a floppy cube, and it turns easily without any effort. The fidget spinner spins smoothly and silently, making it suitable for classroom or office use. It helps to enhance focus and boosts concentration while calming your anxiety. All the corner pieces of the fidget spinner cube contain 10 steel balls which adds to its stability, speed, and endurance. With a perfect structure and streamline design, compact and portable size, it also includes a carry bag to make it easy to carry.

10. Best For Relieving Anxiety:Fidget Dice Fidget Cube

This vibrantly colored, 6-sided fidget cube is made of ABS plastic and silicone and offers 6 options— roll, click, flip, spin, glide, and breathe. Measuring 1.77 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches, it has an extremely cute and smart design. Its small and lightweight design makes it easy to carry wherever you go. This fidget cube does a wonderful job of relieving anxiety, stress, and an urge to fidget. It also enhances focus and concentration while studying and efficiency at work. It’s available in a variety of colors and is convenient to store when not in use.

11. Best Flexibility:Infinity Fidget Cube

Available as a set of 2 fidget cubes, you can use them at any time to stimulate your imagination and creativity, improve the flexibility of your fingers, and relieve the symptoms of anxiety disorder, ADHD, and autism. These fidget cubes are also useful for quitting bad habits and improving focus and concentration. Small enough to fit in your palm, it especially helps fidgeters to focus on the task at hand, relieving nervousness while waiting. Nervous habits like leg shaking, knuckle cracking, nail biting, hair twisting are also greatly reduced. These vibrantly colored cubes work well for both kids and adults and are small and easy to carry.

12. Best Rounded Corners:Heruo Infinity Fidget Cube

The one-handed operation of this fidget cube makes it incredibly easy to use. It comprises 8 small cubes, and each cube can be conveniently rotated from any angle and direction. This macaron-style fidget cube can be folded and flipped constantly to make different infinity shapes, and improves the dexterity of your hands in the process. Suitable for both adults and children, it relieves anxiety and stress, and is a great way to relax. Made of safe plastic, it’s durable, has rounded corners, is smooth, portable, and lightweight so that you can use it wherever and whenever you want. It comes in a pack of 4 cubes— pink, blue, green, and yellow, which are noiseless and provide tactile sensory stimulation.

13. Best For Kids And Adults:CXCASE Fidget Spinner Cube

This amazing and vibrantly colored spinner cube promises you more than 5 minutes of spinning time. This electroplated metal fidget cube’s exterior is made of solid aluminum alloy material. This hybrid 4-in-1 fidget spinner cube is constructed with professional CNC metallic bearings material and is extremely durable, withstanding both drops and impacts. It’s a great stress buster and works incredibly with anxiety, ADHD, autism, enhancing concentration, and reducing fidgeting. It can spin in 4 different shapes— an inception-like spinning top. It can show a double Z sign while on your finger, and both ends of the cube can be detached to spin on their own. This fidget cube is a perfect size and suitable for both kids and adults.

14. Best For Reducing Stress:Antsy Labs Sunset Fidget Cube

This premium-quality fidget toy is especially designed to help you focus. It reduces stress, anxiety, and restlessness, and its 6 sides take care of all your fidgeting with its 6 functions— glide, roll, rotate, breathe, flip, and click. Crafted with high-quality and safe plastic, it’s durable, strong, and safe for both adults and kids alike. Available in 8 colors, it features 2 noiseless buttons and 3 clicker buttons. Thanks to the silenced buttons, it can be used at school or the workplace very discreetly and without disturbing or distracting others. Easy to carry, it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and can be carried wherever you go.

15. Best Soft Rubber Buttons:Jackky Fidget Cube

This fidget cube does a great job of keeping you relaxed by relieving stress and anxiety, and enhancing concentration. All 6 sides of the fidget cube have different functions— slide, click, breathe, flip, rotate, and roll. Crafted with premium quality and durable ABS plastic material, it features soft rubber buttons, a smooth surface, larger joysticks, smooth rotation, wider and bigger worry stones, and clear clicks. This cube features both silent and sound sides, and is ideal for those who experience agitation, restlessness, and lack of focus. Suitable for adults and children, it reduces stress and anxiety, symptoms of ADD and ADHD, and reduces nail biting and fidgeting.

Now that you have been through our review of the 15 best fidget cubes, let us give you a few pointers to keep in mind while choosing one so that you are assured freedom from anxiety, stress, and general fidgeting.

How To Choose The Right Fidget Cubes

  • Material

Fidget cubes come in a variety of materials— wood, metal, stone, plastic, rubber, and latex that make them feel squishy, soft, wiry, hard, or malleable. The softer fidget cubes allow you to shape and squeeze them. Harder materials can be used for flexing, bending, or twisting.

  • Sides and shapes

Unlike its name, a fidgeting cube doesn’t always have just 6 sides, in fact, the term is used rather loosely. The original fidget cube actually did just have 6 sides, but once the competition kicked in, the fidget cube evolved to being much more than a cube. Fidget cubes are now available as rings, dodecagons, and spheres, where each side has its own fidget— so the more sides there are, the more fidgets you have. It finally comes down to a matter of personal choice. Many people prefer smaller fidget cubes that are discrete, easily portable, can be used without people noticing, and fit in your pocket. They can also be used with one hand or your fingertips. But smaller fidget cubes may not feel as good in your hand as ones that are chunkier and larger, as they involve more muscles and different parts of the brain.

  • Motion

Some people prefer to choose their fidget cube based on the motion used to manipulate it. You need to consider which movement you find most calming and relaxing— twisting, stretching, building, flexing, shaping, spinning, and clicking. Some fidget cubes are better suited for manipulation by one hand, and some by 2. Some require the motion of just one finger rather than the whole hand.

  • Fidgeting needs

Before choosing one, you need to think of the benefits you would derive from it. If it’s for a child with ADHD, a simple fidget would work better than a complicated one. On the other hand, for someone who requires distraction, a more complex fidget cube works better. Even when there are no special needs involved, a fidget cube is a good way to keep busy and avoid compulsive screen time.

  • Looks

This matters more for teenagers for whom a fidget cube is not just for improving focus or sensory purposes but for showing off too. Fidget cubes are now available with kaleidoscopic designs, superhero designs, and galaxy prints to name a few. Even though it’s more of a tactile experience, younger children are more drawn to bright colors and interesting shapes.

  • Weight

Many people prefer fidget cubes that have some weight or heft to them. Though they can’t be too heavy, very flimsy and light ones are often not liked.

  • Sound

Ideally a fidget cube shouldn’t make any sound in order to be discrete, but some do make a clicking sound. You should be aware that not all fidget cubes are quiet, and some may be louder and more distracting than others. It’s again a matter of personal choice and the age group for which you are buying it.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Fidget cubes are one of the simplest ways to stay focused and keep your mind busy. Buttons, movable boxes, knobs, switches, and gears are perfect for relieving anxiety and coping with stress while being a lot of fun at the same time. They work extremely well with both kids and adults in helping to relieve stress, pent-up energy, and keeping your mind calm. Positive results have also been seen in alleviating symptoms of ADHD, ADD, autism, and OCD. There are a whole lot of options out there that you can choose from depending on what suits you best. We hope our review of the 15 best fidget cubes will help you find one that keeps you calm and relaxed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can fidget cube toys help with ADHD?

Because of the way the brain of those with ADHD functions, multitasking helps them to stay focused on the primary task at hand. But it’s important that the secondary task can be done without them having to think about it. Turning gears, pressing buttons and switches on a fidget cube is an ideal choice, and helps them to focus on the primary task.

2. Are fidget cube toys good for anxiety?

Yes, they are. The great thing about fidget cubes is that while they help people with ADHD to focus, they also distract people from their symptoms of anxiety. Fidget cubes give them an activity to perform, and the tactile experience of a fidget cube gives them a distraction from an anxiety attack. Anxious habits like skin picking, nail biting, and hair twisting also reduce as their hands are occupied with the fidget cube.

Fidget cubes offer deceptively simple ways to keep your mind focused and occupied. In addition to relieving anxiety, helping you cope with stress, and keeping your hands busy, they can also alleviate ADHD, ADD, autism, and OCD symptoms. There are different types of fidget cubes, such as buttons, movable boxes, knobs, switches, and gears. Make sure to look for the right shape, size, type of motion, and any other additional features that might benefit your needs. The best fidget cubes are super-fun, colorful, portable, and lightweight, so children and adults can take them wherever they go.

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