10 Best Fidget Toys For ADHD In 2022


The best fidget toys for ADHD may help those with the condition. According to the American Psychiatric Association, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a chronic mental condition that manifests in the form of inattention (inability to focus), hyperactivity (excess movement that might be inappropriate to the setting), and impulsivity (hasty actions taken at the moment without thought) (1).

A newsletter published by Flushing Hospital Medical Center states that the best fidget toys for ADHD can act as ideal tools for self-control, allowing people with ADHD to regain focus, remain calm, and pay more attention to their surroundings (2). Most fidget toys intended for those with ADHD, autism, and anxiety are meant to be squeezed, pressed, clicked, rubbed, or pulled to improve a person’s motor and sensory skills.

Another newsletter by Children’s Mental Health and Emotional or Behavioral Disorders Project states that fidget toys could help people with ADHD, autism, or sensory disorders to focus, plan work, remember information, or multi-task (3).

If someone you know shows symptoms of ADHD, the right fidget toys may be helpful to them. They come in various materials, shapes, colors, and mechanisms, so pick one that you think would be best suited to keep them calm.

10 Best Fidget Toys For ADHD

1. Best Portable: DoDoMagxanadu Fidget Dodecagon 12-Side Fidget Toy Cube

The portable and lightweight fidget cube with 12 fidgeting options will help keep your mind free and fingers occupied by relieving stress and anxiety. Suitable for children and adults, this fidget toy is designed with high-quality ABS plastic to offer a smooth surface for gears, buttons, joystick, silicon balls, disk, stress balls, etc. Using any of these stress-relieving actions, you could calm yourself and regain focus. It is easy-to-carry, available in several colors, and weighs 2.89oz. Watch this video for more information about the product.


2. Best Vibrant: Chicfunhood Sensory Fidget Toys Set

The pack has 32 stress relief hand toys, suitable for adults and children with ADHD, autism, and anxiety. These sensory fidget toys include fidget spinners, puzzle balls, stretchy strings, flippy chains, squishy grape balls, mesh, marble sensory toys, etc. These toys are made using non-toxic BPA-free materials, making them safe for children. They are pocket-sized, portable, vibrantly colored, and easy to hold in the palm of your hands.


3. Best Friction-Less: Duomishu Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner

The uniquely designed fidget toy is made of stainless steel. It uses the double pendulum and random motion principle to allow unique movements with every spin. There are endless ways to spin this fidget spinner, and by flicking, rotating, and balancing, you could relieve your stress and focus your energy.

The spinner is compact, easy-to-carry, and makes less noise, offering smooth spins and friction-less motion. There are two-hybrid ceramic precision bearings that allow effortless rotations. It weighs 1.23oz and measures 0.67×0.79×2.1in.


4. Best Multicolored: Trekbest Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

The multi-colored infinity cube is one of the best fidget toys for adults and children with ADHD, anxiety, and autism. It helps improve your finger movements and enhance focus by relieving stress. The pocket-sized, silent, and easy-to-carry cube can be played with one hand. It is made from non-toxic ABS plastic and has durable stainless steel links to hold it together without rusting or breaking. The cube measures 1.6×1.6×1.6in and comes with a money-back guarantee.


5. Best Grip: Tom’s Fidgets Original Flippy Chain Fidget Toy

Known to be suitable for ADHD, anxiety, and autism, this flippy chain fidget is a uniquely designed, heavy-duty fidget. It allows focusing your energy on fidgeting and reduces stress and anxiety. The toy is silent, easy to carry, and made from bike chains to prevent corrosion and rust. Besides, the stainless steel split rings and chain links provide texture, grip, and sturdiness. This product measures 0.43×2.36×2.4in and weighs 0.81oz. This video helps you know more about the product.


6. Best For Pockets: Dciko Sensory Fidget Toys Set

The Dciko sensory fidget toy is a 24-piece set that could help people with ADHD relieve stress and focus their energy while using creative toys. The pack contains squishy animals, liquid motion timers, twist puzzle toys, DNA stress balls, and rainbow magic puzzle cubes, offering several ways to relieve stress. These toys are portable, small, and fit well in pockets and hands.


7. Best Non-Toxic: Neliblu Wacky Tracks Snap and Click Fidget Toys

The set has six tactile fidget toys that offer stress relief, relaxation, and increase focus in people with ADHD. This fidget toy has a pivot twist or click mechanism to keep you engaged in building chains in creative ways. Each time the links are snapped together, it produces a satisfying click sound. There are 24 links made from non-toxic materials and are safe for children and adults. The item weighs 5oz.


8. Best Easy To Clean: Luowan Squishy Fidget Sensory Stress Pug Dog Toy

The squishy and flexible pug toy is an ultimate stress-busting toy that allows you to calm down immediately when held in hand. You can squeeze, pull, cuddle, press, and pinch the pug toy to experience relaxation and calmness. It is easy to use, offers a comforting feel, and retains its shape even after squeezing it multiple times. Adults and children can safely use this toy made from non-toxic, TPR safety material. It is easy to clean with water or sanitizer, measures 3.14×2.6×1.96in, and weighs 5.8oz.


9. Best Durable: Jiangrui Sensory Fidget Toys

With 30 fidget sensory toys, there are multiple ways to relieve stress and anxiety for people with ADHD and autism. The vibrant-colored toys can operate with different mechanisms to soothe the mind and increase focus. This pack has a fidget pad, a snake cube, a liquid motion timer, four puzzle balls, two fidget beans, two squeeze grape balls, etc., made from durable and safe materials. The product has a 60-day money-back policy and can be used by adults and children.


10. Best Tear-Resistant: ZaxiDeel Fidget Sensory Toys

The six-pack therapeutic stretchy dinosaur strings help you relieve stress and anxiety resulting from ADHD, autism, or hyper-anxiety. Its subtle colors are calming, and the small spikes of 5mm height stimulate your tactile sensitivity to give a pleasant feeling. You can stretch, wrap, squeeze, or pull strings for relaxation, and they still retain their shape.

The soft texture of the toy is safe and easy to clean. Made from thermoplastic rubber, these durable, wear and tear-resistant stretchy strings are versatile and can extend up to 58in. The product measures 8.6×3.9×1.2in and weighs 5.6oz.


How To Choose The Right Fidget Toy For ADHD?

Here are a few things to help you buy a fidget toy.

  1. Entertaining but not distracting: Look for fidget toys that allow smooth movements without drawing too much attention towards them. A fidget toy’s activity should not disrupt the work you are trying to focus on.
  2. Environment: Consider for whom and in what situation you might need a fidget toy. For instance, if the fidget toy is for a child to focus in class, you could choose a less engaging, or vibrant toy.
  3. Texture and type: Various fidget toys work differently, with each person meeting their sensory needs differently. They may help you calm down, stay focused, improve finger-hand movements, while some are tactile fidgets. Along with ease of carrying and the feel-good factor, the toy should be easy to manipulate by squishing, pressing, pulling, clicking, etc.
  4. Quality: Consider buying a fidget toy made from good quality material to withstand frequent wear and tear. It should not break easily and be reliable for lasting use.

Fidget toys for ADHD are great tools for managing hyperactivity and impulsivity, and they also help develop one’s motor and sensory skills and improve focus. Further, they also serve as a good distraction from stress and anxiety. These toys allow you to shuffle, click, rub, or press them, so the type of toy you invest in depends on your preference. The toy should withstand rough use and tear if you intend to use it regularly. A fidget toy that is easy to use in office and classroom settings is an ideal pick, as it can help you calm yourself no matter where you are.

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1. Ranna Parekh;What Is ADHD?American Psychiatric Association (July 2017)
2. Michael Hinck;Can Fidget Toys Help Your Child’s Ability To Focus?Flushing Hospital Medical Center (April 13, 2017)
3. How “Fidget Toys” Are Helping Kids With ADHD; Children’s Mental Health and Emotional or Behavioral Disorders Project

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