7 Best Smart Rings To Help You Track Your Fitness Efforts In 2022


If you are someone who likes to keep abreast of the latest trends in the world of tech, you already know how indispensable a smart ring is. Whether you want to manage your apps or unlock your Tesla, the best smart rings help you do it all. They are the future of wearable technology, especially in the era of social distancing.

These function similar to a smartwatch and provide access to all your smartphone applications literally at your fingertips. They help you track your fitness, complete online payments, book appointments, set up calls via voice activation, and come with in-built security functions to keep you safe.

Smart rings make your life simpler and give you more time to focus on the things that matter. Are you looking for the coolest options the market has to offer? Our roundup of the top smart rings will help you figure out which one will serve you best. Take a look.

7 Best Smart Rings

1. Best Durable:King Will Tungsten Carbide Ring

King Will Tungsten Carbide Ring

This King Will Tungsten Carbide Ring is a premium smart ring that monitors and displays your temperature in celsius. It is made of high-quality tungsten that gives it a smooth appearance and ensures minimum maintenance. It comes in a range of sizes and offers a comfortable fit for everyday use. If you are clumsy and worried that you may lose your expensive wedding ring, this is a great alternative. The classic blue color never goes out of style and helps you make a statement, wherever you go. This video helps you know more about the product.


  • Durable
  • Sleek display
  • Comes in a presentable jewelry box
  • Changes color with light exposure


  • Harsh chemicals may causing spotting on the ring

2. Best With RFID Reader:Colmo Tesla Model 3 Smart Ring

Colmo Tesla Model 3 Smart Ring

Are you a Tesla fan? Well, how about a ring to prove your devotion? Made of zirconia ceramics, this Tesla Model 3 accessory smart ring can unlock your Tesla’s door at a simple touch. This smart ring features an RFID (radio-frequency identification) reader that identifies the smart ring and allows you to easily access your car and you won’t have to worry anymore about your cell phone being dead or out of network coverage, anymore. You can also place a request to customize the ring by engraving your name or your loved one’s on it.


  • Non-toxic
  • Medical-degree safe material
  • Heat-proof
  • Scratch-proof
  • Multiple size options from US size 6 to 12


  • Material may not be long-lasting

3. Best Non-Allergic:Altom Jakcom R3 Smart Ring

Altom Jakcom R3 Smart Ring

Made of liquid tungsten and pure titanium, this Altom Jakcrom R3 Smart Ring is a great way to connect to all your gadgets. It is a great addition to your accessory collection with its sturdy and fashionable design. The inside of this ring is powered with FIR energy stone and volcanic magnet that protects you from electromagnetic waves, while soothing your nerves. What’s more? This smart ring comes with many useful features including sharing of personal information with phone contacts, enabling personalized memos, quick programme launch, automatic app locker, and more. Check out this video to know more about this product.


  • Durable
  • Dust-proof
  • Non-allergic
  • Classic design
  • No need to charge


  • Does not offer an online payment option

4. Best Multi-Functional Screen Mode:Leagway R3 Smart Ring

Leagway R3 Smart Ring

This smart ring is all you need! It can easily connect to IC/ID/ NFC card readers like door locks or cellphones to unlock, pay, or share information with your connections. Powered with far-infrared (FIR) energy stone, this Leagway R3 Smart Ring blocks electromagnetic waves from harming your body. It is made of epoxy crystal ceramic, germanium grau, and volcanic magnet, and has a multi-functional screen mode that lets you access and monitor your apps and data on your mobile phone. With a simple touch, you can send messages, schedule memos, send mails, gift cards, website links, and even pictures to your contacts.


  • Waterproof
  • Fall-resistant
  • Runs without a charge
  • Unlocks phone screen


  • Not compatible with an iOS-powered phone

5. Best Waterproof:Oumij NFC Smart Ring

Oumij NFC Smart Ring

With a built-in ultra-sensitive NFC (near-field communication) chip, this smart ring makes your life easier with innovative technology. A swift movement of your hand is all you need to store and exchange personal messages, pictures, and other data. You can also unlock your phone, as well as open and close applications with this device. If you need more convincing, it also comes with a personal privacy encryption unlock to ensure security.


  • Waterproof
  • Launches applications instantly
  • No need to charge
  • Sleek, attractive design


  • Only compatible with smartphones that have the NFC feature

6. Best For Blood Circulation:Vapeart R4 Smart Ring

Vapeart R4 Smart Ring

This fourth-generation smart ring allows you to launch programs, send emails, scroll through your Facebook feed, and share any data with minimum hassles. The in-built far-infrared (FIR) energy stone blocks electromagnetic waves, making them safe to use. Made from zirconia ceramics blended with germanium grail and volcanic magnet, it promotes blood circulation. The RFID smart modules in this stylish ring can simulate 4 sensor cards simultaneously without any physical contact.


  • Durable
  • Dust-proof
  • Waterproof
  • Needs no charging
  • Supports iOS and Android systems


  • Limited sizes

7. Best Far-Infrared (FIR) Energy Stone:Ruimin NFC Smart RIng

Ruimin NFC Smart RIng

Now save private information from prying eyes by saving it onto this smart ring. You can use it to lock apps, hide programs, and share information such as messages, pictures, website links, and business cards. It has a far-infrared (FIR) energy stone built in the ring to block electromagnetic waves. The ring, made of high-quality volcanic magnets and enamel, offers several health benefits, including improving hand-eye coordination and blood circulation.


  • Waterproof
  • Unlocks smartphone
  • No charging required
  • Supports iOS, windows and Android systems


  • Maybe too bulky for some

Now that you are caught up with some of the best smart rings of 2021, here’s a guide to help you select the best one for your needs.

Things To Consider While Buying A Smart Ring

Before buying a smart ring, you must consider the following points:

  • Features

From being able to access and share encrypted information to tracking activity, today, smart rings come with a host of features, which allow you to complete a wide range of tasks to  manage your stress. Based on your preferences and needs, you can make your pick. For example, if you are a Tesla owner, you will particularly enjoy using the Colmo Tesla Model 3 smart ring that lets you open your car with a swift hand movement. For fitness enthusiasts, there are exclusive health and sleep monitor rings that calculate and monitor your heart rate, burnt calories and sleep cycle. You will also find different types of smart rings that offer voice assistance and of course, the Bluetooth smart ring that allows you to send contactless voice messages.

  • Design

Most smart rings are built with durable and high-quality materials, giving it a smooth and sleek look. However, brands now offer several customizations in design; from color to offering logo imprints, and even taking in requests to get your smart ring engraved with yours or your loved one’s name. Some even change color depending on light exposure, while others come with LED light indicators that turn blue when synced  with a mobile app.

  • Compatibility

As smart rings are built to serve as companions to other devices, it is crucial that it is compatible with your Android, iOS, or Windows device. This will allow you to use your smart ring to access house appliances and make online payments, without any contact. So, before you choose a smart ring, ensure it is compatible with your device.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Our team of established writers and reviewers stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the world of technology. We have compiled this list of the best smart rings that give you access to all your applications and make your life easier. We have chosen these smart rings after analyzing and comparing several products. Moreover, we have handpicked those that are sleek, stylish, non-toxic, scratch-proof, and durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 .Do you need to charge a smart ring?

It depends on the type of smart ring. Some don’t need to be charged, while others need to be charged via a USB connector.

2. Is a smart ring bad for health?

No. Smart rings are not made of harmful substances that may cause harm to health. In fact, they may improve the quality of your life, by helping you manage tasks with ease.

Purchasing a smart ring can keep you updated with the latest trends in technology. From managing your device’s apps to tracking your fitness routines, it is a unique gadget that comes with a stylish build to ease your life. It helps when you choose a ring made from safe materials and comes with all the necessary features that work in your favor. Lastly, settling for a ring that can be customized and is available in a sleek build can help you create a fashion statement too. And with our list of the best smart rings, finding one you fall in love with will not be a hassle.

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