13 Best File Cabinets of 2021


In the age of digital storage, finding space for storage of physical paper files can seem archaic. But as anyone who has dealt with searching, finding, and organizing paperwork can attest, some things require more than just cloud storage. That’s where file cabinets come into use.

File cabinets are an important piece of furniture. It provides a convenient and accessible way of storing bills, receipts, and forms. Keeping all your physical files in a safe and secure compartment makes for easier living. We have searched high and low to bring you the 13 best file cabinets currently on the market.

13 Best File Cabinets Which Are Useful And Secure

1. AmazonBasics Hanging Office Cabinet File Folders

AmazonBasics Hanging Office Cabinet File Folders

AmazonBasics Hanging folder provides the best and most functional way to store physical files. It comes with 25 legal size hanging folders made of 100% recycled content. This makes it eco-friendly and functional to store files. The folders come with clear plastic tabs and space for replaceable labeling so that you can organize your files efficiently. Simple and easy-to-use this hanging cabinet file folder makes for a great addition to any home office.


  • Simple
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lot of space for legal sized storage
  • Coated tips makes it easy to access


  • Some found the quality of recycled paper to be lesser than expected

2. Lorell File Cabinet

Lorell File Cabinet

Lightweight and efficient is the forte of this cabinet. The Lorell file cabinet can accommodate a lot of files in its two 18 inch deep secure drawers. It has a glide suspension which ensures a smooth glide action while opening and closing the drawers. It is well-built, easy-to-carry and move due to its weight (23 pounds). It also comes with two high side drawers to hang file folders which gives it additional convenient storage. With its compact size and large storage area, it makes for an amazing smart storage option.


  • Glide suspension
  • Lightweight
  • Fits under tables due to its size
  • Extra storage for hanging file folder


  • Absence of casters or wheels at the base for easy movability

3. Bush Furniture File Cabinet

Bush Furniture File Cabinet

Few cabinets do it all with form and function. The Bush Furniture File Cabinet is a beautifully crafted lateral file cabinet with a great design and sturdy construction. It measures 30 inches wide, 19.88 inches in depth and 30 inches in height which makes it a well-proportioned cabinet with two file drawers. The file drawers come with unique X pattern accents and it gives the cabinet a relaxed style. The file cabinet comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and meets high quality standards for its safety and performance.


  • Unique design
  • One year warranty
  • Spacious
  • High quality


  • Assembly of the cabinet is not easy and requires expert help

4. Calico Designs File Cabinet

Calico Designs File Cabinet

File cabinets for office use demands high standards of quality and durability. The Calico Designs file cabinet with its metal construction provides a high degree of toughness and protection from elements such as fire and liquids. The presence of a caster base makes for easy transportation of the cabinet and it comes with keys to lock all three drawers. With dimensions of  12.5 inches in width, 17.25 inches in depth and 2.25 inches in height for its top 2 drawers, it provides ample space for storage. Get the best lateral file cabinet storage for your office with the Calico Designs File Cabinet.


  • Metal construction
  • Locked storage
  • Convenient size for offices
  • Protection against fire and liquids


  • Some found the dividers between the drawers to be unsatisfactory with respect to its sturdiness

5. Z-Line Designs Espresso File Cabinet

Z-Line Designs Espresso File Cabinet

The Z-Line File Cabinet is among the most stylish file cabinets in the market currently. With its espresso finish, rich veneer and black accents it makes for a great addition to any style conscious workplace. It is made from durable materials and the drawers come with full extension and heavy duty glides movement, making for easy access to files. The top drawer in the cabinet comes with a lock for security and it makes for a great stylish addition to any office and for your storage needs.


  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Heavy duty glides
  • Strong handles


  • Absence of lock in the bottom drawer

6. DEVAISE 3 Locking File Cabinet

DEVAISE 3 Locking File Cabinet

A great addition to any office space is the DEVAISE 3 File Cabinet with its all metal construction and weight bearing capabilities. It has 2 upper stationery drawers and one removable stationery tray which provides quick and easy access to your forms and office supplies. The full extension ball bearing drawer slides effortlessly without any creaking sounds and its 5 casters allow for easy movability. The front 2 casters are lockable which helps in preventing the cabinet from tipping over. With its spacious drawers and sturdy construction, this file cabinet makes for a great option for offices and home offices.


  • Weight bearing capabilities
  • Metal construction
  • Available space due to its height
  • Easy to move


  • No individual locks for its three drawers

7. BirdRock Home File Cabinet

BirdRock Home File Cabinet

File Cabinets can get boring with similar designs. The BirdRock Home File Cabinet makes for a great change of design with its basket style file cabinet. It has a woven exterior and a compact design which makes it ideal for home offices. It measures 21.25 inches in width, 15.5 inches in depth and 30.25 inches in height. The storage space is made from ABACA which is a plant fiber; this gives the file cabinet a natural earthy look. The file organizer comes with a lid and easy access handles and the entire drawer can be removed to store all the documents, even blankets, and pillows due to its versatile nature. Get the natural look and feel for your cabinets with BirdRock Home File Cabinet.


  • Unique Design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Versatile
  • Compact size


  • Some found the sturdiness of the handles unsatisfactory

8. Scranton & Co 4 Vertical File Cabinet

Scranton & Co 4 Vertical File Cabinet

Some offices require a lot of paperwork and supplies, places such as government offices and manager’s cabins do need a large collective space for all the physical storage which is easily accessible. The Scranton & Co 4 Drawer File Cabinet is the large vertical storage space solution with four large capacity drawers. The cabinet is rust proof, durable and tough due to its metal construction. This heavy duty cabinet comes with aluminum handles and 22 gauge steel construction. It weighs 64 pounds and its dimensions are 52 inches in height, 15 inches in width and 22 inches in depth making it preferable for large scale storage and bigger offices.


  • Spacious storage
  • Rust proof
  • Durable
  • Heavy duty construction


  • Some found its quality to be not up to their expectations

9. AD ARAZY 2 Drawer File Cabinet

AD ARAZY 2 Drawer File Cabinet

Simplicity is a great characteristic for file cabinets. To provide a large amount of storage, being easy to assemble and long lasting durability makes for an ideal file cabinet. The AD ARAZY 2 Drawer File Cabinet contains all the above characteristics and some more. It comes with 2 lockable storage drawers with 18 inches of depth and full extension glides to give you a secure and practical storage option for all your needs. The file cabinet is made of steel which ensures durability and its 4 casters and wheel ensure smooth movement across different rooms. The two drawers can hold up to 200 pounds in capacity making it an ideal choice for large scale storage of goods.


  • Secure storage
  • 200 pounds load capacity
  • Ease of assembly
  • Durable construction


  • The assembly of the cabinet requires expert help.

10. JJS 3 Drawer Rolling Wood File Cabinet

JJS 3 Drawer Rolling Wood File Cabinet

Generous storage space and easy assembly is always a desired trait in a file cabinet and the JJS 3 Drawer Rolling Wood File Cabinet has got the best of two worlds in one generous package. It has 3 spacious drawers to store materials like A4 size paper, pens, and snacks. The file cabinet is made from Melamine and high quality MDF boards which ensure you can use this cabinet for years without worry. It comes with 4 casters for easy mobility and locking casters to prevent tipping, making it an ideal choice for file cabinets for your office needs.


  • Tough construction
  • Lockable storage
  • Ease of assembly
  • Easy of moving


  • The holes for handles are not pre-drilled and it requires an electric drill and multiple people to assemble the cabinet
  • Not recommended for people who do not like power tools and carpentry

11. Sauder Clifford Place Lateral File Cabinet

Sauder Clifford Place Lateral File Cabinet

Some file cabinets are all functional and not much else. Others are regal and classy, easily blending into the decor and classing up the interiors wherever it is placed. The Sauder Clifford Place Lateral File Cabinet is a mid-century inspired cabinet which sports a Grand Walnut Finish. The file cabinet has two file drawers with smooth extension slides and accommodates hanging files for easy accessibility. It also comes with the safety mechanism of only one drawer being able to open at a time. Measuring 26 inches in width, 12.75 inches in depth and 8.75 inches in height it makes for a compact and beautiful cabinet.


  • Walnut Finish
  • Compact
  • Lockable Storage
  • Solid wood feet ensures durability


  • Some found the drawers smaller than expected

12. Tribesigns 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinets

Tribesigns 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinets

Need a multifunctional and stylish cabinet for the important documents in your startup space? The Tribesigns 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinets is the one for you. It is sleek and stylish with two display shelves along with partitioned compartments for lots of storage of different types. It weighs 66 pounds but its 4 wheels ensure that you can move it anywhere you want it to be. With the length of 39.4 inches and 15.7 width it’s got the space you need for office supplies, printers, and decoration. Spruce up the decor and add functional style to the room with Tribesigns 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinets.


  • Large storage space
  • Sleek design
  • 1 year warranty
  • Multifunctional


  • Some may find its design best suited for home use with open spaces and only 2 drawers in the cabinet

13. Aurora FC-103BL File Cabinet

Aurora FC-103BL File Cabinet

Suitable for one and all is the Aurora FC-103BL File Cabinet. It has metal construction with electrostatic finish which ensures its durability and prevents rusting. It has three drawers which offer a lot of space and it is lockable. The caster on the cabinet is lockable too which prevents tipping of the cabinet. With its partial colored look, affordable price, wide variety of available colors and lockable system for drawers this file cabinet is a great choice for offices and homes.


  • In built lockable system
  • Variety of available colors
  • Rust proof
  • Durable


  • Its competitors offer a lot more storage space.

So now as we have seen the 13 best file cabinets here are some things to know to help you choose the best cabinet for your needs.

How To Choose The Best File Cabinet

Factors to consider while buying a file cabinet include:

Build Quality

File cabinets are made of different types of materials. You would want a file cabinet with solid construction built of tough and durable materials. Do look for cabinets made with stainless steel or high quality wood. Built-to-last file cabinets come with premium components such as tough bolts, bearings, and hinges. Stainless steel gives a sleeker look and is generally resistant to damages by fire, water, and rust. A tough build quality ensures that your file cabinet will last for years without any complaints.

Ease of Use

Easy to assemble file cabinets ensure that you wouldn’t need the help of professionals to set it up. Some file cabinets come readymade and others come with instruction manuals and hardware. If you are not enthusiastic about using tools, look for a readymade file cabinet which does not require any manual installation. Casters and wheels are basically the wheels at the base of the file cabinets. Presence of the wheels ensures that you can move the cabinet to any room without getting a workout.


Style is subjective to tastes. Some prefer their file cabinets plain and functional, others prefer their cabinets to have different colors and finishes to match the decor. There is availability of colors in file cabinets, choose the one which suits your tastes the best. Natural woody and earthy materials are great for home offices and on the other hand there is a good reason all office spaces have a similar sleek and modern type of file cabinet.


Good things in life cost money and it is the same for file cabinets. Choose the one which fits your budget and your needs. Quality materials in a file cabinet will cost you money but it will also last longer and give better performance. There are plenty of great file cabinets across different price ranges in the market, choose the one which suits you the best.

File cabinets are a great addition to any spaces. They ensure safe and easy to access storage for physical goods and add functionality to wherever it is placed. They provide a safe and easy to access place for you to store your goods and adds to the decor of your room. The 13 best file cabinets in this list make for a great option for anyone in need of a file cabinet.