11 Best Filter Coffee Powders In India In 2024

A refreshing cup of coffee is all you need to kick start your day. However, the taste and the aroma of the filter coffee play a key role. With various options and methods available in the market, it becomes easy to make a delicious cup of filter coffee in the comfort of your home. Read on as we review some quality filter coffee powders and give you tips on choosing the right coffee powders to make that perfect decoction anytime.

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11 Best Filter Coffee Powders In India

1. Bru Green Label Filter Coffee  

Available in a 500 grams pack, this filter coffee powder from Bru is 100% vegetarian. It is a blend of 47% chicory and 53% coffee that guarantees a thick and rich aromatic cup of fresh coffee. The larger granules will give you a second decoction as good as the first one. It comes in a nitro flush packaging to retain its freshness for a longer period. The lightly roasted coffee beans will give you a flavorful cup that will rejuvenate your senses.

2. Continental Malgudi Filter Coffee Powder

Continental Malgudi coffee is available in a 250 grams pouch and is a vegetarian product. The traditional coffee beans are charcoal roasted to give you an aromatic cup of coffee every morning. It has a superior blend of 20% chicory and 80% coffee. The product comes in zip-lock packaging and has an aesthetic design. It guarantees quality, consistency, and aroma. This filter coffee is processed under conditions that meet strict quality standards.

3. Seven Beans – Urubage South Indian Filter Coffee Powder

Handpicked from Urubage estate at the foothills of Chikmagalur, this filter coffee powder is a signature blend of 80% coffee and 20% chicory. They are coarsely roasted coffee beans with an intense and strong aroma and flavor. The ground beans are available in a 500-gram pack and are dark roasted, giving an intense blend. The 100% vegetarian product can be stored in an airtight, cool, and dry place.

4. Sidapur Pure Filter Coffee 

The Sidapur filter coffee powder is available in a 500 grams pack and is freshly roasted and ground. It is a flagship of fine coffees that carries only 100% coffee and no chicory. The formula is specifically developed to elevate your taste buds. It is a unique blend of 20% Coorg robustas and 80% Chikmagalur arabica. Ideal for Moka pots, South Indian filter coffee makers, or similar filters, this blend guarantees maximum aroma and flavor. The beans are medium roasted in small batches and are hygienically processed and packaged. It has a caramel bitterness that imparts a specific aroma and taste to this coffee.

5. Pristine Deccan Gold Premium Filter Coffee Powder

Deccan Gold filter coffee powder is available in a 500-gram pack. It is allergen-free and is available in an 80:20 blend of coffee and chicory. Carefully made from a fine mixture of high-grown arabica and robusta, it is a gradually processed artisan coffee handpicked from the valleys and hills of Kudremukh up to the banks of river Bhadra. It has a caramel flavor and is of coarse grind so that it won’t lose its aroma for a long time.

6. Fresh & Honest Awake Filter Coffee Powder  

With a 70:30 coffee and chicory blend, this coffee originates from Coorg and Chikmagalur’s foothills. The blend gives you a unique coffee decoction that is well-balanced and leaves a sweet aftertaste. It can be prepared in any coffee equipment and is expertly roasted and blended. This powder is a 100% vegetarian product and comes with step-by-step instructions and photos to quickly make a perfect coffee cup. Experts recommend that you use milk with more than 3% fat content to enjoy the ideal brewing.

7. Mysore Concerns South Indian Filter Coffee Powder 

With a medium roast and a blend of 80% coffee and 20% chicory, this product from Mysore Concerns is purely vegetarian and comes in a 500-gram pack. It is sourced from Arabica beans from Karnataka, India. The beans are then hand-roasted and ground in small batches to offer you an enhanced flavor and smooth taste. It will give you a milky and a frothy concoction along with an authentic aroma and flavor. You can brew in the traditional South Indian coffee filter or an electric drip coffee maker.

8. Jayendra Kumbakonam Filter Coffee Powder 

Jayendra filter coffee comes in a 250-gram zip-lock and has a 90:10 coffee and chicory blend. You will need less powder to make a strong decoction with authentic taste and aroma. It has a smooth texture, and the coffee remains fresh over a longer period. This is a vegetarian product that will give you exclusively filtered coffee.

9. Estate Monkeys Bargally Pure Filter Coffee Powder

Feel the richness and pureness in every cup of coffee from Estate Monkeys filter coffee powder. Made from handpicked premium-quality robusta and arabica, this unique blend is strong and flavourful since it is roasted in small batches. Once opened, you can store it in an airtight container for almost six months in a dry place. It comes in a 250-gram package and contains no chicory. You can enjoy it as a cold brew or a black coffee. It is compatible with the South Indian filter, electric drip brewer, and a percolator. The product does not contain any preservatives or additives and is vegan.

10. Tata Coffee Grand Filter Coffee 

Tata filter coffee is freshly roasted and ground, delivering a rich, sophisticated, and fresh aroma and taste. The decoction crystals are flavor-locked to give you a refreshing cup of coffee every time. It requires less stirring and is easily dissolvable in the milk. The freeze-dried crystals provide a superior form of instant coffee with a rich aroma.

11. Coorgest Filter Coffee Powder

Carefully roasted and packaged, this filter coffee ground from the Coorgest comes in a 500-gram pack. It does not contain any artificial flavors and is exclusively roasted with a combination of arabica and robusta beans. The 70% coffee and 30% chicory blend adds to its rich flavor and aroma. You can use it with a percolator, a South Indian coffee filter, or an electric filter coffee maker.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Filter Coffee Powder

Here are some factors you should consider to choose the best filter coffee powder

  1. Type of beans: Arabica coffee is usually grown in high-altitude areas. It is slightly acidic and has a smooth taste. Robusta is found in lower altitudes and has a more intense flavor. The taste of the coffee is dependent on the growing process and the coffee roasting journey.
  2. Caffeine content: Dark roasted beans have lower caffeine content than light or medium roasted beans. Lightly roasted beans have the highest caffeine content. You can opt for a medium or a dark roast for everyday use.
  3. Manufacturers: Look for a filter coffee powder from a renowned and consistent coffee roaster. Reputed companies give you a product free from flaws and guarantee a decent cup of coffee with every brew.
  4. Expiration date: Pick a bag that has freshly roasted coffee beans as it will give you a longer shelf life and a long-lasting freshness. Coffee powders tend to expire quickly, so choose the product with a longer shelf life.
  5. Budget: Do not go after brands while buying your coffee. Choose an Indian filter coffee that is fresh, fits your taste and requirements, but at the same time is within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between filter coffee and instant coffee?

Filter coffee and instant coffee are two different types of coffee. Filter coffee involves brewing coffee using a method that requires water to pass through ground coffee beans to extract the flavor and aroma. This is typically done using drip coffee makers. Filtered coffee takes a bit extra time to brew, and the coffee to chicory ratio might also differ depending upon the brand.

On the other hand, instant coffee is made by freeze-drying brewed coffee to create soluble coffee crystals. To make a cup of instant coffee, add hot water to these crystals, and the coffee instantly dissolves. Instant coffee does not have chicory and has a definite coffee content.

2. Is filter coffee good for health?

Yes, filter coffee is good for health. If you take it with water rather than milk, it can also help in weight loss. Keep in mind that too much coffee can lead to irregular sleeping patterns and cause insomnia.

Filter coffee preparation is an intricate process, but the right blend can make things much easier. Fortunately for coffee lovers, some of the best filter coffee powders in the market are easy to make and taste delicious. Sourced from different regions worldwide, the options included in this list have been handpicked based on flavor, intensity, strength, and texture. So, be a savvy consumer and pick a freshly packed blend with the perfect chicory-to-coffee ratio.

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