11 Best Fishing Reels To Buy In 2021


Whether it is recreational or commercial, fishing warrants a good-quality fishing reel that is easy to use and efficient. Fishing reels are cylindrical devices attached to fishing rods and are available in many varieties, including sea fishing reels and ice fishing reels. If you are new to the activity or are considering taking it up as a hobby, it is good to start with small fishing reels that are easy to handle.

Since they are usually a one-time investment, it is important to pick the best fishing reels that last long. Read on as we list some of the best ones to buy online.

11 Best Fishing Reels Of 2021

1. KastKing Royale Baitcasting Reels

KastKing Royale Baitcasting Reels

KastKing fishing reels are known for their performance and low-profile casting reel designed with red matte finishing on the frame and black side covers. The soft and comfortable synthetic handle grips on the 3.76-inch 6061 aluminum alloy handles give you a sturdy hold, while the eight crossfire magnets ensure braking efficiency.

KastKing fishing reels are built using six double-shielded stainless steel bearings, brass pinion gear, nickel-plated brass worm shaft, and brass main shaft to ensure performance and endurance.


  • Provides good gear ratio for quick line pick up
  • Can be used for both freshwater and saltwater fishing
  • Available in right- and left-hand models


  • Several adjustments are needed to maintain proper line position
  • Available only in one color

2. KastKing Spartacus Baitcasting Fishing Reel

KastKing Spartacus Baitcasting Fishing Reel

The KastKing Spartacus reel has been the game-changer with its adaptable gear ratio of 6.3:1 and comfortable 95mm long handles.The powerful baitcasting reel is made of micro-cast dual centrifugal and magnetic brakes with a strong graphite body and removable side covers. It ensures smooth casting with CNC machined aluminum spool and superior shielded 11+1 corrosion-resistant ball bearings.


  • Tournament-ready 17.5lbcarbon fiber drag
  • Instant stop anti-reverse
  • Precision machined and durable brass gears


  • Available only in two colors
  • May not be suitable for beginners

3. Abu Garcia Black Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia Black Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia provides light-weighted fishing reels with one-piece graphite and matrix brake systems that increase casts’ range and accuracy. This fishing reel features four ball bearings and one roller bearing made of stainless steel that ensures resistance from corrosion and easy retrieval. The machined aluminum spool enables smooth and accurate casting.


  • Provides a good drag system with power disks
  • Ensures good ergonomic grip
  • Solid frame
  • Available in left- and right-handed models


  • May not be suitable for beginners
  • Doesn’t provide a flexible line guide

4. Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel

Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel

Pflueger fishing reels feature a braid-ready spool and light-weighted graphite body with the rotor. The reel has a sealed drag system and sealed dray washers that are lubricated to ensure smoothness. The line lay of this reel is improved by slow oscillating gearing. It comes with a seven bearing system that features corrosion-resistant steel ball bearings.


  • Minimized line twist
  • Ambidextrous hand orientation
  • Available in both claim and box packaging models
  • Four size options.


  • Retrieve may become rough after multiple uses
  • Line twist could be problematic

5. Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel

Piscifun offers one of the best fishing reels made of a smooth, stainless-steel drag system with one-way clutch bearing and multi-disc cork. It is designed with the best precision CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum alloy to provide superior rigidity and strength. The hard anodized surface protector offers good corrosion and abrasion resistance. The mid-arbor design of this fishing reel ensures reduced line memory and lightning-quick line pickup


  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • Easy gripping handles
  • Accurate click drag design and silent retrieve
  • Four color options


  • Poor spool capacity

6. Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Reels

Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Reels

Sougayilang offers some of the best sea fishing reels with ambidextrous hand orientation. Made of CNC machine cut ABS collapsible aluminum handles with a gear ratio of 5.2:1, this fishing reel has an ultra-thin streamline designed body with a superior carbon drag system.

Its S-curve oscillation system has good stopping power and provides good line winding. It is made of a good-quality mesh drive gear and precision machined pinion gear and has a high fish fighting power, making it suitable for pier fishing, offshore fishing, and ocean beach fishing.


  • Adjustable cast control
  • Provides spool of good tensile gear
  • Good line lay oscillation system


  • Doesn’t come with a warranty

7. Shimano Stradic Spinning Fishing Reel

Shimano Stradic Spinning Fishing Reel

Spinning fishing reels are ideal for beginners. Shimano fishing reels are designed with X-ship technology that ensures gear durability and greatly reduces the friction between the spool shaft and gear to improve the casting performance. It is made of hagane gearing and body that provides the best fishing experience for inshore and offshore activity.

The Shimano fishing reel is made of a lightweight magnum lite rotor with six ball bearings and one roller bearing. The propulsion line management provides the best smoothness and casting while minimizing line management issues.


  • Suitable for longer casts
  • Available in four models
  • Front drag with a good power range


  • Resetting the bail requires huge force

8. Penn Fishing Reel

Penn Fishing Reel

Suitable for saltwater fishing with ambidextrous hand orientation, the Penn fishing reels have a metal body and side plates, six sealed stainless-steel bearings, and carbon fiber handles. The instant anti-reverse feature and HT 100 carbon fiber drag washers give the best fishing experience for anglers. The sealed spool provides great stopping power needed for bulk saltwater fishes.

It has four ON positions to increase the rear drag. The live liner gets back to the fighting mode by turning the handle. Its CNC gear technology ensures durability, smoothness, and precise alignment to handle heavy loads.


  • Techno-balanced rotor ensures smooth retrieval
  • Sealed body with IPX5 technology
  • Quality craftsmanship for accurate functioning and durability


  • May not be suitable for freshwater fishing

9. Pflueger Spinning Fishing Reel

Pflueger Spinning Fishing Reel

Pflueger fishing reels are made of magnesium body and a light-weighted rotor, offering superior rigidity. The slow oscillation gearing enhances the line lay and reduces line twist. It uses high-density EVA knobs and carbon handles that are 21% lighter than aluminum to provide adequate comfort for anglers. The sealed carbon drag ensures smoothness by lubrication, and the 10-bearing system of this reel is made of corrosion-resistant stainless-steel ball bearings.


  • Better line lay with minimal twisting
  • Comes with SMART retrieve feature
  • Lightweight design
  • Braid ready spool


  • Braid could get stuck in bail assembly

10. Burning Shark Fishing Reels

Burning Shark Fishing Reels

Burn Shark is known for its spinning fishing reels with ambidextrous hand orientation with a gear ratio of 5.1:1. This reel can be used for boat fishing, rock fishing, bass fishing, and surf fishing. Its unique features, such as the anti-twist line roller, foldable handle, and anti-corrosion drive gear,ensure a great fishing experience. It has 12 good–quality ball bearings and one anti-reverse feature made of anti-corrosion stainless steel bearing, which offers a smooth performance.


  • Suitable for all levels of anglers
  • Easily portable with a reel length of 5.6in
  • Can be used in both freshwater and saltwater


  • Doesn’t come with a warranty
  • Reel handle knob may fall apart while fishing

11. Abu Garcia Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia fishing reels are low-profile baitcasting fishing reels with a gear ratio of 10.1:1, referred to as rocket ratio. It is made of ten stainless steel HPCR bearings and one roller bearing. The X2-craft alloy frame and side plate ensure a strong body and durability.


  • Easy to maintain and comfortable to use
  • Suitable for long casting
  • Provides a sound braking system with lightweight bait


  • Parts of the reel are slightly prone to corrosion

Types Of Fishing Reels

Fishing reels are mainly of five types. They work on the same principle but may differ in features.

  1. Spincast fishing reels: Spincast fishing reels have a closed body that embeds all the components. It has a fishing line through the hole and a button on the back of the reel used for casting the reel forward. It is suitable for beginners as it is easy to use. The line of the spin-cast reel can be used for short distances. They are the most affordable fishing reels with less scope of snaring.
  2. Baitcast fishing reels: Anglers widely use Baitcast fishing reels as they have the most advanced design that requires a lot of skill for casting. It is used for catching larger and hard fighting fishes as it has a fast and powerful retrieve. The spool starts rotating as soon as the line is released. Baitcast reels are known for their accuracy and distance, but they are slightly tricky to handle for beginners and are prone to line tangles and backlashing.

Baitcasting reels are further classified into round and low-profile reels. Round reels have a larger spool suitable for casting a line at a distance, while low-profile reels are lightweight and ergonomically designed with reduced line twist.

  1. Spinning fishing reels: Spinning fishing reels offer quick and easy casts by flipping up the metal bail wire. It has great line capacity and good accuracy with push-button release and an open-faced design. The spool is fixed to allow the line to flow freely on the cast, making it suitable for light lures. Spinning fishing reels are theright choice for experienced anglers and can be better if they come with extra spools.
  2. Fly fishing reels: Fly fishing reels are the most accurate fishing reels with good precision. They are suitable for trout fishing, and few other spinning reels are specifically designed to catch salmon fishes. Large arbors are used to increase retrieval speed with these reels. Fly fishing reels are a one-time investment and can be used for long periods of 40-50 years.
  3. Center pin fishing reels:Center pin reels run on their axle or center pin. The spool is placed perpendicular to the fishing rod, making it suitable for long-distance casts. It is essential for float fishers as it has free moving spool and drag-free reels. The mechanical drag provides good control of fishes like the carp.

How To Choose The Right Fishing Reels?

The line lay, distance, and accuracy with minimal line twist and few other factors should beconsidered while buying a fishing reel.

  • The fishing reel should be lightweight so that you’re not strained after fishing all day. Reels made of magnesium are usually lighter.
  • Buying a reel suitable for saltwater is a good choice for fishing in the sea, as standard reels get damaged when used in saltwater.
  • Fishing reels with a large diameter spool should be considered to make it easy to catch fish from long distances.
  • Gear ratio also plays a significant role in fishing reels, as it ensures good line retrieve and smooth spinning of the gears.
  • Handles made of carbon should be preferred for comfortable gripping, as they are 21% lighter and stronger than aluminum and are easy to handle.
  • Fishing reels must be selected on the level of experience.For beginner-level anglers, spin-cast fishing reels are suitable, and for experienced anglers, bait cast fishing reels are the best option as they are designed with advanced technology.
  • The type and quality of the bearing system play a major role in fishing reels. Fishing reels made of anti-corrosion stainless steel bearing material should be picked as they are long-lasting.
  • Instant anti-reverse bearing and CNC gear technology, which ensures smoothness and durability, are some of the other essential features to consider while looking for fishing reels.
  • Fishing reels suitable for different types of fishing like boat fishing, surf fishing must be selected.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do fishing reels come with a fishing line?

 Fishing lines and reels are always bought separately. The reel and fishing line must be suitable and a good fit for each other for hassle-free fishing. The required specifications of the reel and fishing line must be considered before buying a fishing reel.

  1. How often should I clean my fishing reel?

The frequency of cleaning your fishing reel depends on the usage. If you’re using it regularly, it is always a good idea to keep it clean and lubricate the fishing reel’s interior to avoid corrosion of the bearings and enhance the smoothness.

Different types of fishing reels with unique features are specifically designed for various types of fishing and for catching specific species of fish. So, buying a fishing reel that suits your experience level and offers ease of handling and maintenance can make all the difference.We hope our list and buying guide are of help to you.

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