11 Best Fishing Shorts In 2021


Make your fishing experience cool and fun with our list of the best fishing shorts. Available in premium breathable fabric, offering stain protection, and spacious pockets, a good fishing short will ensure you are at the top of your fishing game. Most importantly, the right gear for your adventure can keep you comfortable for an entire day, from fishing in the day to grilling at night.

There are various fishing shorts available, but selecting the right one for yourself can be challenging. If it’s your first time looking for one or want to replace an old pair, you can explore our list to make an informed decision.

11 Best Fishing Shorts

1. Columbia Women’s Sandy River Front Shorts

Say hello to this pair of fishing shorts exclusively designed for women. It features Columbia’s signature sun protection fabric in the form of UPF 30+ to shield your skin against UV rays. Its regular fit covers the top part of your knees to protect them against sunburns. The shorts come with belt loops that give them a tailored finish, and the button closure is designed to offer maximum comfort while wearing. To help you secure things, the shorts also have 3 pockets. To make your fishing experience more comfortable, these shorts are made up of 100% nylon and available in solid colors and sizes ranging from XS to 3XL, making them an ideal choice for your upcoming trip.

2. Amazon Essentials Brushed Tech Stretch Shorts

If you are looking for shorts that are a breeze to wash in the machine, your search ends right here. Thanks to their commitment towards super-comfortable and hassle-free essentials, these shorts for women from Amazon Essentials are made by combining polyester and spandex. This makes sure the fabric doesn’t wrinkle in a normal cycle. Its drawstring closure and elastic waistband ensure that the shorts stay intact while you move around and have a great time on the boat. Available in 5 colors and 6 sizes, these shorts are the way to a wholesome and fun-filled fishing experience.

3. Santiny Women’s Hiking Cargo Shorts

Right from 4 zipper pockets for secure storage and an elastic waistband for a custom fit to UPF 50+ sun protection, these shorts from Santiny offer everything you need. The lightweight material is a mix of polyester and spandex to give you a breezy, breathable outfit. Available in multiple solid colors like black, blue, pink, and khaki, the shorts are available in 5 sizes ranging from small to XXL. When it comes to ensuring a seamless fishing experience, these shorts sure know how to deliver.

4. Little Donkey Andy Women’s Quick Dry Bermuda Shorts

This offering from Little Donkey Andy is one of the best shorts for fishing as it features the goodness of nylon and spandex for a fast-drying, lightweight, and super-stretchable outfit. Its 4-way stretch fabric provides superior comfort and enhanced durability, keeping in mind the intensity of water escapades. To complement your style, these shorts also come with laser-cutting pockets that give you a more fashionable look. The elastic waistband gives you a customized fit and reduces chafing, thus ensuring a comfortable fishing experience. The best part is you can wear these for activities like hiking, exercise, and traveling, too. With a variety of dark colors and sizes from XS to XXL, these shorts will never get in the way of your wholesome day out.

5. Lianshp Women’s Shorts For Summer

When it comes to wearing shorts for fishing during hot summers, Lianshp has you covered. Its uniquely cool fabric gives you a dry and lightweight but perfect summer fit. Equipped with the sturdiness of polyester and spandex, these shorts are also expandable and moisture-wicking. Their 3 zipper pockets come in handy if you’re planning to keep your phone or credit cards safe from the water. Supported by an internal drawcord and an elastic waistband for a personalized fit, the shorts are available in a range of colors to suit your fashion needs, ensuring you a relaxed and hassle-free time.

6. Columbia Women’s Tidal Shorts

Are you ready to spend a day on the water? These shorts by Columbia should be the first thing in your backpack! Made from polyester and elastane, the shorts are protected by omni-shield technology that avoids stains and moisture, while the omni-shade blocks UV rays and prevents sunburns. To keep everything in place, they come with 2 zippered pockets for easily storing your belongings. Although you have a wide range of bright solid colors like black, red, and blue to choose from, you can choose from various tropical prints, too! From XS to 3XL, these shorts are nothing but fashion and comfort for all.

7. Mier Women’s Nylon Fishing Shorts

While fishing is seen as a leisurely activity, what if you could rev up your fashion game and score a 10/10 on your look? Mier has got exactly what you need for that. These quick-dry fishing shorts for women are easy to breathe, quick-drying, and made from highly durable nylon and spandex fabrics. They come with 5 secure utility pockets (2 reinforced front pockets, 2 zippered back pockets, and 1 secure pocket) and an adjustable elastic waistband. Suitable for machine washes, the shorts are available in solid colors like black, graphite grey, brown, and khaki.

8. FitsT4 Women’s Lightweight Fishing Shorts

Whether you are planning to go fishing or just looking for shorts to complement your outfits, this pair gives you the best of both worlds. Made by blending nylon and spandex, it consists of a lightweight fabric that can dry quickly as it promotes easy air circulation. The UPF 50+ offers excellent protection to your skin from UV rays. Right from 2 zippered pockets to 2 cargo pockets and 1 back security pocket, the safety of your valuables is guaranteed with these shorts. Available in dark colors like black and olive green and sizes from S to 3XL, this pair will make sure your expedition is worthwhile.

9. HUK Drifter Shorts

The HUK Drifter Shorts with their quick-drying fabric feature 2 types of pockets: a zippered and a secure one. Specially made for on and off the water with high-quality SPF-rated fabric that can stretch in 4 ways, these shorts are available in 5 colors and sizes ranging from 0 to 14. The button enclosure ensures that the shorts are easy to slip on, and you can wear them with utmost comfort. Whether you are looking for shorts to wear for fishing or on casual days out, these are an excellent option for both.

10. Guy Harvey Ladies’ Fishing Shorts

These shorts from Guy Harvey are inspired by AFTCO Bluewater fishing shorts for men. They are lightweight, comfortable, highly durable, and styled with a ladies’ cut. The breathable nylon fabric dries quickly and is stain resistant, while the fixed waistband is secured with a front button and zipper to make sure your shorts stay intact. In addition to the numerous pockets adorning the shorts, you’ll notice an embroidered moorish idol created by the designer, giving them an aesthetic finish.

11. HUK Let’s Go Fish Performance Shorts

These shorts are made by fusing together polyester, cotton, spandex, and nylon to create the ultimate standard in durability. Since they bear a major share of synthetic materials, the shorts can dry quickly and stretch comfortably whenever you need them to. Loaded with 30+ UPF to safeguard you from UVA rays, they will keep you comfy on particularly hot days out. Thanks to the mesh-lined front pockets and side phone pockets, your belongings are also sorted. Choose from 4 colors and 5 sizes and you are all set to rock the look!

By now you know that if you want to choose a pair of fishing shorts, you have multiple options to choose. It might lead you to the question: how to choose the right fishing shorts? Here’s a quick buying guide to help you out.

How To Choose The Right Fishing Shorts

  • Fabric

The fabrics used to make fishing shorts should be long-lasting, quick-drying, breathable, and easily stretchable. Fishing involves a lot of movements, and shorts that retain a lot of water can lead to skin chafing. You need shorts that can help you move around without an effort and absorb water whenever you get wet. Choose synthetic shorts because they can dry quickly and have a generous amount of stretch.

  • Pockets

Pockets are an essential feature of any pair of bottoms, but especially fishing shorts. While some pockets might be generic, there are shorts with specific pockets that help you store specialized tools like pliers for unhooking a catch. Since fishing shorts are designed to reduce water retention, their pockets can store wallets and mobile phones, too. Also, remember to pick shorts with zippered pockets because they prevent things from falling out.

  • Stain-proof

It is important to stay clean because when you come in contact with a fish, its blood or slime might fall on your shorts, causing a foul odor. If these stains dry in the sun, it becomes difficult to remove them. Shorts that resist stains and are odor-proof should be your go-to choice.

  • UV protection

Since fishing involves spending a lot of time under the hot sun, it is advisable to pick shorts that have UV protection built in. Those with a minimum UPF 30+ are designed to prevent sun rays from penetrating the skin and causing damage or sunburns.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long should fishing shorts be?

There is no ideal length for fishing shorts. While many have an inseam of a maximum 10.5 inches long, they usually stretch out to the knee. However, choosing a suitable length is up to your tastes and preferences because shorts must offer maximum maneuverability and comfort, regardless of their length.

  1. Fishing shorts or fishing pants?

Climate plays an important factor for choosing between fishing shorts or pants. They are more suitable during warmer temperatures as they can protect your skin from UV  rays. However, if you plan to go fishing when the climate is cold, you will need to cover yourself from head to toe. That’s when you can opt for fishing pants.

If you fancy spending a day out on the lake, choosing a regular outfit might not be a good idea due to the intense movements involved. Fishing shorts ensure that you have an amazing time on your trip because they are designed with your needs in mind. Right from specially designed stain-proof fabrics to powerful UV protection, our selection of the best fishing shorts offer all the qualities that will make every trip worth your while. They are easy to wear for long hours in the sun and won’t make you feel wet by retaining moisture. Pick your favorite one from the list before it’s time for your next trip!

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