13 Best Fixed Blade Knives For Hunting In 2022


Fixed-blade knives are a handy tool for the battlefield, in the wild, and sometimes even at home. Some even have a hobby of collecting them. Here are the best fixed-blade knives we would suggest.

A fixed blade knife has a grooved or straight blade that is sharp and can even cut small branches. However, the designed handles enhance the appearance of a fixed blade knife. Read on to know the best knives in the market and the features to consider before purchasing them.

13 Best Fixed Blade Knives

1. Smith & Wessen Fixed Blade Knife

Smith & Wessen Fixed Blade Knife


This fixed-blade knife by Smith & Wessen is 12.1cm long and weighs only 7.7oz, which makes it easy to use. The blade is made of carbon stainless steel and features finely finished edges. The rubber-wrapped handle, the handguard, and the belted or booted sheath enhance the security factor and eliminate any underlying risk. This full tang and dual-edged blade knife is a practical item for everyday use.

2. Buck knives 119 with leather Sheath

Buck knives 119 with leather Sheath


If you are searching for a knife that will let you work with fineness and precision, then your search ends here. The 10.5-inch knife features sharp blades and a razor-sharp clip end. The handle is made of well-polished and durable hardwood, coupled with ergonomic palm swells for better and firmer grip and brass pommel for balance and elegance. The knife is an absolute classic as far as the looks are concerned. The elegant leather sheath comes with a belt loop for portability, and the weight has been kept at 10.5oz for balance and safety.

3. Gerber Strong Arm

Gerber Strong Arm


This military knife has a perfect steel blade that is fully tanged and features a seamless ceramic blade coating. The handle draws unique attraction through its classy brown Coyotes hues and innovative textures. The handle is made of glass-filled nylon, and the textured grip is of rubberized diamond pattern with a steady pommel towards the base. The knife is 9.8in long, with a blade length of 4.8in, and weighs 7.9oz. You could mount the knife vertically on Molle, horizontally on a belt, or in traditional drop-leg fashion as it features belt loops, snap-in straps, and nylon webbing.

4. CRKT Bowie Neck Knife

CRKT Bowie Neck Knife


This bowie neck knife by CRKT is a minimalistic clip-point  knife with a precise ergonomic shape. It is one of the best fixed-blade knives in terms of portability and usability. The bowie blade makes it unique and one-of-a-kind neck knife. The unique handle design makes it easy to hold and offers superior grip. The blade can cut through anything with its unique bead blast finish. You can carry it easily with the extended handle fob or carry it around your neck with the help of the paracord.

5. Moraknive Craftline Fixed Blade Knife

Moraknive Craftline Fixed Blade Knife


The Moraknive Craftline fixed-blade knife is a utility knife with a TPE rubber handle, which offers optimum grip. The rubber handle makes usage easier as it does not conduct cold. The 3.6-inch stainless-steel blade is sharp and durable and features a precise edge. For safety purposes, the knife features a finger guard and can be used for all outdoor purposes. Its hard plastic combi-sheath has a quick-connect system that allows you to connect a second knife and sheath.

6. Gerber Mark II

Gerber Mark II


The Mark II knife by Gerber has a black-oxide coated blade and die-cast aluminum handle to put a full stop to corrosion and rust. The double-serrated blade makes the knife versatile and allows you to use it as a spear as well. The blade length is 6.5 in, and the endurance and resistance of this knife are worthy of praise. The sheath is made of ballistic nylon.

7. Esse Fixed Blade Knives

Esse Fixed Blade Knives


This fixed-blade knife by ESSE has a drop point blade, with a cutting edge length of 4.1in, blade length of 4.5in, an overall length of 9in, and a weight of 7.4oz. The blade is made of carbon steel, while the handle is made of grey linen micarta, which offers an excellent grip. This knife can be used by military personnel, adventurers, and those intending to display professional culinary skills. The sheath  is made of molded polymer, and the handle is removable, enhancing the utility of the knife.

8. Cold SRK Steel Blade Knife

Cold SRK Steel Blade Knife


This survival rescue fixed-blade knife by Cold Steel is specially designed for use as a hunting knife and has razor-sharp edges for perfect for precise cutting. The blade has been given extensive heat and steel treatment.  For easy portability, a snap has been attached to the back of the belt loop. The knife comes in a patented Secure-Ex sheath that looks classy.

9. Cold Steel Drop Forged Knife

Cold Steel Drop Forged Knife


This professional knife is a quality product to invest in. The blade, made of high carbon 52100 steel, is 4in long and 5mm thick. The handle is about 4.5in long and the material used on it offers a secure grip. It comes with a belt or pan snap. The knife is double-edged and constructed out of one single piece. There is hardly any question that can be raised concerning the mechanical wear and tear because of the superior quality of the coating.

10. Moraknive Garbev Stainless Steel Knife

Moraknive Garbev Stainless Steel Knife


This full tang knife by Moraknive is made of non-corrosive stainless steel and is designed for heavy-duty performance. The handle is made of polyamide, and the sheath is of high-grade and fine leather. The square edges and unpolished spine blade can be coupled with a fire steel striker (can be obtained separately) for better functionality. The blade is 4.3in long and 0.13in thick. The knife is also available with a multi-mount system and secondary locking arrangements, allowing you to fasten it to various surfaces.

11. Mossy Oak Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife

Mossy Oak Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife


This full tang, fixed-blade knife by Mossy Oak features a durable stainless-steel blade that is 6in long and 9in thick. The walnut wood handle with pommel has been designed with precision to create a classic look and allow a hindrance-free operation. The ergonomic handle grip with pommel has been designed to offer comfort and balance. The sheath also looks classic with the full leather body and associated belt loops for secured accessibility. The blade knife has been designed for outdoor activities like camping and hunting.

12. Schrade Jethro Full Tang Knife

Schrade Jethro Full Tang Knife


The Jethro full tank knife by Schrade has a unique blade design, and the blade length of 11.9in is almost triple that of traditional fixed blade knives. The material of the blade is carbon stainless steel, and it also has a titanium coating to increase the shelf life and nullify corrosion. As far as the handle is concerned, the built material is thermoplastic elastomer, which guarantees longevity and performance. The knife features a lanyard hole and a classy sheath. The sheath has a rigid grip loop that you can attach to your pants or any other access point.

13. Spyderco Ronin Fixed Blade Knife

Spyderco Ronin Fixed Blade Knife


The lightweight fixed-blade knife by Spyderco features a 4.12in CTS BD1 stainless steel blade. The handle is made of rigid woven non-slip glass fiber that is unaffected by temperature changes and offers a superior grip for seamless handling of the knife. The design of the handle features complimentary grips for the fingers.

The other noteworthy feature is the concave radius bevels that extend the full hollow grind of the blade. The exterior surface of the blade has a smooth surface without any ridges, teeth, or serration. The knife comes enclosed in a Boltaron sheath, which is known for its durability and resistance.

Drawbacks of Fixed Blade Knives

As useful as they are, fixed-blade knives also have a few drawbacks, which we talk about next.

1. Space Occupation

The first drawback is that fixed-blade knives occupy more space than folding knives. Even long blade folding knives can be accommodated within a minimal area. To eliminate this drawback, the fixed-blade knives often have a short blade length and may not be as versatile as you would wish them to be.

2. Safety

The second drawback is that the fixed-blade knives are always in an outward position, with the cutting edge exposed. This can be potentially dangerous, especially if you aren’t careful.  Folding knives, as such, are safer compared to fixed-blade knives.

Fixed-blade knives are not suitable for novices or children, whereas folding-blade knives have higher acceptability.

We have discussed the best fixed-blade knives of all kinds to suit your specific requirements. These knives are not only durable but also elegant. So, go ahead and choose the best one from these options.

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