13 Best Flameless Candles In 2021

Do you like decorating your space with candles, but worry about safety and the mess created by melting wax? Then, flameless candles could be just the thing for you. A flameless candle is designed to look like a real candle but has a battery-operated LED bulb instead of wick and wax.

With features such as flickering flame and wax coats, these flameless candles can give you the same ambiance as that of a real candle. They also make great Christmas decor and can also be used to set up dinner tables or baths.

If you’re keen on buying them, read on to find a list of some of the best flameless candles that you can purchase online.

13 Best Flameless Candles

1. Homemory Realistic and Bright Flickering Candles

Homemory Realistic and Bright Flickering Candles

These flickering LED lights are among the best flameless candles to set up a romantic mood. Designed to look like real candles, the Homemory flickering candles can also be used as mood lights and night lights when placed in glass cups, candle holders, or other lighting accessories. Each candle comes with an easy-to-operate on and off switch. The pack contains 12 LED lights with batteries, which are among the best battery outdoor flameless candles with a glow time of 100+ hours.

2. Yiwer Flameless Candles

Yiwer Flameless Candles

With unique flickering flame technology, these LED lights could give you a real candle impression without the risk of fire hazards and the mess from melting wax stains. Each pack contains three candles of different sizes that can be used in bedrooms, lounges, bathrooms, or dining rooms. With two AA batteries, these candles can provide 300+ hours of glow time. Among the best battery operated candles, they also come with a ten-key remote to set the timing, brightness, and static or flickering effects.

3. Enpork Flameless Candles

Enpork Flameless Candles

If you are looking for the best flameless candles for a wedding, then this set from Enpork could be worth trying.  Each set contains nine ivy-colored candles that have a smooth finish. They come in various sizes and can be operated with one remote to set the glow time, brightness level, and static or flickering options. Each candle has an on and off switch at the bottom and can be operated individually. The different candle styles could be a great decoration idea for weddings and date nights.

4. Aku Tonpa Glass Flameless Candles

Aku Tonpa Glass Flameless Candles

The Aku Tonpa LED candles have a unique design that makes them look real when placed inside a candlestick holder. Powered by two AA batteries, each candle can give up to 200+ hours of glow time. The set contains three differently-sized candles that can be controlled with a single remote. They have a flickering effect that gives an illusion of a swaying candlewick, creating a realistic experience for you.

5. Vinkor Flameless Burgundy Pillar Candles

Vinkor Flameless Burgundy Pillar Candles

Vinkor’s burgundy LED pillar candles could be a good decoration idea for the dinner tables, night parties, or Christmas decorations. They come in a value pack containing five candles of different sizes and with a real wax coating on the outside. Each candle can be easily operated with an on/off switch and remote control with a range of 16.4ft. The LED bulbs within these candles are energy efficient and can give a glow time of 150 hours on two AA batteries. They also have a flickering flame effect.

6. Shymery Flameless Votive Candles

Shymery Flameless Votive Candles

Looking for votive candles that are safe and long-lasting? Then try these flickering LED candles from Shymery. Each pack contains 24 pieces of flameless candles that are made of durable plastic. These can be operated with a single switch and come with CR2032 batteries that give 100+ hours of glow time. Measuring1.48 x 1.6in, these fit on votive candle holders have a flickering wick that makes them ideal for decorating a room or the dinner table.

7. Sandstone and Sage LED Battery Operated Flameless Candles

Sandstone and Sage LED Battery Operated Flameless Candles

The LED pillar candles are easy to use and come with a remote controller for adjusting the brightness and glow time. They run on two AA batteries that offer a run time of 150 hours. Made with high-grade resin, they are among the best outdoor flameless candles and could be perfect for yoga practices, mantle decorations, etc. Each set contains four, five, and six-inch candles.

8. Simply Collected 3D Flameless Candle

Simply Collected 3D Flameless Candle

This 3D flickering effect that adds more authenticity and an 800-hour glow time with AA batteries could be one of the best flameless candles available. They can be remotely operated and are said to give out a bright and white light. Each candle is 3x5in and comes in ivory color. You can use these candles to create a soothing and pleasant environment both indoors and outdoors without the worry of fumes, fire-accidents, or melting wax.

9. Tofu Flickering Flameless Candles

Tofu Flickering Flameless Candles

If you want to give your room a rustic look, then these could be one of the best flameless candles, as these come with a hemp rope base. Although the candle shell is made of paraffin wax, there is no mess as there is no real flame. This LED flickering wick candle gives 200+ hours of glow time with two AA batteries. Each pack contains three candles of different sizes, and all of them can be controlled with a ten-key remote.

10. Oshine Flameless Candles

Oshine Flameless Candles

These LED pillar candles are said to look just like original candles, sans the dripping wax, smoke, and risk of fire accidents. Each pack contains ivory colored candles that are three, four, and five inches long. They are long-lasting with up to 300+ hours of glow time and are ideal décor for prayer, Christmas, and New Year’s parties. The ten-button remote control has options to control the glow time, brightness, and on/off functionality.

11. Aignis Flickering Flameless Candles

Aignis Flickering Flameless Candles

This pack of nine flickering LED candles are said to be safe and long-lasting. The outer covering is made of frosted plastic that makes these candles one of the best outdoor flameless candles. The pack includes three each of 4.9in, 5.7in, and 6.5in candles, and a ten-key remote control can control all of these. The lights run on two AA batteries and can give 300+hours of continuous luminance.

12. Eywamage Glass Flameless Candles

Eywamage Glass Flameless Candles

Designed to look like a real candle, these flameless candles from Eywamage have a real wax coating, a 3D flame, a black wick, and a golden glass. Each pack contains three candles that are three, four, and five inches in length and can be controlled using a remote control with a range of 16ft. These candles work on two AA batteries and are said to give up to 350 hours of glow time. If you want to create a pleasant ambiance using candles without the hassle of melting wax and fire hazards, then go for these flameless candles.

13. Flamecan Flameless Candles

Flamecan Flameless Candles

Be it a party, spa time, or date night, these LED pillar candles come handy to create a pleasant ambiance without being fire hazards. This set contains seven candles that can be controlled with one remote. The outer shell is made of paraffin wax, with a smooth finish and classic ivory color. They need two AA batteries and can give a glow time of 300+ hours.

How To Choose The Right Flameless Candles?

These flameless candles are a long-time investment, so keep these points in mind before purchasing them.

  1. Shape and size: These candles come in different shapes and sizes, such as pillars, votives, and tea lights. Choose one based on the purpose or occasion. For example, votives are best for prayer meets and mantle decorations, while tea lights could be great for decking up a fancy bath.
  2. Flame-style: There are two flame styles, flickering, and non-flickering. If you are looking for a real candlelight experience, then go for the flickering flame style.
  3. Wax or non-wax: The outer shell of some flameless candles is made of paraffin wax, whereas others are made of resin or plastic. If you want to use the LED candle outdoors, then opt for the non-wax ones as the wax might melt or become disfigured in hot climates.
  4. Other features: Check out other features such as glow time, remote-controllability, color, etc. These might enhance your experience.

A flameless candle is a good choice if you have pets or small children at home, as it is usually safer than wax candles and provides a similar ambiance. These can also be used both indoors and outdoors irrespective of the weather conditions. So, pick up the right flameless candles and enjoy uninterrupted candlelight dinners or relaxing baths.

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