11 Best Flashcards To Buy For Kids In 2022


Seeing and learning has proven to be one of the most effective ways to improve a child’s approach to learning a subject. Hence, investing in some of the best flashcards for kids is a good idea to explain concepts and help them retain them in their memory.

A flashcard is a card with information on both sides that aids in memorization. Flashcards are super fun to make and easy to understand, which is why many teachers and parents recommend using them. Below, we have reviewed some of the most fun and efficient flashcards that can be used as educational tools for children.

Our Top Picks

11 Best Flashcards For Kids To Buy

1. Best For Improving Vocabulary: Think Tank Scholar Sight Words Flashcards

Think Tank Scholar Sight Words Flashcards


These flashcards are designed to make it convenient for a child to learn multiple words.


  • You get five sets of cards. Each set is designed for children of a specific age group: pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade.
  • One pack contains 54 cards. Each card has a word for practice, and there are a total of over 500 words in all.
  • The cards can be used with six suggested teaching techniques to help the child learn words better. Cards can be used to play certain games as well.
  • The cards are smooth and laminated. An angled edge makes it convenient to stack the cards on top of one another in the correct order.

2. Best For Everyday Objects: Sight Words Level A Pocket Flashcards

Sight Words Level A Pocket Flashcards


The more words a child learns, the more confident they are using a language. Sight Words pocket flashcards help your child achieve that authority.


  • You get a pack of 56, two-sided cards with a total of 108 words for a child to learn.
  • A rounded edge on each card allows for stacking the cards with the right orientation.
  • The assortment of words available with the cards creates an opportunity to play a wide variety of games.
  • The cards are made from durable material and can withstand long hours of play.

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3. Best Durable And Angled Edges: Picture Words Flashcards

Picture Words Flashcards


If you want to teach your child about animals, clothing, and everyday objects, then these flashcards can be a good pick to serve that purpose.


  • The 96 cards are divided into various categories, such as animals, clothing, transportation, colors, safety signs, common shapes, and common objects.
  • The pictures on the cards are actual photographs of objects instead of illustrations. This can make it more convenient for a child to understand the objects.
  • The letters and images are large enough for a child to read, even from a distance, comfortably.
  • The cards are durable and have angled edges for easy stacking.

4. Best For Teaching Periodic Table: Merka Periodic Table Flashcards

Merka Periodic Table Flashcards


Does your older child have difficulty memorizing the periodic table? If yes, these periodic table flashcards by Merka can help teach them about the chemical elements.


  • There is a card each for every element present in the periodic table. Each card contains all the essential details of an element on it, including the atomic number and atomic mass of the element.
  • The cards also contain the name of common objects that contain the element.
  • The text on each of the 118 cards is easy to read. The font size is large too.
  • The cards are pocket-sized and can be carried easily.

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5. Best For Teaching Multiple Concepts: Star Right Flashcards Set of 4

Star Right Flashcards Set of 4


This set lets you stack a shape, number, letter, and color flashcard for teaching the child multiple concepts easily.


  • Each set of flashcards targets specific learning areas such as shapes, alphabet, first words, and colors & shapes.
  • The ‘first words’ cards come with a detailed colored illustration of the object or item mentioned on the card.
  • The ‘number cards’ have drawings of different items in quantity equivalent to the number written on the card.
  • Each set gets a ring to stack the cards together. You can also stack different cards together to play a game or make learning easy for the child.

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6. Best For Teaching Multiplication And Division: Three-Corner Multiplication and Division Flashcards

Three-Corner Multiplication and Division Flashcards


These flashcards are shaped like a triangle and help the child grasp the math concepts of multiplication and division.


  • Each corner of the card has a number, on both sides. The set consists of 46 cards.
  • The red-colored numbers in each of the two corners have to be multiplied to achieve the answer, printed in purple on the third corner of the triangle.
  • Playing with the cards can be fun when parents hide the answer with their finger and leave the child to do the math.
  • A notch at the bottom of the card makes it easy to stack the cards in the correct order.
  • The cards come in a cover that is also shaped like a triangle for a snug fit.

7. Best For Teaching Alphabets: Brighter Child Alphabet Flashcards

Brighter Child Alphabet Flashcards


Cartoon illustrations make learning letters fun. These cards cover all letters of the alphabet.


  • The pack consists of 54 cards. Each card has an illustration of an animal or an object with a name that starts with the letter.
  • The name of the object illustrated is not mentioned on the cards. This provides an opportunity for parent-child interaction.
  • Drawings on the card are that of animals, fruits, and other objects that the child would find interesting and attractive.
  • There is a card each for the letter’s uppercase and lowercase version.

8. Best For Improving Memory And Learning: Melissa & Doug Smarty Pants Preschool Card Set

Melissa & Doug Smarty Pants Preschool Card Set

The Smartypants set of cards comes neatly stacked in a container resembling a pair of trousers.


  • You can pick a set of cards from four options, each targeted at children of a specific age group: kindergarten, preschool, first grade, and second grade.
  • Each set consists of 120 durable cards, stacked in two rows within a case covered by a plastic lid.
  • The cards contain a variety of teaching techniques, including tongue-twisters, picture puzzles, mazes, math challenges, vocabulary builders, and more.
  • Each card contains an illustration that makes learning and memorizing easy.

9. Best For Developing Numerical Skills: School Zone Numbers 1-100 Flashcards

School Zone Numbers 1-100 Flashcards


A child who is learning basic math will spend a lot of time counting from numbers 1 to 100. Make that enjoyable with the use of these 1-100 flashcards.


  • The numbers 1-50 are written on one side of the card while the numbers 51-100 are written on the other side. It limits the number of cards used and helps save space.
  • A single rounded edge makes it easy to stack the cards in the correct orientation.
  • There are bonus cards as well to teach the child odd and even numbers.
  • The large font size of the numbers makes it easy for a child to read.

10. Best For Simplifying Multiplication: Star Right Education Multiplication Flashcards

Star Right Education Multiplication Flashcards


Is your child overwhelmed by multiplication of numbers? This set of 169 cards from Star Right can make multiplication tables feel like child’s play.


  • It has a simple design with the question on one side, and the question with the answer on the other side. The child can write down their answer in the space provided on one side.
  • The large font of the numbers makes it easy for a child to read.
  • Each card is designed to fit conveniently into tiny hands. The rounded edges of the card also make it convenient to hold.
  • A hole punched on each end of the card allows you to slide the cards through a metal ring that comes with the set of cards.

11. Best For Understanding Basic Concepts: Playskool Flashcards Value Pack

Playskool Flashcards Value Pack


These flashcards from Playskool help the child learn the basic concepts such as numbers, colors, the letters of the alphabet, and first words.


  • You get four sets of cards, one each for the alphabet, numbers, first words, and shapes & colors.
  • The ‘number cards’ have a number and illustration to denote the number. It could help the child learn better.
  • The alphabet card contains a letter in both uppercase and lowercase. There is also an illustration of an object that its name that begins with the specific letter.
  • Each card set comes in its very own outer packaging so that you can store them neatly after playtime.

What Are Flashcards?

A flashcard contains a question or image on one side with an answer or explanation on the other. Some flashcards contain text and illustration on one side, with additional illustrations plus the description on the other.

Flashcards make it convenient for a child to understand and memorize various concepts and are useful to teach multiple school subjects.

How To Select Flashcards For Kids?

Remember the following points when selecting flashcards for a child:

  1. Ease of understanding: A card with a question on one side and the answer on another is simple and easy to understand.
  1. Large font: Give preference to cards that feature letter and numbers printed in large fonts. Large fonts make it easy to read and help toddlers process the information faster.
  1. Attractive illustrations: Drawings and illustrations of animals or popular animated characters may increase a child’s interest in learning, thus making learning interesting.
  1. Easy to organize: Some flashcards manufacturers punch a hole at the corner of the cards and provide a metal ring to stack the cards together. Such features could help parents organize the cards neatly after playtime.

Flashcards make learning easy and may even speed up the rate of learning. Parental involvement could help the child better interpret the information present on a flashcard. Therefore, make flashcards a part of family playtime. You could also look at other flashcards for general knowledge, science, and pop culture, which the older kids and the parents can all play with.

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What’s your opinion on the use of flashcards for kids? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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