13 Best Floor Lamps for Bright Lights in 2021

Best Floor Lamps for Bright Lights

Whether contemporary or vintage, minimal or glamorous, floor lamps can fit any niche. Perfect for living room, bedroom, office, or even outdoor, they can add the much-needed allure to any space or room. They bring illumination to the desired area according to your need, mood, and desire.

Types Of Floor Lamps

Listed below are the types of floor lamps.

  1. Tree floor lamp: Similar to a tree, several branches protrude from the main branch (pole) in this floor lamp. Also known as the candelabra floor lamp, it has three to four branches with bulbs at the end.
  2. Arched lamp: It allows easy rotation of the light direction and is best suitable for places, including behind the table, sofa, and chairs.
  3. Classic floor lamp: It is a strong and standard lamp having one light covered with a lampshade and a stationary base.
  4. Torchiere floor lamp: It offers light in the upward direction and is suitable for a dark room.
  5. Task lights: These lights are slender and minimal, with a tall adjustable shaft and a flexible body. You can also bend them over the surface or the table.

13 Best Floor Lamps for Bright Lights

1. Brightech LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp

Brightech LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp

With a contemporary design and a brushed look, this light serves as one of the best living room floor lamps. It has an adjustable head and a built-in three-way dimmer. The LEDs illuminate your room with a bright white light, and they have a shelf life of over 20 years. Weighing seven pounds, this floor lamp has three brightness settings, easy to assemble, and works with 110v-220v outlets.


  • Can be plugged in standard AC outlets
  • Compatible with Alexa and other smart home devices too
  • Touch switch style
  • Bright LED light doesn’t heat up


  • Dimmer switch might sometimes create a problem
  • Plugging cord is short

2. Simple Designs Linen Shade Floor Lamp

Simple Designs Linen Shade Floor Lamp

With a pull chain on/off switch, it has a linen shade that casts a warm and soft glow. It has versatile storage options where you can display plants, books, and frames. The lamp uses 120v CFL bulbs.


  • Serves as a storage solution and a space organizer
  • Blends in with any home decor
  • Linen shade diffuses the light evenly, giving it a sophisticated look
  • Easy to assemble


  • Edges are rough and not smooth
  • Might give it a crooked look

3. MirocoLED Floor Lamp

MirocoLED Floor Lamp

Miroco’sLED floor lamp features four adjustable color temperatures and brightness levels. The flexible neck allows easy rotation. It has a black metal body, and the LED floor lamp has a lifespan of over 20,0000 hours. Thes table square base is an ultimate space saver.


  • Has a flexible head arm that allows direct light where needed
  • Installation takes only three minutes
  • Solid stability
  • LEDs cast a bright yet a soft light


  • Power cord is thin and might worn out after some uses
  • Doesn’t come with tactile on/off buttons
  • Controls are towards the head of the lamp, so the user has to stand up or bend for changing it

4. JoofoFloor Lamp

JoofoFloor Lamp

Joofo’smodern LED floor lamp comes in multiple controlled ways. It has an add-on touch control, three color temperatures, and glare-free light. The product can be rotated through 350° and tilted to any angle. It has a space-saver design and a stable base to make it stand firm in any house corner.


  • Super bright and no flicking
  • Touch control functions
  • Energy-efficient
  • Connects with all smart devices


  • Remote control has a short-range
  • Installation may not be easy
  • Touch controls can sometimes stop working

5. Elegant Designs 3 Light Floor Lamp

Elegant Designs 3 Light Floor Lamp

With champagne scalloped glass shades, this bright floor lamp for the living room has a restoration bronze finish. The switches are located on the socket of the main light. It is easy to assemble and gives a chic look to your decor. Measuring 13×21.5x71in,the product can also serve as a reading lamp.  It comes with a rotary socket and incandescent bulbs.


  • Easy to assemble with crystal clear instructions
  • Elegant soft warm light
  • Made from superior quality metal
  • Sturdy and a heavy base


  • Two lower lamps are not easily adjustable
  • Inconvenient design since you cannot operate the switches while sitting
  • Not a dimmable floor lamp

6. Henn&Hart Modern Farmhouse Seeded Floor Lamp

Hart Modern Farmhouse Seeded Floor Lamp

Compatible with smart light bulbs, this floor lamp incorporates an E26 base bulb of 100 watts. Energy-efficient and ideal for any room, it has a seeded glass shade that casts even light into your room. The black bronze finish body adds a modern look to your home environment.


  • Lamp is compatible with energy-efficient bulbs
  • Easy to put together
  • Space saver sleek design that fits in any corner of the room
  • Stable and firm base


  • Does not include bulbs
  • Does not have a dimmer
  • May cause flickering

7. Light It! By Fulcrum, Wireless Magnifying Floor Lamp

Light It! By Fulcrum, Wireless Magnifying Floor Lamp

With wireless technology and a large magnifying glass for reading, this product is equipped with LED floodlight technology. The 12 long-lasting LEDs givegl are-free and bright light, and they last up to 10,000 hours. The lamp weighs only 12oz, making it portable. It has a brushed white plastic body.


  • Can be used with batteries
  • Has a long bendable neck
  • Head of the lamp includes a built-in light
  • Suitable for people with macular degeneration


  • Does not come with batteries
  • Power plug is delicate and has to be handled with precision
  • Base is not firm

8. Joofo Living Room Floor lamp

Joofo Living Room Floor lamp

With comfortable and soft LEDs, this stylish-looking floor lamp adds versatility to your home decor. It has three color and temperature modes that provide suitable brightness with an eye-caring function. The product stands tall and has pull-chain controls. It fills your room with a warm amber glow and gives it a comforting and soothing vibe.


  • High-quality fabric drum shade
  • Stable and firm base
  • Compatible with smart plugs
  • You can also replace the shades


  • There is no protection on the wiring of the socket
  • Pull string is delicate
  • Does not have a dimmer switch

9. AmbimallLED Floor Lamp

AmbimallLED Floor Lamp

With 2700K warm white light, this floor lamp gives you natural brightness ideal for reading, relaxing, etc. Its lightweight body can easily be repositioned and can fit seamlessly in any corner of the room. The textured drum shade has a width of 12.95in and a height of 9.05in. It has a stable metal body base.


  • Pedal/footswitch for convenient usage
  • Looks elegant with any home decor
  • Energy-efficient
  • Easy to assemble


  • Bulb is not included
  • Shades are held together by Velcro and are not sturdy
  • Doesn’t include instructions

10. HueLiv Super Bright Floor Lamp

HueLiv Super Bright Floor Lamp

The tall slim floor lamp has a smart control that can be operated from your smart device. You can easily change the color, intensity, and other functions. This smart LED floor lamp has 8 scenes and 16 million colors. The base is around 2.2kg ensuring sturdy support and comes with Bluetooth, remote, and music sync. It is compatible with Alexa and other smart devices.


  • Includes a touch, APP, and voice control
  • Soft natural light does not irritate to your eyes
  • Saves energy
  • You can control lights through the timer


  • Connecting and pairing the lamp with the mobile application can be tricky
  • Might emit a loud pitch noise during the pairing for color changing
  • Instructions might be a little tricky to understand

11. Pazzo Floor Lamps

Pazzo Floor Lamps

Made from real solid wood and easy to assemble, Pazzo’s lamp is one of the decorative floor lamps for the living room. It has two fast-chargingUSB ports and one power outlet function. The three LED bulbs and a three-tier wood panel allows you to decorate vases, frames, etc. It has a classic vintage style that is the perfect blend of minimalism and modernism.


  • You can change the color of the wood according to your taste
  • Base is sturdy enough to be placed on a carpet also
  • Power cord is as long as 5.9ft
  • Includes tools and screwdrivers for easy installation


  • Instructions are not easily understandable
  • USB ports might stop working
  • Not dimmable

12. AddlonLED Floor Lamp

AddlonLED Floor Lamp

Addlon’s LED lamp could be a good choice for your room for its chic finish. The glass shades provide modernity, elegance and the golden body adds sophistication. It has a heavy circular firm base so that pets, children, or the aged do not trip over it.


  • Energy-saving and long-lasting
  • Footswitch for easy operation
  • Compatible with Alexa, Apple Home Kit, Google home assistant, and other smart home devices
  • Screw-in LED gives plenty of light


  • Foot press might not work sometimes
  • Pole might lean in front since the tip section is not threaded
  • Glass shades are delicate and need extreme precision while handling

13. LeeZMModern Floor Lamp

LeeZMModern Floor Lamp

LeeZMfloor lamp has an elegant appearance and an adjustable light head. It includes three medium base bulbs ideal for reading. The metal shade material gives it a rustic look that adds firmness to the product. It has an easy plug-and-play installation and a convenient, easy-to-operate step-on switch.


  • You can rotate adjustable mesh shades in your desired direction
  • Has a smart plug
  • Compatible with any bulb
  • Steady base ensures stability


  • Height of the lampshades cannot be adjusted
  • Step-on switch is delicate and should be used carefully

Things To Consider While Choosing The Right Floor lamp

Here are some factors to consider to choose the best floor lamp.

1. Budget:

Choose a floor lamp that not only fits your budget but has supreme quality within that price range.

2. Type of usage:

Task lighting, accent lighting, and ambient lighting are the three fundamental uses of a floor lamp. Task lighting intensifies the contrast, accent lighting generates visual interest, and ambient lighting lamps allow even lighting throughout the room. Choose the one that suits your usability.

3. Base:

Look for a strong base made from metal, wood, steel, etc. If the base is wider, it will stand firmly without easily falling down.

4. Height:

Choose a lamp, either small or tall, to provide sufficient light in the activity area.

5. Lampshade and bulbs:

Lampshades add versatility to your lamp. You can customize them to match your home decor. Choose lamps with pre-installed energy-saving bulbs and which emit no heat. You can use LEDs, CFLs, and other alternatives.

We hope the above-mentioned information is sufficient to give you insights into floor lamps and enable you to make the best and smart choice. Choose the sturdy, energy-efficient, and modish floor light to brighten up your space.

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