11 Best FM Radios In India 2024

Despite the technological advancements in the fast-paced era that we’re living in, we do tend to enjoy certain things conventionally, don’t we? FM radios are one such versatile and traditional forms of communication that still hasn’t gone out of style.

Whether we’re on a road trip, enjoying a drive in the city, or just lazing around the house, FM radios make an ideal companion to any relaxing scenario. Sometimes, radios even come with other useful features like the record button, which can be used for teaching and training purposes. Here’s our list of the 11 best FM radio in India to tune in and play your favorite music!

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11 Best FM Radio In India

1. Sony ICF-306 Portable AM FM Radio

What can beat the joy of listening to music on the radio? Nothing! Sony’s ICF-306 AM and FM radio is here to kindle your nostalgia and give you the thrill you’ve missed all these days. This compact radio comes with LR6 x 2 batteries that withstand 100 hours of continuous usage for you to throw a never-ending music party. It also features a headphone socket so that you can listen to your personal favorites in peace! It is portable and has a built-in carrying handle. With other features like LED tuning and battery status indicators, this is undoubtedly one of the best FM radios in India available online.

2. Saregama Carvaan Mini 2.0

Who wouldn’t be mesmerized by and wouldn’t secretly shake a leg to old Hindi classics? We know we would! The Saregama Carvaan Mini anticipated our desire to listen to the old hits and came up with this little red box preloaded with 351 evergreen Hindi songs. With its 3.5 mm audio jack and aux port, you can connect this radio to speakers, headphones, and any other device. It can be charged with any android charger and lasts up to 5 hours of non-stop music. Available in 5 different and exciting colors, one cannot merely ignore Saregama while looking for radios in India.

3. Onix Melody Delux Portable Rechargeable Radio

If you’re looking for the most advanced radio system that offers a dynamic auditory experience, look no further than the Onix Melody Delux radio. With its magnificent vintage design, this radio will surely take you back to the good old days. This FM radio player with USB supports the TF card with an in-built TF slot and is also Bluetooth-enabled. This FM /AM / SW radio is portable and works on external battery support. So, The next time you have a house party, don’t forget to take along this power-packed radio box with you.

4. Panasonic FM Radio Speaker Pocket Player – RF-50D

This portable FM radio with speakers will effortlessly slide into your pocket with its slim design so that you can enjoy music wherever you want. It has a hand strap for convenience, and the analog-digital tuning lets you manually switch between AM and FM stations with ease. It also features an LED indicator showing the status of the frequency tuning. You can also connect your headphones to this radio and listen to your secret playlist.

5. Pagaria Retro Portable Radio

This one’s a fine blend of vintage and modern. With its classic retro design and modern functionality, this Pagaria retro portable radio indeed is a good buy if you’re looking for good radios in India available online. The big glass knob with 5 W sound output, and Bluetooth, USB, and TF functions are all the features that make this radio stand out. Its user-friendly functionality and crystal clear audio make it an ideal gift for people of all ages.

6. Toshiba Portable Pocket Radio – TX-PR20

This Toshiba radio and its portable features might surprise you with its crystal clear audio. If you love long bike rides and don’t prefer using headphones, take this beauty with you and experience seamless music while you travel. It is compact and lasts up to 8 hours. It supports AM and FM and is battery-powered. It also has an AUX socket, which you can connect your radio to other devices.

7. Amkette Pocket FM Multimedia Speaker

This one from Amkette is not just your ordinary radio. It is a portable one that can be used as a speaker and an emergency flashlight. Its wide range of playback options makes this one something you cannot miss out on. Connect your favorite devices, including your MP3, to this radio using the USB socket or an SD card. You can also connect it to your PC with any other operating system. Its 1800 mAh li-ion battery lasts up to 12 hours, and the powerful emergency flashlight lasts up to 8 hours. The FM antenna provides good reception so that you can enjoy broadcasts without any interruptions.

8. Zoook Rocker Boombox Atom Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This one has to be the best FM radio player with the latest Bluetooth technology. Its uber-cool design and ultra-clear audio will surely catch everybody’s attention. It has got the finest FM connectivity with an external antenna for good reception. With USB, AUX, and TF features and loud bass radiators, this radio would be your best buy if you’re someone who loves to dance to loud music.

9. Philips DL167 FM Radio

Don’t miss out on this cordless radio by Philips, which comes with multiple benefits and comforts! With its tabletop form and sturdy grip, this radio makes it convenient for us to clean and maintain. It also features a power on/off button and wireless connectivity to ensure easy and ergonomic handling. Plus, the volume and tuning control of this compact FM radio delivers efficiency. Powered by batteries, this radio saves us from hefty energy bills too!

10. SaleOn Rechargeable Portable Radio

Check out this incredible radio by SaleOn, which offers productive sound quality to keep you entertained! With its appealing design and dual battery-powered form, this is sure to deliver style with comfort. This voice amplifier has a feature of a wired headset mic which allows you to use it as a recording device, too, by merely inserting a TF card / USB disk. Also, this device is ideal for teaching, guiding, and training purposes with a power output of 5 W.

11. Sonilex SL-413 Rechargeable FM Radio

Are you looking for a convenient FM radio, which would be your perfect companion during outdoor visits? Well, say hello to this one by Sonilex, offering the best features. The most exciting part of this radio is its rechargeable feature, making it easy for us to use. Besides this, it comes with a USB / SD card player for enjoying your favorite playlists. This portable radio is battery-powered and thus, relieving you from excess electricity bills.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

Now that you’re aware of the best FM radio in India, learn more about how to select the right one with the help of our buying guide.

How To Choose The Best FM Radio In India?

  • Battery

Batteries come in various materials, but you need to choose the right one for prolonged battery life. Choose radio batteries made from lithium-ion and lithium-ion polymer as they last for around 16-24 months. They also provide a longer charge, relieving you from charging and changing batteries frequently. Battery-powered radios are more efficient than electric ones as they help you conserve power consumption and energy bills.

  • Portability

Whenever it comes to FM radios, prefer portability and compactness over bulky, stationary radios. This is to ensure easy handling, usage, and maintenance. Remember to opt for radios with a built-in carrying handle, allowing you to carry the device for trips and other outdoor visits.

  • Recording option

This is one of the most crucial features that an FM radio can come along with. Choose an FM radio that offers microphone features and a socket to insert a TF / SD card or a USB cable. This helps you enjoy your favorite playlists, record audio for official and educational purposes.

Nothing compares to the joy of listening to music on FM radio on a lazy afternoon or when on the road. The best FM radios come with long battery life and can be charged in very little time. Moreover, these radio sets give you access to several radio stations and come with features such as a USB port, SD card slot, AUX socket, and microphone features to help you record audio or connect the radio to other devices. In addition, you may also pick one that comes with portable handles and a compact design so that you can carry it with you wherever you go. Further, you may choose between electric and battery-powered radios based on your preference.

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