9 Best Foldable High Chairs In 2022


When you’re shifting from breastfeeding to more solid food, a high chair becomes essential to make sure that your baby is seated upright. Starting from the age of 6 months, all the way up until they are at least 3 years old, your baby will require a high chair, and what better option than to consider one of the best foldable high chairs. They offer convenience, safety, and durability and go a long way in helping your child enjoy their meal-time.

Some of these high-chairs are also lightweight and portable, so you can use them both indoors or even take them out with you. We’ve wound up a list of the 9 best foldable high chairs for you to pick from!

9 Best Foldable High Chairs

1. Infans High Chair For Babies And Toddlers

Feeding your baby or encouraging self-feeding can be a tricky task, but with the Infans High Chair For Babies and Toddlers, the whole process can get a lot easier. The easy-to-install high chair is designed with high-quality materials and has a stable pyramid structure for your convenience. With 7 levels of height adjustability, this high chair grows with your child, and also has a backrest with 5 adjustable positions. It’s also easy to clean and has a 5-point safety belt along with smooth edges on the tray to ensure safety around your little one.


  • Removable PP top tray
  • Detachable and easy-to-fix trays
  • Foldable and saves space
  • 3-length adjustable footrest

2. Heao Foldable High Chair

When you’re on the lookout for one of the best foldable high chairs, you will also want to consider features like durability, easy cleaning, comfort, style, and safety. That’s where the Heao Foldable High Chair comes in with its multi-functionality and compact design. This foldable high chair comes with wheels, 5-angle reclining, and adjustable height settings that allow you to also use it as an indoor stroller or a baby recliner. Choose from 7 height levels to ensure that your baby feels accompanied, as well as 5 reclining angles for that little post-meal nap!


  • 3-setting footrest
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Upholstered by buttery soft and wipe-clean PU

3. Veyoo Portable Baby High Chair

You’re going to want to check out the Veyoo Portable Baby High Chair that comes in handy when you’re traveling because it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The fast-fold design can be set up and disassembled in less than minutes. It also comes with a removable tray and carrying bag, making it more convenient and portable. The foldable high chair also comes with a carrying bag and an easy clean-up design that makes your baby’s mealtime a relaxing experience.


  • Has a 5-point safety belt
  • Comes with a storage bag at the back
  • Machine-washable
  • Free removable tray

4. Infans Baby High Chair

There’s nothing better than a high chair design that grows with your baby, and the Infans Baby High Chair does just that! This high chair has 7 height adjustment options and a 3-position footrest adjustment feature with a multifunctional adjustment feature. The chair also has a detachable and breathable cushion with a 4-position seat recline so your baby can relax and take a post-lunch nap. The stable and safe support is backed by solid steel legs and in-built rear pulleys for easy navigation.


  • Removable double trays
  • Fixed safety baffle
  • Comes with a large storage basket
  • Compact, free-standing fold
  • Has a 5-point safety harness

5. Han-MM 3-In-1 Baby High Chair

The Han-MM 3-In-1 Baby High Chair makes shifting from a high-chair to a small chair to a toddler chair seem convenient and straightforward. The 1-click fold baby high chair is easy to carry and saves space, making it a feasible option to use both indoors and outdoors. It comes with a 3-point adjustable harness that keeps your baby secure and safe and removes them easily when you want to take them off the chair. The removable tray that comes with this high chair makes feeding and cleaning easier because you can unlatch and remove it when you’re done.


  • PU cushion for stress-free cleaning
  • Adjusts to grow with your child
  • BPA-free and heat resistant
  • Stable support chair feet

6. Funny Supply 1-Push Button Folding High Chair

Whether you’re at home or on the road, a high chair is vital to maintain a regular feeding schedule for your little one. The foldable design is compact and made of sturdy material, and has a stable structure that is both lightweight and portable. The 3-point harness, sturdy x-shape, and adjustable footrest offer maximum safety. Once your child has finished their meal, you can easily clean the removable tray and the removable PU leather seat cushion.


  • Ideal for babies between 6 months and 3 years
  • Holds up to 50 lbs
  • Dishwasher-safe tray
  • Adjustable footrest

7. MyTime Adjustable High Chair

The MyTime Adjustable High Chair Description has a design that grows with your child until they turn 3 years old. You can choose this ergonomic design with a reclining backrest and footrest to ensure that your little one is comfortable all the time. With its 4-position heigh-adjustability, this high chair accommodates your growing baby and allows you to sit without straining during mealtime. This one also has a leatherette seat for convenient cleaning and a dishwasher-safe tray cover.


  • Slim and collapsible
  • Portable and extra compact
  • Rear wheels for easy movement
  • Unisex design

8. AM : PM Leopard Fitzrovia High Chair

Hey fashionable mommy, this one’s for you! The AM : PM Leopard Fitrovia High Chair is from the range of fashion-led baby high chairs that feature a super stylish leopard pattern. It comes with a black frame and is easy to use and keep clean. The sleek high chair has a 2-part dishwasher-safe removable tray that you can detach after mealtime and clip on the back of the high chair. The easy-fold design makes it simple to store after it has been used and stands freely when folded, so you can go about your day without worrying about the chair.


  • Stowable
  • 3-position recline
  • Comes with 6 height settings
  • Has an extra-padded comfy seat

9. One-2-Stay Portable Travel High Chair

It’s compact, lightweight, and safe, and that’s what makes the One-2-Stay Portable Travel High Chair one of the best foldable high chairs for you. The secure chair weighs about 5.5 lbs and comes with a comfortable carrying bag that you can take with you whenever you’re heading out. It also has a dual locking system that is hidden to avoid accidental collapsing, as well as a 5-point harness for added security. Choose this high chair with an adjustable backrest and extra storage baskets below and on the sides for your absolute convenience.


  • Quick fold and unfold mechanism
  • Hard plastic tray is removable
  • Handwashable
  • Seat is made of polyester and burn-resistant foam
  • Easy to clean

Those were some of the 9 best foldable high chairs that every young mommy and baby will love. You can choose one depending on your personal preferences, but if you are still confused about picking just one, then we’ve got our buying guide to help you!

How To Choose The Right Foldable High Chair

  • Space taken

While looking for the right foldable high chair for your baby, you will also want to consider it’s size and how much space it will occupy. Ideally, the best high chairs are compact and portable, so that they can be stored away easily after use. You can look for options that are slim, collapsible, and maybe even ones that come with a storage bag so you can put it away easily.

  • Durability

The best foldable high chairs offer durability and are often made of materials that last longer. Remember to invest in a high chair that can grow with your baby so that you can use it well as they are growing. Look for a chair that is suitable for babies upto the age of 3 years, so you can use them starting from feeding them, all the way until they are ready to self-feed.

  • Maintenance

Feeding your baby can get messy, and what you really need is an easy cleaning method to ensure that maintaining the high chair is easy. Look for easy-to-clean leather-based covers because they can be either washed in the dishwasher, or cleaned with a sponge.

  • Tray type

When you’re looking for a high-chair, the feeding tray that comes with it is what your baby will be using the most. So make sure you look for a tray that is removable and can be cleaned easily, either by running it under water or with a clean cloth. You can also look for adjustable, wide, and sturdy trays that will go a long way in helping you during the feeding process.

One of the most feasible ways to ensure safety and convenience is to use a high chair to keep your baby upright during mealtimes. While the primary concern will always lie in what you are feeding your child, the right foldable high chair can go that extra mile to make sure your little one transitions easily into consuming solid food. Choosing a foldable high chair makes storing the chair after it has been used a simple and hassle-free task. The foldability also ensures that you can carry it around with you and set it up wherever you like. You can choose from a list of some of the best available options for you and make sure that your baby is safe and you’re content during meal times.

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