17 Best Food Dehydrators To Buy In 2021


One of the reasons many food items go bad and lose their taste is because of the presence of moisture. The best food dehydrator helps you safely remove the moisture from food and keep it edible for a longer time. It is highly effective for fruits and vegetables, which can be dehydrated to be eaten during off-seasons.

Dehydrators usually employ a heating element and a blower to get rid of excess moisture. They come in a wide range of capacities and power. In this post, we will help you choose one that best meets your needs.

Benefits Of Dehydrating Food

Fresh food is healthy, as is dehydrated or dried food. Here are some of the reasons why you should make dehydrated food a part of your routine diet. 

  1. Free of preservatives: Dehydrated food is usually raw and all-natural, free of any contamination. None of the nutritional components are lost in the dehydrating process, making dehydrated foods a good source of nutrients and enzymes that we required daily. 
  1. Minimizes waste: Dehydrating eliminates throwing out the excess food items and spoilage as it increases the products’ shelf life. 
  1. Economical: Dehydrating food is extremely cost-efficient as it saves regular trips to the grocery store and prevents you from buying snacks with hidden sugar, preservatives, fats, and artificial ingredients. 
  1. Easy to store: Dehydrating shrinks the size of food items, making it much easier to keep them in jars or bags and clear outa lot of space in your kitchen. 
  1. Suitable for plant-based diet: Dehydrated fruits and vegetables are a big part of a plant-based diet. These food items provide a sufficient amount of nutrients and fiber intake essential for dietary needs.

17 Best Food Dehydrators To Buy

1. Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator

Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator

The Nesco dehydrator has a modern and compact design, which makes it super-easy to use. It has five stackable food trays, which can be extended to 12 trays. The fan located at the top enhances its performance, and its solid mesh sheet makes it versatile and useful in making different recipes.

It works on the Converga-flow drying system, which is unique and creates horizontal and vertical airflow. The snack maker works on600wpower to offer high-quality service. 


  • Large capacity
  • Easy to maintain
  • Quick to use
  • BPA-free drying trays
  • Recipe book included


  • Doesn’t have a power button

2. Cosori Premium Food Dehydrator Machine

Cosori Premium Food Dehydrator Machine

The Cosori dehydrator is a desirable product that works on a 600w power unit and has six stainless steel food trays to meet your family’s needs. You can customize the temperature from 95° to 165°Fand time from 30 minutes to 48 hours based on the recipe. Its auto-shutoff feature saves you from the hassle and makes the process more secure. It hasa touch-control LED with durable and easy-to-clean trays.


  • Durable and effective
  • Automatic timer
  • Easy to clean
  • Not too noisy
  • Easy-to-monitor front door


  • Only one mesh screen included

3. Excalibur Deluxe Dehydrator

Excalibur Deluxe Dehydrator

Excalibur’s dehydrator is a large device with nine trays and 15sqft drying space that can process several food items in one go. It has a rear fan that distributes heat evenly across all trays and an adjustable thermostat temperature control to change from105° to 165°F. The machineworks on Hyperwave technology that dries the food faster from outside and inside. And its horizontal airflow prevents the flavors from getting mixed up.


  • No need to rotate trays
  • Easy maintenance
  • Large space to process
  • Efficient drying
  • Nine stackable plates
  • Easy to remove and clean


  • Could be a little noisy

4. Hamilton Beach Digital Food Dehydrator

Hamilton Beach Digital Food Dehydrator

The 500w Hamilton dehydrator is a compact appliance with multiple features. It has five stacking trays and can be stored conveniently. With a transparent lid on the top, checking its progress becomes easier.

The adjustable digital thermostat lets you set the temperature from 100° to 160°F and pause in between to switch trays. The cover includes a ventilation mesh,and the machine has a programmable timer of 48 hours and an auto-shutoff feature to prevent overrun.


  • Auto-shutoff
  • Easy to program
  • Simple to clean
  • Constant airflow provided


  • Could have uneven heat distribution

5. Presto Dehydro Digital Electric Food Dehydrator

Presto Dehydro Digital Electric Food Dehydrator

The Presto dehydrator hasa six-tray stacking system, which is ample to dry various food items. Its heating element and fan are at the bottom to provide consistent airflow. The nesting trays can be expanded to 12 trays for added drying capacity and easystorage. It has an adjustable thermostat from90° to 165°F and a programmable timer that can be set from 30 minutes to 48 hours.


  • Easy to operate and clean
  • User-friendly design
  • Two fruit roll-up sheets
  • Two nonstick mesh screens
  • Easy-to-clean parts


  • Could be a little noisy

6. Magic Mill Commercial Food Dehydrator

Magic Mill Commercial Food Dehydrator

The Magic Mill food dehydrator has seven removable stainless steel racks, two fine mesh sheets, two fruit leather trays, and one set of oven mitts. It has durable,high-quality stainless steel trays that are adjustable and can dry a significant amount of food items. The dehydrator has a programmable timer with auto-shutoff that ensures safety against overheating.

It has simple controls and a digital thermostat to preset temperature in the range of 95° to167°F to dry specific food items. There is no need to rotate the shelves as the 600w device provides even airflow to all trays.


  • Dishwasher-safe trays
  • Drip tray at the bottom prevents leaks
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • See-through front case


  • May consume more power

7. Nesco Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator

Nesco Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator

The 1000w Nesco Gardenmaster dehydrator comes with eight trays and can be expanded to 30 trays to dry food items in bulk. It works on the Converga-flow air system for even heat distribution across all trays. You don’t have to rotate the trays as the device’s powerful motor dries off the food items quickly.

The device has a programmable digital timer and an adjustable thermostat that ranges between 95°and160°F, and it includes eight fruit roll sheets, eight mesh screens, a bonus recipe book, and a jerky spice pack.


  • Doesn’t transfer flavor
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Suitable for bulk drying
  • Easy-to-clean dehydrator trays


  • Doesn’t have a clear exterior

8. Cosori Food Dehydrator Machine 

Cosori Food Dehydrator Machine 

The Cosori dehydrator has a compact design with a high power output of 450w. It has a sleek look with five BPA-free stackable plastic trays that effectively works for50 different recipes. The unit has a temperature range from  95 to 165°F and a digital timer from 30 minutes to 48 hours with an auto-shutoff feature.It is white and features a digital display with an LED screen. The machine has an extra mesh screen, a fruit roll sheet, and a free recipe note.


  • Easy to maneuver and clean
  • Good shelf life
  • Easy-to-use touch controls
  • Unique and durable design


  • May not dry food evenly

9. Ivation Commercial Food Dehydrator Machine

Ivation Commercial Food Dehydrator Machine

The 600w Ivation dehydrator is a stainless steel device with a rear-mounted fan for uniform drying from all angles. The device’s timer can be preset from30 minutes to 24 hours and has a temperature range of 95 to 167°F. It has six spacious trays and a drip tray at the bottom to collect any residue from the drying process.


  • Safe to use
  • Made of BPA-free materials
  • Simple control panel
  • Large capacity
  • Minimal noise
  • Dishwasher-safe trays


  • May take a lot of space

10. Homdox Food Dehydrator Machine

Homdox Food Dehydrator Machine

The Homdox Dehydrator has eight stackable trays and operates on 400w power. It has an adjustable temperature range of  95° to 158°F and a programmed timer with an auto-shutoff feature. With a bottom-mounted fan and heating element,you can be assured of consistent airflow for optimum drying.


  • Easy to clean and use
  • Dishwasher-safe trays and tray-liners
  • Doesn’t require tray rotation
  • LCD for temperature setting


  • Fruits take a bit longer to dry

11. Cuisinart Food Dehydrator

Cuisinart Food Dehydrator

The oval-shaped Cuisinart dehydrator has five stackable trays, which can be expanded to nine trays based on the requirement. It has a powerful 620wbottom-mounted fan that enables efficient and even heat distribution. The machine has five adjustable temperature settings for different types of food and includes one roll-up fruit sheet and a dishwasher-safelid.


  • Ample space
  • Compact design
  • Five temperature settings
  • Easy to store
  • Expandable trays for more space


  • No automated timer
  • Requires constant tray rotation

12. Elechomes Food Dehydrator

Elechomes Food Dehydrator

The Elechomes dehydrator has six stackable BPA-free trays, each has two adjustable heights for bulk drying. It has a digital control panel with a temperature range between 95°and158°F and an adjustable timer from 30 minutes to 72 hours, which ensures accurate drying time and prevents overheating.

The model has transparent trays, which makes it easy to monitor. The package includes a recipe book for beginners, one mesh screen, and one fruit roll sheet.


  • Retains flavors
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable and portable
  • Overheat protection feature
  • 18months of customer service


  • Could be a little noisy

13. Vivohome Electric Food Dehydrator

Vivohome Electric Food Dehydrator

The Vivohome Dehydrator has a stainless steel base and eight BPA-free plastic trays. It operates at optimum power of 400w with a 97% vitamin and mineral retention rate. The machine has an adjustable temperature that can be set between95°and158°F.


  • Detachable parts make it easy to use and maintain
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • High nutrient retention rate
  • Stainless steel base
  • Has a timer for convenience


  • Could be small for some

14. Ostba Food Dehydrator Machine

Ostba Food Dehydrator Machine

The Ostba dehydrator works at a stable power of 240w and has five BPA-free trays that are easy to clean. It has an adjustable temperature control that ranges from 96° to 158. The dehydrator has a single button for power on and off and a knob to rotate and set the temperature. It works on the Circu smart 360˚ airflow circulation system for even dehydration across all trays.


  • Easy to use
  • Makes less noise
  • Has simple setting features
  • A bonus recipe book included


  • Could be time-consuming

15. GoWise USA Air Fryer & Food Dehydrator

GoWise USA Air Fryer & Food Dehydrator

The GoWise air fryer and dehydrator is a large appliance with 17 quarts capacity, suitable for various food items. It has a touch screen display with eight cooking presets and an adjustable temperature range of  90° to 170℉.

The package includes five dehydrating trays, a rotisserie rod and forks, rotisserie tongs, skewer rotisserie, rotisserie cage, drip pan, and a shallow mesh basket. It is made of high-quality, durable stainless steel and is easy to clean. You also get 50 air fryer and 20 dehydrator recipes in a book.


  • Auto-shutoff feature
  • Large capacity
  • 24 hours timer
  • Easy-to-use touch screen
  • All accessories included


  • May require continuous tray rotation

16. Elite Gourmet Food Dehydrator

Elite Gourmet Food Dehydrator

The Elite dehydrator has five stackable BPA-free trays and works on 350w power, ensuring easy and fast drying. It has an adjustable temperature that ranges from 95° to 158℉. The base-mounted fan ensures horizontal airflow and has a vented lid for easy dehydration. The see-through body of the unit makes it easy to monitor.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable and adjustable
  • Easy to store and use
  • Dishwasher-safe parts


  • May have to shift the trays

17. VVinRc Food Dehydrator

VVinRc Food Dehydrator

The VVinRc dehydrator is a durable stainless steel machine with eight removable mesh sheets and one drip tray for maximum space utilization. The unit’s time range is 0 to 24 hours,andthe temperature range is from 86° to 194℉. It is easy to operate and allows the freedom to switch the unit between Fahrenheit and Celsius. The dehydrator works on a 360° horizontal and vertical airflow circulation cycle and has400w power with a rear-mounted fan for even drying.


  • Convenient to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Energy-efficient
  • One clip and cookbook included


  • May not be durable

How To Choose The Right Food Drying Machines?

There are several important features you should keep in mind when buying a dehydrator.

  1. Size and capacity: Make sure you pick a dehydrator that suits the shelf space in your kitchen. Also, consider whether you plan on drying a few snacks or many at once. 
  1. Power wattage: Select a low wattage device if your priority is an energy-efficient unit. If you need a more powerful and faster machine than any other average appliance, look for a higher wattage product.
  1. Heat distribution: An ideal food dehydrator should evenly distribute heat at the same rate across all the trays. Before buying any device, ensure that the product has an effective airflow and an even heat distribution system to eliminate the hassle of continuous tray rotation.
  1. Ease of maintenance: While looking at different alternatives, look for a product that is easy to handle and has a simple control panel. Make sure the parts are dishwasher-friendly and easy to clean.
  1. Durability: Dehydrators are either made of high-quality plastic or durable stainless steel. Pick any based on your preferences.
  1. Noise: The device’s noise depends on the fan being used in the model. Do your research and look for a product that is quiet or makes less noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to dehydrate food?

The dehydration time depends on many variables such as the temperature, the moisture content of food, and the quantity of the food being dried.

2. At what temperature should I dry the food?

Here is a rough temperature guide for different food items:

  • Herbs and delicate items-95°F
  • Vegetables-125°F
  • Fruits-135°F
  • Meat and fish -155°F

3. How should I store the dehydrated food?

Any rigid airtight container is a convenient storage method to prevent spoilage. 

Food dehydrators are the best way to preserve your food and store it for long. You can make your favorite apple chips, jerky, and dried mango and relish them off-season or during a long trip. Dry your herb from the kitchen garden to season your pasta and pizzas for a mouthwatering treat. Use the buying guide to pick one from the list of best dehydrators in the post and get one home soon.

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