15 Best Food Thermoses To Maintain The Desired Temperature In 2023

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Enjoy piping hot and fresh meals with our list of the best food thermoses, no matter where you are. A thermos comes with an insulated exterior to maintain the food’s desired temperature for a few hours, whether hot or cold. It can come in handy when packing snacks or fresh fruits for children while going on a picnic or a school trip. Moreover, they may also be useful as a spill-free choice to pack one-pot meals or soups for the entire family on road trips and travels.

Food thermoses come in various designs, shapes, and sizes to suit your requirements. So, read about the available options and pick a suitable one.

Safety Tips To Follow While Using A Thermos

  • Ensure that the food is of the optimum temperature before keeping it in the thermos.
  • Instruct your child or the custodian at school to use the pressure release button to open the lid.
  • If there is no pressure release button, then train your child to open and close the lid of the thermos using the prescribed technique.
  • Do not let food stay in the thermos for more than the recommended time with the lid on.
  • Always clean the thermos thoroughly and regularly check for molds.

15 Best Food Thermoses

1. Thermos Stainless King Food Jar

Thermos Stainless King Food Jar Image: Thermos
Price at the time of publication: $16.99


With a stainless steel interior and exterior, this thermos can hold 16 ounces of food. It is made with vacuum insulation technology that helps in maximum temperature retention for hot and cold foods. This thermos also comes with a serving bowl and a foldable spoon.

Also Recommended By: Thespruceeats, Epicurious and Allrecipes have also chosen Thermos Stainless King Food Jar as one of their favorites.[1]The Best Hot Food Thermoses for a Great Meal Anywhere
[2]Tested and Approved: The Best Food Thermos https://www.epicurious.com/expert-advice/best-food-thermos-article[3]The 7 Best Hot Food Containers to Carry on a Snow Day https://www.allrecipes.com/longform/best-hot-food-containers/


  • Keeps substances hot for seven hours and cold for nine hours
  • Made with durable stainless steel
  • Exterior cold even with hot food inside
  • Sweatproof while cold substances are inside
  • Wide mouth to fill easily
  • Leak-proof lid


  • Size might be too small
  • No separate compartments to keep different foods

2. Thermos Foogo Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Good Jar

Price at the time of publication: $14.87


With a double-walled stainless steel exterior and interior, the Foogo thermos is said to keep the contents cold up to nine hours and warm for up to five hours. It has a capacity of 10oz and comes in five different colors.


  • Durable stainless steel body
  • Vacuum technology that inhibits bacterial growth
  • Wide mouth for easy filling and serving
  • Rubber grip for easy handling
  • Non-slippery and scratch-resistant base
  • Made with BPA-free materials


  • Food particles might get stuck in between the steel upper part and the plastic lid
  • Opening and closing the lid might be difficult
Foogo thermos should be hand washed. However, if you want to wash it in the dishwasher, place it on the top rack.

3. Mira Stainless Steel Lunch Thermos

Price at the time of publication: $15.95


These thermoses come in ten attractive colors and compact sizes. The vacuum insulation and MiraGuard technologies used in making these thermos help in keeping the food hot or cold up to five and ten hours, respectively.


  • Compact size
  • Made with durable 18/8 food-grade stainless steel
  • Wide mouth
  • Matte finish and non-slippery
  • Made with BPA-free materials
  • Easy to carry


  • Hand wash only
  • Lid is hard to clean

4. Simple Modern Container Flask


The Simple Modern thermoses come in three variants of capacities 12oz, 16oz, and 24oz. These flasks have double walls and vacuum insulation, which helps to keep the food hot or cold for hours.


  • Premium copper insulation layer
  • The inner wall is made with 18/8 stainless steel
  • Wide mouth for easy eating and cleaning
  • Insulated lid with an easy-to-hold handle


  • The rubber parts might smell
  • Cleaning the lid could be difficult

5. Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Food Jar

Price at the time of publication: $24.98


This thermos is ideal for packing hot or cold foods for school or while traveling. The double wall with vacuum insulation helps in keeping the contents hot or cold up to 15 hours. This also keeps the outer surface cool when carrying hot foods and sweatproof in case of cold substances.


  • Made with high-quality 18/8 stainless steel
  • Wide mouth opening and a 360° rotating lid
  • Lid can also be used as a bowl
  • Comes with an easy-to-hold handle
  • Easy to clean


  • Might be too heavy to carry for children
  • Plain design

6. Zojirushi Stainless Steel Vacuum Jar

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Vacuum Jar Image: Zojirushi
Price at the time of publication: $45.99


The Zojirushi thermos comes with three separate bowls and a carry bag. The bowls are made of vacuum insulated stainless steel that may keep the contents hot or cold for six hours. These bowls are microwavable and measure 10.5oz, 11.2oz, and 6.8oz, respectively.


  • Separate boxes with lids to store various food items
  • Made with BPA-free plastic
  • Comes with a fork and its protective cover
  • Easy to clean and carry


  • Some may find the bowls too small
  • Liquids might leak

7. Energify Vacuum Insulated Food Jar

Price at the time of publication: $24.99


With a stylish design and vacuum insulation technology, the thermos from Energify could help in keeping your child’s meals hot for 12 hours and cold up to 24 hours. It is made of premium stainless steel and has a non-slip base. There are two variants with capacities 15-17oz and 22-24oz.


  • Durable stainless steel scratch-resistant body
  • Flexible handle to carry easily
  • Special compartment for a foldable spoon
  • Air pressure release button to easily open the lid
  • The lid can also be used as a bowl


  • May not be durable
  • The lid is difficult to clean

8. Lunchbots Thermal Stainless Steel Thermos

Price at the time of publication: $34.99


If you are looking for a simple thermos with a compact design, then do try this model from Lunchbots. It contains triple-layered insulated thermal technology that keeps food cold up to 12 hours and hot up to six hours. It comes in two different colors and has a capacity of 16oz.


  • Compact design and easy to carry
  • Full stainless steel interior
  • Sufficient space to hold two cups of food
  • Insulated and airtight container
  • Wide mouth


  • The lid gets jammed when extremely hot substances are poured
  • Children might find it hard to open the lid

9. SSAWcasa Food Thermos

Price at the time of publication: $23.99


This food thermos is made of high-quality BPA and PVC-free 304 stainless steel. Double-wall vacuum insulation technology helps to keep the food hot for up to eight hours or cold for up to six hours. This thermos comes with a capacity of 27oz, making it suitable for teens or older children to carry full meals.


  • Large capacity
  • Built-in handle to carry easily
  • Includes a plastic serving bowl and a folding fork
  • An air button to release the pressure
  • Inner copper coating
  • Wide mouth


  • The lid is hard to clean
  • Liquids might leak
Wash all the parts of this thermos with warm and soapy water and never put them in the microwave, dishwasher, or oven.

10. Skip Hop Zoo Stainless Food Jar


Get this owl-themed thermos and your child could be excited to carry their lunch to school every day. It has 11oz capacity and helps in keeping the contents warm for seven hours and cold for five hours.


  • Easy to open and close the lid
  • A spork holder
  • Compact design
  • Stainless steel inside
  • Compact and portable design


  • Hard to clean
  • Mold might grow in the top and bottom portions

11. Kitsure Thermos Food Jar

Price at the time of publication: $13.21


Kitsure’s food thermos is suitable to carry school lunches for older children and can keep the food cold or hot for up to 12 hours. It comes with a capacity of 30oz and has dimensions 6.92 x 4.33in. The stylish thermos comes in three different colors.


  • A silicone lifting handle to carry easily
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Wide mouth
  • Inner plug for sealing tightly
  • Lid can be used as a bowl
  • Stainless steel folding spoon.
  • Bonus brush makes cleaning easy


  • The silicone handle might attract dust
  • Screwing the lid on and off could be tedious for children

12. Alxeme Soup Thermos Food Jar

Price at the time of publication: $22.99


With double walls, vacuum insulation technology, and seamless welding technology, this thermos is said to keep its contents warm for six hours and cold for 24 hours. It is made with premium quality 304 stainless steel and comes in four different colors.


  • Contains two lids
  • The outer lid can also be used as a bowl
  • Stainless steel inner lip for insulation
  • Wide mouth
  • Pressure-release button
  • Stainless steel folding spoon


  • The body does not have a handle
  • The cup is wide and not deep enough

13. Isosteel Stainless Steel Vacuum Food Container

Price at the time of publication: $9.99


This sophisticated thermos is stylish and might motivate your child to carry lunch to school. It is double-walled and made from 18/8 stainless steel. The vacuum technology helps to keep foods hot for six hours and cold for twelve hours.


  • Wide opening
  • Full steel interiors
  • Durable and a compact design
  • Made from recyclable materials


  • The size could be too small
  • Needs to be hand washed

14. Jslove two Pack Vacuum Insulated Food Jar

Price at the time of publication: $28.89


This comes with a set of two food jars, with capacities 17oz and 24oz. It also contains a foldable fork and a soup spoon. There are eight different colors to select from.


  • Vacuum insulation
  • Easy-to-carry handles
  • FDA approved stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Airtight sealing lid
  • Anti-skid pad at the bottom
  • Air pressure release button


  • The sizes could be too small
  • Durability might be an issue

15. Zojirushi Stainless Steel Food Jar

Price at the time of publication: $31.61


The Zojirushi food jar is made of stainless steel interiors. The vacuum insulation helps in keeping the food hot or cold. It has a capacity of 11oz and comes in five different colors.


  • Gasket-sealed lid to prevent leakage
  • 2 ½ -inch wide mouth
  • Compact design
  • Dimples on the lid to open it easily


  • Difficult to clean
  • Water might get retained inside the rubber bottom

What To Look For While Buying A Food Thermos?

You need to keep in mind certain aspects while buying a food thermos. Here are some of them.

  1. Insulation: The main purpose of a thermos is to keep the food hot or cold, so check the insulation technology being used. There are two types- vacuum and foam insulation.
  2. Capacity: This decides how much food a thermos can hold. Choose one that can carry a complete meal based on your child’s requirement.
  3. Easy to clean: It is important to choose a thermos that is easy to clean and reduce bacterial and mold growth.
  4. Material: The durability of the thermos is dependent on the materials used to make it. Usually, stainless steel, which is said to be durable and rust-free, is used in the making of food thermoses.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Sakshi John is an enthusiast of all things related to home and kitchen appliances. She has carefully researched several online product reviews to compile this product list on the best food thermoses. She has also put together some safety tips for children and a list of aspects to look out for while buying a thermos to ensure you have made a wise decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I put food thermos in the dishwasher?

Food thermos should ideally be hand washed, as washing them in the dishwasher can reduce the lifespan of the insulation. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the food thermos.

2. How does a food thermos work?

A food thermos is constructed such that the air between the two interior walls is sucked out, thus creating a vacuum. This vacuum acts as insulation and doesn’t let heat escape, thus retaining the temperature of the food.

3. How long does a food thermos keep contents hot or cold?

A thermos can keep the food warm for five to six hours. Liquid foods may stay warm a little longer.

4. Do food thermoses leak?

No, a food thermos is designed such that air does not come in contact with the food, thus retaining the food temperature. So, most food thermoses are leak-proof. If your thermos is leaking, it can’t retain the food temperature.

5. Is it easy to hold and eat from a thermos?

Yes, most thermoses come with a wide opening, providing easy access to the food. It doesn’t transfer the food temperature to the outside surface of the thermos.

6. Is storing food in a food thermos safe?

Your food stays warm for five to six hours, and thereafter, it starts cooling. So, there are slight chances of food getting spoiled after the recommended duration.

With the best food thermoses at your disposal, you can enjoy piping hot and fresh meals anytime. However, before you buy one, ensure it has been made with durable stainless steel and has a non-slippery base. It should have an FDA-approved, insulated exterior to check the food’s temperature and a wide opening to fill it with food easily. Further, you can also pick a flask that is easy to clean, large enough for your requirements, and has a sleek and attractive design.

Infographic: How To Use Thermos In A Healthy Manner?

Using a thermos gives you the benefit of eating fresh, hot home-cooked foods and soups outside. However, it’s essential to use it properly to prevent the food from getting spoiled and to avoid health issues. So, check out the following infographic to learn how to use a thermos safely.

Safety Tips To Follow While Using A Thermos
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

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