11 Best Foot Massagers In India In 2024

When you need to stand on your feet for work, a foot massager can relieve your soreness and pain and help you relax at the end of the day. Foot massages can significantly help relieve stress on the feet, but they may benefit the entire body. A good foot massage can improve blood circulation, reduce tension, and, most importantly, stimulate muscles.

Acupuncture and reflexology have used this massage technique for a long time. Now, with the help of an electric foot massager, you can enjoy the benefits of foot spa massage at home. Foot massagers are easy to operate and can be used at any time of the day of your preference. In this post, we have listed some of the best foot massagers in India that can be purchased online.

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11 Best Foot Massagers In India

1. Lifelong LLM99 Foot Massager

When you have a leg massager as versatile as Lifelong LLM99, you can enjoy spa services at home. The roller massager combines heat and vibration to squeeze and knead your feet and calves, thereby alleviating soreness and fatigue. This massager uses acupuncture principles to stimulate pressure points on the feet, effective for pain relief. You can choose from three automatic presets with factory-designed massage programs, or you can create your custom mode to enjoy the most relaxing massage at home.


  • Four massage modes – kneading, rolling, heating and vibration
  • 15-minute auto shut-off feature
  • Includes two removable fabric cover with zippers
  • LED display with easy to use buttons


  • Heat function may be slow to respond
  • Pressure adjustment may not be possible
  • May not have an angular adjustment of the upper body

2. Agaro Foldable Leg & Calf Massager

Agaro foldable leg and calf massager can massage the feet, ankles, and calves simultaneously. The foot massager has two positions, a closed cover and an unfolded open cover. It includes gentle infrared heating to provide comfortable warmth during the massage. The foldable design makes it easy to carry and saves space, and can be easily stored under a bed or table.

The two-way roller allows your feet to enjoy the beauty of the spa, making you feel energetic after the massage. The massager will enable you to create your custom settings or choose one of three automatic programs. The combination of intense kneading and soothing vibration can penetrate deeply into tired muscles and relieve aches and fatigue often formed on the calves.


  • Customizable massage with control over vibration and kneading pressure
  • Foldable design with adjustment of the angle of the calf massage cover
  • Friendly controls with easy to operate LED interface
  • Fabric cover is detachable for easy washing and cleaning


  • May not fully cover the calf area
  • Length of power cable may be short
  • May accumulate dust

3. Robotouch Classic Plus Leg Massager

When you need a massager that can take care of your legs from knees to toes, with just one touch of a button, Robotouch is a good choice. It uses a combination of airbags and sole rollers to identify the correct kneading area and provide a relaxing experience. You can choose from five massage modes and select three intensity levels. The intelligent program mode ensures that important massage points get special attention, thus offering a complete massage experience.


  • 30 airbags with three rubber sole rollers for optimum stimulation
  • Preset auto modes that can be accessed with one-touch buttons
  • Active rollers for the soles and ankles
  • Foldable top with angular adjustment


  • Storage may be an issue
  • Larger feet sizes may face more pressure

4. HealthSense My-Sole LM 400

The highly versatile LM-400 uses a smart combination of advanced technologies to bring an incredible massage experience. Compressed air pressure is used to provide a robust yet gentle squeezing action to hold the leg in place. The rotating roller used in a space similar to a 3D position provides effective kneading in the correct area.

It also provides heat through the infrared medium to relax muscles and joints. It applies the principles of vibration, acupuncture, and other forms of therapy to deliver positive benefits. The ergonomic design of the device has an ultra-stylish appearance and an upright position, adjustable by slanting it according to the user’s preference.


  • Auto shut-off feature for power saving usage
  • Multiple pre-programmed auto modes
  • Upturn flip adjustment angle of up to 140°
  • Vibration and acupuncture therapy


  • Intensity of heat may be low
  • Calf massage pressure may be less
  • Larger feet size may find the massager tight

5. JSB HF66 Electric Leg Massager

JSB mobile leg massager is an excellent portable machine that you can carry while traveling. It uses foldable sleeves, which are inflatable airbags that can be wrapped around the calf. When compressed air enters the sleeve, the sleeve provides a gentle pumping effect, which produces a massage-like effect.
You can use the connected remote control to choose from varying levels of intensity and types of kneading. JSB electric leg massager is a compact, budget-friendly option, lightweight and portable.


  • Utilizes a combination of heat and vibration for optimal muscle relaxation
  • Extendable Velcro belt will fit people of all sizes
  • Multi stimulation mode with three levels of intensity
  • Multi-purpose use – can be used on arms, thighs, etc.


  • Level of heat and pressure may be less
  • May not be effective for foot area
  • Build components may not be durable

6. Sterling Foot Massager

Sterling foot massager is a budget-friendly portable option that focuses on the calves and the sole area. The foot massager machine can be used on the feet, ankles, calves, thighs, or arms while sitting on a chair or lying on a bed.

The ergonomic design provides a comfortable massage for women and men at home or office and uses Shiatsu inspired techniques to cover the entire foot. You can adjust the speed or intensity level according to your preference. Choose from pre-programmed automatic or custom modes to make your adjustments.


  • Three levels of massage speed – low, medium, and high
  • Direction control for bi-directional rolling action
  • Speed level adjustments
  • Kneading and heating functions included


  • Build quality may not be strong
  • May not cover entire calf area
  • Cover may be non-detachable, may be difficult to clean

7. Lifelong Foot Spa Massager

The Lifelong Spa massager has an artistic design with eight rollers, which can provide instant comfort and heating. It also offers a bubble massage to bring you the feeling of a sauna bath. The eight manual rollers can help improve blood circulation, clean and remove dead skin and dirt from the feet.

The temperature control function allows you to heat and keep the water warm as needed. You can use the digital panel on the top to efficiently operate this device and find the preferred setting for your home spa treatment.


  • Eight carefully placed rollers to attack the pressure relief nodes
  • Infrared light therapy which also kills germs and bacteria on the feet
  • Lightweight with easy to carry foldable handle
  • Drainage pipe to draw out the used water


  • May not be effective on calf areas
  • Intensity of massage may be mild

8. Egab Electric Foot Spa Tub

The Egab Foot Spa massager is another water-tub-based device equipped with 12 sturdy manual rollers to improve blood circulation and relieve fatigue. In addition to providing massage functions, it can also offer cleaning services. The machine also generates air bubbles that help eliminate joint and muscle stiffness.

The massager is equipped with infrared light, which emits an energy that can kill bacteria on the feet. This spa bath first cleans the skin with water, then heats and vibrates to provide excellent cleansing of dead ends and hardened skin.


  • User-friendly front digital panel to select modes, intensity, and temperature
  • Drainage pipe to easily get rid of the used water
  • Portable and lightweight – includes a carry handle
  • Acupuncture based pressure point action


  • Heating the water may be slow
  • Build quality may not be durable

9. Hesley Leg And Calf Massager Luxury Series – Lux-1 (Black)

Hesley leg massager conveys first-class quality with its stylish appearance and rich functions. It includes intelligent reflexology features that adapt to various conditions. Use the digital control panel to choose between the automatic mode, which can provide a preset combination of massage functions, or manual mode to adjust the parameters yourself. The kneading action is designed to target your feet and calves’ acupuncture points to reduce the pressure accumulated in the nodes.


  • Five modes, including an auto mode, leg mode, heat function, etc.
  • Adjustable tiltable base for angular movements
  • Under-foot reflexology based rollers
  • Twelve deep kneading rollers that cover the most important pressure nodes


  • Heating function may be slow to respond
  • Relaxing massage leaves you wanting for more
  • Short warranty cover

10. Reach Joy Leg Massager

Joy massager emulates Shiatsu massage technique to target pressure points and pressure nodes to improve blood circulation and reduce stress and fatigue. You can choose from the combination of three pressure modes and three massage modes, based on your preference. You can gradually increase the pressure level, thus first priming your muscles before going for a vigorous massage.


  • Auto-timer function to set the time of massage
  • Foldable life handle makes the device easy to carry around
  • Detachable and washable sleeves and covers
  • Heat function
  • Adjustable positional features


  • May not cover the calf area
  • Digital panel may be a little difficult to reach when the massager is in use

11. Healthgenie Foot & Leg Massager

The smoothly carved Healthgenie massager refreshes muscles while improving blood circulation. Packed in beautiful and smooth red and white, it contains a rubber kneading pad, which can effectively massage the feet, ankles, and calves. Three kneading setting modes allow you to choose the one you like, and the heat setting will enable you to enjoy the warmth at the same time. The digital panel on the top can easily control its smart functions.


  • Cloth fabric cover with zippers for easy detachability
  • Smooth plastic outer shell that is soft on the skin
  • Auto and manual modes of operation
  • Lightweight despite the big size


  • Bulky build that would occupy more space
  • Angular slant of the upper portion is not adjustable
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Foot Massager?

Consider the following parameters while buying an electric foot massager.

  1. Operating design: This can be an open design or a closed design. Large designs use multiple rollers and air compression; some work with water. Size is also part of the design, and larger machines usually provide more functions.
  1. Massage application area: Smaller massagers mainly target specific areas such as the feet, soles, or lower legs, while larger massagers try to cover more areas from the feet to the thighs.
  1. Types of massage: Modern massagers offer squeezing, kneading, and other massage styles and use reflexology and acupuncture techniques. Choosing a massager with multiple modes can help you find the most comfortable massage setting.

Electric foot massagers have gained immense popularity over the years due to their various health benefits. Whether you have a chronic foot condition or work up your feet too much, bringing one of these devices home can help you truly relax and de-stress at the end of every day. Foot massagers stimulate blood circulation in your feet while reducing tension around the area. The products listed above have multiple operating modes, safety features, and comfortable seats to give you a spa-like experience at home. Before buying, make sure to understand how the massager operates so that it can fit in your home seamlessly.

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