11 Best Foot Roller Massagers To Buy In 2022


If you say you don’t like foot massages, you’re probably lying. With the best foot roller massager, you will have every reason to love foot massages and relax those precious feet. A foot roller massager is small enough for you to carry around and can be used daily to minimize pressure in your feet and legs.

Foot roller massagers stimulate the acupressure points on your feet, thus increasing your blood flow and helping with knot removal. If you want to give your feet some love, here are some excellent foot massage rollers that you can pick from.

11 Best Foot Massager Rollers

1. Best Lightweight: TheraFlow Dual Foot Massage Roller

The TheraFlow dual foot massage roller is a one-of-a-kind system that uses the ancient reflexology technique with wood-based pressure. The trigger points are placed on an arched wooden platform to mimic the feet’s natural curvature. The stress and pain nodes gradually melt away as your feet glide across this surface, allowing adequate blood circulation. This exquisite wood roller is lightweight, portable, and perfect for all sizes of feet. You can check this YouTube video for more information about the product.


  • Helps remove tightness, soreness, and other leg ailments
  • Non-slippery padding on the bottom
  • Easy to clean with just a wet piece of cloth
  • Compact size and lightweight


  • Slight squeaking sound due to wood components
  • Cannot be used for other parts of the body


2. Best Stimulation: Ryson Foot Massage Set

The Ryson foot massage roller set comes with a massager and two spiky balls. The spiky balls can target difficult-to-reach muscle areas all over the body, while the reflexology massage roller is for your feet, hands, and shoulders. They offer a pleasant and stimulating effect and improved blood circulation.


  • Effective for a variety of foot pains, knots, cramps, and other muscle-related issues
  • Made of safe, durable, and washable PVC material
  • Compact and lightweight, easy to carry around
  • Soft and slightly squishy build so as not to cause any hurt even when pressed hard


  • Roller surface may be too small to be used on the back
  • May not be strong enough to handle the total weight of the body

3. Best Flexiblity:  TriggerPoint Nano Foot Roller

The TriggerPoint Nano foot massager has an all-side foam surface that mimics the feel of a masseuse’s fingertips. This flexible foam roller helps alleviate mild pains and aches associated with the foot and improves muscle flexibility. The foam’s extra firm and dense nature provide more profound tissue relief, reducing muscle tightness. The small and practical product is ideal for feet and forearm muscles. If you are still unsure about purchasing, you can check out a review of this product on YouTube.


  • Available in two density variants – regular and extra dense
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Suitable for use in both seated and standing positions
  • High-quality foam padding


  • Hard plastic wheels make it difficult to use on wooden or tiled floors


4. Best For Pain Relief: Simple Spectra Foot Massage Therapy Set

The Simple Spectra foot massage therapy set comprises three devices — a hard foam roller, a soft spiky ball, and a firm spiky ball ideal for use at home, gym, work, or outdoor spaces.

Use them for a full-body stimulation experience that involves deep tissue massage, myofascial relief, and foot reflexology. For pain relief, the foot roller targets the heel and toe nodes, while the spiky balls effectively relieve pain around the neck, back, arms, thighs, and the rest of the body.


  • Alleviates pain and knots in the muscle and tissues
  • Includes a handy little sling bag to carry the rollers
  • Made of durable and premium foam EVA material
  • Reflexology dots incorporated on the roller surface for effective stimulation


  • Spiky balls might collapse if made to withstand complete body weight

5. Best For Stress Relief: Theraband Foot Roller

The Theraband foot roller uses a linear ridged design to target your feet’s different contours and arches. The simple but powerful roller can relieve stress and discomfort in the foot and calf areas. The roller is made of temperature-resistant rubber, allowing you to freeze or chill it for cold therapy and making it ideal for relieving inflammations and sprains. You can check out this YouTuber’s review of the product if you require more convincing.


  • Massages, stretches, and elongates the muscles and fascia in the feet
  • Suitable for use on all types of surfaces
  • Small enough to fit into small bags
  • Lightweight and made of durable rubber material


  • May not be ideal for people with large feet
  • Ridges may not be very high


6. Best For Blood Circulation: Blissful Being Leg Massage Roller

The Blissful Being roller has a spotted surface with a perfect size that comfortably fits even big feet and legs. A few minutes of rolling can relieve swollen spots and muscle tension and improve blood circulation. Another fantastic aspect of this roller is that it can be heated and cooled, allowing you to choose between thermic and cryo-therapy as needed.


  • Kneading bumps for acupuncture-like stimulation
  • Accompanied by a non-toxic gel that lets the roller be a hot or cold treat
  • Hardbody material is effective for the thighs and arms
  • Includes workout guide e-book with a list of exercises


  • Doesn’t retain heat for much long
  • Slippery on hard surfaces
  • May not be highly portable

7. Best Ergonomic Design: Gaiam Restore Vibrating Foot Roller

The Gaiam Restore compact battery-powered vibrating roller is specially designed to relieve sores and other chronic pain problems by providing acupuncture-like treatment. The arched shape of the roller suits the contours of the feet. This easy-to-grip lightweight roller can reach all corners of the body and alleviate muscle soreness and tension.


  • Targets pressure points to improve blood circulation
  • Ergonomic curved shape for better cusp and hold
  • Acupuncture spikes for deep stimulation
  • Includes batteries


  • High sudden pressure as the spikes are a bit sharp
  • Not suitable for use over a hard surface
  • Small size


8. Best Portable: HealPT Foot Massage Roller

The HealPT massage roller set includes a foot roller and a porcupine massage ball to treat various foot and heel problems, such as plantar fasciitis. The massage roller helps isolate and identify pain points and slowly massages to remove knots. Use the roller after a run, or keep it under your desk at work to experience the benefit it has on your muscles.


  • Highly effective for heel spurs and plantar fasciitis
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Effective massage tools for the whole body – arms, shoulders, thighs, etc.
  • Good width of eight inches to fit even larger feet sizes


  •  May not be able to withstand high pressure


9. Best Innovative: ChiFit Manual Foot Massager

ChiFit introduces the innovative manual foot massager designed to treat sore feet, heel spurs, and painful plantar fasciitis. The ultra-portable roller comes with a holding bag, making it simple to carry and use whenever necessary. It also features side wheels, making it easy to use on rough surfaces without slipping or making noise.


  • Easy back and forth movement thanks to the sturdy end wheels
  • Arched shape to accommodate the curvature of the feet
  • Acupoint and acupressure techniques employed
  • Good durability
  • Can handle up to 100 kg


  • May not be ideal for other parts of the body


10. Best Skid-Resistant: ZenToes Wooden Foot Massager

ZenToes’s wooden foot massage roller is designed with reflexology techniques. The soft spike beads serve as an acupuncture point on the foot, massaging the tissues and increasing blood circulation. The roller is made of high-quality solid pine wood with four columns of spinning beads and silicone acupressure points. Use this massager for your daily foot spa and rejuvenate your feet and muscles.


  • Manual roller, no power needed
  • Compatible with most foot sizes
  • Non-skid rubber bottom
  • Ergonomically designed to target the arch of the feet


  • Suitable for feet use only, not for other body parts
  • Sharp points may cause pain if sudden pressure is applied


11. Weegee Foot Massage Ball Roller

The Weegee foot roller massager includes two rollers for simultaneous use on both feet and two compression gel sleeves for thermal or cold use. The spiked rollers have a peanut-like shape and fit snugly around the bottoms of the feet. The massager kit allows you to perform acupressure, myofascial release, acupoint massage, and other sports and fitness-related stretching exercises.


  • Gel sleeves provide temperature therapy range of -5 to 50 degree
  • Made with anti-burst PVC material, ensuring long-term usage without damage
  • Peanut shape is ergonomic and massages deep and hard-to-reach tissues
  • Can be combined with yoga and stretching exercises


  • Hard exterior, avoid high pressure
  • Can be noisy when used on hard floors


How To Choose The Right Foot Massager Roller?

When buying the best foot massager roller, consider the following points.

1. Manual or electrically powered

Manual rollers require you to massage manually using your hands or body pressure, while electric or battery-powered rollers provide the necessary vibration, making your task easier.

2. Area of application

Some rollers are made explicitly for the feet, while others are suitable for multiple muscle areas. Check the shape and size to know if it meets your needs.

3. Hardness of the protrusions and the surface

The hardness of rollers depends on the materials. Typically, hard rollers are made of wood or plastic components, while softer PVC materials are ideal for delicate use.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Our team of efficient writers and researchers have sifted through various products available in the market to come up with this list of the best foot roller massagers to pamper your feet. We have carefully described and listed the pros and cons of each product to give you unbiased information. Moreover, the buying guide will help you find a suitable product to give your feet the tender loving care they deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it good to roll the bottom of my feet?

Yes, rolling the foot with massagers and balls improves the blood circulation. It helps relieve the foot muscles from tension, keeping them in good shape. Relieving stress in the foot also transfers up the posterior chain to other areas like spine and waist.

2. How long should I use a foot roller?

It is best to use a foot roller as directed by your healthcare professional for better results. You may also choose to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It is recommended to use most foot rollers for five to ten minutes a day.

3. Will a foot roller help plantar fasciitis?

Stretching the bottom of the foot helps ease the pain caused by plantar fasciitis. The foot rollers help stretch the foot muscles and increase the flexibility of the plantar fasciitis ligament. They may relieve the symptoms to some extent; however, it is recommended to consult a healthcare professional.

4. Why should I massage my feet before bed?

Massaging your foot before going to bed results in improved sleep. As the muscles and nerves in the foot relax, it improves blood circulation.

Lay your hands on the best foot rollers to alleviate foot pain and cramps and improve blood circulation. They are ergonomically designed to work efficiently and offer you optimum comfort and relaxation. The best ones are compact and portable and help massage your feet anytime, anywhere. When choosing a foot roller, determine if you want a manual or electrically powered one. You may also pick one that is versatile enough to let you massage other parts of your body

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