9 Best Formula For Gassy Babies To Avoid Trouble In 2023

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If your baby has been experiencing stomach-related issues, such as gas, it’s because their digestive system has not fully developed yet. They may also accidentally swallow some air while crying or nursing (1). If the issue is with food, the best formula for gassy babies may help resolve it and make them feel better.

Some infants might be sensitive to specific formulas or even the breastfeeding mother’s diet. The baby formulas listed here are specifically created to alleviate gas in babies and make them more comfortable. Take a look.

Tips To Use Baby Formula Safely

To ensure safety when using a formula for babies, you must also:

  • Check the expiry date of the formula
  • Wash the bottles and containers properly after every feed
  • Read ingredients on the pack, follow the quantity guidelines
  • Check if your little one is experiencing any allergy symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, or burping after consuming the formula.

Most importantly, consult the pediatrician before giving your baby any formula.

9 Best Formula for Gassy Babies

1. Best For Brain Development: Similac Pro-Advance Infant Formula

The brand claims it as the first infant formula with 2’-FL HM, which is known to be ideal for eye and brain development. It doesn’t contain artificial growth hormones and makes a trusted composition to reduce gassiness and fussiness in babies. Induced with the goodness of nutrients found in breast milk, this non-GMO milk-based infant formula can help support the little one’s immunity.


  • Prebiotic composition
  • Supports eye and brain development
  • Reduces gassiness and helps in cell development
  • Includes vitamin E, Lutein, and DHA


  • Plastic packaging may have a smell

2. Best Digestible: Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease Baby Formula

Price at the time of publication: $179.99

The Gentlease baby formula from the Enfamil provides milk protein in broken-down particles, which is easier for babies to digest. The non-GMO, fat-protein blend of MFGM and DHA is known to be a reliable formula for gassy fussy babies curated with lesser amounts of lactose. It is easy to digest and provides dual prebiotics and proteins for improved immune health. Here’s a video featuring a detailed review of the product.


  • Includes contents of breast milk
  • Blend of 30 different nutrients
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Eases fussiness and gas within 24 hours
  • Supports brain building


  • May have a strong smell
  • May taste bitter
Quick tip
Never feed the baby immediately after making the formula. Let the mixture settle in the bottle for a few minutes to eliminate bubbles — one of the main culprits that cause gas.

3. Best Gentle: Similac Total Comfort Infant Formula

Similac Total Comfort Infant Formula Image: Similac Store

Suitable for infants, the Similac total comfort formula is a gentle, easy-to-digest formula that offers immune support and the right nutrition. Its formula contains 2’-FL and nucleotides that support your infant’s delicate tummies and strengthen their immune system. Each can contains 1.8lb of non-GMO baby formula powder. To prepare one bottle of the formula, take 60ml water and add one scoop of formula powder.


  • Does not make the baby gassy or constipated
  • Gentle formula
  • Ideal for sensitive tummy
  • Smooth consistency


  • Taste might not be favorable for all babies
  • Odor might not be pleasant
Price at the time of publication: $36.49

4. Best Organic Formula: Earth’s Best Organic Gentle Infant Powder Formula

Price at the time of publication: $27.98

The organic formula from Earth’s Bestis made with partially hydrolyzed proteins. Theformula is designed keeping in mind the sensitive stomach issues of babies, such as gas and fussiness for the first twelve months. Induced with DHA and ARA, it is said to be effective in supporting eye and brain development.


  • Contains two fatty acids found in breast milk
  • Fortified with iron for RBC development
  • Includes prebiotic fiber for developing immunity
  • Easy-to-digest and non-GMO formulation


  • Contains palm oil

5. Best For Constipation: Gerber Good Start Soothe (HMO) Non-GMO Powder Infant Formula

Price at the time of publication: $31.58
Pro tip
Experiment with different nipple sizes to decipher which leads to less gas build-up.

Formulated to treat fussiness and gas in babies due to colic and digestive issues, the Gerber infant powder provides soothing nutrition. It contains Human Milk Oligosaccharide, which is a prebiotic found in breast milk. Matching the nutrition profile of mother’s milk, the powder is known to be an ideal formula to treat gas and constipation by improving good bacteria to promote soft stools.


  • Non-GMO and easy-to-digest
  • Closest to breast milk
  • Wholesome supplement with DHA
  • Supports microbiome
  • Reduces 50% crying time


  • May not dissolve in water easily
  • Comes with an over sized scoop

6. Best Taste: Earth’s Best Organic Low Lactose Sensitivity Infant Formula

Price at the time of publication: $38.98

Created for sensitive tummies, this milk-based organic formula can be given for gassy babies aged one to 12 months. It is a reduced-lactose powder with no preservatives and artificial flavors. Enriched with Lutein, Omega-3 DHA, and Omega-6ARA, it is suitable to boost overall immunity and treat fussiness and gas in babies.


  • Free from antibiotics and steroids
  • Promotes eye and brain development
  • Contains fortified iron
  • Includes prebiotics for easier digestion
  • Good to taste


  • Contains corn syrup and vegetable oil
  • May require thorough mixing to avoid lumps

7. Best Hypoallergenic: Gerber Good Start Baby Formula Powder

Gerber Good Start Baby Formula Powder Image: Image: Gerber Store
Price at the time of publication: $26.47

If your little one has a cow milk protein allergy, this is the most recommended baby formula as it has 100% whey protein as the main ingredient. When broken down into bits, the powder becomes easy to digest, reducing gassiness and taking care of your baby’s nourishment needs. The hydrolyzed formula is designed with a unique oil blend to promote healthy gut behavior, helping your child feel comfortable after mealtime.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-GMO
  • Helps promote brain development
  • Lactose-free


  • Might leave an oily residue on the bottle
Did you know?
Tummy time isn’t just meant to keep the baby entertained. It’s also one of the effective ways to relieve stubborn gas (3).

8. Best For Immunity: Nestle Nan ExpertPro Powder Baby Formula


The Nestle ExpertPro formula is formulated with unique ingredients to offer your baby the right combination of nutrients that support sensitive tummies experiencing colic, uncomfortable stool passage, or mild spit-ups. Made from prebiotics such as 2’- FL HMO and probiotic L. Reuteri, this formula is a healthy alternative to breastmilk, containing zinc and vitamins A and C to support your baby’s immune system. Each can contain 1.76lb of powder formula.


  • Helps support brain and eye development
  • Tastes similar to breast milk
  • Easy to mix
  • Easily digestible


  • May not last long
  • Poop might be stinky
Price at the time of publication: $22.62

9. Best Nutrient-Rich: Enfamil Dual Probiotics Baby Formula

Enfamil Dual Probiotics Baby Formula Image: Enfamil

The Dual Probiotics Enfamil baby formula helps in digestion to relieve your baby from colic, fussiness and crying. This formula contains BB-12 and LGG cultures, which are beneficial bacteria for easing colic and strengthening immune support. It is free of artificial flavors, sweeteners, and silicon dioxide.


  • Helps develop the intestinal system
  • Flavor blends well with other food
  • Easy to use
  • Contains vitamin D


  • Dropping mechanism of the bottle might be time-consuming
  • Dropper might clog easily
Price at the time of publication: $71.37

Reasons Your Baby Might Be Gassy

Here are a few reasons that may lead to gassiness in babies (2).

  1. Feeding position: It is usual for babies to gulp air as they suck milk, but some feeding positions can cause them to gulp more air. While feeding the baby, maintain an angle of 30 to 45° as this would help them take more milk and less air.
  2. Bottles: Baby bottles can also be responsible for gassiness. When the bottle’s opening is large, the seal between the baby’s mouth and the nipple is weak, and this causes the baby to gulp more air. Therefore, it is always better to buy a bottle with a smaller opening or go with the one designed to prevent gas.
  3. Mother’s diet: Sometimes, mothers eat heavy-to-digest foods, affecting the baby’s digestion as their digestive system is not completed developed.
  4. Lactose intolerance: It is another common reason for bloated stomachs. It is essential to check your baby’s tolerance towards lactose from a doctor and then switch to a lactose-free formula.

How To Choose The Right Formula For Gassy Babies?

It can be difficult to find the best formula for fussy constipated babies when you have little or no knowledge. Here are a few essential points to consider when buying a milk-based formula for your baby.

  1. Baby’s age: Baby’s nutritional requirements vary with age. Check the product labels to know the relevant details on age before choosing the right one.
  2. Nutrition: Always look for the nutrients present in the formulation. Make sure the formula includes DHA, vitamins, and minerals to fulfill our baby’s nutritional requirements. Also, make sure the formula is free from preservatives and artificial substances.
  3. Presence of prebiotics and probiotics: These two components help in better digestion and reduce the gassiness, fussiness, and crying of the baby.
  4. Allergies: It is essential to know if your baby is allergic to any ingredient. For instance, some babies are allergic to lactose. To prevent gassiness, it is always recommended to get a lactose-free formula.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of bottle is best for a gassy baby?

Anti-colic bottles make the best feeding bottles for babies, especially those with gas.

2. Will my baby get gassy if I eat certain foods?

Yes, consuming whey proteinand dairy products, such as ice cream, cheese, and yogurt, could cause gassiness in babies.

3. Should I switch formula if my baby is gassy?

To begin with, ensure the formula is mixed well and has no residues. You may also try changing the bottle or feeding position. If your baby is still gassy, you may switch to a different formula.

4. How do I know if the formula is upsetting my baby’s stomach?

It is recommended to always consult a pediatrician before giving formula milk to your baby. Fussiness, watery stools, weakness, fatigue, and forceful vomiting are some signs of an upset stomach caused by formula (1).

5. How long does it take for a baby to adjust to a new formula?

Some babies can easily switch to a new formula without any hassle, while others might take three to five days to get accustomed to a new formula.

Gassiness and bloating are common among babies and infants, but they can be easily prevented with the right formula. Various formulas are available online that have been concocted to alleviate digestive issues while providing a wholesome meal to the baby. The best formulas for gassy babies listed here are made with natural ingredients, rich in several vitamins and nutrients, and support brain development while reducing gassiness. These formulas will help babies feel comfortable and devoid of digestive issues after every mealtime.

Infographic: Key Benefits Of Using Formula For Gassy Babies

Infants may have flatulence issues due to various causes, including colic and a sensitive stomach. So, if you’re a parent to a gassy baby, finding a formula that is easy on your little one’s tummy is important. Look at the infographic below to explore the key benefits of using a formula formulated for gassy babies.

Advantages Of Giving Formula Milk Designed For Gassy Babies [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team


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