11 Best Fortnite Toys In 2022


Attention all gamers and Fortnite lovers! If you have ever played Fortnite- Epic Game’s high-octane and multi-platform video game, then we have something interesting for you. Have a look at our list of the best Fortnite toys!

Some of you might not have a basic idea about the game or might not have played the game at any point. Regardless, we assure you that these toys will be a perfect gift for those who would fancy a challenging video game from one of the largest gaming franchises and the most sought-after multi-platform video games in the world.

Right from small action figures to realistic high-end collectibles with several points of articulation, our review of the best Fortnite toys has got you sorted. And that’s not all! What if we told you that Fortnite has partnered with Nerf to upgrade the weapons to make them look similar to the ones you see in the game? Sounds cool, right? So what are you waiting for! It is time to take your love for gaming up a notch. Choose a Fortnite toy from this list and engage your friends in endless hours of fun, or gift one to someone who loves gaming and make their day.

11 Best Fortnite Toys

1. Best Huggable:Fortnite Loot Llama Plush Toy

Fortnite’s Loot Llama is every fan’s favorite in-game character, and now imagine having the real deal but as a cute little plush toy that is around 7 inches tall. This cute little plush is made from quality fabric that makes it incredibly soft and huggable, suitable for all ages. And don’t worry, because of course, it will be a hit amongst Battle-Royal veterans. The embroidered details of this toy are worth getting your hands all over, and this toy can even be a hit with a non-Fortnite player, thanks to its visual appeal.

2. Best For Display:Laser Chomp Glider & Sun Tan Specialist Action Figure

This is one of those who are serial collectors of Fortnite’s edition figures. A 2-in-1 figure that comes with Fortnite’s acclaimed Laser Chomp Glider and their special Sun Tan Specialist action figure is a toy worthy of being a part of your collectibles collection. This figure is more suited to be a display figure as it is made of specialized vinyl material, which gives it minimal durability. A versatile figure you can display will have all eyes on it, regardless of where it is placed inside the house. You can check this YouTube video for more information about the product.

3. Best For Strategy:Fortnite Turbo Builder Set

If you didn’t know what Fortnite is best known for, well, with this set, you’re bound to find out. This set comes with 2 action figures and their 2 character-specific weapons, in addition to 19 points of articulation, that gives you the ability to display them in any position that you want. The Turbo Builder Set also allows its fans to live out their best in-game experience, as the figures include 27 metal, stone, and wood building materials. This is so that you can either build an intricate defensive structure or one of those complex towers that give the players a strategic advantage over their opponents. If you are still unsure about purchasing, you can check out a review of this product on YouTube.

4. Best Action Figure: Fortnite Quadcrasher With Burnout Action Figure

Ever wanted to cruise in style, both in real life and in Fortnite? The Quadcrasher is now here to help you with that, coming with a 4-inch Burnout action figure, allowing you to bring the game to the real world. The action figure comes with its own hunting rifle, and despite its size, it has 19+ points of articulation, allowing you to pose your toy in any way that you can imagine. The Quadcrasher is also compatible with other 4-inch action figures so that you never have to ride alone. You can check out this YouTuber’s review of the product if you require more convincing.

5. Best Design:Fortnite High Stakes Squad Action Figure

If you’ve played Fortnite with friends, you’ve played as a squad. And what better way to celebrate those victories with an action figure set of your team? This set is inspired by Fortnite’s most famous outfit, the ‘Wild Card’, giving you the ability to pose as either diamond, heart, spade, or club. Each of the figures comes with its unique weapon or harvesting tool, including Rocket Launcher, Drum Gun, Crystal Llama back bling, Crowbar, and Lucky harvesting tools, to name a few. This set is also a builder set and comes with a building material compatible with other builder sets!

6. Best Compatible:Fortnite Skull Trooper Solo Mode

If you already have a couple of builder sets and other toys by Fortnite and are looking to expand your collection, why not look at the Solo Mode series? This series is fully compatible with the other 4-inch figures and sets available in the market. The Skull Trooper comes with his harvesting scythe, which can help you look like the Grim-Reaper of solo mode. It even comes with a singular building material so you can display the skull trooper as a stand-alone piece. With his 25+ points of articulation, you can display him in any pose you desire with his trusty scythe.

7.Best Articulation: Fortnite Legendary Series Brawler

The Legendary Series Brawlers is sure to be your next favorite toy. Each action figure that comes in this series stands at 11-inches tall and is highly articulated, coming with at least 41 points of articulation. The featured figure is everyone’s favorite character, Meowscles, whose favorite crossbow can shoot projectiles. He can even holster or wield his dual pistols and daggers. The figure also comes with a fun gimmick where you can even change Measles’ expression as it comes with an extra face that is interchangeable according to your mood.

8. Best For Collection: Fortnite Alchemist Squad Mode

If you’re looking for another Squad Mode set to add to your ever-growing collection, why not consider the Alchemist Squad. Each action figure is incredibly detailed and represents King Flamingo with his unique flamingo harvesting tool and legendary shotgun. It also comes with Prickly Patroller with her hunting rifle and prickly ax, Bigfoot with his mini-gun and fork knife harvesting tool, and finally, the Elite Agent with her combat shotgun and her legendary Revoker harvesting tool. Each figure stands at 4-inches tall and comes with different grass building materials per figure.

9. Best Game Designs:Fortnite Feature Vehicle & Figure- Choppa and Blaze

Call in your squad and ask them to bring their 4-inch figures as the featured Fortnite Choppa can fit 7 whole 4-inch figures at once. The Choppa itself is 17-inches long and has a light effect that can feature the game’s Turbo boost. This set comes with its 4-inch action figure, ‘Blaze’ equipped with a legendary assault rifle that you can add to your collection of Fortnite toys. Both toys come with accurate game designs that let you relive your best moments in-game with your friends!

10. Best Easy-To-Play:Fortnite Agents Room Playset

The Agent Room Playset is probably the best display figure you can acquire for your ever-growing collection. It comes with 2, 4-inch Agent Peely figures that represent his Shadow theme and Ghost theme. This playset even features an alluring secret room function that can be activated with just the press of a button, and it is even compatible with all other action figures in the same size range. The secret passage is equipped with weapon mounts that allow you to feel like your favorite super spy, Agent 007.

11. Best Interchangeable Faces:Fortnite Legendary Series 6-Inch Figure Pack

Another action figure that is a must-have from the Legendary Series range of toys is the Frozen Raven, who comes with his own set of unique loadout – Frozen Iron Beak Harvesting Tool, Frozen Iron Cage Back Bling, Drum Gun, and Hand Cannon Weapons, and even a Cozy Campfire accessory. The figure even comes with 2 interchangeable faces so that you can recreate your favorite emotes from the game. This highly detailed figure stands at 6-inches tall and possesses 40 points of articulation.

How To Choose The Right Fortnite Toys?

If you’ve followed us up until this point we’re sure you might have some skepticism or doubts on how to choose which toy to get either for yourself or for another. Well, you can rest assured that we are right here with you to help you decide and pick the best Fortnite toy, with just a few things that you’ll have to keep in mind while you search for the right toy.

  • Articulation 

You’ve probably come across these words several times throughout this article, as we were covering all the different available toys on the market. Articulation of the toy is paramount for getting the action figure many different poses, the more articulation points a toy has the more diverse the positioning or poses the toy can make. If you’re looking to buy this toy for yourself or an avid collector we’d suggest buying one with a higher number of articulated points.

  • Age 

An important thing to keep in mind as well is the age of the person you may be buying these toys for. As we already know many manufacturers are required to mention potential safety hazards a toy may have for children below a certain age. In this case, many of the weapons or tools are a possible swallow risk, and it is suggested to purchase a toy accordingly.

  • Versatility 

There is a perk to having only one manufacturer that creates toys for a franchise, and that is all the toys from the same series can be used together, for example, the featured Choppa toy works well with other action figures that are 4-inches in size. Another example that we can take is the Turbo Builder Set, the building material can be used with all the 4-inch action figures for display purposes.

Epic Games had released Fortnite in the year 2017, and ever since, it has been building a huge fanbase, while also winning awards for its ingenuity and uniqueness. The diversity of Fortnite’s fanbase is also something to be marveled at as people of all ages and countries have been flocking to support the game and its company in all their endeavors. It’s not surprising that it even led to the opening of a new market for Epic Games, and that is the action-figure segment of the market. Thanks to the followership and fans of the game when the first action figures hit the market it was highly well received and it has now grown into a very lucrative business. Now that we’ve finally covered the 11 best Fortnite toys, we hope you will be able to select the best toy/action figure that will best suit your or your child’s needs.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose is highly experienced in reviewing children’s toys and games. Here, she has put together a list of the best Fortnite toys ranging from action figurines to high-end collectibles. She has also carefully described each product and provided a buying guide to help game lovers select their favorite one. These toys are chosen based on user reviews to ensure durability, premium quality, and design.

Fortnite is one of the most sought-after online games. With millions of players spread across the world, this game has a huge fan following. Fortnite toys come in the form of plush toys, builder sets, and action figures and may kindle your love for the game. However, an action figure may not be suitable for young kids as it contains small parts. A builder set can help you devise strategies before playing the game online, and a plush toy can be an apt cuddle buddy when you go to sleep. To conclude, the toy you choose is sure to take your love for the game up by a notch.

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