11 Best Fountain Pen Inks For Everyday Writing In 2022


A classy writing instrument, the best fountain pen ink can make a tremendous difference in the quality of your handwriting. Fountain pens leave a signature statement. An old invention of the 19th century, fountain pens are often seen as collectibles. They are a trend again and come in various colored inks. They have a metal nib and a reservoir that uses the capillary system to put ink on the paper. You have the option to switch between colors as many times as you want since it’s easy to drain the color from the reservoir.

If you are looking for quality fountain pen ink, keep reading to find our list of handpicked ones. You’ll indeed find one that delights you.

11 Best Fountain Pen Inks

1. Best Pigmentation: Parker Quink Ink Bottle

Parker Quink Ink Bottle

Parker Quink ink comes in a sophisticated glass bottle with a broad base and a screw lid top. The high-quality ink has additional lubricity for smooth flowing to the nib. This quick-drying and rich pigmented ink makes the handwriting impressive. It is suitable for Parker and other luxury branded fountain ink pens. The bottled ink is filled with smooth, rich, and vibrant blue-black ink. If you are still unsure about purchasing, you can check out a review of this product on YouTube.


  • Prevents leaking
  • Works well with Parker convertor
  • Made as a water-soluble ink
  • Available in washable blue variant


  • Some may find the ink to be slightly sticky
  • Ink may bleed on paper upon usage

2. Best Natural Ink: Hongdian Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges

Hongdian Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges

Hongdian fountain pen ink cartridges are available in a pack of 30 cartridges with a 3.4mm bore diameter. You can use them for large fountain ink pens. The ink is made of natural, non-toxic, and neutral pH dyes. They flow smoothly, giving an excellent writing experience. It takes hardly a few minutes to dry, ensuring no smudges or smears on the paper.

3. Best For Multiple Occasions: Waterman Fountain Pen Ink

Waterman Fountain Pen Ink

The hexagon-shaped ink bottle is not just elegant to look at but also convenient to use. The bottle can be easily tilted to fill the fountain ink pen. The ink is available in eight color tones, from traditional black to green, red and more, which are ideal for multiple occasions. You can check out this YouTuber’s review of the product if you require more convincing.


  • Retains traditional ink filling experience
  • Intense ink
  • Easy to use
  • Goes well with all Waterman fountain pens


  • Bottle cap may not be tight enough
  • Ink strokes may not be uniform when used

4. Best For Traditional Pens: Pelikan 4001 Bottled Ink For Fountain Pens

Pelikan 4001 Bottled Ink for Fountain Pens

German-made Pelikan 4001 bottled ink for fountain pens uses a 125-year-old ink formula. It is used for traditional pens made by Pelikan and other pens, using plunger mechanisms. Available in multiple colors such as black, green, blue, red, and turquoise, each bottle contains 30ml ink. If you want to find out more about this product and its usage, make sure to check out this review on YouTube.


  • Ink is designed to protect pen and nib
  • Clear line definition with an even flow
  • Easy to fill pens by just tipping the bottle
  • Made from fade-resistant dye
  • Available in two sizes


  • May have a watery consistency
  • May take longer to dry

5. Best Leakproof: Rohrer & Klingner Schreibtinte Ink Bottle, Blue Mare

Rohrer & Klingner Schreibtinte Ink Bottle, Blue Mare

Rohrer and Klinger’s blue ink is handmade with traditional recipes and techniques. It is treated with water and includes only a few additives. This 50ml bottle of ink has sensible composition and offers good writing conduct. The ink is compatible with quill and other calligraphic tools.


  • Specially used for dip and fountain pens
  • Has dye-based composition
  • Quick-drying formula
  • Doesn’t leave any residue inside the pen


  • May not be water-resistant
  • Color may be lighter than expected

6. Best For Children: Thornton’s Luxury Goods Premium Fountain Pen Ink

Thornton's Luxury Goods Premium Fountain Pen Ink

Made in Europe, this premium-rich black ink is free-flowing, non-corrosive, and sediment-free and comes in sturdy 30ml bottles. The bottle’s mouth is designed in a unique way that helps fill the fountain ink pen quickly without any leakages. You can use the ink for most luxury brands, including Cross, Lamy, Shearer, Waterman, or Visconti. This ink helps write all kinds of arts, making an excellent gift for artists, writers, and children.


  • Comes in a durable and vintage bottle
  • Smooth and tight-protection ink
  • Adds lubricity to pen when used
  • Performs well on widely absorbent papers
  • Made with low to moderate water resistance
  • Available in 18 colors and two sizes


  • Ink bottle may not be easily portable
  • Color saturation may not be accurate

7. Best Water-Resistant: Platinum Carbon Ink

Platinum Carbon Ink

Platinum carbon ink is manufactured in Japan and comes in a 60 ml bottle. The ink is made of ultra-fine carbon black particles and is water- and light-resistant. It is ideal for permanent writing and features non-water solubility. When changing the ink, wash the pen tip neatly with water to help prevent chemical changes.


  • Works well for sketching activities
  • Does not bleed under watercolors
  • Dries with a matte finish
  • Has a unique and opaque coverage


  • May clog some pens occasionally
  • May take long to dry

8. Best For Calligraphy: Lamy T10 Assorted Color Pack Fountain Pen Ink

Lamy T10 Assorted Colour Pack Fountain Pen Ink

The Lamy fountain pen ink comes in a pack of 20 giant cartridges and is available in a blue-black color suitable for all Lamy fountain ink pens. They provide a smooth flow of ink and make writing easy. It lends expression to any note making in a journal or diary, and official businesses. This ink cartridge attaches to the back of the fountain pen feed and supplies the pen with ink. When the cartridge runs out of ink, you should remove the empty cartridge, throw it away and insert a fresh one.


  • Mess-free and easy to carry
  • Dipping not required
  • Non-toxic and has a neutral pH
  • Ideal for drawing and calligraphy


  • Fillers may require frequent cleaning before use
  • May dry quickly once punctured

9. Best For Smooth Flow: Sheaffer Skrip Fountain Pen Classic Ink Cartridge

Sheaffer Skrip Fountain Pen Classic Ink Cartridge

Sheaffer Skrip fountain pen cartridges are specially formulated for the smooth flow of ink and help in log write-outs. The pack contains five blue-black cartridges packed in a luxury box. It also includes one black Sheaffer “K” ballpoint pen refill.


  • Goes well with calligraphy pens
  • Can help improve handwriting
  • Mess-free experience for first-time users
  • Well-pigmented


  • May stain clothing
  • Colors may not be accurate

10. Best Fade-Resistant: Zzkoko Calligraphy Ink Bottle

ZZKOKO Calligraphy Ink Bottle

The non-carbon, extremely delicate textured ink is highly absorbent. It has good fluidity, which allows a smooth flow of ink without any nib clog. It is suitable for dip pens, fountain ink pens, journals, sketching, and drawing. Available in 12 colors, this ink does not contain any dispersing agents or animal by-products. These colors provide non-toxic soluble dyes and turn bright when dried. It does not fade or deteriorate with time.


  • Can be used for dip pens
  • Great for scrapbook art
  • Made with delicate texture
  • Suitable gifting option


  • Submerging nib fully may lead to ink blots
  • Solution may be watered down

11. Best Quick-Drying: Outus 100 Pieces Blue Black Pen Ink Cartridge

Outus 100 Pieces Blue Black Pen Ink Cartridge

Outus cartridges come in a pack of 100 with 50 blue and 50 black ink cartridges. Each cartridge is 3.4mm diameter and 2.1inch/ 5.2cm long. Installing the cartridge requires some effort and care. It contains a quick-drying ink that takes only a few seconds to dry.


  • Does not block ink holes
  • Made to glide smoothly on paper
  • Smear- and smudge-resistant finish
  • Ergonomically designed to be leak-free


  • May require more effort to pierce the cartridge
  • May not come with instructions for usage

How To Choose The Right Fountain Pen Ink?

Here are some factors you should consider while buying a fountain pen ink.

  1. Color: Inks are available in standard blue, standard black, matte black, and lighter black shades. Take your time to choose the right color and shade among the plethora of options.
  2. Waterproofness: Most inks are water-resistant, meaning they can smear but not get washed away. Some other waterproof inks could spread if not used in the right way.
  3. Composition: There are different inks- scented, shimmer-based, pigment-based, dye-based, and waterproof inks. Do your research before choosing your ink.
  4. Flow: Wetter ink pens offer a smoother writing experience. When it comes to dryer inks, they have a lesser chance to bleed and feather.
  5. Saturation: Some inks look rich and vibrant, and some look dull. The rich-looking, higher saturated inks take a longer time to dry than the lesser saturated ones. Choose according to your preference.
  6. Sheen: Sheen is when the ink has a metallic finish different from the standard ink color. It is caused by pigment crystals formed on the surface of the paper or dyes. It looks decorative and pretty, but not all inks are prone to sheening.

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As fountain pen inks come in a wide range of colors, you must choose the color wisely. Standard blue ink is absolutely necessary for formal requirements. You may go for another color of your liking for a different purpose. Ensure that the ink is of high quality and does not become dull in a few minutes. A bright looking ink looks richer and neat. Lastly, waterproof ink is a safe option, especially if you wish to preserve the texts for ages.

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