101 Funny Diaper Messages To Have A Hearty Laugh  

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When you have a baby, every day brings new experiences. The first skill that new parents learn is how to handle diapers, as this will form a part of their daily routine. You can make this tiresome and messy task quite enjoyable by sharing some funny diaper messages with your partner or family and friends.

Sounds fun, right? While diaper changes may not be thrilling, they are an excellent opportunity to bond with your cute little one. And these messages written on the diaper can bring a smile to your face. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to change your child’s diaper and opening your eyes to a funny late-night diaper message. Blogger and mother of four, Danielle, had planned a funny diaper message activity for her baby shower. She says, “One of the activities we had set up at the baby shower was Late Night Diapers/ Words for the wee hours. This is a fun activity for everyone. Basically, the guests write funny sayings on the diapers with Sharpies… We really enjoyed the late-night diapers as they got us through several late nights. Several of the diapers were funny, while others were very sweet. I was afraid the Sharpie would run if it got wet, but we didn’t experience any stained clothes. I’m sure if the diaper becomes over full, it may run and stain the baby’s outfit, though, but we didn’t let it get to that point (i).” In this post, we’ve compiled a collection of rib-tickling and zany diaper messages that you may use during a baby shower activity.

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101 Funny Diaper Messages and Sayings

Here are some cute and funny messages and jokes you can scribble on a diaper. The next person who changes the diaper will have a good laugh reading these hilarious messages. And would not get irritated.

  1. Oops, I did it again!

    Oops, I did it again, funny diaper messages

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  2. Warning: Toxic
  3. Cute and stinky!
  4. Open at your own risk.
  5. What goes in must come out.
  6. This one is for Daddy!
  7. Houston, we have a problem!
  8. Nose plugs not included.
  9. To pee or not to pee?
  10. I think I just set a world record.
  11. One down, hundreds to go!
  12. This, too, shall pass.
  13. I drink until I pass out.

Experts say that babies bond well to their primary caregivers who perform activities that sustain life (1). The proximity of the caregiver while changing diapers is the perfect bonding exercise.

  1. Real babies do it in their diapers.
  2. I don’t smell anything!
  3. By reading this message, you agree to change one diaper.
  1. Why don’t you social distance yourself and throw away the diaper?
  2. That’s how you bring about a change in the world, one diaper at a time!
  3. If you think this diaper makes my butt look big, it is time to change it.
  4. It looks like you might need a little more sleep, just saying!

    Mom needs more sleep, funny diaper messages

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  5. How long can you hold your breath?
  6. You haven’t seen anything smelly yet. Wait till I start eating solids. Hahaha!
protip_icon Do remember
When you introduce solids to your baby, their poop will become harder and smell stronger. There may be bits of undigested food in the poop as well.
  1. Hold on a second, didn’t we just do this five minutes ago?
  2. Someday, I will sleep quietly through the night, and so will you!
  1. Are we keeping count? Cause only 4,000 more until I am potty trained.
  2. Don’t look at me; this one is coming from daddy.
  3. Open this and find out the fastest way to clear a room.
  4. Roses are red, violets are blue. Will this have pee or poo?
  5. Radioactive waste, proceed to open and dispose of with extreme caution.
  6. I made an oopsie in the diaper.
protip_icon Quick tip
You can ask an aunt or uncle to write the messages on the diapers so that each diaper message will be a surprise to both mommy and daddy.
It looks like you might need more sleep, Mom and Dad

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  1. Keep calm, hold your breath, and change this diaper.
  2. You are doing great, it will be over soon. Hang in there!
  3. Dad’s great, mom’s amazing, but whoever changes this is the best.
  4. My motto in life – as you will soon realize: go big or go home.
  5. Everything else can wait as this is a top priority!
  6. This is not for the faint of heart. Open at your own risk!
  7. Quit staring. This diaper isn’t gonna change itself.
  8. What goes in through the front comes out through the back.
  9. I’ve given you an extra load today cause I love you so much.
  10. Don’t give me that look; you were here once.
protip_icon Did you know?
Smiling while doing an activity you don’t like will release endorphins in your body and, after a while, they genuinely make you happier (2).
  1. Get a new one; there’s a lot more where that came from.
Get a new diaper, funny diaper messages

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  1. You can take a long shower after this, I promise!
  2. Warning: contents under pressure. This side towards the bowl.
  3. Maybe you should wear a gas mask to diffuse this one.
Maybe you should wear a gas mask to diffuse this one.

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  1. If you can read, then you put the diaper backward, genius!… Just kidding!
  2. Sleep is for the weak. The strong changes diapers at 4 am.
  3. Do you smell something? I made you a big present!
  4. Bomb’s away in no time at all!
  5. Poops, I did it again. I made you believe that this could be pee.
protip_icon Fun fact
A baby poops at least three to five times a day. Some babies may poop more. As they grow older, the frequency decreases, but it increases once again when you introduce solids.
  1. Gas mask, check. Hazmat suit, check. GO to diffuse.
  2. Beware Sprinkler!
  3. Do not test with your finger.
  4. Don’t open until Christmas.
  5. Fart Man/Fart Woman!
  6. Forget the wipes. Go turn on the shower.
  7. HINT: It’s Poop!
  8. iPooped
  9. Just think… one day it will be my turn to change your diaper.
  10. Phew! That was a marathon poop session, can’t wait for the next!
  11. Raising kids is part joy and part Guerrilla warfare. All parents are veterans.
  12. Not for the faint-hearted. Dare to open!
Dare to open, funny diaper messages

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  • Maybe you should wear a gas mask to diffuse this one.
  • Hello there, I’m trapped inside. Care to set me free?
  • Wake up. It’s time to change my diaper!
  • Are you looking at my butt?

    Are you looking at my butt?

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  • Ah! Excuse me again!
  • That’s a special gift for you!
  • Great sleep! How ’bout you?
  • Hazardous Waste. Mask Required.
  • I think I went #3
  • Is it supposed to be that color?
  • Mud Butt!
  • Overload In Progress!
  • Scratch and Sniff.
  1. So many diapers, so little time.
  2. Smile! It’s 2 am!
  3. Surprise inside!
  4. You’re #1, but this is a #2!
  5. Does it smell in here, or is it just me?
  6. Hurry, please! It’s cold!
  7. Are you sure it’s your turn?

    Parents taking turns to change the diaper

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  8. What exactly are you feeding me?
  9. Wee wee wee, all the way home!
  10. Forget potty training! This is life!
  11. Best of luck. You need it!
  12. Enter at your own risk
  13. Made in (country).
  14. How about singing a song or something since I just have to lay here?
  15. It’s a dirty job, isn’t it?
  16. Are you sure you folded that right?
  17. You’re not looking forward to this, are you?
  18. I love you too!
  19. I’m a changed man/woman!
  20. I was in some real soup.

    I was in some real soup.

    Image: Shutterstock

  21. There’s been a crime, call the poo-lice.
  22. So, how was your day?
  23. I didn’t poo it!
  24. It seems like the dog did it.
  25. Is it chocolate or peanut butter?
  26. Made with love, for you!
  27. Downloading poop, please wait!
Funny Diaper Messages_illustration

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I use to write on diapers?

You may use a thin Sharpie marker to write funny jokes or jests on the diapers. Ensure you write on the outer side of the diapers to prevent them from bleeding when used.

2. What are some important things to remember when changing a diaper?

Here are some tips to remember when changing diapers:

  • Always choose a comfortable and safe location to change diapers
  • Collect all the essentials before you begin to change the diapers
  • Wipe your baby carefully
  • As babies may be impatient, use distractions to hold their attention
  • Wash your and your baby’s hands after changing diapers

3. How do you ask for diapers on a baby shower invitation?

Some of the interesting ways to ask for diapers in the invitation include:

  • No outfits, blankets, or booties are necessary, just some diapers and wipes for baby’s duty!
  • Bring some diapers and not toys to keep the baby happy and full of joy.
  • Be a part of the diaper raffle game by bringing some diapers and entering your name.
  • We hope our request is not too hard. Please bring diapers instead of a card!

Changing your baby’s diaper is a wonderful way to spend time with your little one. Even if the task does not seem ideal, you can make it enjoyable for yourself and your partner. One way is by writing a cute, comical or laughable diaper message or quote for the next person who will change the baby’s diaper. However, ensure the messages or puns are light-hearted, witty, and humorous without being too cheeky or whimsical. If you and your partner take turns changing diapers, this small but adorable gesture may make the task less tiresome and help you pass your baby’s diaper phase in no time.

Infographic: Funny Diaper Messages And Sayings

Changing diapers is different from what everyone looks forward to doing. But, with the help of the following list of funny diaper messages and sayings, you can make the process fun and have a hearty laugh about it with your partner. So, give it a read and save a copy of it as well.

hilarious diaper messages for a hearty laugh (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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  2. The Health Benefits of Smiling.
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