17 Best Entertaining Kids Game Shows Ever Made

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Children love playing games, whether offline or online, but how about letting them take a break from the regular games and making them watch the best game shows for kids instead, all while experiencing the thrill and excitement right from the comfort of their couch?

TV programs are replete with innovative and amazing game shows that give children an extraordinary experience. Read this post to learn more about some engaging game shows that will keep your children on the edge of their seats

17 Kids Game Shows

Right from cooking to adventurous thrilling shows, this curated list of kids’ games shows has something for everyone.

1. Family game night

Family game night

Source: IMDb

This enjoyable game show, hosted by Todd Newton, is the real-life version of classic board games. Every episode has two families competing with each other. Each family has the opportunity to keep all the cash and fabulous prizes collected along the way. Of course, the family that collects the most cash wins the game. This fun game show entertains and inspires viewers to dust off their board games and spend some quality time with family.

Network: Discovery Family Channel

2. Pictureka


Source: IMDb

The show is hosted by Cory Almeida and is based on a popular board game called Pictureka. In this game show, two contestants compete with each other to locate hidden pictures of game characters and other objects within the allotted time. This lively show tests contestants’ memory and thinking skills and are great for children and adults because it demonstrates healthy competition and good sportsmanship.

Network: Discovery Family Channel

3. Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Are you smarter than a 5th grader

Source: IMDb

Hosted by John Cena, this interesting American quiz game show requires an adult contestant to answer school-level questions. If contestants answer the questions correctly, they win a cash prize. The fun part is that fifth graders play along in each episode and sometimes help the contestants to answer the questions. The game show focuses on empowering children and making them feel more confident.

Network: Nickelodeon, Vudu

4. Crystal maze

Crystal maze

Source: IMDb

Crystal maze is a family show hosted by Richard Ayoade. In this show, six contestants play physical, mental, skill-based, and mystery games to collect time crystals that give them extra minutes to play the game and win prizes inside the crystal dome. The team aims to complete the physical challenges, collect the time crystal, and come out of the room within the allotted time. This action-adventure game show focuses on teamwork and is quite fun to watch.

Network: Nickelodeon, Amazon Prime

5. Legends of the hidden temple

Legends of the hidden temple

Source: IMDb

The iconic game show is hosted by Cristela Alonzo and is a reboot of the 1993-95 original series. The new show features a vibrant outdoor setting with adult contestants instead of children. The game has four teams of two contestants, who compete to reach a hidden temple and find the treasure. This interesting game show is suitable for children of all ages.

Network: Nickelodeon

6. Baking impossible

Baking impossible

Source: IMDb

This show is an American cooking competition hosted by Justin Willman. In this new competition series, the most creative bakers are paired with innovative engineers and challenged to make incredible creations. These creations should taste not only delicious but also withstand intense engineering stress tests. The new concept is fun and engaging.

Network: Netflix

7. Double dare

Double dare

Source: IMDb

Double dare has been Nickelodeon’s longest-running game show. The original host was Marc Summers, but Liza Koshy presented the new version. This is one of the favorite game shows of many children. It features two teams of two kid contestants each, competing for prizes by answering trivia questions and performing messy physical stunts. The show is lively, colorful, and a joy to watch.

Network: Paramount+, Amazon Prime

8. The big flower fight

The big flower fight

Source: IMDb

Source: IMDb

Vic Reeves and Natasia Demetriou host this creative floral competition. It consists of ten florists, garden designers, and sculptors competing to make innovative garden sculptures. The concept is unique, and the craftsmanship demonstrated by the contestants is commendable. Furthermore, with its gardening concept, the show is quite soothing and relaxing to watch.

Network: Netflix

9. Craftopia


Source: IMDb

Craftopia is a great competitive show for all craft lovers out there! It is hosted by Lauren Riihimaki, better known by her stage name LaurDIY. Children of age 9 to 15 give life to their imagination by making out-of-the-world DIY creations in a colorful and magical studio. This crafty show is a great source of entertainment for the entire family.

Network: HBO Max

10. Floor is lava

Floor is lava

Source: IMDb

Hosted by Rutledge Wood, the live-action game show is inspired by a similar version of a childhood game. In this entertaining show, three teams of three contestants navigate through a room full of lava, hopping, skipping, and jumping over different obstacles, making sure they don’t fall in the lava. Floor is lava is a game show that has an interesting concept and is quite fascinating to watch.

Network: Netflix

11. The singing bee

The singing bee

Source: IMDb

Melissa Peterman and Joey Fatone host this game show. Six contestants are presented with incomplete songs. Now the contestants have to correct the lyrics and sing the song. The winning contestant can sit on the musical chair, and the others who make a mistake while singing are eliminated. Singing bee is a fun option for music lovers!

Network: NBC, CMT

12. The ultimate tag

The ultimate tag

Source: IMDb

Hosted by JJ Watt, TJ Watt, and Derek Watt, this show is an athletic game based on a playground game of chase. The contestants in this game show are regular people and not athletes, and their main aim is not to get caught. The show is full of energy, where competitors need to jump, leap, tumble, and dive to protect themselves. This is an interesting show for children who enjoy high-energy sports.

Network: FOX

13. Who wants to be a millionaire?

Who wants to be a millionaire

Source: IMDb

This game show is of British origin and has gained huge popularity over the years. Jimmy Kimmel hosts the American version of the show. In this game show, contestants have a chance to win one million dollars if they answer 14 questions correctly. There are different lifelines that contestants can use along the way to help themselves with the answers. The game show format is simple, but the questions are interesting and insightful. This is also a good family entertainer.

Network: ABC

14. Ellen’s game of games

Ellen's game of games

Source: IMDb

Sporty contestants in this American television show answer tricky questions, face obstacles, and play unique games to win cash prizes. The lively and cheerful host, Ellen DeGeneres, makes the game show hilarious and engaging. It is a great entertainer for children as well as adults.

Network: NBC

15. LEGO masters

LEGO masters

Source: IMDb

Hosted by Will Arnett, this show is amazing for Lego enthusiasts. The contestants compete for the ’Lego Master’ title through a series of building complex and inspiring Lego structures.

Network: FOX

16. The wall

The wall

Source: IMDb

Chris Hardwick hosts this popular game show. Two contestants play the game and have an opportunity to win huge cash prizes by answering questions correctly and putting the ball in the high-value slots of a four-story wall. This game show is suitable for the entire family to watch.

Network: NBC

17. Frogger


Source: IMDb

The highly energetic game show has been adapted from a video game, Frogger, and is hosted by Damon Wayans Jr. and Kyle Brandt. Contestants in this show compete for cash prizes. They are supposed to jump over challenging obstacles like moving platforms, water jets, and many more while saving themselves from falling into the water. This is a great show that tests the agility, problem-solving skills, and strength of the contestants.

Network: Peacock

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is watching game shows good for the kids’ brains?

Game shows are believed to help develop the cognitive ability and improve mental health (1). However, while choosing one for your children, you must select the age-appropriate ones to reap its benefits.

2. Why do kids like watching game shows?

Children may like watching game shows for the entertainment they provide, the audio and visual stimulation, and the exciting games that may influence them to incorporate into their play routine.

Game shows are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique concepts. They are no longer just a source of entertainment, but they also serve educational motives. And, on the other hand, they fill the viewers with energy and enthusiasm. So, when children have some free time at hand, watch their favorite game shows and spend some quality time together having fun.

Key Pointers

  • Family game night is a show that won the hearts of many kids as it brought board games into real life.
  • Some examples of athletic games and obstacle courses are The ultimate tag and Floor is lava.
  • Among the most enjoyable to watch is the Baking Impossible show where bakers and engineers put their work together to create unimaginable cakes.


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  1. Satish Suhas et al. (2021); Parasocial Interactions Intolerance to Uncertainty and Mental Health Rehabilitation During Pandemics;
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