11 Best Garage Shelving Units In 2021

Best Garage Shelving Units In 2020

For some people, the garage is an unofficial dumping ground for things that are of no use but are not yet in the ‘give away’ category. So, when you run out of space inside the house, you may turn to your safe haven, your garage, for all things unwanted.

But there may come a day when something you did not need earlier suddenly becomes important. And you will be forced to scrounge through the garage, sometimes for hours, to find it. A garage shelving unit that properly segregates all items can save you time and effort in retrieving items from the storage in your garage.

Garage shelving makes it convenient to organize seldom-used items for easy access. Here, we list some of the best garage shelving to buy online.

Types Of Garage Shelving 

Garage shelving units must be strong and sturdy because they are often loaded with heavy tools and equipment. Here are the different types of shelving units for garage that you need to know of.

  1. Wood shelving: Wooden shelving is one of the least expensive options. It is mostly made of oak, maple, plywood, or hardwood. Easy to assemble and portable, wood shelving is ideal for storing lighter items but may not be a great choice for storing heavy tools. Also, it tends to warp in a humid environment.
  1. Wire shelving: This open mesh shelving is designed with metal wires to hold moderately heavy weights. It is cheaper than steel shelves but is a tad less sturdy. It is the ideal option for a humid environment as it is often coated with plastic to prevent rusting and corrosion. It also has a provision to hang tools on it.
  1. Steel shelving: A more durable and trusted option, steel shelves are strong enough to hold heavy items but are priced much higher than the others. They can take on a lot of weight without you having to worry about the frame deforming or being damaged.
  1. Overhead shelving: These are shelves mounted upon vertical or horizontal rails fixed against a wall. Most people prefer metal overhead shelving to a wooden one. It is most suitable for heavy woodworking tools or parts of a car. It is especially useful when you want to keep tools away from the reach of little kids.
  1. Cabinet shelving: It refers to enclosed cabinets that can be of any size and material. It can be made of metal or even wood depending upon what you need it for. This is especially useful for storing fragile and flammable items like oils and thinners.
  1. Adjustable rail shelving: The most flexible option on the list, this rack allows you to adjust the shelves’ height as per your need. You can attach the vertical metal racks to the wall and readjust its position by simply removing it and moving the brackets however you want.

11 Best Garage Shelving To Buy In 2021

1. AmazonBasics 5-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit

AmazonBasics 5-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit


This shelving unit is designed to take on 1500lb of weight when on leveling feet. With wheels, it can carry 661lb when not moving and 441lb when moving. There are five wire shelves that can be adjusted to one-inch increments. It can be easily moved to any corner of the garage and has casters with a locking system to keep it in place.


  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Black-coated finish
  • Rubber-casters for smooth moving
  • Comes with adjustable leveling feet 


  • Paint tends to chip easily
  • Joint may not be too firm

2. Seville Classics 5-Tier Steel Wire Shelving with Wheels

Seville Classics 5-Tier Steel Wire Shelving with Wheels


Here is a five-tier steel frame that comes with chrome plating and wire shelving. It allows you to store heavy-duty items and has a total holding capacity of 1500lb, with each shelf holding 300lb. It comes with smooth-rolling caster wheels that allow you to move and place as needed. Two of the caster wheels come with locks to hold the frame in position.


  • Plated steel is resistant to corrosion
  • Shelves’ height can be adjusted by one-inch increments
  • Easy slip-sleeve assembly
  • Zinc plating and chrome finish 


  • Plastic caster seems too small
  • Shelves do not seem very sturdy

3. Keter Storage Cabinet with Doors

Keter Storage Cabinet with Doors


Have a look at this storage cabinet designed to last in both dry and humid environments inside a garage. Made of polypropylene resin, it does not peel or rust, and its sturdy build does not dent. Each of the four adjustable shelves can carry 44lb of weight. The cabinet has a compact frame for easy placement anywhere and can be locked to prevent theft.


  • Freestanding mountable design
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Sturdy build can hold heavy items
  • Easy, one-person assembly 


  • May not be as durable as a metal shelf
  • Lacks in quality

4. Honey-Can-Do SHF-01442 Storage Shelving

Honey-Can-Do SHF-01442 Storage Shelving


With a holding capacity of 200lb per shelf, this storage unit can take on a lot of heavy stuff. It is simple and easy to assemble, with adjustable shelves that you can arrange any way you want. Its strong steel construction makes it long-lasting, while its black chrome finish gives it a sleek look.


  • Can be used on wheels too
  • Usable for residential and commercial purposes
  • Approved by NSF for safe use
  • No tools required for assembling 


  • Clips fail to remain firm on the pole
  • Assembling may not be very easy

5. Meet Perfect Wire Shelving Unit with Wheels

Meet Perfect Wire Shelving Unit with Wheels


With a heavy steel build, this shelving unit is easy to assemble and long-lasting. You can adjust each shelf’s height as preferred, making it suitable for personal and commercial use. The shelves come with a V-shaped mesh surface that further strengthens its loading capacity. Equipped with four sturdy wheels, the rack is easy to move around. Each shelf has a carrying capacity of 350lb.


  • Simple and easy to install
  • Strong steel pipe construction
  • Classic black finish
  • NSF certified friction plate keeps net firmly in place
  • Wheels come with fixed locks
  • Coated with black powder to prevent rusting 


  • Shelves may not be as sturdy as expected
  • Lack of bracing in the center makes it sag easily

6. Sandusky Lee PS361872-5B Plastic Shelving

Sandusky Lee PS361872-5B Plastic Shelving


For lighter objects, you can look for a budget-friendly option like this plastic shelving for garage. Made of high impact resin, the shelves are resistant to rusting, peeling, staining, and denting. It is well ventilated and helps prevent mildew, with an elevated floor to protect items from moisture. Each shelf has a carrying capacity of 150lb.


  • Easy, tool-free assembling
  • Sturdy feet keep the frame stable
  • Ventilated shelves prevent mold and enable rain drainage 


  • Shelves tend to sag in the middle when overloaded

7. VonHaus 4 Tier Garage Shelving Unit with Wall Brackets

VonHaus 4 Tier Garage Shelving Unit with Wall Brackets


The USP of this garage shelf rack is that it can be used in an office or at home. The rack’s rubber feet keep the frame stable and strong. Each shelf has a capacity of 60lb, and the unit comes with wall brackets to fix the frame safely against a wall.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • No tools required for assembling
  • Offers good quality and fit 


  • Tends to give off a bad odor

8. HyLoft 00967 45-Inch by 15-Inch Wall Shelf

HyLoft 00967 45-Inch by 15-Inch Wall Shelf


This steel wall shelf can be screwed to the wall stud and used to hold your garage items. Each shelf can hold a weight of up to 200lb. Made of sturdy steel, these shelves are covered with white powder to make them scratch-resistant and can be installed on both finished and unfinished walls.


  • Patented low-profile brackets
  • Allows maximum shelf storage
  • Helps keep items off the floor
  • Brand offers a lifetime warranty 


  • Brackets tend to chip and rust easily
  • Stabilizing rubber inserts hardly make any difference

9. Muscle Rack UR301260PB5P-SV Silver Vein Steel Storage Rack

Muscle Rack UR301260PB5P-SV Silver Vein Steel Storage Rack


Built to hold some heavy-duty items, these steel shelves for garage are supported by double-riveted beams and braces. These shelves are adjustable by 1-1/2 inch, and the four shelves can support a total weight of 4000lb, with each holding up to 800 pounds of weight. It comes with post connectors that make the assembling process simple and easy. This versatile unit can be used anywhere.


  • Simple bolt-free design
  • Shelves braced on all four sides for durability
  • Sturdy metal
  • Post slots enable a secure connection 


  • Quality may not be top-notch

10. Fleximounts Wall Shelf Garage Storage Rack

Fleximounts Wall Shelf Garage Storage Rack


You can install this floating shelf to the wall, using the good quality assembly hardware that the company provides with it. It comes with an installation template that gives you simple instructions. The two shelves can take a total weight of up to 400lb.


  • Easy installation
  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • Can be secured on wall studs or even concrete walls
  • Available in two different colors 


  • Installation on concrete walls may seem difficult
  • Expensive

11. Topeakmart Heavy Duty 5-tier Commercial Garage Shelving Unit

Topeakmart Heavy Duty 5-tier Commercial Garage Shelving Unit
Buy-NowThis heavy-duty garage shelving unit has five-tier shelves that can each hold up to 330lb. It allows you to adjust the height as required and disassemble it to save more space and for convenient transport.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Does not require bolts, screws, or nuts
  • Sturdy metal frame comes with black coating
  • Comes with free protective rubber feet 


  • May lack in quality
  • Size appears to be smaller than expected

How To Choose The Right Garage Shelving? 

Before you buy shelves for a garage, determine what you need it for and what will be stored on it. Also, consider the following points to pick the right one.

  1. Material: As mentioned above, shelving units for garages are made of different materials such as wood, steel, plastic, and so on. Each type has its own uses and shortcomings. You can make your selection depending upon what the shelves will be used for and how sturdy you want them to be.
  1. Capacity: Just because you bought a rack full of broad metal garage shelves does not mean it can hold any kind of item. For instance, your tall and sturdy storage cabinet may not be fully equipped to hold a heavy item like an engine fixture. You need to understand the capacity of each shelf and place items accordingly.
  1. Size: Garage shelving units come with different sizing. Some offer more space with more shelves, and some offer less. Select one that is easily adjustable and can be arranged according to your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How can I best organize a garage?

Organizing a garage can be simple if you know what goes where. Here are a few steps that can help.

  • Sort all the items according to categories. For instance, group your car-related supplies together while tools used for the garden can be clubbed together. Things that do not belong to a specific category can go in the miscellaneous section.
  • Then, separate the stuff you need from those you may not need anymore and would like to give away.
  • Lastly, when arranging the equipment and tools, you can keep the most-used items in a more accessible part of the garage while the least used items go behind. Store the heavier items on the lower shelves and the lighter ones on the higher shelves.

2. How do I make the most of my garage storage? 

To make the most of the limited garage space, you can start by stacking items vertically against the wall. If you have a workbench, you can add some drawers below to store handy tools that you work with. If you have wired shelving, then you can hang some of the tools to save more space.

3. How high should the garage shelves be placed? 

When making garage shelving plans, ensure that the shelves are low enough for you and your family members to easily access it and high enough to keep it out of reach for children.

4. How far apart should the garage shelves be?

The bottom-most shelf should preferably be six inches above the ground to protect the item stored on it from moisture. The remaining shelves can be around 7 to 15 inches apart, depending upon what you intend to store on it.

Life becomes so much simpler when all your belongings are arranged in an orderly fashion. Garage storage shelving units help organize your garage to make it easier to find something. They also help store things safely for a long time. We hope the above list helps you find the best garage storage shelves that you are looking for.