15 Best Garment Bags For Dresses, Blazers And Tops In 2022


If you are going on a vacation or an important meeting, your clothes need to be crease-free to make the best impression. We have compiled a list of the best garment bags to help you out. Whether it is your favorite dress, blazer, or top, you will have the space to organize them neatly without worrying about creating a mess in your suitcase. Garment bags are available in various sizes, styles, and colors. They can be your ideal companion while traveling and make your packing woes disappear. So, if you’re worried about your clothes wrinkling or getting damaged because of lack of space, garment bags are what you need. Scroll below to choose the right bag for your needs.

15 Best Garment Bags

1. Best Easy To Wash: HomeClean Zippered Hanging Garment Bags

The HomeClean hanging garment storage bag is a good-sized bag that can fit different clothes, including suit jackets. The hanger clear garment bag is simple to wash. This transparent bag allows you to check your clothes without opening the zip and is extremely breathable. The bag is made of high-quality PEVA material and has 5# nylon zippers that are extremely durable and secure. This six-piece long clothing bag is ideal for preventing wrinkles in dresses, shirts, gowns, and suits.


2. Best With Lightweight Non-Woven: Sleeping Lamb 72 Bridal Wedding Gown Dress Garment Bag

The Sleeping Lamb foldable travel garment bag is made from lightweight non-woven fabric and is 72 inches in size, suitable to fit all long dresses and gowns. This wedding dress bag features two extra mesh pockets to store essential items such as shoes, veils, pins, hats, toiletries, socks, and shirts. The trifold bag is equipped with handles at both ends to carry it around effortlessly and is extremely lightweight. In addition, a transparent PVC pouch makes it easy to label your dress, and the smooth zipper prevents dust from entering the bag.


3. Best Reusable: Juvale Plastic Garment Bags for Dresses and Suits

The Juvale pack of 50 large garment bags made of plastic is ideal for professional use at dry cleaners or retail clothing stores. These clear garment bags are apt for versatile clothing items such as suits, dresses, shirts, blouses, and pants. Reusable multiple times, these dry cleaning bags are suitably sized to fit any plastic or wooden hanger. In addition, the bags feature ample space for the hanging of bulky items and ensures protection from dirt, odors, and dust.


4. Best Long-Lasting: Smart Design Gusseted Garment Bag

The Smart Design beige-colored gusseted garment bag with full-length zipper closure, a travel loop, and a clear vinyl front can hold a wide range of clothing items. Its five-inch design provides four times the storage space for easily hanging thick garments. The garment storage bag is made of high-quality, long-lasting Ventil Air natural cotton canvas that absorbs moisture and is suitable for use in all seasons. In addition, the bag’s clear vinyl window allows you to check your clothes without having to open the zipper.


5. Best Water-Resistant: Perber Hanging Garment Bags

The hanging garment bag from Perber is made from high-quality soft PEVA material that is extremely breathable and easy to wash. Featuring a translucent zipper design, this set of 12 garment suit covers is dust and water-resistant. In addition, an upper and bottom metal stopper and high-quality 5# nylon zipper add to the bag’s durability. Suitable for a large variety of wardrobe items, this garment bag keeps all your clothing crease-free.


6. Best Dust-Resistant: Keegh Hanging Garment Bags

The Keegh garment storage bag made from non-woven fabric is a dust-resistant, breathable bag with full-length zipper closure. This set of six protector garment bags is lightweight and extremely easy to fold as well. Compact in design, the travel garment bag features a large window on the front that easily identifies inside clothes.

A metal stopper added at the bottom and top of the bag prevents derailment of the zipper. This lightweight product is suitable for a large variety of clothes, including suits, dresses, jackets, gowns, and other seasonal clothes.


7. Best With Convenient Handles: Luxury Storage Garment Bag

The high-quality garment storage bag is made of 600D polyester and is waterproof, with a durable metal zipper. It can accommodate even the longest and thickest garments and can easily fit all seasonal clothes. It has a tightly reinforced hanger and two convenient handles for easy carrying. In addition, the bag has two clear window systems on the front and back for easy access.


8. Best Easy to Wash: Whitmor Zippered Garment Bag

The Whitmor garment bag is a long-lasting linen fabric fashionable product that is dust resistant and can be easily washed. The breathable garment bag is quite easy to access and keeps your clothes fresh all the time, thanks to its durable and sturdy zipper. The heavy-duty product is quite easy to wash as well and convenient to carry around.


9. Best Easy-To-Organize: Kimbora Costume Dance Garment Bag

Kimbora’s set of two garment storage bags made of PVC and fabric is an easy-to-organize product that is dust resistant. The 39-inch-long breathable bag has three outer clear plastic zipper pockets for storing versatile clothing items. In addition, the bag’s durable zipper closure allows it to carry any garment item with ease, and its large transparent window allows you to check your clothes conveniently.


10. Best Wrinkle-Free: Misslo 43″ Hanging Garment Bags

The Misslo hanging garment bag made from premium quality fabric is a completely sealed yet extremely breathable product. The bag’s dust resistance keeps all of your clothing crease and wrinkle-free. It features full-length metal zippers which can open three ways, ensuring easy access.

In addition, a large transparent PVC window lets you peek at your clothes and check their condition without the constant need to unzip. With ample space, this is a much larger garment bag in comparison to its alternatives.


11. Best Moisture-Resistant: Xiake Garment Cover

The PEVA material garment cover from Xiake is a moisture-resistant, dust-proof, and odorless bag designed with no colors and patterns. This neat design bag is made with thick quality fabric and is waterproof. This bag keeps all your clothing items free from wrinkles and features two zippers for enhanced convenience. This sturdy bag, which is also easy to wash and dry, can be easily wrapped around a closet rod.


12. Best With Adjustable Top Handle: Amazon Basics Urban Garment Bag

The travel garment bag is a simple protective product ideal for daily use. The bag has enough space to hold two suits or dresses and accessories, and other necessities. It has several mesh interior zippers for storing other items. Items such as earbuds or pens can be kept in the exterior pocket. The bag has an adjustable top handle and a detachable shoulder strap for effortless carrying.


13. Best Premium Quality Protective: 3Packs Clear Kids Dance Costume Garment Bags

The dance and costume garment bag is a dust-resistant premium quality protective cover made from waterproof and wrinkle-free PEVA material. The reusable bag is anti-moisture and anti-static and has four zipper pockets on the front. The bag’s simple design allows it to help you organize all your wardrobe items and accessories easily. In addition, this compact bag can be easily folded for conveniently carrying it from one place to another.


14. Best Easily Foldable: Sleeping Lamb 50 Clear Garment Bags

The Sleeping Lamb garment storage bag is made of transparent PVC material and is extremely breathable, keeping all your clothing items fresh and clean. The dust-resistant bag has four clear zipper pockets and a long-lasting #5 zipper closure and can easily hold clothes and other essential accessories.

Easily foldable, this set of three wardrobe suit organizers is apt for coats, jackets, sweaters, robes, and off-season clothes. In addition, you can easily hang the garment cover in your wardrobe or closet for enhanced comfort.


15. Best With Fully Enclosed Zipper: Sleeping Lamb 60” Hanging Garment Bags

The 60” garment bags from Sleeping Lamb with four gussets can hold approximately four winter coats or ten long dresses. The cover bag comes with five backs and is made of lightweight yet durable material, making it a great choice.

A small opening at the top is available for the hanger hook, and the superior quality fully enclosed zipper keeps the clothes safe and protected. This versatile garment storage bag allows you to easily store a large variety of your clothes without any fear of ruin.


How To Choose The Right Garment Bags?

Here is a list of essential factors worth considering before making your final selection of a garment bag.

  1. Design: There are many garment bags available in the market featuring varied styles and designs. Make your choice considering all your needs and priorities, and then finalize a design.
  2. Compact: It’s quite important to choose a bag that ensures ease of carrying and enhanced convenience. If you plan on traveling with your garment bag, then look for a lightweight and travel-friendly bag.
  3. Capacity: Consider your needs and the capacity of clothes you want your garment bag to hold. While some bags can hold plenty of wardrobe items, others might hold just one or two.
  4. Material: Make sure that the garment bag you end up buying is made up of breathable and premium quality fabric. A PVC-built garment bag that is water-resistant and dust-proof ensures that all your clothing stays crease-free and super fresh all the time.
  5. Zipper: Pay close attention to the zipper of the bag. It should be sturdy built and long-lasting so that the chances of fuss-ups are minimized. Also, a transparent and completely enclosed zipper marks for a great choice as it lets you peek at your clothes without having to unzip the bag.

Store your dresses, pants, and blouses neatly, whether in your closet or your luggage, with a suitable garment bag. It ensures your favorite dresses are free of creases and wrinkles. When you choose a compact garment bag, it becomes easier to carry when you’re on the go. You should consider garment bags made from sturdy material and of the right size to accommodate different clothing items properly, helping you stay organized. Also, ensure the garment bag material is rip-resistant and waterproof to protect your clothes from damage.

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