11 Best Gas Hobs For Easy Cooking & Buying Guide 2022


Cook your favorite meals efficiently with our list of the best gas hobs. A gas hob is usually built-in with a kitchen countertop. It has controls for generating heat and is easier to operate than induction hobs. From professional chefs to home cooks, gas hobs are suitable for all. The heat allows you to have direct control over the flame, making cooking easier.

With so many designs available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your kitchen. So, explore our list of products and features to choose accordingly.

We consider the best gas hobs for kitchens in the market and their pros and cons that you should be aware of.

11 Best Gas Hobs

1. Best Energy-Efficient: Deli-kit Gas Cooktops

With this energy-efficient gas hob having a high-quality steel body, you can cook an entire meal with several courses quickly. The five-burner gas hob includes one ultra-rapid burner and one 3.3KW wok burner with three rings. This allows users to choose the heat output suitable for their cooking. The body is built to resist corrosion, while the grates are made from cast iron and are long-lasting. It has a 110V plug for pulse ignition and includes preset nozzles for natural gas.


  • Easy installation press
  • Includes ring for wok
  • Works with older model regulators
  • Takes up less counter space


  • May leak when in use
  • Burners tend to shut off randomly


2. Best High-Quality Stainless Steel: Hbhob Stainless Steel Cooktop

The high-quality kitchen hob built from stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and is long-lasting. It has an enclosed chassis that keeps the burners’ flame stable and prevents flickering. The control knob’s metal does not melt, and grates are made from sturdy cast iron. There is one large burner with triple rings to provide intense heat.


  • Easily adjustable flame size
  • Includes natural gas and LPG nozzles
  • Sturdy steel build
  • Strong flame from all burners


  • Markings for temperature might rub off
  • No regulator is provided

3. Best Heavy-Duty: Gasland Chef GH60BF 4 Burner Gas Hob

The top-quality gas hob top is made of tempered glass that is easy to clean. Ideal for those who want a small gas hob with four burners. It has a large triple ring, one auxiliary, and two semi-rapid burners. The heavy-duty cast iron pan supports are long-lasting, while the knobs are made from durable Bakelite material.


  • CSA standard regulator
  • Glass hob has FFD that shuts off gas when flame goes out
  • Easy installation process
  • Supports use of propane and natural gas


  • Burners may stop lighting suddenly
  • Regulator may leak

4. Best Scratch Resistant: Hotfield 24-inch Gas Cooktop

Hotfield gas hob comes with a seal so that crumbs do not fall into the burner and ensures easier cleanup after cooking. It has a steel body and a brushed finish composed of four burners. The grate is made from durable cast iron that supports heavy pots and pans. The gas hob with the wok burner ring can support large woks, making cooking a hassle-free process.


  • Scratch-free steel
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy-to-use auto-ignition
  • Includes regulator
  • AC power automatic ignition


  • Burners are difficult to light
  • Burners may stop lighting suddenly

5. Best Steel Body: Noxton PF640STX Gas Cooktop

The Noxton energy-efficient gas cooktop can deliver instant heat to your pans and pots when cooking. The built-in hob has four highly efficient sealed burners and steel body that is easy to clean after use. The iron pan holders are long-lasting, and the knobs are made from Bakelite, allowing accurate adjustments.


  • Auto shut-off feature
  • AC auto-ignition
  • Works with LPG and natural gas
  • Easily installed within 20 minutes


  • May be unsafe when used with a propane tank
  • Installation instructions are not easy to understand


6. Best Dual-Fuel 5 Burner Gas: Deli-mate 34″ Gas Cooktop

Using this dual-fuel gas five-burner gas hob, you can spend less time cooking full meals for your family. The five sealed burners are easy to clean. The gas hob top allows faster and flexible cooking with one ultra-rapid, one rapid, two semi-rapid, and one auxiliary burner. The steel used to build the kitchen gas hob and the enamel-coated cast iron pan holders are long-lasting.


  • Auto-ignition with AC pulse
  • Includes regulator
  • Easy drop-in installation
  • Works with LPG and NG
  • Quick and instant heat


  • Some burners may not work well
  • Biggest burner may ignite with a large flame


7. Best High-Speed: Windmax 30″ 5 Burner CookTop Gas Hob

The five-burner gas hob has two high-speed burners and one with a triple ring suitable for cooking in large pans or a wok. With this tempered glass gas hob coming with LPG and NG nozzles, it can work with dual fuel sources. The cast iron pan supports are durable and are capable of supporting heavy pots.


  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Ignition rotary knob cannot switch on accidentally
  • Easy auto-ignition with 110V cord
  • Hassle-free installation


  • Flame output may be low
  • Metal around burners may rust

8. Best Heat-Resistant: Metawell 30 Inch Gas Cooktop

The seven-burner stove hob has five energy-efficient burners that provide an even distribution of heat. It has a steel body with an elegant brushed finish and its knobs are made from heat-resistant plastic and metal composite. It also has auto ignition and flame-out protection.


  • Nozzles support the use of LPG/NG
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable cast iron pan holders keep pots stable


  • Center burner lights only after considerable gas buildup

9. Best Sleek Design: Kuppet QM5113 Gas Stove Cooktop

Kuppet gas hob is built from durable steel resistant to corrosion. It has a space-saving design and is perfect for a moderate size kitchen that cannot fit a seven- or eight-burner gas hob. The sealed five-burner hob requires less cleaning after cooking while the chassis is enclosed and keeps the flame steady. It also has durable enamel pan supports.


  • Kitchen hob uses LPG and NG
  • Flame failure technology helps prevent gas leaks
  • Heat-resistant knobs
  • Sleek and modern design


  • Adjustment of flame is tricky
  • Screws for installation may not fit well

10. Best Space-Saver: Noxton Gas Cooktop

Noxton gas hob is an elegant space-saving version with two energy-efficient burners among domino hobs. The sealed burners allow quick heating of pans and are easy to clean as food cannot drop into them. It is made of a durable steel body and cast iron pan holders. It is ideal for a small kitchen that does not have space for large gas hobs.


  • Flame failure technology helps prevent gas leaks
  • Easy plugin installation
  • Includes kit for converting to LP gas
  • Electricity-based automatic ignition


  • May not work well with a propane tank


11. Best Long-Lasting: Gasland Chef GH12SF Single Burner Gas Hob

The small gas hob is suitable for an RV or a cramped apartment. It has auto-ignition powered by a 120V AC. Its triple ring burner is ideal for cooking with a wok and can accommodate heavy pans. It has a long-lasting steel body, cast iron pan supports, and a sealed burner that does not collect dirt and is easy to clean. It can be used with propane and natural gas.


  • Heat-resistant Bakelite knobs
  • FFD system protects against gas leaks
  • Support pan is stable
  • Burner performs well in windy outdoor conditions


  • May not work without a 120V AC connection

How To Choose The Right Gas Hob?

Here are some points you need to consider while buying a gas hob.

1. Size: There are different hob sizes, including domino hobs ideal for smaller kitchens and usually contain fewer burners. Also, a hob should be smaller than the hood in your kitchen so that the fumes and smoke is sucked up efficiently.

2. Burners: Usually, a four or a six-burner gas hob with BTU output is suitable for a family of five. You may find a larger eight-burner gas hob for an extended family to be handy. A gas hob with a wok burner is convenient as it allows easier cooking of Asian dishes such as a stir fry. Also, buying a gas hob with sealed burners ensure that food and spills do not cause clogs.

3. Fuel: A mixed fuel hob provides users with the benefits of cooking with electricity and gas. These hobs have burners, and cast iron pan supports on one half, while the induction zone with touch controls on the other half and generates an electromagnetic field that heats pans via hob surface transfers.

4. Material: A glass gas hob has an ultra-fashionable look, while a stainless steel body is more durable and does not develop scratches quickly.

5. Support: Look for a kitchen hob with dishwasher-safe enamel or cast iron pan supports.

6. Regulator: Check if a regulator is provided with the gas hob so the installation process is easy, and you will not have to deal with compatibility issues.

7. Nozzle: Check if nozzles for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and natural gas (NG) are provided.

8. Safety: If a flame failure device is included, it will ensure the gas stops flowing when the burner is not lit, reducing the chance of accidents.

Investing in a gas hob helps you cook food quickly and with greater flexibility. The best gas hobs come with several burners, thus making them extremely useful for big families. Further, some come with a wok burner to help you prepare Asian dishes. When choosing a gas hob, consider the material, the fuel type, ease of installation and cleaning, and safety features, such as auto shut-off feature and heat-resistant knobs. You may also choose one that is sleek and well-designed to suit your kitchen top.

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