15 Best Gifts For 12-Year-Olds To Cherish The Most In 2022


Buying a gift for a 12-year-old can be tricky since they are almost entering their teens, and what one might like might not be appreciated by another. To make your task easier, we have a list of the best gifts for 12-year-old, keeping in mind their tender age where they have started developing their personality. A well-thought-out gift is not only going to be appreciated by the child but also by her parents, in case you’re gifting someone else. To help you pick the right one, take a look at our list here.

Here, we have listed the best gifts for 12-year-olds. We hope you come across one that feels right.

Our Top Picks

15 Best Gifts For 12-Year-Olds

1. Best For Outdoors: Selieve Walkie Talkies

A set of walkie-talkies can add a great deal of fun and thrill for kids when playing or camping outside. This compact and lightweight walkie-talkie by Selieve is easy to operate with a simple push-to-talk button. With a long-range of up to three miles, your kids will be able to execute coordinated adventure plays. The Selieve walkie-talkie has a durable build made to withstand rough handling by kids. Cool features, including the LCD backlit display and built-in flashlight, make it a handy companion for your little one.


2. Best For Bedrooms: Dithin Starry Night Rotating Projector

The Dithin light projector lets you create a night sky-like atmosphere in your child’s bedroom ceiling. The rotating light projects stars and moon crescents in beautiful colors that are crisp and bright. It is made of high-quality LED materials, and you can adjust the brightness levels as per preference. You can also use the light as a desk lamp by removing the lid. Be it for a soothing sleep or a sleepover party with friends, this could be a great addition.


3. Best Science Kit: Dan&Darci Crystal Science Experiments DIY Project Kit

Dan&Darci offers an amazing DIY chemistry lab-style project kit that lets your child grow crystals and learn the science behind them. It is a five- to seven-day experiment that allows mixing the ingredients and letting the crystal grow. The kit comes with a light display stand to place the fully grown crystals for beautiful illumination. This safe and non-hazardous experiment will help your children develop an interest in the chemical transformation process, and the 12-page booklet explains the whole process with illustrations.


4. Best Easy-To-Carry: Free-to-Fly Remote Controlled Toy Car

The Free-to-Fly toy car is designed as a stunt car with high response control. Its buggy-like bigger wheels can run easily on coarse and rocky surfaces. The car is portable, easy to carry, and runs on AA batteries. The high-quality buttons and joysticks on the remote make controlling easy and fun.


5. Best For Developing Reading Habit: Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul: Stories of Changes, Choices and Growing Up for Kids Ages 9-13

Inculcating reading habits from a young age can give them a tremendous advantage for their future. The Chicken Soup for the Soul series is a well-known bestselling book that has helped millions find confidence in themselves. This special edition is written for adolescents and teenagers in an easy-to-understand text. Whether as an introduction to reading or for further addition to the reading list, this book can impact the little one.


6. Best For Halloween Parties: Superwin Glow Party Rainbow Gloves

Glowing gloves are a fun party accessory that comes with a combination of bright colors with flashing and dazzling modes. Despite having tiny LEDs on the surface, the glove is designed to fit comfortably and is risk-free. So be it a Halloween party at home or attending a concert at the nearby mall, the gloves can keep your young one excited and occupied.


7. Best For Hand-Eye Coordination RaboSky Dart Game Toy

Darts are a great way to let children engage in physical play right at home. RaboSky offers the game with magnetic darts instead of the traditional pin darts, making it safe for the household. The toy would help little ones improve their hand-eye coordination and build arm strength. The dartboard is double-sided, with each side having a unique points target, and comes with 12 darts of six red and six yellow. It is a fun game where the whole family can participate.


8. Best DIY Kit: Vertoy Friendship Bracelet Making DIY Kit

A creative do-it-yourself kit that lets children make friendship bracelets in various fashions and colorways. The kit would let them make 12 bracelets to tie to their friends’ or family members’. It includes buttons and stickers so that you can personalize each bracelet. This would be a great way to introduce children to the world of design and craft.


9. Best Waterproof: Deker Kids Waterproof Camera

Capturing photos and videos using cameras can be exciting for kids. Deker offers a waterproof toy camcorder that lets kids use it in all conditions, whether in the house, outside or even in swimming pools. Using it underwater makes it more exciting, letting them capture unique images that are otherwise not possible. It offers good video and picture quality and comes with a 32GB capacity that provides ample storage.


10. Best For Learning: Etovo Kids Fort Building Kit

The 140-piece stick model building project lets children experiment with designs keeping them happy. Be it a tower or flat camp, kids can have a thrill watching their ideas take shape right in front of their eyes. Then, cover that with a cloth or canvas so the children can stay the night in the castle. It is an amazing learning style toy that children and parents can play together.


11. Best For Creativity: Let’s Go Go! Scratch Art for Kids

The scratch art booklet consists of rainbow-colored pages covered with material that can be scratched. Your child can draw beautiful patterns and artwork by scratching on the surface. The kit includes a wooden stylus that makes scratching easy and fun. Additionally, the stencil area allows the children to draw shapes in glowing colors easily. Activities like these inculcate creativity and artistic thinking in children.


12. Best Vintage Design: Twelve Years Of Being Awesome BDay Gifts Boy Girl 12th Birthday T-Shirt

12th birthday vintage-style t-shirt is classy and stylish. It is made from quality cotton fabrics and is comfortable to wear, and fits snuggly. The black color with a year of birth print right on the center conveys a rock star-like attitude.


13. Best For STEM Learning: Henoda Robot Toy Building Block Kit

Henoda offers STEM building blocks that make it exciting for the child to build a remote-controlled robot. Children play with an automated robot and utilize their intellect to assemble the whole toy and learn the mechanism. The finished robot toy has a futuristic vibe with lights, voices, and movements that can keep kids occupied for hours. It can also be controlled via a mobile app through a Bluetooth connection.


14. Best For Doodling: ZMLM LCD Writing Doodle Tablet

The ZMLM tablets are a great start where kids can learn how to write and doodle on an LCD screen. The ten-inch glare-free device comes with a stylus, 3D stickers, and stylus clip. Kids will be able to doodle in a multi-color format and then erase with the click of the button.


15. Best Functional: Emma’s Printed Water Bottle With Tumbler

Carrying a water bottle is a practical and good habit for children and adults. It will keep one hydrated and avoid drinking from other sources. The beautiful stainless steel water bottle by Emma’s would be an amazing gift for the 12th birthday, as it has a printed birthday message on the bottle surface. The turquoise blue color and cursive text would catch everyone’s attention.


How To Choose The Right Gift For A 12-Year-Old?

Pay attention to the following points when buying a gift for 12-year-olds.

  1. Interest: Learn your child’s interests so you can make a calculated guess of the gift they would like. If you don’t, you can always ask the child’s parents or friends about their interests.
  2. Utility: Decide on whether the gift you want to give is for fun and play or for practical utilities. Gifts, such as clothing or gadgets, can be advantageous.
  3. Occasion: Depending on whether it’s a birthday, a family reunion, holiday, or a party, buy a gift. You may choose from long-lasting gifts to fun and short-lived stuff.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Reviewing toys and gifts is Priti Bose’s forte. She has made choosing the right gift for a 12-year-old easy with this article. The article has some of the best options that you can consider buying. These gifts are chosen after extensive research and analyzing product descriptions and user reviews on numerous websites and forums. She has also included some useful points to help you make the right purchase.

With these cool gift ideas, you can now pick a good gift for your 12-year-old. From walkie-talkies that help them communicate with their friends to science kits that help them expand their knowledge, there are countless gift options that will get a 12-year-old excited. However, before making the pick, ensure it is something that piques their interest. Further, ensure the gift you pick is both functional and fun. You may also choose a gift for them based on the occasion.

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