9 Best Gifts For Bakers To Use Everyday In 2022


If your friend or loved one fancies baking and you are planning to surprise them, we have compiled a list of the best gifts for bakers to help you out. After all, you must have enjoyed several delicious desserts they’ve made. At this point, an occasion is probably incomplete without their baked goodies, and you look forward to their delicious treats all the time! So, return the favor and get them special baking gifts that they will surely cherish.

From the bare necessities to luxuries, our list covers all to suit your baker buddy’s requirements. They are made of high-quality materials for long-lasting and efficient performance. So, scroll below and go through our list of specially-curated baking gifts to choose a suitable addition to your baker friend’s collection.

9 Best Gifts For Bakers In 2022

1. OXO Good Grips Baker’s Dusting Wand

One of the top gifts for bakers, OXO’s Good Grips Baker’s Dusting Wand is constructed with brushed stainless steel. It allows for a non-slip grip with thumb rest indents on the soft handle.

A solid side is present so you can easily rest it on the counter, and it is sized such that it fits most storage containers. When baking, this tool can be used to precisely dust desserts with powdered sugar and cinnamon. The tongs are locked and you can open them by simply twisting the handle. OXO’s dusting wand is quite sturdy and can be used to turn and lift vegetables, transfer and toss food, and flour your baking pans. It is dishwasher-safe and contains scalloped edges that hold food securely, making it one of the best gifts for bakers and cooks alike. If you want to find out more about this product and its usage, make sure to check out this review on YouTube.


2. Saukore Funny Baking Apron

Saukore’s Funny Baking Apron makes for the perfect gift for the bakers in your life. With an eye-catching vibrant slogan, the apron also features 2 big pockets that can keep your baking essentials handy. Comfortable and soft against the skin, the apron comes with an adjustable strap so that you can wear it at a desired length. With an elegant gift bag included, all you need to do is present it to your person of choice. The fabric is breathable and keeps you cool while you are in your element, and it retains shape when washed. Being multipurpose, you can even wear it when using the grill outdoors or simply prepping your meals on the daily.


3. Shori Bake Artisan Bread Making Kit

Your favorite baker probably loves making their own bread, in which case Shori Bake’s professional sourdough kit will be very helpful. You get 2 round bread proofing baskets that can accommodate up to 2 pounds of dough. The high-quality baskets are made with Indonesian rattan cane and are doubly polished to prevent any splinters. Not only is the dough’s rising process taken care of, but the baskets also wick away any moisture while imprinting a spiral pattern. Cloth liners for smooth surfaces, a stainless steel bench scraper, a Danish dough whisk, and a plastic scraper along with a 5-blade professional scoring knife are included in this kit.


4. MAOFAED Baker Keychain

Your baker friends will love MAOFAED’s keychain as it has a slogan that reads, “Bake the world a better place.” The pendant hangs on a thick and sturdy ring that has been welded. Made of stainless steel and free from nickel and lead, the keychain is hypoallergenic and is resistant to discoloring or rusting. With detailed stamping quality, this accessory is bound to make the receiver smile every time they look at it. As it comes in a velvet jewelry pouch, you won’t have to hunt for a last-minute gift wrapping paper.


5. Jesse Janes Bangle Bracelet

To show your appreciation for all the bakers in your life, this bright bangle bracelet is quite apt. It’s made of stainless steel and is free from lead, nickel, and cranium while being hypoallergenic. In addition to being easy to clean and take care of, the bangle expands to be able to fit your wrist better. It has a glossy finish owing to the polish and features 3 loops for extra sturdiness. You can stack it with other jewelry or wear it solo and rock the little cupcake, measuring cups, muffin trays, and ‘fabulous baker’ pendant charms, all of which are etched with laser.


6. Walfos Cake Turntable

The Walfos Cake Turntable is a great addition to any baker’s kitchen. Anti-rust and made with heavy-duty aluminum alloy, the turntable has a smooth bearing that allows it to rotate clockwise and anticlockwise without any sound. The bottom beam is thickened and can hold more than 30 pounds of weight. To ensure that the cake stand remains in place while you decorate, a non-slip silicone bottom helps with stability. The rings at uniform distances help you center your cake and have an error-free experience. After your cake is done being beautified, you can simply clean the turntable with a sponge or soft cloth.


7. Cooking Gift Set Co. French Tarts Baking Kit

To help you master the art of the French pastry, this tart kit was designed by bakers themselves. With this, you can avail a perforated tart ring set that provides ventilation and a frame for the perfect crisp mini tart shells. These stainless steel tools are dishwasher-safe, so cleaning is quite easy. Ceramic baking weights are also included as they keep the dough from bubbling up. With some attached recipes, step-by-step instructions, and tried-and-tested tricks, making tarts will be your next big skill. The candy thermometer allows you to perfect meringue as you can control the temperature precisely and build it to be lofty and decadent. When done, use the reusable silicone piping bag to create beautiful toppings.


8. THREE HUMAN Silicone Spatula

A spatula is essential to whip up some batter or ice your favorite baked goods. This printed one by THREE HUMAN is as aesthetic as it is functional. Printed on both sides with silicone ink, the slogan is bright and makes for a great reminder to your friends. The handle is made of natural beechwood that is eco-friendly and renders it sturdy and durable. It is designed with a hole at the end, so you can easily hang it on your kitchen wall. Not only is the silicone soft enough to not cause any scratches, but it will come in handy when mixing ingredients. The attached bow adds an elegant touch and requires no extra packaging when being given away.


9. Print Supremacy Ceramic Mug

Print Supremacy’s non-toxic and arsenic-free Ceramic Mug reads ‘Best. Baker. Ever’ and is ideal for boosting your baker friends’ confidence! It features an easy-to-grip handle and a steady base that allows for minimized sloshing of your favorite beverage, thus crafting a delightful experience. You’ll find the print on both sides, and it lasts for a long time without fading or chipping away. The mug can be microwaved for a piping hot drink and thrown in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


When gifting something, you need to know whether or not the receiver already possesses it. If it’s something they don’t have and has been on their wish list for quite a while, it would make for a great gift. Bakers usually have the basic equipment needed for their craft, but if someone you know doesn’t, you can go ahead and gift it to them. Listed below are the types of gifts that are suitable for bakers.

How To Choose The Right Gifts For A Baker

  • Necessary baking gear or bakeware

Flexible silicone spatulas, whisks, measuring cups and spoons, liquid measuring cups, sheet trays, metal or ceramic mixing bowls, oven thermometers, fine-mesh strainers or sieves, round and square cake pans, and a grater or microplane are some baking essentials. For a baker who is just starting out, you can gift these items as they are timeless and can make or wreck a baked good.

  • Baking extras

This category consists of some luxury items that bakers would love to have. You could scour the receiver’s wishlist and get them something they’ve been eyeing for a while or something they need to replace.

A high-quality stand mixer is something that can be quite expensive, but if you’re able to afford it, will look stunning on any kitchen counter and truly delight your friend. Some other luxuries include a kitchen scale, mini offset spatula, cooling rack, citrus squeezer, cookie scoops, rolling pins, oven mitts, cake stands, pastry brushes, kitchen timers, plastic dough scrapers, loaf pans, muffin tins, and pie plates. If you’re willing to think outside the box, you could try nested cookie cutters, tart pans with removable bottoms, pastry rulers, printed aprons, and springform pans.

  • Accessories

A lot of baking-related gifts on the market aren’t even related to kitchenware. They are quirky accessories that bakers can don just for fun! Examples could be baker charm bracelets, pendants, keychains, bags with printed catchy slogans, printed throw pillows, bread or cake-shaped lamps, and wall prints. Baking-related accessories aren’t very functional but they deliver aesthetic value. These gifts can be a great way of putting a smile on a baker’s face and letting them know you appreciate them and acknowledge their efforts — especially if you aren’t privy to their wish list or don’t know their kitchen well enough.

  • Ingredients

Not a very common gift to give or receive but extremely important to someone dealing with baking — yes, we’re talking about ingredients! Most bakers are always complaining about how good-quality ingredients are hard to come by and burn a hole in their wallets. When gifting, you could use this opportunity to take the burden off their shoulders and get them much-needed ingredients for show stopping desserts. Vanilla bean pods, baking chocolate, food coloring, chocolate chips, sprinkles, and cream can be packed together into a gift basket that we’re sure will have your baker friend squealing with joy.

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If your loved one is a baker, some unique gifts to use for baking may kindle their love to create some delicacies and put a smile on their faces. Choosing a suitable gift may be daunting due to several available options, ranging from baking necessities to luxuries. However, the key to choosing a meaningful gift is to make sure it enhances their baking skills. To pick the right gift, you might want to research to understand the needs, wants, and likes to suit their interests. Moreover, check the quality, features, durability, and other factors to ensure long-lasting and easy use. We hope our list of the best gifts for bakers can give you insight into the various available options to help you choose.

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