23 Best Gifts For Kids To Buy In 2021

Best Gifts For Kids To Buy

Children love gifts. The charm of receiving a gift makes them look forward to birthdays or any other special occasions when they are likely to receive presents. When they are so eager to receive a gift from you, you need to put be thoughtful in giving them one which they will love, use and cherish for long.

In this MomJunction post, we present a list of the best gifts for kids.

23 Best Gifts For Kids

1. Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad

Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad

Light-Up Tracing Pad consists of one graphite pencil, ten tracing sheets, ten blank sheets, and 12 colored short pencils with a tracing board. Let them choose a set of colors and desired sheet to fill it with their creativity or shade the sheets with most liked colors. Creativity, fun, and excitement are all enclosed together for kids to have their best time with tracing pad and utilize their time productively.

2. National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book Of Space

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book Of Space

A book on space for young kids by Catherine D. Hughes is full of quirky illustrations that focus on planets, earth, moon, sun, and comets. The book educates and fosters the child’s imagination. Different chapters demonstrate something novel to help them understand science. Let their interest pique and make them hear about unheard things. The concepts in the book would encourage them to explore.

3. Think fun Zingo Bingo With A Zing

Think fun Zingo Bingo With A Zing

Zingo Bingo is an interesting game for kids, and comes with 72 double-sided tiles, six double-sided Zingocards as well as parent’s guide. The game can be played and enjoyed by up to seven kids at a time. It enhances the mental power of the young ones and assists them to think critically. Every player in the game has to solve some puzzles, thus honing the child’s problem-solving skills.

4. Creativity For Kids Glow In The Dark Rock Painting Kit

Creativity For Kids Glow In The Dark Rock Painting Kit

Imagination doesn’t have bars but glows! Glow in the dark is a creative rock set for kids with kids’ friendly waterproof paints, and tenrock pieces to paint your fascination. Children can paint on the rocks and set them outdoors to shine in the dark. The kit encourages creativity, improve painting skills, and also bring lots of excitement through rocks that glow in the dark.

5. Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

Anki Overdrive kit comes with twosupercars, fourstraight tracks, riser pieces, charger spots, and a tire cleaner. The simple straight tracks would take the form of different shapes to maneuverthe cars in a particular direction. Play together with friends or make an AI your racing partner. Compete for not just winning, but even to learn the tricks and enhance mental skills.

6. Marky Sparky Doinkit Magnetic Dart Board

Marky Sparky Doinkit Magnetic Dart Board

Magnetic Dart is a classic round dartboard for children and the pack comes with sixmagnetic darts to stick to the board easily. The darts are safe, kid-friendly, and indestructible. Fit the dartboard anywhere indoors or outdoors without harming your walls or surfaces. The darts have a magnetic tip that helps them stick firmly. It is a fun game that kids can play with family and friends.

7. Omzer Kids Camera

Omzer Kids Camera

This kidscamera is made from a safe silicone material that features a shockproof design. The 8MP camera allows the child to capture various momentswith a 1920x1080p video setting and eightscene selections. Thetwo-inch LCD screen and multi-scene selection are some other features of the camera. The camera comes with accessories such as USB cable, cartoon stickers, user manual, and a 16GB memory card. The simple mini camera is a way to arouse interest in photography amongkids.

8. The Mind By Pandasauras Games

The Mind By Pandasauras Games

The Mind is an ingenious card game that stimulates thinking. Kids will enjoy the game since it requires the player to be attentive. Players do not talk with each other yet cooperate to win the game.It comes with 100 cards and can be played by two to four players.

9. Flip side Game

Flip side Game

The Flipside is an enticing game that polishes the analytical and mental skills of kids. The game is a formidable combination of mind, hands, and eyes where a single miss can knock down the game. The game features four different modes, where the blink of light would help you to match the apt side of the block. Batteries are available for never-ending fun. Play alone or battle with friends.

10. Franklin Sports Table Tennis

Franklin Sports Table Tennis

Franklin Sports Table Tennis is a set of twopaddles, an expandable ping pong net, twoballs, and a mesh carry bag to accommodate them all. The net is compatible with most tables to create table tennis board anywhere. It is a game for indoor or outdoor fun with friends. A game offers children a chance to be sporty and have a sportsmanship spirit.

11. Car Guardiance Walkie Talkies

Car Guardiance Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkie is a new rage for kids with uncomplicated features like two-way talking in a range of threemiles, flashlight, voice activation, and easy battery installation. The voice is audible and could help them walk out for hidden treasure. Young ones can easily carry a small-sized walkie talkie and can talk without the help of a button. It is available in a variety of colorsand the toy makes for a good fun time for kids.

12. Purple Ladybug Novelty Gemstone Water Bottle

Purple Ladybug Novelty Gemstone Water Bottle

Let your child exercise their imagination and motor skills with this toy. The kit comes with one kid-safe water bottle, seven sheets of rhinestone stickers, and one pink carabiner. Young ones could decoratethe outer part of the bottle with available stickers. Personalized bottles bring out the best from the kids since it allows them to create one-of-the-kind designs.

13. Sphero SPRK: App-Enabled Robot

Sphero SPRK App-Enabled Robot

This toy is a waterproof robot ball equipped with features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, sensors, accelerometer, and LED lights. The ball whirls and can be programmed using a smartphone app. Playing with educational toys would help generatecreativity among children. It can also help foster interest in STEM activities.

14. TECBOSS Microphone

TECBOSS Microphone

If your child is a budding singer, then they will likely love this microphone by TECBOSS. The karaoke microphone comes with features, such as 48 colorful LED lights, buttons to adjust volume and echo, an 8W speaker, noise reduction sponge, micro SD support, and Bluetooth connectivity. This gift for kids brings out their talent while enhancing skills and imagination. The combination of music, lights, and sound will surely excite the little one.

15. 3 Doodler Start Essentials 3D Pen Set For Kids

3 Doodler Start Essentials 3D Pen Set

It is a doodling pen that lets kids doodle in three dimensions. The kit contains a pen with an LED indicator and a micro-USB charging port, along with a pack of 48 eco-plastic strands in twocolors. The strands feed into the pen, which heats them to create three-dimensional illustrations. 3Doodler brings out the creativity of the children while also letting them hold, carry, and preserve their three-dimensional illustrations.

16. Playmobil Mars Space Station

Playmobil Mars Space Station

This Mars space station from Playmobil lets your child have role-play game of visiting Mars and setting a basecamp. The set consists of a Mars Space Station with lights, detachable compartments,LED lights, and astronaut figures that can enter the space station. There are even guns inside the space station to protect from Mars debris and other elements. Your child can certainly use their imagination to the maximum extent while playing with this gift.

17. Baby Mushroom Ultimate Slime Kit

Baby Mushroom Ultimate Slime Kit

It allows children to create their very own fun-filled slime that can even glow in the dark. The kit comprises of powders, materials, colors, threewooden sticks, glow powder, onesmall scoop, measuring cups, and green slime changing colors. There is also a guide on how to prepare the slime and create various shapes. This gift is a great combination of science and fun, and will also encourage children to experiment.

18. Mermaid Coloring Book For Kids

Mermaid Coloring Book For Kids

A coloring book with 40 coloring pages that uplift the child’s motor skills and fantasy. A variety of objects like rainbow, castles, beach, creatures are available to brush with different colors. Every single page has a one-sided image to protect the other image from being wiped out. Unrepeated pictures volumize the book and also leave the child curious for the next illustration.

19. Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider

Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider

This minidroneis a cool gift for kids since it comes with illustrious features such as Bluetooth connectivity with iOS or Android, mini camera, and removable wheels for ground movement. The drone can fly indoor or outdoor at speeds up to 18km/hr. Parrot MiniDrone’s camera could capture the unnoticed moments from the sky. The drone can be operated can be controlled with smartphones, thus making it easy for a child to operate.

20. Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket LED

Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket LED

It is a foot-operated rocket that can reach a height of up to 150 feet. The pack contains fourfoam rockets with rounded tips for safety. The rocket can be launched through an air-controlled launched. The child stomps on the launcher cushion to release the rocket. It is an outdoor toy that can be played solo or can be enjoyed with friends.

21. YESMARKS Kids Dart Game

YESMARKS Kids Dart Game

This dartboard lets children play with their friends and family while indoors or outdoors. The set comes with a 13.8-inch dartboard, and super gluey colorfuleight balls. Hang the dartboardanywhere to begin the game. Playing a dart game can help polish motor skills while also improving focus. Set a target for childrento hit,and it will boost their concentration and focus further.

22. Avengers Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Smash FX Fists

Avengers Marvel Thor Ragnarok Hulk Smash FX Fists

Thor Ragnarok Hulk fists is an excitingchoice for kids who enjoy Hulk.  The set includes one electronic and non-electronic fist with instructions to follow and batteries for complete fun. Get into fights with friends to have unusual sounds while smashing in the air or punch down on the hard material. It is easy to handle and can be a good gift for kids. The motion-activated sounds of the Hulk fists allow kids to have lots of fun.

23. Smart Lab Toys Room Defender

Smart Lab Toys Room Defender

Room defender is a computer-based programming device, which encourages kids to write codes and understand computing. The code language allows children to set the device as a security system. The set comes with the device, along with a booklet of 24 –pages decoding all the codes for safety. Flashing of the light and sound indicators further help increase the fun factor of the security system.

How To Choose The Right Gift For Kids?

  • Consider the child’s age so that they can enjoy the toy to the maximum extent.
  • Keep the occasion in mind to select the appropriate gift.
  • Pick toys that can educate while also providing fun and fascination.
  • It is also good to pick gifts that exercise both motor and cognitive skills.
  • The gifts should be free of harmful chemicals and toxins.
  • If the child is young, then avoid gifts that could pose a choking hazard.

Kids love gifts that are novel and interesting. Picking the right gift allows them to play with it for a long time while also cherishing the memory of receiving it. Do not hesitate to pick a couple of gifts to make the moment more memorable.

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