27 Best Gifts For Penguin Lovers In 2022


Penguins are adorable, and you may come across someone among your friends or family who love these cute creatures. That is why we bring you a list of the best gifts for penguin lovers to give them on special occasions, be it birthdays or festive occasions. All the products we provide in the list are described well to make the right choice. They would love the gift and your gesture and will be glad to have you as a loved one.

27 Best Gifts for Penguin Lovers

1. Friend sheep Wool Dryer Balls

Friend sheep Wool Dryer Balls


Friend sheep Eco Dryer Balls are a great gift for a penguin lover. These wool dryer balls naturally soften and fluff your laundry by gently tumbling in your dryer. The seare wonderful as they reduce wrinkles, static clings and the drying time. A set of these sixextra large wool balls comes along with a charming hand-printed organic bag. So, now, just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to each ball to get fresh scented laundry. Know more about this product in this video.

2. HIC Penguin Cocktail Shaker

HIC Penguin Cocktail


This HIC’s penguin cocktail shaker is ideal for the one who is surely a party person. It is an elegant and functional equipment that goes well with other bar accessories. It’s the perfect shaker for spicing up some martinis and other favorite cocktail drinks to jazz up your house parties.

3. Melissa & Doug Penguin Giant Stuffed Animal

Melissa & Doug Penguin


This lifelike and quirky stuffed penguin with signature black-and-white coloring and yellow markings is a great gift for a game for kids aged three years and above. This durable and lovable stuffed toy is a rare combination of being plush and soft, yet sturdy! You can use it either to hug out or just as an adorable room decor!

So, get it and start your own penguin parade!

4. Aurora World Emperor Penguin With Baby

Aurora World Emperor Penguin


Are you looking out to gift somebody who is into everything penguin? Then, you should definitely check out this lifelike penguin stuffed toy, which stands tall at 12 inches, and it is perfect to cuddle. Nothing can beat the cuteness of this penguin duo, in which the baby is securely attached to the mother’s feet!

5. Moyishi Cute Penguin Office Mug Coffee Mug

Moyishi Cute Penguin Office Mug


This cute little Moyishi Penguin is made of ceramic with a photo quality design. To add to the cuteness, this mug also has a lid and a little stirring spoon. Plus, this is microwave and dishwasher safe. You can also use it as a free-standing display on your coffee tables or even on your work desk. Now, keep your tea hot and enjoy it!

6. Bungalow 360 Zip Around Wallet

Bungalow 360 Zip Around Wallet


Are you looking for unique penguin gift ideas? Then, you should check this penguin themed wallet. This wallet features a zipper closure, a windowed ID slot, six accordion pockets, four card slots, and a center zippered coin pouch! It is made of heavy natural cotton canvas to support Mother Earth and be an environmentally responsible fashionista.

7. Penguins Happy Feet “Happy holidays and let it snow”

Penguins Happy Feet “Happy


The Penguins Happy Feet stemless wine glass comes as a set of 2,which is a gorgeous set of wine glasses and is hands down one of the best gifts ever. This setwith two cute and funny penguin designs is perfect as holiday season gifts and also adds cuteness to your rooms when used as a decor.

8. Cotton Penguin Themed Socks

Cotton Penguin Themed Socks


Who can argue on the need for socks during winter? This pack of five pairs of women’s penguin themed socks will readily put a smile on anybody’s face! On a penguin lover’s face! Made of 80% cotton, 5% spandex, 15% nylon, and 5% spandex, it helps your feet to breathe and be comfortable all day long. Its vibrant colors add brightness to your outfit and is a great gift for penguin lovers.

9. Penguin Doorstep Decorative Polyester Door Stop

Penguin Doorstep Decorative Polyester


This decorative penguin doorstop from the leading brand Elements will surely compliment your home decor because of its uniqueness and fun design. It’s a great doorstop for your kid’s room, bedroom, bathroom, or even for the patio door! However, this is not suitable to be used as a toy for your pets or your child.

10. Pompom Mini Penguin

Pompom Mini Penguin


Are you looking for a perfect gift for your little one?  This mini penguin could be it. It is perfect for placing on a shelf or a desk or anywhere that you would choose to or even to just play with. Plus, this pompom penguin stuffed toy is surely going to make a great companion for your little one as well.

11. Penguin Glass Coffee Mug with Handle

Penguin Glass Coffee Mug


Say ‘hi’ to this super cute coffee mug that is adorable and makes up for a classy and elegant gift. It can withstand temperature differences from minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit to 302 degrees Fahrenheit as it is made of borosil glass. However, the best part is the swimming black and white penguins around the coffee mug,which adds fun to your everyday morning coffee routine.

12. Power TRC Liquid Penguin Paperweight

Power TRC Liquid Penguin


Are you looking for a gift that can liven up someone’s work desk? This mini penguin paperweight can do it for you. It’s a soothing experience to move the blue liquid with two little penguins. Plus, it adds color to your workspace and can also be used as a stress reliever!

13. Penguin Stuffed Animals

Penguin Stuffed Animals


This cute, adorable and cuddly plush animal toy is perfect for your little ones. Designed with child safety in mind, it is safe for small kids and is bereft of any choking or swallowing risk. Plus, it can even be easily hand washed and doesn’t need a lot of care.

14. Penguin Nesting Dolls-6 Matryoshka Penguins

in Nesting Dolls


If you are looking out to gift something unique and unusual, then this is it! This set of  intriguing nesting dolls from Play Visions is perfect for someone who loves wildlife and animals too. Each of these six Matryoshka Penguins dolls isfit for a surprise for your kids, as they will be delighted to discover more and more! Moreover, you can also store your “secret stuff” inside it.

15. Women’s Lady Scarf Shawl Penguin Print Voile Scarves

Women’s Lady Scarf Shawl Penguin


This penguin printed women’s scarf made of voile is a great way to casually accessorize any outfit. It gives you a fashionable and chic look that is super popular and can be worn in multiple ways. You can just wear it around your neck in one long circle or just wrap it twice. You can also use it as a headscarf or even as a headband.

16. Late for the Sky Penguin – Opoly

Late for the Sky Penguin


This game is a classic property trading game that everyone knows about and loves;now it is with a penguin theme. Everyone is crazy about and loves penguins. After all, what’s not to be loved about these cute creatures that waddle around in the snow! Plus, as you play this game, you get to know more about penguins. It is a great game to play for 2 to 6 players and is ideal for children aged 8 years and above.

17. Penguins Wave Paperweight

Penguins Wave Paperweight


This penguin paperweight has got two cute and adorable penguins swaying side to side in the blue liquid waves. It is super soothing to watch and can be used as a paperweight in your desk to keep your documents from flying off. This is a great gift for a birthday, Christmas, or even as a fun gift to anybody. Your kids can spend hours swaying the paperweight from side to side, while as an adult, you can accessorize your desk and also use it as a display.

18. Kikkerland Penguin Kitchen Timer

Kikkerland Penguin Kitchen


This adorable Kikkerland penguin kitchen timer is perfect for thosewho love to keep track of their time. Be it while cooking, baking or even while taking a power nap. It can definitely turn out to be your kitchen taskmaster. The timer goes up to sixty minutes, and the penguin head turns clockwise to 60 minutes and then rotatescounter-clockwise to set to the desired time. Plus, it has a steel mechanism with a sturdy plastic exterior.

19. Kingsley Winged Corkscrew

Kingsley Winged Corkscrew


This Kingsley winged corkscrew is most important while unwinding a bottle of wine on your side. Just unscrew the bottle of wine and enjoy your day with your partner or your loved ones. The fun part is that the penguin wings go up when the screw goes down. Another fun part of the game is that you can challenge someone to make the penguin fly when you push the wings down to pop the cork.

20. Toe Socks with Penguin Collection

Toe Socks with Penguin


This pair of socks with cute penguin prints keepseach and everytoe of your feet toasty and comfy during winter. Now, they would never be cold again, socks promise! After all, who else knows to keep warm better than the penguins? No birdie at all. Get socked up and sip on the hot chocolate!

21. Keep Calm Travel Mug

Keep Calm Travel Mug


Want something that not only motivates you but also helps you sip on your morning booster coffee on the go? Then, this is for you.  This ‘Keep calm travel mug’ is perfect to overcome the Monday blues and just calmly go along with your work schedule. Now, deal with any adversity in life calmly just like a penguin and say aloud “Keep calm and love penguins.”

22. Penguin Slippers

Penguin Slippers


Remember happy feet? Adorable, right? Now, you can wear them on your feet and glide around everywhere happily. These adorable penguin slippers are super easy to clean and you can simply wash them with your hand in light soap and cold water. It is ideal for traveling in cars, planes or even for use at home. Now, put on your furry slippers with no-slip soles and do the happy dance! Every Wishpets stuffed animal is most huggable and super cute.

23. The March of the Penguins

The March of the Penguins


If you are curious to know more about these adorable creatures, then this is it! Get to know more about these strong, mysterious, dedicated creatures in the calm and soothing voice of Morgan Freeman! The narrator takes you on an amazing journey that the penguins undertake in order to mate every year. Another great gift for your kids or for anybody who wants to know more about penguins.

24. Nat Geo Penguin Edition

Nat Geo Penguin Edition


National Geographic is the quintessential wildlife magazine to know more about these arctic creatures. Without National Geographic, we would probably not have half the knowledge about animals that we have now. This entire collection of Nat Geo Kids is dedicated to these lovable birds. Plus, this edition is library bound, which helps you to preserve it for years.

25. Penguin-shaped Paper Clips

Penguin-shaped Paper Clips


Looking to amp up the cuteness of your office and deskwork? Get these penguin-shaped clips to either gift to your colleagues or keep them at home; after all, who doesn’t love penguins. Not only do they add a personal touch to your paperwork, but also are they super-efficient apart from being adorable!

26. Just Love Critter Robe Sherpa Trim Velour Robes for Women

Just Love Critter Robe Sherpa


Get this velour bathrobe to get extra warmth and for an extra cuddly option when the temperatures go south. These penguin robes are perfect for you and even for your kids to look adorable and cute! Having made of good quality material, they are soft from both inside and outside and keep you warm throughout.

27. Kuchenprofi Penguin Tea Boy

Kuchenprofi Penguin


If you are a true tea lover, then this Penguin Tea Boy is for you to take home. Just set the timer based on the type of tea, and its beak will automatically lift your teabag out of the cup when it’s time for tea! Plus, it can also be doubled up as a kitchen timer too. Now, brew your tea and enjoy the perfection.

How To Choose The Right Gift For APenguin Lover?

Finding the right gift for a penguin lover can be challenging. You may consider these points before buying the gift.

  1. Look for value: Before you buy a gift, try asking yourself, how it is going to help the person whom you are going to gift.
  2. Cuteness quotient: How cute is super cute? Try marking the cuteness quotient of your penguin gifts before you go for one.
  3. Pocket-friendly: If you are under a strict budget, then, look for gifts that are both adorable and affordable.

Buy a penguin gift to those who you know will love them and put them to use. Buying the most relevant gift matters because you would want them to use it than keep it in a closet.

Which one of the above gifts did you like? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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