11 Best Bath Robes For Girls In 2022


After a nice bath, it feels cozy and warm to be wrapped in a comfortable bathrobe. The best girls bathrobes should be both functional and stylish. When choosing a bathrobe, do pay attention to the quality of the fabric, the stitches, seams, and the overall look and feel. We have rounded up some of the best bathrobes for your little girl in this post.

11 Best Girls’ Bathrobes

1. Best Unicorn: Doctor Unicorn Soft Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe Sleepwear

Doctor Unicorn Soft Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe Sleepwear

If you are searching for a comfortable bathrobe for your little girl, go for this Soft Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe Sleepwear by Doctor Unicorn. It will help your daughter feel relaxed. And, if she loves unicorn, it will meet the purpose just right.


  • The robe is available in 12 colors.
  • The robe is made of premium polyester fabric for extra comfort.
  • It features two front pockets and an attached belt.


  • The seams tend to come off after a few uses.

2. Best All-Season: BC BARE COTTON Bare Cotton Kids Microfiber Fleece Shawl Robe

BC BARE COTTON Bare Cotton Kids Microfiber Fleece Shawl Robe

Your daughter will like this soft and fluffy wearable robe. The robe is made from 100% premium coral fleece and meets the US and European safety standards. This versatile robe can be worn as a bathrobe, loungewear, housecoat, or beach robe.


  • It offers good durability.
  • It features two front pockets and trimmed cuffs.
  • The robe is available in eight colors.
  • Your little girl can wear the robe in any season.


  • A great deal of effort is required to keep the robe soft and fluffy.

3. Best Machine-Washable: Sweet & Sassy Girls Coral Fleece Printed Robe

Sweet Sassy Girls Coral Fleece Printed Robe

This printed robe looks stylish and is available in seven different patterns and colors. You can either wash it in a machine or by hand.


  • The bathrobe is made from 100% polyester.
  • It comes with a belt and two front pockets.
  • It is comfortable, soft, and gentle on the skin.


  • The pockets may not be durable enough to withstand extended use.

4. Best For Gifting: Just Love Hooded Plush Fleece Robe for Girls

Just Love Hooded Plush Fleece Robe for Girls

This comfortable hooded bathrobe for girls is made from 100% polyester fleece.  It comes in ten different shades and is an ideal gift option.


  • The bathrobe is fitted with two patch pockets.
  • It comes with a belt as well for a custom fit.
  • The robe can last you multiple washes.


  • The material could have been a tad thicker.

5. Best For Winter: Leveret Kids Robe Boys Girls Solid Hooded Fleece Sleep Robe Bathrobe

Leveret Kids Robe Boys Girls Solid Hooded Fleece Sleep Robe Bathrobe

This bathrobe is ideal for both girls and boys.  Your daughter can wear it over a pajama during the winter months.


  • It is made from 100% polyester plush fleece.
  • It offers resistance from flames.
  • It is available in varying colors to suit your child’s personality and taste.
  • It features two functional pockets and an attached belt
  • It is machine-washable.


  • You may encounter some size issues.

6. Best Animal Theme: Arctic Paw Kids Boys Girls Children Animal Theme Pool Cover up

Arctic Paw Kids Boys Girls Children Animal Theme Pool Cover up

If your child has a liking for animal-themed dresses, this can be an ideal choice for her. The unisex bathrobe is available in 23 patterns. Your child will be spoiled for choices.


  • It is made of high-quality plush terry.
  • It can absorb a high amount of water.
  • It comes with pockets for a touch of functionality.
  • It features an adjustable belt tie with double loops.


  • The stitches on the belt could have been better.

7. Best For Sensitive Skin: Ameyda Kids’& Adult Soft Flannel Bathrobes

Ameyda Kids Adult Soft Flannel Bathrobes

This bathrobe is soft, fluffy, and gentle on your kid’s sensitive skin. It kcan be flaunted on various occasions.


  • The bathrobe is soft, cozy, and offers the kid ample room to stretch.
  • It comes in 13 different patterns and colors.
  • The waist tie has been sewn to the bathrobe.


  • The hood is a bit small as compared to the size of the rob.

8. Best Multipurpose: Flower Girl Satin Kimono Robes

Flower Girl Satin Kimono Robes

This silk bathrobe is pretty and gives an elegant appearance to your child. It features ¾ sleeves, a waist belt, and an inner string. It is available in multiple bright colors and patterns. Your daughter can wear it at home as a lounge robe or bathrobe.


  • The satin fabric has a luxurious silky touch to it.
  • The robe is available in 13 different bright hues.
  • The bathrobe is lightweight and offers comfort.
  • Your daughter can wear the multi-purpose bathrobe on various occasions.


  • You may face some size issues.

9. Best Durable: RuoguBoys Girls Bathrobes

RuoguBoys Girls Bathrobes

This bathrobe is made of soft flannel to offer comfort and softness to your girl. It is an ideal wear for the pool and beach.


  • For higher durability, the robe has been double stitched.
  • Your girl may wear the robe in autumn, summer, or spring.
  • The robe is available in various prints and 12 different colors.
  • It comes with a hood and an attached tie.


  • It does not feature pockets.

10. Best Anti-Slip: Kids Little Boys Girls Coral Fleece Bathrobe

Kids Little Boys Girls Coral Fleece Bathrobe

If your little girl pesters you to buy her a bathrobe with 3D cartoon design, get her this coral fleece bathrobe. The robe is available in pink and green. Your child will appreciate the cartoon animal print on the hood.


  • It is soft and gentle on your child’s skin.
  • The button on the collar prevents the robe from slipping off.
  • The hooded bathrobe features a waist belt and two cute front pockets.


  • It may not absorb water as much as you want.

11. Best For Spa: Aibrou Girls’ Peacock Satin Kimono Robe

Aibrou Girls' Peacock Satin Kimono Robe

This satin robe for teenage girls comes with blossoms and peacock designs.  The robe is lightweight and comfortable and is perfect for a spa party or daily wear.


  • The multi-purpose robe is made from high-quality silk fabric.
  • The robe is available in six different hues.
  • The robe is lightweight, soft, and gentle on the skin.
  • The robe comes with a sash belt and outer belt loops.


  • It does not feature pockets.

How to Choose the Best Bathrobes for Girls

The perfect bathrobe should offer you warmth, ease, and flexibility of movement and should be durable. Given below are some of the key factors that you may want to consider while purchasing a bathrobe for girls:

  1. Select the right color: If your girl is fussy about colors, avoid imposing your choice of colors on the child, and let her choose the color that she desires. To boost the fashion factor of your little one, you may opt for light pink, dark blue, lavender, or some floral shades.
  2. Length: An ankle-length microfiber bathrobe offers her the much-needed warmth and comfort, especially during harsh winter months. For the summer, you may opt for a knee-length bathrobe. Meanwhile, a microfiber robe that falls between the knee and calf will be appropriate for the swimming pool or spa.
  3. Fabric: If your child uses the robe after taking a shower, you need to ensure that it is manufactured from terry cloth, which has great absorbent properties to keep your child dry and comfortable. Some fabrics may cause skin irritations or rashes. Therefore, choose the fabric that suits your child’s skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What fabrics are commonly used to manufacture girls’ bathrobes?

Poolside bathrobes are generally made of terry cloth. Classic bathrobes are made of light cotton fabric, linen, satin, poly-cotton, terry cloth, or micro-fleece. They have become a preferred choice as they come with a belt, pockets, and a tie at the waist area.

2. How often should you wash your bathrobe?

It depends on how frequently you use it, where you have been using it, how often it gets shabby, and its fabric type. You should avoid several back-to-back washing of bathrobes. And do not use strong detergents as they may fade the color of the bathrobe, thus making it appear wornout. However, it does not mean that you should compromise on your hygiene factor. If you spot some dirt, wash it.

Wrapping yourself in a nice and comfy bathrobe after a shower is a perfect finish to a relaxing time. Bathrobes are made using highly absorbent material that helps soak all the water and moisture off your skin. They’re available in various colors and patterns, making them stylish yet functional. When buying a bathrobe, two things worth considering are your comfort and the size of the bathrobe. You’ll find both short and long bathrobes, and you can choose based on the weather conditions.

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