15 Best Glitter Eyeshadows Of 2021 For Beautiful Sparkling Eyes!

15 Best Glitter Eyeshadows To Make Your Eyes Pop In 2021

Girls, it’s time to add some glitter to your gorgeous eyes this season. Take a break from velvety mattes and subtle nudes to make head turns with some shimmer on your eyes. After all, a set of twinkling eyes can be the best accessory to bet on, now that masks are part of our daily clothing choices.

Although the 2000’s over-the-top glitter blunders continue to scar our memories, shunning these stunning glitter eyeshadows is no less than a crime. Plus, shimmering eyes are slowly becoming a part of office wear (we are talking subtle shimmer, not chunky crystals!). So, let’s explore all those eyeshadow inspiration posts on Instagram and Pinterest and indulge in the best glitter eyeshadows this 2021. Let the blending game begin as we’ve lined some top choices for you. Check out our list of the 15 best glitter eyeshadows below.

15 Best Glitter Eyeshadows To Make Your Eyes Pop In 2021!

1. Ownest Glitter Liquid Eyeliner Set

Ownest Glitter Liquid Eyeliner Set

The only kind of bold your eyes will love, these metallic and holographic hues with a pearlescent formula will make your eyes the star of the party instantly. Easy to apply as it glides smoothly and follows the contours of your eyes, this liquid glitter eyeshadow will enchant those around you with its ultra-sparkly hue. Flaunt it for masked parties or for a girl’s night out, the formula is long-lasting and water-tight. And the best part is, you can use it as an eyeliner or nail polish too. With 10 in a set for all your outfits and moods, give these ultra-sparkly glitter liquids a try — we dare you.

2. Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow – Kitten Karma

Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow - Kitten Karma


Just what you need to glow but without being over-the-top, this subtle mix of glitter and pearls will transform your eyes and leave a finish so dazzling and elegant that you’ll fall in love instantly. Do you have a date night coming up? Or are you trying glitter for the first time? You can start with Stila. With minimal fallouts and a maximum sparkle guarantee, this sparkly eyeshadow has a water-based texture, is lightweight, and also long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about touch-ups at all.

3. Afflano Neon Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

Afflano Neon Glitter Eyeshadow Palette


Neons are not just a Halloween makeup trend anymore, as beauty gurus are pairing them with their everyday outfits too. So, if you don’t mind making some bold statements this summer, this neon and glitter eyeshadow palette is a must-try for you. With UV reactive colors that glow in the blacklight, this 24-pan pressed glitter eyeshadow palette houses 5 neon and 11 glitter shades that are non-creasing, fade-proof, and fallout-proof. Besides this, these cruelty-free hues are long-wear and deliver an intense color payoff. And to top it all, you don’t have to be an expert for blending and building these!

4. DE’LANCI Highly-Pigmented Pressed Glitter Palette

DE'LANCI Highly-Pigmented Pressed Glitter Palette


How about giving your dramatic eye makeup a cosmos touch-up? With 24 ultra-shimmering and intensely pigmented hues that are insanely glamourous, waterproof, this palette will not fade or bleed. And, are you worried about fallouts? Don’t be as the brand guarantees zero to minimal fallouts. Now, whether you want to use it for party wear or save it for your festive celebrations, a few minutes of good blending is all you need to make these dazzling colors pop. Also, it’s cruelty-free!

5. EYESEEK Eyeshadow Palette – Caramel Macchiato 50°C Series

EYESEEK Eyeshadow Palette - Caramel Macchiato 50°C Series


Sensitive skin users, indulge and shine in these 60 matte and sparkly colors, care-free! Non-toxic and free from dyes, they offer a radiant and vivid finish and a smooth and velvety texture, which once applied, looks simply exquisite on the eyes. With a plethora of shades for all your moods, outfits, and celebrations, you can go au natural and opt for a subtle shimmer or dazzle up your eyes in ultra-sparkly gold if you want; this travel-friendly glitter eye palette has umpteen options for you. Besides this, the pigments are sweat-proof, waterproof, cruelty-free, and suitable for all skin tones.

6. Bernecy Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

Bernecy Glitter Eyeshadow Palette


With this travel-friendly palette in your makeup pouch, your eyes will never see a dull moment again. With 10 diamond-inspired glittery hues to amp up your makeup, these pigments are long-lasting, waterproof, sweat-proof, and skin-friendly. Yep, no rashes, redness, or irritation while wearing them or the next day! Made from non-toxic ingredients, these shades deliver an intense color payoff whether you blend them with a brush or your fingers. Moreover, the golden case comes with a dual-sided applicator and a mini mirror for on-the-go convenience.

7. MOSTORY Glitter Crystal Liquid Eyeshadow Set

MOSTORY Glitter Crystal Liquid Eyeshadow Set


Your eye makeup can’t get any more mesmerizing than with this! Flutter your lashes at your own risk with this liquid eyeshadow that has a blend of crystals and multi-dimensional shimmer pigments. It will leave a look so surreal that you are bound to attract some compliments and stares! With 4 sparkling shades to explore, these silky pigments are buildable, non-creasy, fade-proof, and flake-proof and it delivers a magical glow in just one swipe! Beginners, do not miss these easy-to-use liquid eyeshadows.

8. ZEESEA X The British Medium Eyeshadow Palette – Flamingo

ZEESEA X The British Medium Eyeshadow Palette - Flamingo


For all the natural makeup lovers browsing through, here’s a palette that’ll tickle your fairytale fantasies. Inspired by Alice In Wonderland, the palette comes with soft pastel shades of chestnut and roses with a hint of shimmer to compliment your everyday makeup looks. The highly-pigmented textures are velvety smooth, creamy, and long-lasting to make both your makeup and post-makeup experience pretty and twinkling. And for those who love to flaunt their makeup collection (unintentionally, of course), the case looks every bit vintage! It also comes with a mirror and a dual-sided application brush, making it travel-friendly.

9. Rechoo Eyeshadow Palette

Rechoo Eyeshadow Palette


Looking for the easiest way to pamper an eye makeup enthusiast? Gift them this palette with 99 glitter and matte shades! Let your inner beauty maven awaken with these long-lasting and high-impact pigments. Giving you a free hand to mix and match and set trends this season, you’ll never have a dull moment with this palette. The pigments have a creamy texture, are waterproof, lightweight, and fallout-proof. And do you have sensitive skin? If yes, let us tell you that this glitter bomb is free from toxic ingredients and is cruelty-free.

10. PYT Beauty Glam Glitter Gel Liquid Eyeshadow

PYT Beauty Glam Glitter Gel Liquid Eyeshadow


Mermaid eyes will now be an easy look to achieve with this iridescent liquid gel eyeshadow that’ll transform your eyes and give them a fairytale-like glow. Infused with fine glitter particles, it will glam up your eyes without being glaring or over-the-top. However, what makes this liquid eyeshadow a must-try is the formula. This hypoallergenic gel contains vitamin E and is free from harsh chemicals such as silicone, parabens, phthalates, and more. And unlike regular liquid eyeshadows, this one dries quickly, is non-tacky, and buildable, which means you can switch between a subtle or sparkly look, as per your mood or occasion. Its long-wearing formula ensures a smooth glide and will not crack or trigger fallouts whatsoever.

11. UCANBE Sparkling Liquid Eyeshadow Set

UCANBE Sparkling Liquid Eyeshadow Set


There’s no such thing as too much glitter, and if you agree, this 5-in-1 set is ideal for you. It will make your eyes pop with the infused metallic-glitter particles, so much so that you will need no accessories when you have these shimmers glamming up your entire look. They are suitable to use as an eyeliner (brownie points for versatility), and the texture is highly pigmented, ultra-smooth, lightweight, and non-flaky. They dry so quickly that before you finish with the second eye, the first one is ready to wow the crowd! And the best takeaway — they are vegan and cruelty-free.

12. Ownest Kyda Bling Eyesticks

Ownest Kyda Bling Eyesticks


No-mess, travel-friendly, and beginner-friendly, these eyeshadow sticks will speed up your eye makeup time effortlessly. Easy to use and ideal for creating umpteen eye makeup trends (yep, there are 12 in 1 set!), they contain safe and non-toxic ingredients. But are they long-lasting? Absolutely! They are also waterproof, fade-proof, sweat-resistant, and quick-drying. All you have to do is blend these ultra-smooth and powdery textures and get ready to handle some envy stares on the go. Busy bees and travelers, all eyes on these sticks!

13. Aooba Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow Set

Aooba Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow Set


To make a head-turning entry at parties and celebrations, you can trust these waterproof liquid eyeshadows by Aooba. With stunning gold, metallic, coral, and twilight hues guaranteeing to get you some woahs and wows, they can be mixed and matched or worn alone. Easy to apply with a high definitive tip, they spread smoothly, dry quickly, and will highlight your eye bed instantly with every use. Also, you can use these eyeshadows as eyeliners too. Red carpet glow, anyone?

14. Lucoss Shimmer Eyeshadow Set

Lucoss Shimmer Eyeshadow Set


More like stars for your gorgeous eyes, these sticks infused with micro-glitter particles and eye-brightening liquid eyeshadows are all you need to grab attention, anywhere, anytime, any day. High on shimmer and glamor, it’s sweat-proof, waterproof, and will last till the party ends! And unlike other eyeshadows, this one will not stain your eye bed or create a sparkly mess on your skin too. The set comes with 6 out of the world shades that can be combined to create a shade that’s unique to you as well.

15. Kuqqi Eyeshadow Shimmer Dust Powder Set

Kuqqi Eyeshadow Shimmer Dust Powder Set


Curb your glitter mania with these 45 dust powders! Ideal for nail art, hair, and body painting, these dust powders are also safe, non-irritating, and suitable for all skin types. Highly pigmented and ultra sparkly, enough for your eyes to stand out instantly, you can wear it alone or mix-match and create new trends with your spring or summer outfits. Beauty mavens, are you ready to make some eye-catching fads this season?

Too glam to handle, aren’t they? There you go, those were the 15 best glitter eyeshadows to make your eyes pop this season. Do you still need assistance with choosing the best glitter eyeshadow? We have tips for you in our buying guide below.

How To Choose The Best Glitter Eyeshadow

Not all that shimmers may be suitable for you. Hence, you must lookout for the following
features to end up with the right one:

  • Glitter type

Glitter eyeshadows deliver different types of finish. From subtle shimmers, iridescent glow, metallic glitter, chunky crystals to ultra-sparkly finish, they range from being faintly shimmering to glaring bright on the eyes. So, pick the one that suits your glowing needs.

  • Consistency

The eyeshadows can be pressed powder, creamy-liquid, or loose. Pressed powder eyeshadows are highly-pigmented, non-messy, and easy to blend. Creamy or liquid eyeshadows provide one-swipe coverage and are easy to build. Loose eyeshadows have intense pigment as well, but the chances of fallouts are high too.

  • Buildable coverage

Choose an eyeshadow that is buildable, so you can enjoy both subtle and ultra-sparkly consistency with the same pigment. Also, buildable pigments are great for mixing and matching and creating new shades. So, if you are into exploring different looks, you must choose a buildable texture.

  • Waterproof

When it comes to glitter, it’s ideal to choose a waterproof and sweat-resistant formula; so it doesn’t fade, flake, or bleed after a few hours.

  • Fallout-free

Lastly, pick a fallout-proof formula only. Applying eyeshadow can be a total mess if the texture is not fallout-free. Also, glitter is hard to clean off unless you use a cleanser or a makeup remover, which means you’ll have to re-do the eye makeup all over again. Why take that risk?

With that, we bet all eyes will be on yours no matter where you go, physically or virtually! After all, everything’s glam when you put glitter on it. Now, whether you like it subtle or want to announce your entry with your sparkly eyes, our list has brands and options for all to explore. Also, with masks becoming a part of your daily OOTDs, you might as well make your eyes do the talking with these gorgeous and stunning shimmers. So, what are you waiting for? Go, pick the best glitter eyeshadow and get ready to shine out loud this season.