13 Best World Globes For Kids To Know About Geography In 2022


As children grow up, they develop various interests, and it is your responsibility as a parent to nurture the right ones. If your little one loves exploring and talking about the world, the best globe for kids would make an excellent gift to further their passion.

Globes are much more immersive than simple maps and offer a great and comprehensive look at how the Earth is divided, rendering it an essential tool to understand geography. So, spend time with your children and quiz them on different locations while enhancing their knowledge.

Below, we have rounded up some of the most informative globes that both you and the little one will find helpful. So, keep scrolling and pick one for your little explorer.

13 Best Globes For Kids

1. Best Interactive: Shifu Orboot Earth

The sheer brilliance of this globe lies in its fun and immersive layout of the world. The large-sized globe is easy to turn and locate places around the world. This globe for children comes with a companion application that allows one to travel on a journey to different continents and countries. The application has visuals, storytelling, facts, monuments, inventions, quizzes, and much more. The application is supported on a range of devices, including iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. Included with the globe are a passport, sticker book, and help guide to make the experience more thrilling for your children. Watch this YouTuber’s honest review to get a better idea about the product and its features.


  • Interactive globe for kids
  • 400 highlights and 1000 facts
  • 10 inch globe
  • Includes smart features


2. Best 3D Puzzle: Learning Resources 3D Puzzle Globe

This large-sized 8-inch globe for kids consists of 6 continents with labels. The puzzle globe is a fun way children can learn about continents, oceans, popular locations, animals, and more. Doubling as a puzzle, kids can attach the pieces onto the globe, making it an effective tool for developing motor and spatial skills. Each piece of the puzzle is chunky, making it easy for toddlers to grasp and piece together. Learning can be fun with this interactive globe for children by Learning Resources. This video will give you a better insight into the product.


  • 3D puzzle globe
  • 14 piece set
  • Colored pieces
  • Toy for toddlers


3. Best Decorative: USA Toyz Illuminated Globe

This fun-filled globe by USA Toyz consists of more than just the map of the world. It also includes zodiac signs, planetary locations, and 88 recognized constellations. The LED globe light used to illuminate the globe is easy to replace, making it user-friendly. The globe is sturdy and sits on a durable steel-chrome stand. This multipurpose globe serves as a tool for learning and as a decorative night lamp. Last but not least, it comes with a constellation booklet and an accompanying interactive application. Watch this video for a thorough understanding of the product.


  • 3-in-1 globe
  • Illuminated globe
  • 13.5-inches tall
  • 360° rotation


4. Best User-Friendly: LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe

This globe has been ingeniously designed with user-friendly operation. Attached to the base of it are a stylus and touch screen. The highlight of this globe is that one can use the stylus to tap anywhere on it. On touching any point on the globe, one is presented with facts and unique games. This globe by LeapFrog reveals countries, continents, capitals, flags, languages, landmarks, and currencies. The accompanying touchscreen displays videos and animations that develop a thirst for learning in kids.


  • Includes smart features
  • 2.7-inch LED screen
  • Smart globe
  • Facilitates learning


5. Best Compact: MOKOQI Levitating Globe

This globe by MOKOQI gains much of its popularity thanks to its mode of operation. Like most other globes, it too shows the continents and countries with labels. Given its compact form factor, it is ideal for a study table. Its user-friendly design makes it suitable for children to use. It serves as a great learning tool for those who have just started learning about the different countries and continents in the world. Along with the globe and its illuminated stand, a power adapter is included.


  • Levitating globe
  • 360° rotation
  • 3-LED beads
  • Hand-sized globe


6. Best Light-Up: Little Experimenter 3-in-1 World Globe

If your child has a thirst for learning about more than just locations on a map, then this globe by Little Experimenter will not disappoint. Besides revealing countries, capitals, deserts, oceans, and seas, it also has a light-up constellation map. This feature is enabled by a hidden sensor as soon as the lights in the room are off. The globe rotates 360° effortlessly and is user-friendly. The color-coordinated markings on the map make it easy for children to remember places in the world.


  • 3-in-1 globe
  • Built-in-light projector
  • Made from environmentally safe materials
  • Long-lasting


7. Best Standard-Colored: Waypoint Geography World Globe For Kids

This globe by Waypoint Geography is well-designed and crafted from acrylic. The base is thick and made from plastic. The globe sits comfortably on the stand and is easy to rotate. The globe features a detailed geographical map of the world, including countries, continents, landforms, and water bodies. The standard colored map makes it easy for kids to pinpoint different places on the globe with ease. This globe comes fully assembled, eliminating the need to piece it together.


  • Colorful globe
  • 12-inch globe
  • Latest geographical boundaries
  • Educational tool


8. Best Learning Tool: Oregon Scientific Smart Globe

One of the unique features of this globe by Oregon Scientific is its implementation of technology to make it a speaking globe. It speaks about tons of fun facts, capitals, history, and even national anthems. This globe has a large built-in memory, containing over 2000 pieces of information. The use of a touch pen makes it easy for kids to touch various digital touchpoints on it. The cordless design of the globe makes it portable and easy to use anywhere. It operates on 3-replaceable AA batteries. Last but not least, its smart AR app brings the globe to life. Given its numerous features, this globe by Oregon Scientific finds a noteworthy spot on our list of the 13 best globes for kids.


  • Smart globe
  • Contains 19 games
  • Detailed globe
  • Learning tool


9. Best With Voice Feature: Educational Insight Talking Globe For Kids

This globe by Educational Insight is designed to help children become acquainted with places across the world. It features the voice of the wildlife warrior, Bindi Irwin, and has over 1000 facts about nature, animals, countries, and cities. The 12-inch globe is large enough for kids to use and locate places. Its simple operation makes it udder-friendly for children. All one has to do to activate the voice feature is to touch a point on the globe with the interactive pen. What makes the smart globe a success is its built-in speaker and stylus-like pen.


  • Talking globe
  • Educational tool
  • Kid-friendly
  • Detailed globe


10. Best For Writing And Marking: TTKTK Illuminated World Globe For Kids

The surface of this globe by TTKTK is specially crafted for writing and marking. The surface can be used for writing and cleaned with a cleaning cloth included in the package. The surface of the globe has a matte surface that protects the eyes from exhaustion. The globe is dustproof, waterproof, and portable. Apart from consisting of the standard maps, it also includes 88 constellation patterns. Given its self-lighting ability, it can be used as a lamp on a study table.


  • Illuminated globe
  • USB operated
  • Wooden base
  • Fun and educational


11. Best Sturdy: Little Chubby One LED Kids World Globe

Little Chubby One has designed a sturdy and durable globe, supported by a metal frame and resting on a metal base. This globe provides geographical knowledge that every kid must learn. It can be used to sharpen your skills in geography. It includes the location of countries, continents, capitals, lakes, and boundaries. Given its beautiful decor, it can be used to decorate a study table, desk, or dresser. If your child, niece, or nephew has a birthday coming up sometime soon, you should consider purchasing this as a birthday present.


  • 10.5-inch globe
  • LED globe
  • Educational gift
  • Detailed globe


12. Best Easy-To-Read: TCP Global Compact Mini Globe

Made of premium quality ABS plastic material, this globe will stand the test of time. The political map on this globe comes with an easy-to-read legend, making it easy for kids to distinguish between countries, continents, and water bodies. It uses a natural scale of 1:90,000,000 and features up-to-date cartography. Apart from being a fun educational tool, it makes for a beautiful display on one’s office desk or shelf.


  • 4-inch globe
  • Detailed globe with labels
  • 360° rotation
  • Easy-to-read parallel grids


13. Best Detailed: Juvale Spinning World Globe 

Spark your children’s curiosity about places around the world by laying your hands on this world globe. It is eight inches in diameter, making it perfect for use both at home and school. It can be rotated 360 degrees and easily read and traced. Whether you want to teach geography or explain world events or distances, this one adequately meets all purposes.


  • Detailed and scientific
  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Has a removable base
  • Easy-to-read font size


  • Some may find it smaller than expected
  • Does not include mountain ranges


Now that you’ve had a look at some of the best globes for kids, it’s time you learn about how to choose the right kind of globe for your child. Below are a few considerations that must be kept in mind when purchasing one for your kid.

How To Choose The Right Globe For Kids?

  • Size

The size of the globe is the first factor to consider when purchasing a globe for kids. The size of the globe will depend on the age of the child. Ideally, most globes between 8-14-inches are suitable, with the sweet spot being at 12-inches. While smaller globes may seem like a better fit for smaller hands, it isn’t so. Larger globes show more details in larger print and make it easier for small hands to grasp. The place where the globe is to be kept is another point that must be considered when thinking about the globe’s size to be purchased.

  • Age of the globe

Our world is changing, so one needs to purchase a globe that is up to date with such changes. A globe is usually considered to be up-to-date for around 5-years or so. Most manufacturers make globes almost every year, so the chances of getting one that is outdated are unlikely. However, it is always good to check the manufacturing date of the globe to be sure that you’re purchasing one that is up-to-date.

  • Features

The features that the globe offers are essential when choosing the best globe for kids. Globes range from simple models that show standard maps to fancy ones with voice-activated features. Smart globes have become a popular choice since they have numerous features that standard ones lack. Some special functions include a touchscreen, an accompanying application, a stylus for touching different parts of the globe, narration of facts, etc. Smart globes have become a good learning tool for kids since they provide an interactive learning method, making learning fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are globes tilted?

Globes are tilted at 23.5° to mimic the tilt of the Earth. It is the titling of the Earth, relative to the sun, that causes one season to change, wrestling in more or fewer hours of daylight. Since the globe is a miniature of the Earth, it is always tilted.

2. How long is a globe considered up to date?

While it isn’t possible for the Earth to change overnight, water bodies can change paths, and boundaries can shift. However, these usually take a long time to happen. According to popular research, a globe will remain relatively accurate for 5 to 10 years.

3. What is the difference between a political globe and a physical globe?

Simply put, a political globe reveals the boundaries of countries and states, while physical globes show the terrain of the Earth, most political ones are also brightly colored to highlight the different countries.

Like many other learning tools, globes provide a pictorial representation of information. They are great educational tools to have at home to facilitate quick and easy learning. Did you know that Martin Behaim invented the first-ever globe in 1492? Since then, globes have transformed radically. They are no longer simple structures that only display contents, countries, boundaries, and water bodies. Thanks to technology, they are now equipped with voice assistance, narrating fun facts about places. Some smart globes allow users to pinpoint locations by using a stylus. Last but not least, they are portable and can help develop the cognitive skills of your kid. If you want one for your kid, revisit our list of the 13 best globes for kids and choose the one you like the best.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose is a skilled writer and covers toys for children. Her impeccable research skills have enabled her to compile this list of the best globes for kids in the market based on consumer reviews. She has also provided the relevant details for these products to help you choose what suits your requirements. These globes will help your children quickly grasp the locations of the different countries.

Bringing home a globe can be immensely helpful if your child loves learning about different continents, oceans, and countries. Globes make learning more fun and easy compared to 2D maps. They are available in various sizes, anywhere between eight and 14 inches, thus allowing you to choose one based on where you plan to keep it. Since globes are great educational tools, it is crucial that you invest in one that is up-to-date. And if you want to create a more immersive experience for your child, choose globes with voice-activated features that promote better learning and retention of information by engaging children’s visual and auditory senses. Lastly, buy a globe made of durable material, so that it lasts you several years.

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