11 Best Glues For Leather And A Complete Buying Guide For 2024

Ordinary glues won’t work that well if you are trying to attach leather surfaces. Leather is a dense texture and is also semi-porous, making it difficult for glues to be effective. The best glue for leather would need to be specially designed to work on any difficult leather surface. We list some of the best-selling glues for leather to help you find the best glue for leather. Keep scrolling and pick a trustworthy one that meets your needs.

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Types Of Leather Glues

Leather is a porous material; hence, you need to pick glue that is suitable to bind it firmly. Here, we discuss the different types of leather glues to help you make the right pick.

  1. Cyanoacrylate glue: Commonly known as superglue, it is great for small and quick repairs. It is a runny fluid that sticks as soon as it comes in contact with the material.
  1. Contact cement: This type of glue has strong adhesive properties. The glue is typically used for hard-bound materials, such as tiles. This type of glue has a thick viscosity and is often used to bind leather permanently.
  1. Polyvinyl acetate glue: Polyvinyl acetate glue is water-based and non-toxic. It can be cleaned or removed while still wet. This type of glue takes a little longer to dry and is perfect for projects where you need to bind the pieces of leather temporarily.

11 Best Glues For Leather In 2024: A Complete Buying Guide

1. Best Water-Resistant:Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue

Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue Image: Bearly Art

Bearly Art glue for leather can be used to bond leather and for different art and craft purposes as it offers a strong hold. The glue kit is equipped with multiple-sized tips to give you different choices of application. The smooth glue for leather repair dries clear, prevents clumping, wrinkles, and cracking, and is non-toxic and water-resistant. Moreover, you can use this all year round, as it thaws if frozen. If you want a detailed review of this craft glue for leather, make sure to take a look at this video showcasing a tester’s experience.

Compatible Material: Paper, Metal | Material: Craft Glue


  • Has a shelf life of one year
  • Precision tips for controlled flow
  • Does not warp upon usage
  • Professional level results
  • Available in two sizes to choose from


  • May be prone to clogging
  • May not set quickly

protip_icon Trivia
The earliest known adhesive came from the bark of Birch trees, also referred to as Birch bark tar, and was used unprocessed.

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The 5,918 positive customer reviews on Amazon are a testament to its quality and reliability.

2. Best Professional:Barge All-Purpose Glue


Do you have torn leather shoes lying around your house? Mend them using the all-purpose cement rubber leather bonding glue from the trusted brand Barge. The ready-to-use glue works well for car doors, windows, weather stripping, wall brackets, shoe repairs, and more. This small two-ounce tube contains professional-quality bonding glue for leather that can be used at home for multiple purposes, including shoe-repair works.

Color: Original version | Compatible Material: Vinyl, Wood, Glass, Leather, Metal, Rubber, Polyvinyl Chloride | Material: Metal,Wood | Product Dimensions: ‎3.5 x 1 x 8 inches | Item Weight: ‎2.08 ounces


  • Does not damage surface when applied
  • Has a clear consistency
  • Delivers a polished finish
  • Available in other tube sizes


  • May have a runny consistency
  • May be slightly messy

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I bought this glue to patch up my shoes, but it worked pretty well on the shoes and other materials I applied. It does require precise application to prevent a mess, but its functionality makes that a minor hassle."

3. Best Durable:Tear Mender Instant Fabric And Leather Adhesive

Tear Mender Instant Fabric And Leather Adhesive Image: Tear Mender

The Tear Mender adhesive is a glue for upholstery and leather crafted to create an instant durable bond. The water-based formula takes just three minutes to stick firmly and is washable in 15 minutes. Moreover, it is a non-toxic formula crafted with natural latex and is free of acids. The flexible and waterproof glue for leather is known for its durability, comes in a 16oz bottle, and is designed for use both indoors and outdoors. It gives quick results and creates a long-lasting bond once applied. Check out this detailed product testing cum review video to learn more about this product.

Compatible Material: Clothes,outdoors,leather | Material: Leather | Number of Items: ‎1 | Product Dimensions: ‎2.5 x 2.5 x 8.5 inches | Item Weight: ‎1 pounds | Color: ‎Multicolor


  • No solvents required for drying
  • Can be used without artificial drying
  • Glue is UV-resistant
  • Does not harm skin


  • May leave a residue
  • May dry if left unused

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Despite its watery consistency, this glue has worked well with various fabrics. However, I recommend using a small amount and giving it a few minutes to dry to ensure a strong bond. Nevertheless, it is a handy option for creating sturdy bonds."

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The tried-and-true product has earned over 1,233 good reviews on Amazon.

Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue
Best Water-Resistant
Barge All-Purpose Glue
Best Professional
Tear Mender Instant Fabric And Leather Adhesive
Best Durable
Compatible Material Paper, Metal Vinyl, Wood, Glass, Leather, Metal, Rubber, Polyvinyl Chloride Clothes,outdoors,leather
Material Craft Glue Metal,Wood Leather
Color- Original version ‎Multicolor
Dimensions- ‎3.5 x 1 x 8 inches ‎2.5 x 2.5 x 8.5 inches
Weight- ‎2.08 ounces ‎1 pounds
Number of Items-- ‎1
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now

4. Best Multipurpose:Barge All-Purpose Waterproof Glue


Here’s another all-purpose glue from Barge. The high-proficiency formula is suitable for repairing car doors, windows, shoes, leather goods, and more and also works with cotton, leather, synthetic, polyurethane, and woven fabric. The glue cement comes in a 32oz ready-to-use tin box and has a clear color. It is a unique glue that is easy to spread and dries quickly.

Compatible Material: Vinyl, Leather, Rubber, Polyvinyl Chloride | Material: Leather,Rubber | Product Dimensions: ‎5 x 5 x 5 inches | Item Weight: ‎2.12 pounds | Color: ‎Clear


  • Does not freeze upon usage
  • Dries clear for a neat finish
  • Drying time of up to 15 minutes
  • Waterproof and can be used in wet conditions


  • May not be child-friendly

protip_icon Did you know?
The earliest recorded leather artifacts crafted by primitive societies date back to 1300 BC. This is when man began to appreciate and utilize animal skins for different purposes.

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

It's no wonder that this quality product has earned over 988 positive reviews on Amazon.

5. Best Non-Toxic:Fiebing’s Leathercraft Adhesive

Fiebing’s Leathercraft Adhesive Image: B07cntzj4s

Fiebing’s leathercraft cement adhesive is a perfect leather glue that can also be used on paper and fabric. It comes in a convenient four-ounce bottle. The non-toxic white glue with low viscosity flows easily from the squeeze tip and allows easy application. Further, the bonding result is strong and flexible, making it an ideal option for gluing belts, shoes, bags, wallets, and furniture.

Color: White | Compatible Material: Paper, Leather | Material: Leather | Product Dimensions: 10 x 5.98 x 2.99 inches | Weight: 4.97 Ounces


  • Glue is non-flammable
  • Does not leave any smears
  • Flexible and dries quickly
  • Glue is water soluble


  • Cap may not be durable

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Having used this product on multiple leather goods, I can vouch for its functionality and versatility. Once I prep the leather correctly and use a clamping mechanism, it creates a strong bond. It has also worked for fabrics and paper."

6. Best Fabric-Safe: Aleene’s Leather And Suede Glue

Aleene’s Leather And Suede Glue Image: Aleene's

The leather and suede glue bottle by Aleene’s is a fast-drying adhesive that can be used for light repairs and adding fringes, beads, and other modifications to all your handcrafted leather projects. It is fabric-safe, neither soaking through nor staining any materials you use it on. For best results, lightly roughen the surface before using the glue.

Color: Clear | Compatible Material: Leather | Material: man-made-material | Number of Items: ‎1 | Product Dimensions: ‎1.69 x 1.69 x 5.81 inches | Item Weight: ‎5 ounces


  • Non-toxic formula
  • Creates permanent bond
  • Water-resistant
  • Dries clear and flexible


  • May not be suitable for heavy-duty repairs

Our Reviewer's Experience

"It has offered a clear and robust bond whenever I have used it for my leather crafts and repairs. While it may not be effective in suede in the long run, it holds up well on standard leather. Plus, its thick consistency allows precise application."

7. Best Residue-Free:Bulaien B-7000 Glue

Bulaien B-7000 Glue Image: Bulaien

Lay your hands on the versatile B-7000 glue with a unique needle-equipped cap that prevents the adhesive from ruining the nozzle with dried-up blobs. The adhesive can be used on various hard and flexible materials, including glass, paper, plastic, wood, leather, and fabrics. In addition, the transparent and clear glue for leather comes with precise user instructions, making the application process easy and hassle-free.

Compatible Material: Wood, Glass, Paper, Leather, Metal, Rubber, Polyvinyl Chloride | Material: Metal,Paper,Wood


  • Waterproof
  • Residue-free
  • Excellent elasticity
  • Easy-to-clean overspill


  • May not work on metal and air-dry clay

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I’ve used this glue for everything from home electronics repairs to automotive fixes, and it’s been effective every time. Besides, its nozzle always stays clog-free. Overall, its versatility has made it find a permanent spot in my house."

protip_icon Trivia
Faux leather or synthetic leather is made of polyester. The fabric is then given a finish to imitate leather, and the leather-like texture is achieved with wax, dye, or polyvinyl chloride.

8. Best With Anti-Clog Cap:Gorilla Super Glue

Gorilla Super Glue Image: Gorilla

Super Glue XL from the trusted brand Gorilla is a multipurpose glue compatible with plastic, wood, ceramic, metal, rubber, leather, and more. The thick and quick-drying formula offers enhanced flow control and can bond equipment, toys, or furniture parts quickly and efficiently. Moreover, its anti-clog cap offers maximum reusability by keeping the glue from drying out. Shake the bottle, apply a drop of glue per square inch of the surface, hold the pieces of leather together for about a minute, and let it cure overnight for a strong and reliable bond.

Compatible Material: Wood, Paper, Leather, Plastic, Metal | Material: Cyanoacrylate | Product Dimensions: ‎1 x 3 x 6 inches | Item Weight: ‎0.32 ounces | Color: ‎Clear


  • Dries in just 10 to 45 seconds
  • Dries clear
  • Easy to use
  • Provides long-lasting results


  • Quantity might be less

My Personal Experience

"This glue has bonded everything from leather and paper to plastic. However, its applicator may get finicky when only a little glue is left in the bottle. But despite that issue, the glue has been very easy to use."

9. Best Abrasion-Resistant:PMC Supplies E6000 Glue

PMC Supplies E6000 Glue Image: Pmc Supplies

The E6000 super glue gel by PMC offers a permanent bond on leather, plastic, metal, and glass. Unlike other superglues, this formula creates a flexible bond that leather goods require for a permanent repair. The medium viscosity glue for leather repair comes in a 3.7oz tube. Moreover, the waterproof glue maintains its adhesive strength even underwater and dries clear, making it ideal for repairing car seats.

Item Weight: 1 pounds | Color: Clear | Compatible Material: Vinyl, Wood, Glass, Ceramic, Leather, Plastic, Metal, Rubber | Material: Wood


  • Non-flammable and paintable
  • Works on porous surfaces
  • Abrasion-resistant glue
  • Suitable for beading


  • May have a strong odor

Our Reviewer's Experience

"The best part about this glue is that I can paint over it. It takes some time to bond non-porous materials, but it works excellently for my crafting needs. As it creates a waterproof bond, I have also used it to mend my utensils and leather artifacts."

10. Best Quick-Drying:Shoe-Fix Professional Grade Instant Repair Glue

Shoe-Fix Shoe Glue Image: Shoepairglue

The bottle goes beyond super-glue in terms of its adhesive strength and gives you a shoe repair tool that works. The clear fluid is professional-grade and bonds instantly with no clamping. It also doesn’t expand or dry too thick, making it suitable for delicate jobs and fixing damaged leather items such as sandals, boots, sneakers, and handbags. It’s especially effective on vinyl and rubber, so you can repair and restore damaged items.

Compatible Material: Faux Leather, Wood, Fabric | Material: Leather,Wood


  • Can repair up to 15 shoes
  • No gloves needed
  • Easy to unclog nozzle
  • Suitable for DIY projects


  • May not dry instantly
  • May be slightly messy

11. Best For Permanent Bonds:Starbond Thick CA Glue

Starbond Thick CA Glue Image: Starbond

Starbond thick CA glue has a viscosity similar to honey and is formulated to offer permanent bonds. It is perfect for use on leather, and you can also use it on fabric, cotton, glass, rubber, and plastic too. Further, the fast-drying white glue takes just 10 to 15 seconds to show results. The glue set includes a two-ounce glue tube and a six-ounce accelerator tube to speed up the bonding process

Color: White | Compatible Material: Wood, Fiberglass, Glass, Leather, Ceramic, Plastic, Metal, Rubber, Acrylic | Material: Cyanoacrylate


  • Withstands temperatures of up to 40-degree Fahrenheit
  • Shelf life of 30 months
  • Can be paired with abrasives
  • Fills gaps and voids easily


  • May not dry clear

My Personal Experience

"This glue has worked wonders for filling gaps and intricate projects. Its fumes are a bit strong, but wearing a mask solves that issue. It creates strong bonds without the mess, and quick drying is a massive perk for me."

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Leather Glue?

Here are a few factors you should consider before choosing the right leather glue.

  1. Type of work: Different types of glues are formulated for different types of projects. Specialized leather glues are made to bond quickly and are great for quick repair works, while leather cement glues create flexible bonds and are difficult to pull apart, thus making them great for bonding items permanently.
  1. Water-resistant: Certain types of leather are made to suit wet conditions. While working on such leather, choose a leather cement that creates a strong bond and is resistant to water.
  1. Easy application: Leather-specific glue that comes in a squeeze bottle is easy to apply and mess-free. However, when applying cement glue, use a small acid-type brush to prevent any mess.
  1. Drying time: Different glues dry at different speeds. Leather-specific glue dries the slowest and takes 10-20 minutes to bond, while super glue dries within a minute.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does fabric glue work on leather?

Yes, fabric glue may work on leather, but it may not be very durable. Therefore, it is best to invest in glue that is specifically formulated for leather.

2. How do I glue leather to leather?

To glue leather to leather, apply glue on the grain side of the leather on both pieces. Then, stick them firmly and wait for the glue to dry.

3. Does hot glue work on leather?

Hot glue contains adhesive made from thermoplastic and does not bond well with leather. Further, hot glue may crimp leather products.

4. Does super glue ruin leather?

Yes, super glue is not flexible and is not the best choice to glue leather, especially if you’re working on a bigger project. It hardens the leather by drying out quickly and is not a good choice for fixing tears.

5. How long does leather glue take to set?

When working with leather glue, you should let the bond form for one to three hours without disturbing the parts. While 70% adhesion is generally achieved in 24 hours, it may take around 48 hours for leather glue used for bigger projects to completely set.

6. Can I use wood glue on leather?

No, standard white wood glue is not ideal for leather as it does not bond well with leather. However, if you are trying to bond wood and leather together, using contact cement is a better choice.

Why Trust MomJunction?

To understand the requirements of people regarding leather glues, we did in-depth research and analyzed numerous products’ features. This list of the best glues for leather is curated keeping your priorities and necessities in mind. We believe an ideal glue should be waterproof, easy to apply, quick-drying, and provide great strengthening. So each product is chosen keeping those details in mind for your convenience.

Making small but significant repairs at home becomes a lot easier when you have a tried-and-tested glue for every material. Whether it is your leather jacket, sofa, purse, or shoes, you can pick from the best glues for leather and get one that sticks fast, dries well, prevents clumping, and is water-resistant. While choosing a leather glue, make sure you consider the type of work, ease of application, drying time, and other important factors so you can DIY like an expert.

Infographic: How To Use Leather Glue?

Adhering to specific rules is necessary when using leather glue to ensure a successful bond and repair session. So, check out the following infographic to learn some useful tips and tricks when working with leather adhesives.

Tips For Using Leather Glue (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

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