11 Best Glues For Fixing Broken Plastic Toys In 2022


There is no need to discard your kid’s broken toy just yet. You can always consider using the best glue for plastic toys with strong adhesives specially designed to be used on plastic. This is an easy solution to fix broken toys and save you the burden of buying a new one, as it could be an expensive affair. Moreover, these adhesives are safe to be used around kids and work great in melding plastic parts together. If you are unsure about which glue to purchase for fixing toys, check out our list of the 11 best ones available on the market, and pick the one that suits your needs.

11 Best Glues For Plastic Toys

1. Best Versatile:Tamiya Extra Thin Cement Glue

Suppose you’re looking to glue smaller toys. In that case, Tamiya’s Extra Thin Cement Glue is arguably the best in the market, thanks to its pointed applicator that allows for both dexterity and pinpoint accuracy. Versatile and safe, it is ideal for fixing plastic model kits made of polystyrene plastics, including action figures, model planes, trains, etc. This glue also uses a formula that flows effortlessly through small gaps by capillary action, making it highly convenient to glue parts in any desired position. Check out this video to learn more.

2. Best Fast Setting:Gorilla Super Glue Micro Precise Gel

Worried that your child might break a toy again? If you are looking to prevent that from happening again, the Gorilla Super Glue, with its impact-tough formula, is just what you are looking for. It is designed with the idea of increasing impact resistance and reinforcing the strength of its hold. This super glue is super easy to use as the tube is designed to fit perfectly within your hands, and its solution is fast-setting, requiring only about 10-45 seconds to solidify. Made to be incredibly versatile and non-runny, you can rest assured that your kids’ toys will be fixed in minutes, minus the fuss of the mess. Watch this video for more information about the product.

3. Best With Longer Shelf Life:Glue Masters Industrial Strength Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

If versatility is what you’re looking for, then that is what you’ll get with this adhesive that is ideal for repairing toys. Whether you require glue to fix toys, build scale models, or even fix your shoelaces, this glue can be your savior. This glue offers industrial-level strength with a fast cure that solidifies in just under 45 seconds! A must-have for every home-maker and handyman’s toolbox, this one comes with an ergonomically designed tip that makes it easy to use and apply while having a longer shelf-life than most of its competitors.

4. Best Water-Resistant:Cat Palm B-7000 Multi-Purpose Adhesive

Are you looking for water-resistant glue? Cat Palm’s B-7000 Multi-Purpose Adhesive can take your worries away with its formula that boasts a strength capability of carrying up to 4.5 liters in weight once it has been applied and allowed to set for over 24 hours. The B-7000 Multi-Purpose Adhesive can resist even boiling water even if the applied area is soaked for 12 hours straight. The tube is also designed with a needle tip, which helps you to apply the adhesive accurately without clogging, thanks to its unique design. Perfect for plastic toys, you can now fix your child’s favorite toy! This video helps you know more about the product.

5. Best Non-Toxic:GuGuYeah UV Light Glue

GuGuYeah’s UV Light Glue is without a doubt a unique adhesive kit as it not only uses a special formula that dries quicker in under 5-10 seconds with the use of a UV light but is also non-toxic, odorless, and highly water-resistant. The applicator is designed with a fine point that helps you apply the adhesive in hard-to-reach areas and fix complex cracks. This kit also comes with its cleaning pad, applicator pen, and UV light, allowing you to clean the surface of the application before you use the adhesive, which helps to ensure that the solution does not come off quickly.

6. Best For All Materials:Mitreapel Professional Instant

This instant glue is something every accident-prone kid would appreciate, especially if they have to cover up breaking their mum’s or dad’s favorite vase or clock. Mitreapel’s Professional Instant glue comes with an activator spray that helps the glue to solidify quicker than standard formulas and is perfect for hiding any evidence of damage in a matter of 5-12 seconds. The unique formula only requires 2-3 drops per square inch on a single surface, while the activator is to be sprayed on the other. This formula is highly versatile and can be applied to not only plastic toys but other surfaces such as glass, brick, ceramic, wood, etc.

7. Best Easy To Apply:Loctite Super Glue

Looking for glue that not only can be used to fix your child’s favorite toy but can also be used for scrapbooking or school projects? Loctite’s Super Glue is an investment you want to make, as it dries transparent and sets in a few seconds. Its brush applicator makes it easy to apply evenly on flat surfaces while covering a larger area. The adhesive bottle is made to be spill-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about allowing your child to use it themselves, and with its compact size, it can be stored just about anywhere and can even be carried in a purse.

8. Best Heat-Resistant:HG Power Glue

Since kids tend to break their favorite toys more often than we’d like, HG’s Power Glue can assure you of never having to worry about that again. Their convenient 4 step glue can give you industrial-level hold and functionality with its unique formula. It also comes included with a powdered primer, which readies the application area to provide a solid bond. The bind that this adhesive provides can even last up to 2 years and is entirely heat resistant. However, it would be best to be wary of where you store it as it is highly toxic and must not be left with unsupervised children.

9. Best Quick Fix:Inoteca Instant Bond

If you have ever needed to mend something on the go quickly and need a quick fix, Inoteca’s Instant Bond adhesive is what you have been looking for. With its 2-step process, this glue ensures that you won’t spend more than 3 seconds to fix anything, be it a plastic toy, your favorite picture frame, or any household ornament that has loose pieces and are at risk of falling off. With their unique activator spray that hastens the drying process of the solution, you can be assured that you will receive industrial-level strength in a matter of seconds.

10. Best Safe:Riverruns Bonding And Welding Super Glue

If you’re a woodworking hobbyist and hope to spend some quality time with your child, you’ll need the assurance that the glue you are working with is safe and non-toxic to have around kids. Riverruns’ Bonding And Welding Super Glue kit with its Aventik zoom-able 395 UV penlight can ensure a strong bond in under 10 seconds. The lens amplifies the light and fastens the drying period of the solution. Thanks to its unique formula, once dried, the adhesive will never get discolored with time and will provide a remarkable bond that will not disappoint.

11. Best Quick Drying:Testors Plastic Model Glue

If you need an adhesive with a bond as strong as cement, Testors Plastic Model Glue would be an excellent investment. The unique solution within this tube is quick-drying, has a tensile strength that is on par with cement, and can even fix polystyrene to wooden objects. As the name suggests, it works best with plastics, so you can be assured that you can use it to fix your kids’ toys as well. This adhesive, however, must only be used within well-ventilated areas as it is highly flammable and the odor is very toxic and hence is not safe to be used around children.

Now that we have taken a look at the 11 best types of glues for plastic toys, it’s left for you to decide which of them would suit your needs the best. However, if you’re still unsure and want to know how to pick the right one for your requirements, look at our buying guide.

How To Choose The Right Glue For Plastic Toys

Nowadays different manufacturers are mass producing super glues and other adhesives for multiple purposes; hence finding the right kind of glue might be difficult as it becomes tedious to go over a large number of options, and the worst possible thing you could do is choose the wrong one that does not suit your purpose. A couple of things to keep in mind while buying the best glue for plastic toys are:

  • Safety of childrenThe first thing that would come to any responsible parent’s mind is whether the glue is safe to be used on a child’s toy, as some adhesives can very quickly be toxic to kids below a certain age. Some may even be a choking hazard.
  • Multi-purposeWhile you may be looking for glue for your child’s plastic toys, having multi-purpose glue around the house is always a good idea. So when picking the best glue for plastic toys, choose one that can also repair other broken surfaces like wood and glass.
  • Water resistanceWe usually tend to forget that children tend to explore the world when left unattended and at times will find any body of water no matter how deep or shallow, and maybe even the family pets water bowl to dunk their toys in. Water-resistant glue is essential if you’re hoping to ensure that the adhesive can survive through all that.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Our team of highly skilled and experienced reviewers and writers has compiled a list of the best glues for fixing broken plastic toys for you. The products on the list were selected based on several criteria like adhesion strength, toxicity, drying time, and efficiency. We bring you each product’s description with its pros and cons for your easy understanding and comparison. Also included is a how-to-choose section to help you make the right purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between plastic glue and super Glue?

Plastic Glue is a gel-like substance with high elasticity that can be easily removed. Super glue has a strong bond and most of the time cannot be removed without special solutions.

2. Is plastic glue safe for children’s toys?

No, they are not as they are still made of industrial-grade chemicals which can be highly toxic to all children and adults if consumed. Plastic glue can generally be peeled off and hence is also a choking hazard.

3. What should I do if I get plastic glue on my hands?

Immediately run warm-luke warm water over the affected area and wash thoroughly with soap. Certain glues may also require special solutions to dissolve the adhesives bonds, both most generally require a good wash if not yet dried.

Fixing broken toys becomes a lot easier when you use good glue. Now that you’ve scrolled through our list of the best glue for plastic toys, it can be easier for you to select one. You may pick a glue that sticks and dries fast, prevents clumping, and is waterproof. Also, don’t forget to consider some pointers like the ease of application, less drying time, safety of the children, and the versatility of the solution while choosing glue. The right glue not only helps fix toys seamlessly but also helps fix materials such as wood and glass.

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