11 Best Glues For Glass To Buy In 2021

11 Best Glues For Glass To Buy In 2021

Gluing glass may sound simple and easy, but it is possible only if you have the right glue. Glass glue is a kind of adhesive used for joining glass together. It is designed to bind two smooth surface structures that could be fixing a crack in a glass table, making crafts using glass, or gluing together your favorite glass artwork quickly and easily.

The following post lists the best glues for glass that can put broken glass pieces together.

Types Of Glue For Glass

Here are the types of glue for glass available in the market.

  1. Superglues: These are cyanoacrylate adhesives useful in sticking anything. They are excellent at repairing small chips and cracks. Super glues are a choice for interior glass fixes that do not experience high moisture or temperature levels.
  1. Silicones: They are the most preferred choice of glass glue that are easy to apply, waterproof, and flexible. With gel-like consistency, they can be used as a sealant in window frames and aquariums.
  1. Epoxy adhesives: They include hardener and resin that should be mixed. Epoxy glues make potent adhesives highly effective in repairing glasses. They are long-lasting, ultra-hard, and heat-resistant.

11 Best Glues For Glass

1. Araldite Clear Epoxy Adhesive For Glass And Jewelry

Araldite Clear Epoxy Adhesive For Glass And Jewelry

Designed for professional glass bonding, this is a long-lasting, strong, and water-resistant adhesive. This is a solvent-free two-component epoxy glue that can mix instantly. It is a quick-to-dry and set glue that gives the best results when applied on slightly rough surfaces. With high resistance against temperature, this makes an ideal glue to bond glass-to-glass, glass-to-metal, glass-to-wood etc.

2. Cat Palm B-7000 Multipurpose Adhesive

Cat Palm B-7000 Multipurpose Adhesive


With a dry surface time of around six minutes, this waterproof glue for glass makes a multipurpose option to bond materials, such as glass, metal, jewelry, ceramics, and more. It has a high elasticity that improves the life of the load-bearing structure. The design of the tube allows small adhesive drops for controlled and precise application.

3. Weldbond 8-50420 Multi-Purpose Adhesive Glue

Weldbond 8-50420 Multi-Purpose Adhesive Glue


The Weldbond glue acts as a sealer and a priming coat for porous structures. It is a multipurpose non-toxic glue that promises quick results. Dustproof, weatherproof, and non-inflammable in nature, the glue comes in an easy-to-squeeze tube with a clog-free cap for convenient handling. It is also compatible with wood, metal, concrete, and bricks.

4. GuGuYeah UV Light Curing Glue Adhesive Kit

GuGuYeah UV Light Curing Glue Adhesive Kit


Repair almost anything with this glue kit useful for bonding glass, wood, plastic, ceramic and more. Designed to create permanent bonds within ten seconds, this is a water- and heat-resistant glue curated using advanced technology. It is an environmentally safe glue for glass with UV light curing effective in dealing with precarious repairs.

5. Rhino Heavy Duty Glue

Rhino Heavy Duty Glue


The commercial-grade adhesive is curated to instantly bond the same or dissimilar surfaces of glass, wood, metal, and others. It provides resistance against extreme heat, shock, moisture, vibrations, and impacts. The brush-on-glue ensures mess-free edge-to-edge bonding.

6. Barge All-Purpose TF Glass Glue

Barge All-Purpose TF Glass Glue


Featuring an impressive bonding power, this ready-to-use glue is highly effective in bonding wood, glass, leather, metal and various other surfaces. This toluene-free formula is convenient to pour to bind even the most difficult edges. It makes an exclusive adhesive of professional leather rafters.

7. Kiss Molecular Super Bond Clear Super Glue

Kiss Molecular Super Bond Clear Super Glue


The super glue for glass promises strong bonds for different surfaces, including wood, metal, ceramic, leather, and rubber. It offers a balance between working time and drying time. The exclusive features are shelf-life extending tip and cap and quick-drying formula. This waterproof glue works on porous, foam, silicone, and non-porous objects.

8. Loctite 233841 Instant Glass Glue

Loctite 233841 Instant Glass Glue


The Loctite adhesive bonds glass-to-glass, glass-to-metal, crystals, and opaque glasses with ease. This crystal-clear transparent glue is designed to instantly bond different glass with different surfaces and leaves your precious glass items as good as new. It is available in an easy-to-use tube with a narrow nozzle for a precise and perfect application.

9. Pratley Epoxy Glue Adhesive Repair Kit

Pratley Epoxy Glue Adhesive Repair Kit


It is a strong adhesive that adheres to the most rigid surfaces, such as glass, metal, stone, and ceramics. This epoxy glue sets clear for permanent repair, and makes a useful application in cases where the adhesive should not be visible. Each pack consists of two 20ml tubes that should be mixed in equal proportions.

10. Damn Good 20910DG UV Glue Plastic Weld

Damn Good 20910DG UV Glue Plastic Weld


Damn Good adhesive is a wonderful choice for repairing glass, plastic, wood, metal, and more. It can bond, build, fix, and fill anything. Quick to fix and dry, this product uses a 395nm LED UV light source for activating. This versatile glue can also be filed, sanded, and painted once fully cured.

11. HG Power Industrial Glue

HG Power Industrial Glue


The HG Power is an ideal glue for providing great bond strength. It is designed to form a strong bond with everything that belongs together. This chemical combination takes only a few seconds to set and promises weatherproof, waterproof, and heat-resistant bonding. It can be used for modeling, strengthening, bonding, and filling different surfaces.

Things To Consider While Choosing A Glue For Glass

Here are some points to keep in mind to choose the best glue for glass.

  1. Drying time: Some glues instantly set and cure while some take a few hours to days. Epoxies can take up to seven days to fix, and silicone glues can take 24 hours or more based on the intensity of repair. Choose a suitable glue depending on the repair material.
  1. Waterproofing: Epoxies may be water-resistant or waterproof. Superglues are mostly water-resistant. Silicone sealants make popular choices for surfaces that require a long-lasting waterproofing solution.
  1. Bond strength: The requirement of bond strength is based on the application and therefore, choose the product related to the bond strength it promises.
  1. Resistance against temperature: Look for adhesives with temperature resistance if you plan to use them on surfaces exposed to heat.

The glass seems to be a little tricky surface to deal with, but you can sort it if you have the right tool. Good quality glass glue is useful in repairing broken glass items and for making glass crafts. We hope our list of the best glues for glass will help you find the strong and effective adhesive to take care of your glass repairs.

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