11 Best Golf Balls For Beginners To Use In 2022 [Buying Guide]


If you have developed an interest in golf and are looking for ways to improve, our list of the best golf balls for beginners can help you choose the right one. Some may have slow swings, while others might swing fast. Thus, the apt ball is necessary to ensure you practice the right skills effectively. Some might prefer balls that cover a maximum distance, while others prefer a soft feel from the ball. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Explore our list to learn about the various available options.

Our Top Picks

11 Best Golf Balls For Beginners

1. Best Cut-Proof: Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Ball

Offering an ultra-long-distance performance, you will have 15 pieces in one package. These balls have advanced two-piece construction. They also offer guaranteed cut-proof cover for ultimate playability along with a one-year warranty. Each ball generates maximum initial launch and ball roll, irrespective of the conditions.


  • Durable cover material
  • High-energy core
  • Advanced construction
  • Delivers fast ball speed


  • Could be a bit harder to control
  • Might be extremely light


2. Best Unique: BirdieBall Practice Golf Balls

Choosing this golf ball for beginners will offer a flight distance of approximately 40 yards from a full impact swing. Spinning exactly like a golf ball, it provides real swing feedback with a rewarding sound and flight. Around the horizontal axis, it flies with a reverse spin. The ball is also made of qualitative, durable, super polymer.


  • Different, attractive shape
  • Compresses at impact
  • Flies up to an average of 40 yards


  • May not help for practicing in a regular yard
  • May not be durable


3. Best Smiley-Faced: Emoji Universe: 2 Ply Professional Practice Golf Balls

If you are obsessed with emojis, these fun-filled, beginner golf balls will take your excitement to another level. With a standard design, and moderate size, they offer adequate performance for an ideal practice session. These balls will help you learn to strike well.


  • Actual golf balls
  • Ideal for gifting
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Might compromise with performance


4. Best Bouncy: Shaun Webb Practice Foam Golf Balls

Performing almost like real golf balls, these are made of foam and are designed to fade, draw, and spin like original balls. Capable of making your practice excellent, these golf balls are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Manufactured from qualitative material, these can withstand any impact without cracking or breaking apart.


  • Offers instant feedback of the strike
  • Provides an accurate post-strike launch
  • Lightweight and bounces well


  • May not be suitable for practicing in the backyard
  • May produce finicky flight


5. Best Versatile: Funny Novelty Practice Golf Balls

Adopting a variety of elements, these golf balls add a tinge of fun to your game. These are available in six designs, such as billiards, tennis, baseball, basketball, soccer, and football. Made in a standard design, they have a moderate size and offer good performance.


  • Real golf balls
  • Capable of bearing harsh impacts
  • Attractive and pretty


  • Could be a bit flimsy


6. Best For Indoor And Outdoor: GoSports All Purpose Golf Balls

Premium and durable, this set of 32 golf balls offers perfect practice and playtime. They feature a two-piece construction and urethane cover, making them durable and sturdy. The pack comprises four varying high-visibility colors.


  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor plays
  • Limited flight for better performance
  • Attractive, vibrant colors


  • May not be durable


7. Best For Beginners: Titleist Recycled Golf Balls

Available in a mesh bag, these are adequate for playing and practicing. Perfect for beginners, this pack of golf balls is quite durable. They come assorted in a reusable drawstring bag. With up to 48 balls available, your learning sessions can turn more exciting.


  • Low driver spin design
  • Tour-validated technology
  • Improved side stamp


  • Some of them may not be in perfect shape
  • May not be highly qualitative


8. Best For Practice: Funzone Practice Golf Balls

Made from long-lasting polyurethane material, these balls can prevent cracks and splits. Adequate for outdoor and
indoor practice, almost everybody can use these balls. They are manufactured with hard plastic and will not break anything around.


  • Good for practicing
  • Adequate quality
  • Provide good performance


  • May not be suitable for restricted places


9. Best Long-Lasting: Fasmov 30 Pack Rainbow Foam Golf Training Balls

Soft, light in weight, qualitative and high-end EVA material has been used to manufacture these 30 balls. These are regular foam balls; hence, you can rest assured of not breaking anything while practicing rigorously. The golf balls are also perfect for children.


  • Made from EVA material
  • Light and soft
  • Available in different, vibrant colors


  • Quality could be low
  • Might be super light to handle


10. Best Flexible: How True 36 Pieces Practice Golf Balls

If you are not satisfied with one type of golf balls, you can try this combo. This pack comprises 12 soft foam practice balls and 24 hollow training balls. Coming in a sturdy, reusable mesh storage bag, these are lightweight and have a limited flight. You can use these balls indoors and outdoors.


  • Plastic and foam type balls
  • Limited flight distance
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Flexible


  • Plastic balls may not be perfect
  • May get damaged easily


11. Best Textured: Botabee Toddler & Little Kids Replacement Golf Balls

Botabee golf balls are made of durable plastic. They are oversized and feature 2in diameter, making them adequate for toddlers and kids. These six balls improve active play and hand-eye coordination.


  • Light in weight and safe design
  • Compatible with every golf set
  • Perfect for all age groups


  • May not last longer
  • Could be difficult to cover a longer distance


What To Look For When Buying Golf Balls For Beginners?

Here are a few things you should keep in mind to choose the right golf ball for beginners.

1. Skillset level: There are two golf balls available, a multi-piece golf ball and a two-piece golf ball. Typically, beginners play with two-piece balls, while intermediate players use multi-piece golf balls. The former type offers a higher spin or longer distance and a softer feel.

2. Dimples: The dimple system assists in decreasing the drag against the golf ball’s surface so it can fly longer and straighter. With two-piece balls, the dimple system increases in length. The multi-piece balls are more advanced and create customized ball height and higher spin.

3. Spin rate: Irrespective of the distance, spin rate assists in stopping the ball or controlling the chip shots and pitch with more regulation.

The ball type you should be using on the golf course depends on specific elements that your game requires to lower the scores. Some people may require more yardage, while others need less. So, when you look for the best golf ball for beginners, look into the features for choosing a suitable product.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We’ve compiled a list of the best golf balls for beginners after analyzing and assessing user ratings and product specifications across several platforms. If you have recently begun playing golf, you can browse this list for some high-quality, durable options. We’ve also included a description of each product and listed the pros and cons to help you make an informed choice. Furthermore, the buying guide should help you choose the right golf ball.

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