11 Best Golf Skirts For Style And Comfort Buy In 2022


Cute golf skirts make you look chic and also provide support and comfort. They come in various patterns, designs, and vibrant colors, making it challenging to narrow down the search. Finding the balance between style and comfort may be difficult. To help you find the right one, we have created a list of the best golf skirts based on material, length, and style.

11 Best Golf Skirts

1. Best With Elastic Closure: Baleaf Women’s Athletic Skorts

Baleaf’s golf skirt for women is available in multiple colors to suit your needs. The skirt is made of polyester and spandex blend and has an elastic closure. It has a moisture transport design that helps in sweat evaporation. The triangle-shaped gusset provides proper cushioning to the body against the usual riding up and pinching that’s common with golf skirts. It has mesh pockets and reflective details that help others spot you in the dark.

2. Best Breathable: Ekouaer Women’s Active Performance Skirt

The lightweight golf skirt from Ekouaer is suitable for running, tennis, workouts, golf, and more. Its breathable fabric doesn’t get wrinkled and gets rid of moisture quickly while playing. The skirt doesn’t take much time to dry after you wash it. Its central stitches are strong and durable. The fabric is thick, so you can use it for any outdoor sport. It also comes with an elastic closure and has a two-layer design with a bottom liner and an outer skirt.

3. Best Stretchable: Blevonh Women Tennis Skirts

Blevonh’s golf skirt is made from polyester and spandex fabric. Its long inseam can prevent friction while playing to reduce chafing. The inner side pocket can store your phone, headphone, or even the ball. Its elastic waistband is comfortable and doesn’t let the skirt roll down after multiple washes. The skirt is stretchable, breathable, and lightweight. Its inner mesh shorts provide you with freedom of movement and moisture-wicking benefits.

4. Best With Hidden Pockets: Werena Pleated Tennis Skirts

The pleated skirt includes three hidden pockets – two on the sides and the zipper pocket at the back to store your essentials like smartphone, cards, ball, and more. Its polyester and spandex blend fabric has a flowy feel, and the inner short provides extra coverage. The non-see-through fabric prevents friction while you jog or run. The elastic waistband smoothes out your waistline and hides your stomach, preventing the skirt from rolling down while playing. Its flattering design and breathable material make it comfortable.

5. Best With Inner Mesh Liner: Oalka Women’s Active Athletic Skirt

Oalka’s active athletic skirt is made of polyester, spandex, and mesh. The outer skirt has a pencil cut, and the inside mesh liner short helps improve movement and flexibility. There are deep pockets on each side and one at the back to carry your belongings. The elastic waistband has a soft cushioning to prevent marks on the skin, and it is wide to hide your muffin top for a streamlined look. A small slit at the hemline makes running and jogging in the skort much easier.

6. Best Lightweight: RBX Active Women’s Golf Skort

The RBX golf skirts for women are made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex with an elastic closure making them easy to wear. They have a casual look and come with a 4.5-inch inseam short. There are two pockets on each side and a compression pocket on the front to store your phone. The waistband comes with a cute bow tie. The skirts provide you with superior coverage and high breathability. They are long and lightweight, making them suitable for various activities, including hiking, tennis, workouts, and more.

7. Best Two-Layered: Cityoung Women’s Athletic Pleated Golf Skirt

With various attractive colors and prints, the Cityoung golf skirt has a stylish look because of the pleated back design. The elastic fabric is lightweight, stretchable, and keeps you dry throughout the game. It has two pockets, one at the front and one at the back, to keep accessories and necessities. The elastic waistband doesn’t let the golf skirt roll down and has an inner drawcord for a snug fit. It is adjustable and comfortable, and its two-layered design provides freedom of movement and stretchability.

8. Best With Built-In Shorts: HonourSex Women Golf Skirts

The women’s golf skirts can endure regular usage, washing, and wear. The waistband is sturdy but doesn’t hurt the skin. This skirt is available in different colors and can be used for other sports and activities. Their ruffled design is unique and gives the skirt a stylish look. The elastic waistband provides proper coverage while bending and moving, and the non-see-through look makes you feel secure while playing. Their built-in shorts are lightweight and breathable for optimal comfort.

9. Best Pleated: Toumett Women’s Tennis Skirt

With a flirty edge to the pleated finish, the skirt’s elastic band is snug, and the drawcord helps to provide a flattering shape and comfort. The inner shorts are comfortable and have two pockets for storing your essentials and golf balls. There is a feminine glamour to the skirt, and you can pair it with your regular tops and outfits. Its double-layer design provides you with sufficient coverage and prevents the skirt from riding up while playing.

10. Best Moisture-Wicking: Joyojoy Women’s Golf Skirt

Joyojoy’s short golf skirt has a comfortable outer skirt and an inner short design. The mesh fabric is stretchable, helps eliminate moisture, and offers breathability. It has a casual design to pair with regular tops for a fun golf skirt outfit. The skirt has three pockets that are deep and hidden – one leg pocket to store the ball, one secret pocket in the liner, and one waist pocket. Its waistband provides you with stomach support and offers secure coverage.

11. Best Quick-Drying: Loovoo Women’s Tennis Skirt

Loovoo’s tennis skirt features a zipper closure and a stretchable, anti-pill design. The fabric is lightweight and quick-drying and manages to endure the action while you play sports. The built-in shorts have a durable inseam that allows free movement. The fabric doesn’t retain moisture and can endure rough washing. Its pleated design and subtle flare provide you with a stylish and flattering look. It is suitable for golf, workouts, running, and other strenuous activities.

How To Choose The Right Golf Skirts?

Here’s what you need to look for when choosing the right golf skirts.

  1. Material: Consider the skirt’s stretchability for optimal freedom of movement. The fabric materials must be porous to allow sweat evaporation and dry quickly. It should be skin-friendly to prevent chafing and irritation.
  2. Design: Choose skirts that suit your needs and body type. You can pick skirts with flare, pleats, slits, and more for a stylish yet functional look.
  3. Features: Consider the skirt’s practical features, such as pockets, seam length, elastic waistband, drawcord, and decorative elements.

Is There A Difference Between Tennis Skirts And Golf Skirts?

Tennis skirts and golf skirts have almost the same design. However, certain differences help us distinguish them easily. Tennis skirts are relatively shorter than golf skirts. They are 12-14-inch long, while golf skirts are longer. Also, tennis skirts offer more flexibility than golf skirts because of the intense movements involved in tennis.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Poulami Nag is an experienced product writer of beauty and fashion products. She has an eye for trends and people’s fashion requirements. Using her knowledge and experience, she has scoured through numerous websites and user reviews to create this list of the best golf skirts, which are comfy, practical, and stylish. She has also included a purchasing guide to help you choose the best one.

When you go golfing, you get all the right shots when you’re comfortable. Golf skirts offer the comfort and freedom of movement needed to assume the right posture when you hit the golf ball. The ideal golf skirt is stretchable, breathable, and moisture-wicking to prevent sweating. They’re also available in many designs, such as flares, pleats, and slits. So, when you choose a gold skirt of your preference, it adds to your performance and gives you a chic appearance.

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