11 Best Grain Mills To Grind Flour At Home In 2022


The best grain mills can break solid grains into fresh flour without adding preservatives. It is a handy machine that you can use to get nutritious and healthy flour to make some delicious pastries and bread. These grinders are known to grind bread and berries, seeds, and nuts, making them versatile and efficient. To help you select one, we have some options that you can consider buying. Read on to know more.

Types Of Grain Mills (Mill Mechanism)

Some of the primary grain mills available in the market are as follows.

  1. Burr mills: They are the most common and consist of two grinding plates, fixed and rotating. Burr mills can be stone burrs that crush the grain or the steel burrs that break the grain.
  2. Impact Mills: They consist of two different stainless-steel heads where the grain is dropped into the mill, which crushes the substance into a fine powder.

Grain mills are also categorized based on the power source they use.

  1. Electric Mills: They work only on power, are simple to use, and easy to clean without any hassle. They are inexpensive and bring perfection.
  2. Manual/Hand Mills: Manual/hand mills cause the least damage to the grain’s nutrient properties as there is no heating element. However, they are time-consuming.
  3. Combination Mills: Combination mills are unique mills that can be converted from electric to manual and vice-versa. This feature ensures you continue using the machine even in case of a power-cut.

11 Best Grain Mills

1. Wondermill Powerful Electric Grain Mill Grinder

Wondermill Powerful Electric Grain Mill Grinder

The powerful grinder is made of cast aluminum and is ideal for home and professional use. It has a robust double-post clamp that holds it with the support of a standard table. The machine’s corundum burrs are used for grinding grains and legumes, and an optional Nut Butter Auger is used for grinding nuts and seeds. The grinder can also be powered with a drill bit adapter.


  • Can work for ten hours without overheating
  • Noiseless grinding
  • Consists of only five parts and no complicated switches
  • Suitable for healthy and gluten-free grains

2. NutriMill Classic High-Speed Grain/Flour Mill

NutriMill Classic High-Speed GrainFlour Mill

NutriMill is a popular micronizer with advanced technology to tune the texture control with robust milling heads. These milling heads are made of stainless steel and produce premium-quality flour. You can use this flour for a coarse meal or bakery products such as cakes and pastries. This efficient machine is made in South Korea and comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Contains unique micronizing chambers and fins
  • Allows controlled grinding from coarse to a fine flour
  • Has a 20-cup flour canister
  • Built-in self-cleaning mechanism
  • Efficient airflow design that keeps flour temperature at 118°F

3. Blendtec Kitchen Mill

Blendtec Kitchen Mill

Formerly known as K-Tec, Blendtec offers a kitchen mill that is designed for quick and efficient refining. The lid, transparent flour container, and the housing unit are made of Lexan plastic. It comprises a Micronetic milling chamber and controllable settings for variable fineness. The versatile and efficient grain mill is easy to use, works exceptionally with 1000W power and a 1.8hp motor and is also self-lubricating.

While using this grinder, ensure that you cover the hopper with a plate, colander, or bowl to prevent spitting out of beans and grains. You can dry or wet clean the machine with a soft brush thoroughly.


  • Five-texture setting for making coarse to a fine flour
  • Handy on/off switch
  • Can grind up to one pound of grain per minute
  • Comes with a six-year warranty
  • 24-cup flour container capacity
  • 3-cup grain hopper capacity
  • 3-cup transparent collector container capacity
  • Two filters trap fine particles and prevent them from blowing into the air

4. Roots & Branches Deluxe Grain Mill

Roots & Branches Deluxe Grain Mill

This Deluxe Grain Mill is a redesign of a traditional mill with modern technology and robust features. It is made of cast aluminum with powder coating, bronze bearings, and steel shafts and is divided into two systems for grinding – steel plates and stone burrs. The clamps and knobs are made of nylon, and the unit does not require any drilling to be clamped. The unit is sturdy and can grind grains and seeds that are oily or dry. The crank handle is removable and adjustable for the user’s convenience.


  • Aluminum body and steel build for grinding
  • Plastic parts enable greater durability
  • Adjustable knob for coarse to fine
  • Easy unit assembling and disassembling
  • Efficient and noise-free grinding
  • Covers significant volume of grains at a time

5. Chard GM-150 Grain Mill

Chard GM-150 Grain Mill

Chard is suitable for occasional users and is durable. To use the machine, mount and clamp it onto a flat, hard surface for safety. The rubber feet at the bottom protect the surface from scratches. While the grinder and base are made of cast iron, the capacious hopper is made of a thin metal sheet. It is suitable for producing slightly coarse flour.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Removable handles for easy storage
  • Long-lasting and efficient
  • Chard grinder for flaking or cracking beans

6. Country Living Hand Grain Mill

Country Living Hand Grain Mill

The Country Grain Mill is made from aircraft aluminum. Its cast-iron wheels and stainless steel fly-wheel make it sturdy. The unit comes with a packet of pre-tested flour ground using the same machine. You have to install the heavy mill securely and cautiously by attaching it to the countertop using a counter clamp.


  • Consists of ball-bearing and steel grinding plates
  • Easy assembling and disassembling
  • Attachable to a belt-drive, motor, or hand crank for easy use
  • Suitable for producing semi-coarse grains
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

7. MRbrew Malt Crusher

MRbrew Malt Crusher

MRbrew Malt Crusher is a two-bearing roller grain malt mill. It consists of two sliding rollers that make it more convenient to use. It has high capacity and efficiency, and the large grain hopper can hold up to 7lb at a time, and it works well with a low-speed drill. The immediate switch between the manual crank and electric drill mode makes it unique. Apart from regular grains, this mill is also suitable for oily foods.


  • Easy grinding feature
  • End of the drive shaft takes an 8mm hex socket
  • Bearing rollers make it a better choice
  • Roller gap distance is adjustable from 0.025 to 0.1 inches
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

8. KoMo Classic Mill

KoMo Classic Mill

The KoMo Classic Mill is designed with German craftsmanship and has an extremely striking appearance. This classic mid-sized model can hold up to 2.25lb of grain in the hopper. It is constructed of solid beechwood and consists of Corundum and ceramic burrs.

It has a dual function fid floc consisting of a hopper that holds 2lb for the grinder. The classic KoMo has a 360W motor, and it produces 8 to 9 ounces per minute.


  • Accessible milling chamber
  • Suspension system protects burrs and motor
  • Has continuous flow enabling the user to add more grains
  • Self-sharpening ceramic burrs
  • Easy assembling and disassembling
  • Easy to clean using a soft brush
  • Comes with a 12-year warranty

9. Happy Mills Hawos Easy Stone Grain Flour Mill

Happy Mills Hawos Easy Stone Grain Flour Mill

Hawos is a 6×6 mill with a top-notch performance. Its single-handed operation makes it easy to use. Turn on the mill, set the button to the finest to coarse flour, and move the adjustment wheel. The motor transfers 360W power to the grinding attachment, which is made up of ceramic burrs.


  • Overall weight of the mill is 17.4lb
  • Hopper capacity is 1.23lb
  • Recommended for one to two people
  • Exceptional packaging

10. Moongiantgo Manual Grain Grinder

The hand grinder made of stainless steel is a small-sized machine compared to other grinders. The mill is not suitable for all grains and can only grind coarsely. It can grind about 50g substance at a time.

The nut at the bottom and the spring tension are adjustable according to your need and convenience. Users need to consider specific measures while using this grinder, such as not to tighten the back nut too hard. It can be used to grind grains, coffee, wheat, and corn but not oily grains.


  • Perfect for grinding small grains
  • Stainless steel body
  • Table clamp design
  • Easy to adjust the grinding thickness

11. Killer’s Instinct Outdoors Hand Operated Corn Grain Mill Grinder

Killer's Instinct Outdoors Hand Operated Corn Grain Mill Grinder


The hand-operated grain mill is made of cast iron and has a stainless steel hopper. It is easy to use and control as it is fitted with a wooden hand crank for manual operation. The rubber pad reduces the friction and keeps the mill grinder away from the countertop surface. It is painted with an electroplated tin plate that eliminates the possibility of corrosion and rusting.


  • Used for grinding corn, spices, coffee, and wheat
  • Ideal for home or commercial use
  • Easy assembling and disassembling
  • Sturdy and durable

How To Choose The Right Grain Mill?

Here are a few parameters to consider while buying a grain mill.

  • Speed: The faster the machine, the more is the yield. Consider a high-speed machine to make more flour.
  • Heat: Heat is generated when the grain is crushed between the burrs or the metal pins. With the increasing speed and milling time, the heat also increases. This might trigger the risk of damage to the nutrient value of the grain. So, look for mills that keep the heat under 155°F to prevent damage.
  • Grinding plates: A mill with superior quality grinding plates is considered an ideal choice.
  • Power: Electric mills require power. Consider buying an energy-efficient grind mill.
  • Noise: Some electric mills can make some noise. Therefore, double-check before you buy one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of foods can I grind with a mill?

You can grind various foods such as corn, chickpeas, soybeans, wheat grains, granulated sugar, spices, and coffee beans in a mill.

2. Can you mill grain in a coffee grinder? 

Yes, you can mill grain in a coffee grinder, and it is the most inexpensive method.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Sakshi John is experienced in furniture and household products, and so she has prepared this list of the best grain mills for you. You can use the products she has listed in this article for grinding grains or legumes into fine powders. The products chosen mostly have easy cleaning or self-cleaning mechanisms for your convenience. Most of them are noise-free as well. Also, with a buying guide and details on the type of mill to be chosen, this list is a one-stop location for your grinding mill needs.

If you are a professional baker or an enthusiast, a high-quality grain mill can be useful in your kitchen. With different types available, from manual to combination, you can choose one based on your requirements. But, before choosing the right grain mill, ensure the device offers high speed, a heat setting under 155°F, low-noise operation, and quality grinding plates for optimal performance. As this device can grind seeds, coffee beans, spices, and more, its versatility will help you cook efficiently. We hope our list of the best grain mills can help you understand the available options and features.

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