13 Best Graphic Novels For Kids In 2023, As Per Writing Professionals

If you’re a parent struggling to introduce your kids to reading, then you should consider getting the best graphic novels for kids. Even though graphic novels look similar to comic books in terms of illustrations, they differ because graphic novels feature a story in just one volume, unlike comic books for children, where the tale is spread through the series. These novels include different genres such as historical anecdotes, fiction, personal memoirs, and non-fiction. They follow quite compelling plots and can keep your kids engaged for hours.

Vichitra Goel, writer, professor, and book reviewer, says, “Graphic novels are great for instilling a love of reading in young children. With engaging storylines and catchy illustrations that appeal to the eyes, these books make for quick reading too.”
Check out the list to pick a best-selling book based on your child’s preferences.

Check out the list to pick a book based on your child’s preferences.

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13 Best Graphic Novels For Kids

1. Guts By Raina Telgemeier

The charming memoir by the author Raina Telgemeier is based on her true story. She wakes up one day with terrible stomach trouble, only to realize that her pain coincides with all her worries. The tale in this graphic novel book dwells into the confusing world of middle-school children and their struggles with anxiety. It is an irresistible, compassionate, and an entertaining approach to normalizing therapy.

2. New Kid By Jerry Craft

New Kid by Jerry Craft is an authentic, honest, humorous, and insightful story of a seventh-grader, Jordan Banks, who is one of the fewer kids of color in his entire grade. Torn between the worlds of his neighborhood and a school with low diversity, he struggles to find a balance. Loved by reviewers, this engaging and humorous graphic novel for kids offers an insight into the problems faced by a person of color and is recommended for all ages.

3. The Last Kids On Earth By Max Brallier

The action-packed and fast-moving graphic novel for kids features the story of a 13-year-old boy named Jack Sullivan, who is trapped in his treehouse with an unlimited supply of Oreos and Mountain Dew. He pairs up with a science geek and a school bully to save a classmate entangled in their annihilated school after a zombie apocalypse. With its surprising humor and cool illustrations, this coming-of-age graphic novel for kids is an excellent fit for hesitant readers.

protip_icon Quick tip
Ask the students to decipher the meaning buried within words and think critically about the components of storytelling using graphic novels in the classroom (1).

4. A Graphix Book: Wings Of Fire By Tui T. Sutherland And Mike Holmes

The intriguing story of Clay, one of the four dragonets, is chosen to fulfill the prophecy of ending the war between the tribes of Pyrrhia. But, when one of the dragonets is threatened, he chooses freedom and leaves the mountain to fulfill his destiny. With dramatic battle scenes and detailed illustrations, this graphic novel by the author Tui T. Sutherland and the illustrator Mike Holmes is a thrilling book for readers of all ages.

5. Real Friends By Shannon Hale And LeUyen Pham

The parent-recommended graphic memoir will transport you back to your elementary school days. It is a story of two best friends Shannon and Adriene. Through the book’s course, we see how Shannon struggles with her behavior, friends, and much more to discover her passion. Its colorful and creative art, paired with a heartfelt tale, will leave readers appreciating the concept of self-acceptance.

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6. The Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novels By Ann M. Martin, Gale Galligan, And Raina Telgemeier

The classic graphic novel series for kids by Ann M. Martin is illustrated by the famous cartoonists Raina Telgemeir and Gale Galligan. This classic novel series is the story of four best friends who stick with each other no matter what. With its humorous facial expressions capturing each character’s traits flawlessly, this unerring children’s graphic novel is ideal for new-comers or fans of Ann M. Martin.

Item Weight: 5 pounds

7. Bone By Jeff Smith

The famous story of the Bone cousins lost in an undiscovered desert and tangled amongst indescribable forces is captivating. Although the tale has a humorous start, it takes a dramatic turn to keep the readers hooked to the book. Readers of all ages will appreciate this best-selling mystery graphic novel for kids with an endearing story.

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protip_icon Trivia
Jeff Smith is the author and illustrator of the American independent graphic novel Bone. From 1991 through 2004, Bone was published in 55 sporadically issued issues.

8. Narwhal: Unicorn Of The Sea By Ben Clanton

Filled with charming banters, this kids’ graphic novel by Ben Clanton is a story of two friends, a happy Narwhal and a chilled-out jellyfish. All they do is eat waffles and party as they discover the ocean together. This animal-themed graphic novel for kids showcases friendship with its adorable illustrations and is ideal for young readers.

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9. Minecraft Volume 1 By R. Sfé Monster And Sarah Graley

Minecraft Volume 1, the first Minecraft adventure graphic novel for kids, features a child, Tyler, who has to move away from his childhood town, leaving his favorite life behind. But, he is not alone and is with his adventurous friends in the world of Minecraft. The captivating story and endless adventures are famous amongst video gamers and can keep your kid engaged as Tyler goes across the Overworld to face the ender dragon.

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10. Camp By Kayla Miller

Camp By Kayla Miller Image: Kayla Miller

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

Over 2,604 satisfied customers have left positive reviews about the product on Amazon.

It is the story of two friends, Olive and Willow, who plan to spend the summer together at a camp. Willow is shy, and Olive is an outgoing person, and their friendship is tested as the former becomes clingy of the latter. This friendship graphic novel for kids explores the story of two girls who learn to step out of their safe zones and gain a new perspective on things.

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protip_icon Did you know?
Graphic novels help individuals who struggle with reading improve their vocabulary, confidence, and endurance and help them better understand the narrative (2).

11. The Hobbit By Charles Dixon, J. R. R. Tolkien, And David Wenzel

This illustrated edition is the prequel to the best-selling novel Lord of the Rings. Bilbo Baggins, a content hobbit, goes on the quest of a stolen gem with the renowned wizard Gandalf and thirteen dwarves. A journey marked with danger and wisdom is well illustrated in the book and will keep the fictional fans engaged. The gripping story of The Hobbit, adapted as a graphic novel for kids, is a successful attempt at creating a new classic.

12. Meg, Jo, Beth, And Amy By Rey Terciero

The famous graphic novel for kids is the modern readapted version of the well-known masterpiece, The Little Women. The four March sisters’ story in NYC fascinates the original essence and appeals to a varied audience. With its smart and creative execution, it is a must-read for new readers and classic book fans.

13. The City Of Ember By Dallas Middaugh, Jeanne DuPrau, And Niklas Asker

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The City of Ember is the story of Lina, a dreamer, and Doon, a realist. They discover the mayor’s malpractices and travel beneath the city’s tunnels in an attempt to save it. The contrasting characters’ facial expressions are well depicted with an ultimate message that echoes to its readers. This graphic novel is a page-turner with a tale of wonder, frustration, and appealing cinematic visuals.

How To Choose The Right Graphic Novels For Kids?

Here are some guidelines to help you choose the best graphic novels for your children.

  1. Language: Language can play a key role in developing your child’s interest in a book. Consider your child’s age and choose a book written in simple, easy-to-understand language. However, the book should help your child develop their vocabulary and improve their literary proficiency. Avoid books with inappropriate language and content.
  2. Illustrations: Choose novels with vibrant, detailed illustrations to keep your child engaged. Different artists have different art styles, so browse through the options to find one that appeals to your child.
  3. Genre: It is important to know your child’s interests before you pick a novel for them. From fantasy graphic novels for kids to thrillers and science fiction graphic novels for kids, choose a genre that your child prefers to ensure they like the novel.
  4. Reviews: Check the reviews and testimonials left by other parents to determine if a book is suitable for your child.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Wedetso Chirhah is an avid reader whose love for books allows him to produce well-researched reviews. He sifts through multiple book reviews to compile a list of the best ones after considering factors like reader feedback and preferences. After rigorous assessment of the plot and reader testimonials, Chirhah has rounded up the best graphic novels that will keep your child engaged for hours. This list includes diverse graphic novels for kids and in different genres such as fiction, non-fiction, historical graphic novels for kids, and personal memoirs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do graphic novels count as reading?

Since graphic novels have more illustrations than text, there is a misconception that they do not count as reading. However, in reality, anything that contains any amount of text or literature is considered reading.

2. Are graphic novels good for struggling readers?

Yes, graphic novels are quite good for struggling readers as they engage them with all the captivating illustrations while compelling them to read the text as well, and some, such as educational graphic novels for kids, can impart value learning as well.

3. How long does it take to read a graphic novel?

Generally, it takes about two to six hours to read a standard graphic novel. The reading time depends on the number of pages in the graphic novel and the person reading it. However, because it contains less literature, it does not take much time to read.

The Bottom Line

While a comic has the story divided into parts/series, the best graphic novels for kids have the entire story in one volume. However, buying the best graphic novels for kids can be a cumbersome task, given the array of products available in the market. Consider options that are fun to read aloud and have a simple language so that your children can have a fun time reading them. Since graphic novels for young readers are filled with vibrant visuals, you may consider one that can grab your children’s attention. Our favorites include the humorous “The Last Kids On Earth” by Max Brallier and the insightful “New Kid” by Jerry Craft. We also like “Guts” by Raina Telgemeier, as it addresses the issue of anxiety. Happy reading!

Infographic: Why Should Your Child Read Graphic Novels?

Graphic novels for children blend storytelling and visual art, fostering a love for reading and nurturing imagination. In addition to the immersive reading experience they provide, these books can contribute to developing the language skills of young readers. Explore the following infographic to discover the benefits of graphic novels for your child.

Benefits Of Reading Graphic Novels For Children (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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